October 16, 2012

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Keys on Keyring

Keeping Track of Your KeysThis page is about keeping track of your keys. Having your keys easy to find can save you a lot of time.


Carving Pumpkins for Halloween

Carving Pumpkins for HalloweenThis is a page about carving pumpkins for Halloween. It is pumpkin carving time, a few helpful tips and tricks can help make it a fun experience for all.


A photo of a grim reaper halloween decoration.

Scary Halloween DecorationsThis is a page about scary Halloween decorations. Scary Halloween decorations can help to create a creepy, fun mood for the holiday.


Planning a Halloween Party

Planning a Halloween PartyThis is a page about planning a Halloween party. This year you are planning a Halloween party, don't get overwhelmed or frazzled. With a bit of planning your party will be fun, scary, and a success.


Calling 911 With Cell Phone

Using Your Cellphone in An EmergencyThis page is about using your cellphone in an emergency. Besides making an important call, a cellphone can be helpful in an emergency.


Dump Truck Cake

Construction Theme Party IdeasThis page contains construction theme party ideas. Parties for all sorts of occasions may have unusual themes.


A couple dressed up as salt and pepper.

Halloween Costume Ideas for CouplesThis is a page about Halloween costume ideas for couples. Trying to come up with a couples Halloween costume can be fun or frustrating. Don't despair, get creative.


A group of men dressed up like fruit.

Group Halloween Costume IdeasIt is fun to get together with your coworkers and come up with group Halloween costume ideas. This is a page about group Halloween costume ideas.


Low Cholesterol Tofu Burgers

Low Cholesterol RecipesThis page contains low cholesterol recipes. Finding good recipes that reduce cholesterol consumption is important to many people's diets.


Stack of Cupcake Liners

Uses for Cupcake LinersThese food papers can come in handy for many things in the kitchen. This page has uses for cupcake liners.


Homemade Strawberry Syrup on Pancakes

Homemade Syrup RecipesThis page contains homemade syrup recipes. Delicious syrup can be made from a variety of fruits and sugars.


Young Boy and Girl Baking Cookies

Baking Cookies - Tips and TricksWhen making cookies there are things to keep in mind so they turn out perfectly. This page is about making cookies.


Stuffed Baked Squash

Baked Squash RecipesThere are many delicious ways to season winter squash when baking. This page contains baked squash recipes.


Shredding Confidential Document

Disposing of Important PapersThis page is about disposing of important papers. Protecting your personal data is important. There are a number of ways to destroy documents that you no longer need to keep.


Fall Leaves on White Background

Decorating with Fall LeavesThis is a page about decorating with fall leaves. The beautiful colors of fall leaves make them a perfect part of your decorating scheme.


Spooky Halloween Ghosts Outside

Outdoor Halloween DecorationsThis is a page about outdoor Halloween decorations. Halloween is a great holiday for outdoor decorating to help create a autumn or ghostly mood.


Three important tips for new organic gardeners

Organic GardeningThis page is about organic gardening. This method requires us to look at gardening as a whole interconnected system.


Making Pumpkin Planters

Pumpkin Planter IdeasCreate a unique seasonal planter using a fresh pumpkin. This page features pumpkin planter ideas.


Cooking Lamb With Herbs

Cooking With HerbsThis page is about cooking with herbs. Whether fresh or dried, herbs can enhance most every dish.



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Mandarin Orange Jello SaladI love the sherbet in this recipe! Very good salad!


pull apart with sauce

Pizza Pull ApartsThese tiny pizza bites are perfect for dipping. Try filling them with your favorite pizza toppings.



Cat grabbing toy on a string.

Ginger (Calico)Ginger is two years old. We got Ginger and Lumpy as 12 week old kittens when my husband had strokes 2 years ago. We knew that pets, especially cats, help to relieve stress and we got them to help with his recovery. Ginger is our "Trophy" cat lol. She is the bigger of the two kittens and is a calico.


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Remedy for HivesI finally figured out how to deal with hives.


Salmon colored gladiolus.

Orange Gladiolus (Blue Bell, PA)One of the flowers that grew this year in my garden.


Tombstones outside of home decorated with spider webbing, skeletons, etc.

Plywood Halloween TombstonesFor making graveyard tombstones, instead of buying them at the dollar stores, I made mine out of old pieces of plywood. My husband had some old pieces of plywood laying around. So I spray painted the outline of the tombstone on the plywood and my husband used his saw and cut them out, then I spray painted them with black paint.


Grey and black tabby inside of a box.

Lumpy (Tabby)Lumpy is a 2 year old Tabby. We got Lumpy and another kitten 2 years ago when my husband suffered two strokes to help his recovery knowing that pets can relieve stress.


Garbanzo Bean Cabbage Stew

Garbanzo Bean Cabbage StewView this video on making Garbanzo Bean Cabbage Stew.


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Basement ShoppingWe have a spare fridge in the basement where we keep sodas and the freezer is full. We keep bags from grocery shopping near the spare fridge so we can "shop" for what we need when we are down there.


mark on boiled egg

Marking Hard Boiled EggsWe recently decided to boil the majority of a carton of eggs. Since there wasn't an extra carton laying around, we decided to mark the boiled ones with a Sharpie so that we knew which eggs were which.


Two young tabby kittens and one calico.

Callie, Pumpkin & Tiger (Kittens)Callie, Pumpkin, and Tiger are 6 weeks old. We own the mama and daddy of these kittens and have had the mama for 2 years and the daddy for 1. They play with fuzzy balls and feathers most of the time.



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Credit Fraud Due to Divorce?Can anyone place a 7 year credit alert with the 3 credit reporting agencies in Texas after a divorce "without" a police report? My daughter ran her report after leaving her husband and found that during the marriage he had opened up accounts in her name only without her knowledge. According to my daughter he has closed the accounts.


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One Flipped Breaker Shuts Off All Power?I rent a 3 bedroom house with, all together, 7 rooms. When I'm using the AC in one room I can't used it a other room. If I use it, I lose power for the whole house. When I check the breaker panel, there are 6-7 breaker switches in there, but only 1 breaker switch keeps on switching off the whole house. Does that mean the whole house is wired to the 1 switch, is that safe?


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Camouflaging a Beam on Vaulted Ceiling?We are updating our ceiling by drywalling over a wood beam. How much can we shorten the beam that is at the peak of our vaulted ceiling? We want to drywall over it and make it as unobvious as possible.


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Bible Related Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers?Any ideas for crafts, songs, and activities for teaching 3-5 year olds on Acts 4? I need it for this weekend.:)


Caxton Encyclopedias

Caxton Encyclopedias?My gran and papa gave me Caxton encyclopedias, the World of Knowledge volume 1 - 6 and the World of Children volume 1 - 4. I was just wondering how much they are worth. I know they are from 1963, they are in great condition with very slight rubbing on the corners of the spine. They also have on the inside cover, the constellations of the stars; which is interesting in itself.


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Natural Hair Growth Solutions?I am looking for a natural rapid hair growth solution for a black African lady. My hair is very short of about 1 cm long and I want it to grow very long without using chemicals. How can I grow my hair very long without perming it, what home remedies will help me best to grow it very long?


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Canning Potatoes?Can you bottle new potatoes in a hot water bath?


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Cherry Angioma?Does anyone know how to get rid of a Cherry Angioma, which appears as red dots or bumps on skin? I have a couple on my arm. (They are those little red dots we get as we get older.)


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Simplicity 7117 Garden Tractor Won't Start?The tractor was handed down to me from my wife's grandfather about 3 years ago. When I first got it it wouldn't start without a jump, but after I drove it a few times it would start on its own, usually for the rest of the summer. This year was the same until yesterday when it wouldn't start at all.


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Shopping for Dawn Dishwashing Liquid?I am looking for Dawn dishwashing liquid in southern Tasmania.


Tan and brown puppy sitting in someone's lap.

What Breed is My Shepherd Mixed With?I just adopted a German Shepherd mix from a shelter, he is three months now. He is tall and lean already, short hair, and barely sheds. he is very intelligent and loves sleeping, he is so cuddly. He gets along with most dogs.


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Making a Single Layer or Half Sheet Cake?I would like a recipe to fill only one 10 inch pan for an upside down cake in either yellow or white flavor.Also do you have some good recipes for half-sheet size cakes?


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Organizing Computer and Other Wires?Has anyone got an idea or solution for hiding wires from the computer, printer, phone, lamp, etc. at the computer desk?


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Ideas for 4th Golden Birthday?What to do for 4 year old golden birthday? What to do gift ideas?


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Getting Rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes?What can I use to get rid of dark circles around my eyes?


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