February 27, 2013

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wallpaper rolls

Finding Kim Anderson Wallpaper?This is a page about finding Kim Anderson wallpaper. Kim Anderson's beguiling photos of children make the wallpaper a popular choice.


SD Card Port

SD Card Stuck in Laptop?This is a page about an SD card stuck in laptop. You are in a panic, the SD card is stuck in the slot on your laptop.


Sylvan Learning Center Coupons

Sylvan Learning Center Coupons?This page is about Sylvan learning center coupons. It's always helps to save money on education.



Cause of Dead Birds in Your Yard?This is a page about the cause of dead birds in your yard. There are a variety of reasons you may find dead birds in your yard, some of which may require immediate action.


Crochet Photo Frame

Making a Crocheted Photo FrameThis is a page about making a crocheted photo frame. Make a unique crochet photo frame for yourself or as a gift.


Washing machine in laundry room with natural decor.

Washer Not Spinning ProperlyWhen your washer stops spinning properly, you are often left with a machine full of wet laundry. This is a page about a washer not spinning properly.


Rainbow Crafts

Rainbow CraftsThis is a page about rainbow crafts. A beautiful, colorful rainbow is a common motif in many craft projects.


A dog that is afraid.

Training a Dog to Not Be Afraid?This is a page about training a dog to not be afraid. Dogs may experience fear in certain situations, either due to temperament or past experiences.


Dogs Barking

Dogs Barks When Left Alone?This page is about dogs bark when left alone. When you must leave your dogs, they need to be comfortable and quiet to keep the peace in the neighborhood.


planting a tree

Fertilizing TreesTrees in our garden settings often need fertilizer, because they are not growing in their natural environment. This is a page about fertilizing trees.


Fertilizing Houseplants

Fertilizing HouseplantsThis is a page about fertilizing houseplants.Your houseplants can benefit from proper fertilization.


white teeth

Homemade Tooth Whitener RecipesThis page contains homemade tooth whitener recipes. You don't have to pay a lot at the dentist to whiten your teeth.


Angel Biscuits

Angel Biscuit RecipesThis page contains angel biscuit recipes. Angel biscuits are a light, delicious biscuit you will love to make and serve.


Wool Sweater

Removing Stains From Wool Clothing?Because many wool clothing items are "dry clean only" we may be dismayed when they get a stain. Some stains can be removed easily at home if treated properly. This is a page about removing stains from wool clothing.


Crochet Heart Wall Hanging

Making a Crochet Heart Wall HangingThis is a page about making a crochet heart wall hanging. Crochet wall hangings are a beautiful addition to your home's decor, as well as fun to make.


Hawaiian Fire Dancers

Hawaii Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos and guides for traveling to Hawaii. Hawaii is an archipelago made up of 19 islands, six of which are open to tourism. These beautiful islands offer something for everyone. There are many activities for all budgets, including water sports, hiking, and site seeing.


Wood Floor Stain Color

Wood Floor Stain Color Advice?This is a page about wood floor stain color advice. When remodeling, choosing the wood floor stain is a part of creating the whole room color scheme.



Remedies for Worms in CatsThis is a page about remedies for worms in cats. Cat owners sometimes look for remedies for worms other than a trip to the vet.


Whipped Cream Cheese

Making Whipped Cream CheeseYou don't have to buy whipped cream cheese for your recipes. It can be made cheaper, when needed, at home. This is a page about making whipped cream cheese.


Easter Pin Ideas

Easter Pin IdeasA fun addition to an Easter outfit is a decorative pin. This page contains Easter pin ideas.


In a wheelchair doing laundry.

Organizing Your Home When You Have a DisabilityThis is a page about organizing your home when you have a disability. Organizing your home and belongings, with your disability in mind, can make everyday activities easier.


Uses for Cooking Tongs

Uses for Cooking TongsThis is a page about uses for cooking tongs. There are some alternative uses you can put your tongs to rather just having them lie about waiting for the next barbecue or other cooking need.


House Training a Pit Bull

House Training a Pit Bull PuppyThis page is about house training a Pit Bull puppy. Training a puppy to relieve itself where you want, takes consistency and patience.


Making a Soap Swan

Making a Soap SwanThis vintage craft can be a cute decoration for a bathroom. This page is about making a soap swan.


Smelly Hands

Remedy for Smelly Hands?This is a page about a remedy for smelly hands. Smelly hands can be very embarrassing and frustrating to remedy.



Salad Ideas for Large Groups?This page contains salad ideas for large groups. When preparing food for a large group, it is a challenge to have enough, but not too much.


A cat with an empty food dish.

Free Pet Food for Low Income FamiliesThis is a page about free pet food for low income pet owners. Low income pet owners may have difficulties paying for their pet's food. There may be local resources to help.


A girl sticking out her tongue.

Remedies for a Sore Tongue?This is a page about remedies for a sore tongue. There are many causes for experiencing a sore tongue. Once you have been able to determine the cause there are remedies available to you.


House Cleaner

Hiring a Reliable House Cleaner?This is a page about hiring a reliable house cleaner. You have decided to hire a house cleaner and now are concerned about to choose a reliable one.


Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Exotic Shorthair - Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about the Exotic Shorthair - breed information and photos. This cat was breed to be a short haired version of the Persian.


French Bread

French Bread RecipesThis page contains French bread recipes. Crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside, French bread is a delicious accompaniment to many meals.


Dome shaped cake decorated like a soccer ball with green frosting along the base to mimic grass

Making A Soccer CakeA soccer ball shaped cake may just what your want for an upcoming birthday or athletic banquet event. This is a page about making a soccer cake.


Cleaning Under the Fridge

Tips for Cleaning Under the Fridge?This is a page about tips for cleaning under the fridge. There are ways to clean under your refrigerator without having to move it every time.


Puppy next to a puddle on laminate floors.

Cleaning Pet Urine Stains and Odors from...Because of its composition, removing pet urine stains and odors from laminate flooring may seem daunting. This is a page about cleaning pet urine stains and odors from laminate flooring.


George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie

George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie ManualThis is a page about finding a George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie manual. Whether you lost the manual or purchased the rotisserie without one, you probably want to find a replacement.


Sweatshirt Logo

Removing a Logo From a Sweatshirt?This is a page about removing a logo from a sweatshirt. You may want to remove a logo from a sweatshirt because it is damaged or just to update the shirt.


Watermarks on a ceiling.

Condensation Buildup on a Ceiling?This is a page about condensation buildup on a ceiling. Condensation buildup on a ceiling can cause not only discoloration but potential damage.


Curtain Rod

Making Your Own Curtain RodsThis is a page about making your own curtain rods. Curtain rods can be expensive and sometimes it is difficult to find just what you need.


childrens pants

Lengthening Children's ClothingThis is a page about lengthening children's clothing. Children often outgrow their clothing in the length long before they outgrow the waist.


removing riding mower wheel

Removing a Wheel from a Riding Mower?This is a page about removing a wheel from a riding mower. Whether replacing a tire, doing maintenance, or making repairs, you may need to remove the wheels from your riding mower.


Logo for a ThriftyFun Guide

Making a Footstool from Juice Cans?This page is about making a footstool from juice cans. An interesting way to recycle tin cans is to make furniture.



Finished cards and envelopes.

Bunny Note CardsFriends and family will be delighted by these cute Easter bunny note cards.


Dog with reindeer antlers.

Buddy (Labrador)I adopted Buddy from the pound about 6 1/2 years ago.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Fixing a Dirt Devil Steam CleanerThis is a page about fixing a Dirt Devil steam cleaner. Sometimes you can repair small household appliances yourself.


large cuttings

Repotting a Jade PlantI had two jade plants that both got powdery mildew and were slowly dying. One was my mother-in-law's and the other one was my mother's so I didn't want to lose them completely.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Finding Cheap or Free Bedroom Furniture?I'm moving for the first time, and need help with getting bedroom furniture for my son and I. Where can I find cheap or free furniture? Thank you.


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Buy Now Pay Later Online Stores?Does anyone know of any online shopping stores that do accept shop now pay later, "billmelater" service? I am located in the United States. Thanks.


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Moldy Hummer Nectar?My hummingbird nectar (4 parts water to one part sugar) gets moldy after about one week. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal and what can I do to prevent it?


Women in period dress.

Knit Lacy Fingerless Mitten Pattern?I am a period costumer re-enactor and have been looking for a 2 ply knitting pattern for Lacy fingerless mittens. The mitten pattern need only have the lacy bit on the front although I think that they would be more period correct if they were lacy all over.


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Value of the Children's Encyclopedia Set?Can anyone tell me how much my Children's encyclopedia set is worth? I have volume one to ten by Arthur Mee, published in the 1960s.


1973 spine.

Value of Brittanica Year Books?I have a collection of Brittanica Year books from 1960 thru 1974. They are in prime condition. No water damage, no loose pages, no spine breakage, and look as if they have never hardly been read.


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Source for Wholesale Card and Crafting Supplies?I have just received my retail license in order to create a home based card/crafting business. In my former place of residence I had a wholesale paper company to purchase some of my goods.


Front view.

Opening an Antique Coin Bank?I inherited this small tin bank (copper color) from my father and it is almost 75 years old (I think). I cannot find how to open it and other sites say just tear into it. I don't want to destroy it - just find out what's in it! Do you know how to open it?


Milk jug flowers.

Making Flowers from Plastic Milk Jugs?This is my flower vase and I would love to hear any ideas on what colors to do them in. I have used the entire milk jug, the plastic ones.


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Training a 10-Month Puppy to Go Outside?I started fostering a 10 month old Labrador Retriever. He is very sweet, but has a very short attention span and never stops pacing. We are crate-training him and he has never had an accident in the crate.


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