May 19, 2013

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A gymnast performing.

Best Hair Styles for a Gymnast?This is a page about the best hair styles for a gymnast. Gymnastics is an energetic sport that requires a hair style that can withstand the activity and not get in the way of the performer.


Making Curtains from Sheets

Making Curtains from SheetsThis page is about making curtains from sheets. Fashioning bed sheets into curtains can save you money and give you the window covering you want.


Picture Frames

Saving Money on Picture FramesDisplaying family photos is a very personal way to decorate your home, but it can become expensive. This is a page about saving money on picture frames.


Banana Cookie

Banana Cookie RecipesThis page contains banana cookie recipes. If you are looking for a new cookie recipe to try, mash up those overripe bananas and make some cookies.


Hands holding garden grown strawberries.

Starting a Garden ClubThis page is about starting a garden club. Share your enthusiasm for plants and gardening experiences with others in a group.


Cucumbers growing.

Why Are My Cucumbers Bitter?This page concerns why are my cucumbers bitter? The growing conditions or vegetable variety may affect the flavor of a it.


Carpet Stain

Carpet Stain Remover RecipesThis page is about carpet stain remover recipes. An unsightly spot on a carpet can be difficult to remove.


Topiary Landscaping

Topiary Landscaping IdeasThis is a page about topiary landscaping ideas. Topiary is the practice of creating artful designs with plants, particularly those typically used for hedges.


framed artwork

Saving Money on Custom Framing?This is a page about saving money on custom framing. Custom framing can be a very good way to frame treasured family photos and artwork, but it can also be very expensive.


Collard Greens

Recipes Using Canned Collard GreensThis page contains recipes using canned collard greens. The right recipe can make even canned greens taste as good as fresh.


Homemade Salsa

Salsa Recipes Without Cilantro?Although many salsa recipes include cilantro, you can make delicious salsa without this pungent herb. This page contains salsa recipes without cilantro.


Dried pinto beans.

Cooking Dried Beans in a Slow CookerThis page is about cooking dried beans in a slow cooker. Crockpot cooking will help create a tender pot of beans.



Buying Zippers?This is a page about buying zippers. Zippers come in several styles as well as multiple lengths. When buying a zipper for a new clothing project or as a replacement you will need to shop for just the right one. Sometimes finding what you need can be difficult.


Green painted cupboard.

Best Paint for Humid Conditions?This is a page about the best paint for humid conditions. When choosing a paint it is important to keep in mind the conditions or environment to which the paint will be exposed.


rolled up diploma

Getting a GED?This page is about getting a GED. Continuing your education may require obtaining this basic diploma.



Banana Date Bar RecipesThis page contains banana date bar recipes. Overripe bananas are often used to make quick breads. An alternative is to combine them with the sweet taste of dates to make delicious bars.


Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich RecipesThis page contains grilled ham and cheese sandwich recipes. Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.


stack of clothing

Selling ClothingThis is a page about selling clothing. Selling old clothing can be a way to make some extra money. There are a few steps you can take to improve your return.


College Student

Gift Ideas for New College StudentsThis is a page about gift ideas for new college students. Choosing a gift for a college bound student need not be confusing. Consider their needs, likes, and living situation and go from there.


Antique sewing machine.

Information About Winselmann Antique Sewing Machines?This is a page about information about Winselmann antique sewing machines. Antique sewing machines are a popular collectible. Collected for their beauty and workmanship, they are also refurbished and used by crafters who enjoy sewing on these antique machines.


Home Emergency Kit

Making a Home Emergency KitThis page is about making a home emergency kit. Make sure to be prepared in case your household experiences an unexpected event.


video game controller

Selling Video GamesThis page is about selling video games. When you have games you no longer want, there may be someone else who is willing to pay for them.


Milky Way Bar

Milky Way Wonder Cake RecipesThis page contains Milky Way Wonder cake recipes. Using your favorite candy bar to make a special cake gives your the best of both dessert worlds.


A female house cleaner.

Finding House Cleaning Service?This is a page about finding house cleaning service. Choosing the best cleaning service for your needs is important to ensure a positive outcome.


New Leather Jacket

Removing Smells From New Leather Clothing?This is a page about removing smells from new leather clothing. Newly tanned and treated leather can have an unpleasant odor.


Fireplace Mantel

Installing a Fireplace Mantel?This is a page about installing a fireplace mantel. Many newer homes do not have a traditional mantel over the fireplace. Adding one is not a difficult project.


Rotary (Dremel) Tool

Using a Rotary (Dremel) ToolThis page is about using a rotary (Dremel) tool. A hand held devise that can be very handy for crafts and around the home.


Gum Drops

Gum Drop Cookie RecipesThis page contains gum drop cookie recipes. Sweet, spicy gum drops are a good addition to your cookie dough for making a colorful cookie.


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Removing Hanger Bumps on SweatersThis is a page about removing hanger bumps on sweaters. Hanging a sweater on a clothes hanger leaves bumps, stretched spots, on the shoulders at the ends of the hanger.


Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Potato RecipesThis page contains slow cooker potato recipes. A variety of potato recipes are suitable for making in your slow cooker.


Giving a Dog a Massage

Giving Your Dog a MassageThis page is about giving your dog a massage. Humans are not the only animals who benefit and enjoy having their muscles manipulated.


Pet Turtle

Hibernating Pet Turtles Indoors?This is a page about hibernating pet turtles indoors. In nature turtles will hibernate during the cold of winter. You may be wondering if you should encourage your indoor turtle to do the same.


Nicely decorated bedroom.

Decorating a BedroomThis is a page about decorating a bedroom. Decorating your bedroom allows you to define a style that suits your personality and budget.



Puppy is Not EatingThis is a page about puppy is not eating. It can be disturbing when your puppy refuses to eat.


Bulletin Board

Making a Bulletin BoardThis is a page about making a bulletin board. A bulletin board is a convenient place to post notes, bills to pay, and other important papers. You can make your own board to fit the size and decorative needs of the space where it will hang.


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Decoupaging Pictures on Formica?This is a page about decoupaging pictures on Formica. A Formica surface, such as a table, can be decorated by using decoupaging techniques to add photos.


Bottle of mustard.

Removing a Mustard Stain on Carpet?This is a page about removing a mustard stain on carpet. Mustard can be a tough stain to remove, but not impossible.



Cleaning Rhubarb?This is a page about cleaning rhubarb. Before cooking rhubarb there are a few steps you will need to take to clean and prepare it.


Antique Brass Bed

Antique Brass Bed Information?This is a page about antique brass bed information. Finding information about an antique brass bed, such as age or manufacturer can be difficult.


Spray Deodorant Cans

Recycling Spray Deodorant Cans?This is a page about recycling spray deodorant cans. When recycling aerosol cans there are often a few restrictions that apply.


Circuit Breaker Box

Buying the Correct Circuit Breaker?This is a page about buying the correct circuit breaker. The circuit breaker in your home breaker box is an essential part of your electrical system and an important safety component.


quicken's website

Finding Old Copies of Quicken Software?This is a page about finding old copies of Quicken software. If you have saved important information using an older version of Quicken, that you have since discarded, finding a version that can read your disc may be difficult.



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Store and Organize Needlework Patterns on Your ComputerI have been knitting/crocheting and doing other needlework for over 45 years, so I have lots of patterns and instructions to keep track of. I also love using computers, so I decided to put the two pleasures together and save some space.



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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 18th Birthday?My boyfriend and I have been together over 9 months. He is turning 18 in a few days and I still am not sure what to do or get for him. I want to make a scrapbook or collage of all our memories, but still can't decide. He plays tennis and enjoys playing golf.


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Applying Envirotex Over Acrylic Polyurethane?Can you apply Envirotex lite epoxy resin over acrylic polyurethane? The acrylic poly had too many bubbles. I would like to try the epoxy. Any suggestions?


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7 Week Old Puppy Wakes Up During the Night?I have a seven week old pup; his name is Mack. I have had him since he was five weeks old. Is it bad to baby him? I love animals. I have never had a Pit Bull before. He wakes up two or three times a night. What should I do?


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Urine Odours Outside on Small Garden Stones and Gravel?Is there a cheap homemade recipe to neutralise the urine odour on a largish scale and not indoors?


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Removing Glue From Wallpaper?How can I get glue off the front of wallpaper after I take shower out of mobile home?


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Making Coasters from Beer Bottle Caps?Can you please show me how to make the coasters out of beer bottle lids?


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Selling Trees?I have lots of trees in my yard and I would like to sell them. How much do they usually sell for? How do I price them?


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Ideas for Celebrating 15th Birthday?I am turing 15 on February 10th. What should I do?


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12th Birthday Gift Ideas?My cousin just turned 12; what should I get her?


Volumes of encyclopedias.

Value of Old Books and Encyclopedias?I have many old books and would like to determine if there is any value. What might be the value of a 10 volume set of "Wonder Book of the World's Progress." Funk and Wagnall's New York and London. Published 1935. Excellent condition.


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Selling a Doll Collection?I have a large porcelain doll collection. Can someone help me with ideas for selling them all at one time?


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Name Ideas for Cleaning Business?I need help coming up with a name for a small house cleaning business. I am a single woman who has been cleaning homes for several years now and have decided to move forward. My name is Libbi and I really could use some help coming up with a name for my business.


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Swiffer WetJet Not Working?Where are the batteries located? I just purchased the Swiffer. I never realized that the handle was already extended. I secured solution, pressed the trigger, and nothing happened.


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