April 21, 2014

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Cappuccino Bon Bon

Cappuccino Bon Bon RecipesThis is a page about cappuccino bon bon recipes. For coffee lovers, you can make delicious coffee flavored bon bons.


black beans

Poor Man's Caviar RecipesThis page contains poor man's caviar recipes. You can easily make this delicious spread which generally begins with either black eyed peas or olives.


Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas?This is a page about Thanksgiving celebration ideas. In addition to or in place of the traditional sit down turkey dinner, there are other ways you, your family, and friends can celebrate Thanksgiving.


Refrigerator Water Dispenser

Changing Your Refrigerator Water FilterThis is a page about changing your refrigerator water filter. You can change the water filter in your refrigerator periodically. This maintenance task can ensure the best water quality for yourself and family.


whisk and bowl

Buying Whipping Cream?This is a page about buying whipping cream. In the grocery dairy section, you can purchase thick cream to whip into delicious stiff, whipped topping.


Dog and Cat Together

Photos of Dogs and Cats TogetherThis page contains photos of dogs and cats together. Despite the common stereotype of dogs and cats being natural enemies, many are in fact close friends sharing beds and playtime.


Pet Rat

Pet Rat PhotosThis is a page about pet rat photos. Rats are very intelligent animals that can be easily trained, making them good pets.


Cat in wheat grass

Growing Wheat Grass for Your PetsThis is a page about growing wheat grass for your pets. Indoor pets will benefit from their own mini garden of grass to nibble on.


scared dog

Dog is Afraid to Go Outside?This is a page about dog is afraid to go outside. Working with a pet that is afraid to go outside requires patience and consistency.


Bite Plane

Maintaining a Bite PlaneThis is a page about maintaining a bite plane. A bite plane is used to help in the correction of an overbite. It is removable and does need regular cleaning to keep it fresh and clean.


A dog in a kennel at the pound.

Remedies for Kennel CoughThis is a page about remedies for kennel cough. Kennel cough is a term used to describe both viral and bacterial infections of your dog's voice box and windpipe. It will often clear up on its own, but is very contagious to other dogs.


Shin Jokes

Shin JokesThis is a page about shin jokes. A punchline can be a funny definition in a joke.


Dog Crate

Making a Dog Crate CoverThis is a page about making a dog crate cover. One way to provide your dog with a cozy, private space it to add a cover to her crate. Additionally, the cover can camouflage the crate making it more a part of your decor.


Highlights in eyes.

Making a Milk Jug GhostThis is a page about making a milk jug ghost. Recycle those empty gallon milk jugs into cute lighted Halloween decorations.


pumpkin witch

Crafts Using PumpkinsThis is a page about crafts using pumpkins. Pumpkins are not just good for making Jack o' Lanterns they have great potential for use in other crafts and decorations.


Sole meal on plate

Sole RecipesThis page contains sole recipes. The mild flavor of sole makes it a good choice in many recipes.


Cat exiting a litter box.

Cat Litter Mat Reviews?This is a page about cat litter mat reviews. Cat owners wage a constant battle with litter scatter and are always looking for ways to minimize the litter being tracked throughout the house.


Handing in the window.

Making a Window Jack-o'-LanternThis is a page about making a window Jack-o'-Lantern. Some orange fabric is the start of this easy-to-make Halloween window decoration.


Flannel Pillows

Flannel Pillow InstructionsThis is a page about flannel pillow instructions. Flannel pillows are easy to make even if you don't have a sewing machine. They are a great accessory for a more casual home decor setting.


Dog in Grass

Insect Repellents Safe for Use Around PetsThis page is about insect repellents safe for use around pets. Use a safe product to keep the mosquitoes or flies away that will not harm your pets. :)


Anaglypta Wallpaper

Discontinued Anaglypta Wallpaper?This is a page about discontinued Anaglypta wallpaper. Finding an out of production wallpaper can be a challenge, but sometimes necessary to finish your project.


Pigmy Goats

Play Ideas for Pigmy Goats?This is a page about play ideas for pigmy goats. Goats love to run and play in their enclosure. Making or finding "toys" for them will help keep them active and entertained.


A plate of cold cuts and cheese.

Serving Cold Cuts to a Large Crowd?This is a page about serving cold cuts to a large crowd. A plate of cold cuts is a good choice for for a large gathering.


Crabmeat Spread

Crabmeat Spread RecipesThis page contains crabmeat spread recipes. Serve this delicious crab spread for your next party or just as a special family snack.


Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Food for Dog with Kidney DiseaseThis is a page about homemade food for dog with kidney disease. Pets that have been diagnosed with kidney disease generally need a special diet. You can buy the veterinary formula food or make your own.


Lettuce on a cutting board.

Lettuce Bread RecipesThis is a page about lettuce bread. Don't be put off by the thought of cooked lettuce. This quick bread is loaded with flavor and is sure to be a hit.


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Fruit Cocktail CookiesThis is a page about fruit cocktail cookies. If you are looking for a different cookie recipe this may just be the one. It begins with fruit cocktail.


Waffle Bowls

Purchasing Ready Made Waffle Bowls?This is a page about purchasing ready made waffle bowls. Waffle bowls are a great way to serve ice cream, sundaes, and other tasty desserts. You don't have to make them, just locate a store near you where they can be purchased.


A cat licking its lips.

Getting a Cat to Use a Pet Drinking Fountain?This is a page about getting a cat to use a pet drinking fountain. There are a number of pet water devices for sale that can be used in place of the traditional water bowl.


Easter Grass

Other Uses for Easter GrassThis is a page about other uses for Easter grass. You can use leftover or sale Easter grass in other creative ways.


Playpen Reading Nook

Making a Playpen Reading NookThis is a page about making a playpen reading nook. When your toddler outgrows their playpen consider this creative makeover.


Dog's paw, showing pads.

Remedies for Your Pet's Dry FeetThis is a page about remedies for your pet's dry feet. Your pet's foot pads can become dry and even cracked. There are things you can do to relieve the pain and hydrate their feet.


Cava Tzu

Cava Tzu Information and PhotosThis is a page about Cava tzu information and photos. The Cava Tzu is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Shih Tzu. These dogs can exhibit the physical characteristics and personality of either breed or a blend of the best of both worlds.


An "as is" car for sale.

Getting a Diminished Value Auto Appraisal?This is a page about getting a diminished value auto appraisal. A vehicle loses some of its value after it is damaged in an accident, storm, etc. despite repairs made to fix the damage. This diminished value is separate from normal depreciation.


Beagle/Basset Hound

Beagle/Basset Hound Mix PhotosThis page contains Beagle/Basset Hound mix photos. If intentionally cross breed these dogs are referred to as a Bagle Hound. Of course, many crosses are unplanned and result in dogs manifesting various traits of the two breeds.


oinment bottle

Treating a Staph Infection (Cellulitis)?This is a page about treating a staph infection (cellulitis). Consult a health professional when treating a contagious infection.


Baby Carrier Cover

Handmade Baby Carrier CoverThis is a page about handmade baby carrier cover. If you sew, you can save money or create a unique baby carrier cover by making your own.



put lid on

Making a TerrariumI had a neat terrarium in my room when I was a kid and I really wanted to make one with my son.


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Italian SeasoningFrom my "why buy it, when you can make it" file!



black dog

What Breed is My Sweetie?We adopted Bailey two weeks ago. She was listed as a Lab mix. Any ideas what else she may be mixed with? If it helps, she has a lot of brown hair mixed with the black and white on her chest, belly, and paws, that you may not be able to see in the pics.


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Removing Cat Urine Odor from Prom Dress?I have a prom dress that needs to be cleaned due to a cat urine smell that won't come out. How do I get rid of that smell in the dress without ruining the dress?


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Collecting Survivor Benefits While in School?I am currently 17 and will be graduating around three months before my 18th birthday and I was wondering when do they stop my benefits or do they continue if I am a full-time student at college?


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Donating Greeting Cards for Recycling?Where are these cards to be mailed and how many can be sent? I currently support St. Jude's with a monthly donation and have an accumulation of cards for various occasions.


Gray and white kitten.

What Type of Siamese Is My Kitten?We are fostering her from our local Humane Society, but wondering what is her specific breed. What are your thoughts?


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Planning a Car Wash?How do you do a car wash?


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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?My husband passed away 6 weeks ago. Is the money he last got on his SSI benefits mine to get?


Closeup of face.

What Breed is My Dog?I was told when I got her as a puppy that she was a Lab/Husky mix. She's very clever, and loves to voice her opinion about everything by making a half barking, half groaning, and part howling noise.


young dog

What Breed is My Dog?I was told he could be a German Shepherd mix. What do you think?


Blond haired porcelain doll with lacy pink dress.

Value of Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll with long blonde hair and a white complexion with painted on eyes and mouth. She is wearing a pink lacy dress with pink and green flowers on it. There is no Hallmark on her. She also has a wind up pin on her back, but it's missing the top piece. How much is she worth?


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Cleaning Patent Leather Shoes?How do I clean my white patent leather shoes?


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Fabric Softener Stain on Top of Washing Machine?How can I remove a fabric softener stain off the top of my washing machine? It is not build up, it is an actual stain.


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