May 6, 2014

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Photos Glued in Photo album

Removing Glued on PhotosThis is a page about removing glued on photos. Sometimes in older photo albums the pictures might have been glued down. It can be very difficult to remove them without damaging the photo.


Painted Eyeglass Lens Pins

Making Painted Eyeglass Lens PinsThis is a page about making painted eyeglass lens pins. This is a fun jewelry project that starts with an old pair of eyeglasses.


A woman hanging pictures on a wall.

Name Ideas for Handmade Home Decor BusinessThis is a page about name ideas for handmade home decor business. Finding the best name for your handmade home decor business can be fun if not a bit frustrating too.



Ideas for Fixing Up LampshadesThis is a page about ideas for fixing up lampshades. Sprucing up your older lampshades or ones you find at thriftstores and yard sales can provide a whole new look for your decor.


Woman Using Facial Wipe

Allergic Reaction to Facial Wipe?This is a page about allergic reaction to facial wipe. Many consumers are surprised to find that they are allergic to popular skin cleansing products.


Corn Soup

Corn Soup RecipesA steaming bowl of corn soup makes a delicious main dish for a light lunch or as a starter for dinner. There are so many variations, you will want to try them all.


Package of Ramen Noodles

Uses for Ramen Seasoning PacketsThis is a page about using ramen seasoning packets. Don't toss out the unused seasoning packets from ramen noodle packages, they can be used to season other recipes.


A picture frame on a plaster wall.

Hanging Pictures on Plaster Walls?This is a page about hanging pictures on plaster walls. Hanging pictures on plaster walls does require a different process than the one used on drywall.


Jasminum sambac

Growing a Peacock Jasmine Plant?This is a page about growing a peacock jasmine plant. The peacock jasmine originated in India. You will find its fragrant flowers in traditional Hawaiian leis. This tropical plant grows well outside in warm tropical climates, but can also do well as a houseplant.


Pool Tiles

Cleaning Pool TilesThis is a page about cleaning pool tiles. The decorative tiles in your pool can be marred by hard water deposits.


lamp with lampshade

Saving Money on Lampshades?This is a page about saving money on lampshades. Attractive lampshades can be costly. You can shop sales or perhaps even make your own.


Home Perm

Perm Tips and TricksThis is a page about perm tips and tricks. When you do permanents at home, you want to make sure you do it correctly to get just the amount of curl you want.


Framing Paper Dolls

Framing Paper DollsThis is a page about framing paper dolls. Vintage or special paper dolls can be framed and used as unique wall decor.


Happy Couple Playing Video Game

Video Game ReviewsThis is a page about video game reviews. Finding reliable reviews of video games can help you make purchasing decisions.


Rustic Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Decor Craft IdeasThis is a page about kitchen decor craft ideas. Put your creative talents and crafting skills to work to design and make unique kitchen decor projects.


Wicker Basket

Repairing Wicker BasketsThis is a page about repairing wicker baskets. Wicker is used to make a wide variety of baskets, including picnic baskets, hampers, and market baskets to name a few. Wear and tear can leave your favorite basket in need of repair.


A young girl baking.

Making a Bible CakeThis is a page about making a bible cake. A traditional bible cake is a kind of a puzzle cake in that you need to look up the scriptures to find the ingredients.


Scorched Stainless Steel Pan

Can I Still Use a Scorched Stainless Steel Pan?This is a page about "Can I still use a scorched stainless steel pan?". Deciding whether to use a damaged pan or toss it can be frustrating in the absence of information about its food safety.


Mason Jar Candy Dispenser

Making a Mason Jar Candy DispenserThis is a page about making a Mason jar candy dispenser. Mason jars are definitely not just for canning, they also find themselves used in many craft projects.


Quick and Easy Chocolate Candy

Quick and Easy Candy Recipes?This page contains quick and easy candy recipes. Making candy at home does not have to be a difficult and time consuming chore.


Ecological Family Picnic

Ecological Tips for Parties and PicnicsIt is easy to slip into less then eco friendly habits when it comes to having a party or picnic. This is a page about ecological tips for parties and picnics.



Getting Rid of Gnats in a Terrarium?This is a page about gnats in a terrarium. It is truly frustrating to have planted a beautiful terrarium only to begin seeing gnats flying around inside.


Insulin Bottle

Reusing Insulin BottlesThis is a page about reusing insulin bottles. It seems like with some creative thought almost any packaging can be reused.


Barefoot Friendly Landscape Material

Barefoot Friendly Landscape Material?This is a page about barefoot friendly landscape material. For those that love to go barefoot in their yards, only certain landscaping materials will do.


Taggie Baby Toy

Making a Taggie Baby ToyThis is a page about making a taggie baby toy. Babies love to cuddle, grip, and suck on these ribbon adorned toys.


Area Rug in Dining Room

Area Rug TipsArea rugs are frequently used in high traffic areas and on hardwood or tile floors. While very functional and decorative, they do have some drawbacks, such as slipping or bunching. This is a page about area rug tips.


A woman holding a pregnancy test.

Creative Ways to Let People Know Your Are...This is a page about creative ways to let people know your are pregnant. There are many different ways to share your joy of becoming a mother.



Using AsparagusThe "grass of the gods" is delicious prepared in a variety of ways. This is a page about using asparagus.


Painted Candle Holder

Making a Painted Candle HolderThis is a page about making a painted candle holder. Create your own unique candle holder by painting an original design on a glass container of your choosing.


Beer in the Garden

Using Beer in the Garden?This is a page about using beer in the garden. Beer can be helpful in the garden to catch slugs, as a fertilizer and for other things.


purple dinosaur

Barney Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about Barney birthday party ideas. Planning a Barney birthday party for your toddler means lots of purple fun.


Preschool Toy Blocks

Making Thrifty Preschool ToysThis is a page about making thrifty preschool toys. You don't have to spend a lot of money to provide your preschooler with a wide variety of fun toys to play with.



Growing Love-In-A-MistThis is a page about growing love-in-a-mist. Nigella, also known as love-in-a-mist due to the light green, fine threadlike bracts that form the mist around the beautiful blue flowers, is a lovely old fashioned annual. They easily grow from seed and often self seed.



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Easy Pumpkin Spice CakeGuilt-free! Taste like Pumpkin Bread!


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Ammonia for Removing OdorsPutting a bowl of straight ammonia in a corner of a room will clear the room of any bad odors, and you don't smell the ammonia.


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Cleaning Can OpenersI sometimes put both my hand held ones and the business portion of my electric one in the dishwasher. I also put them in a small saucepan and boil them for a few minutes.


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Softsoap for Cleaning EyeglassesMy optician in Houston suggested that I use liquid hand soap to wash my eyeglasses. When I am preparing for a shower I use Softsoap for my glasses then leave them on the sink while I am showering.



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Social Security Survivor Benefits?Me and my husband married in '02, divorced in '11, and then remarried in '13. He passed away the other day, but while we was split up he had another child by someone he never married, not 100% on paternity. Will she receive benefits for the child or will she have to prove paternity?


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Feeding Millet Sprays to Finches?I got some zebra finches last week and they love millet sprays, but I know that budgies and cockatiels shouldn't have millet sprays all the time because they are high in fat.


Wooden table base with fish and other details.

Unique Name for Upscale Furniture Business?I need a name of my home furniture business. It should be something that sounds aristocratic. Because all my furniture like beds, dining table-chairs, tea tables, sofa sets, doors, etc. are made of wood and are very aristocratic in design and also very expensive.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?My daughter's grandmother is deceased and since she is the only grandchild can she draw from her?


closeup of dog

What Breed is My Puppy?She is 4 months old and the shelter just said she's a hound. I'd love to know what breed she is. Thanks!


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Repairing Damaged Crochet Doll Furniture?I have doll furniture that is crocheted. But it's damaged really badly. Is there any place I can take it to be repaired?


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Zebra Finches Breaking Their Eggs?I've got two males and a female in the cage at the moment. The second female died recently. I've been noticing for quite some time that the birds keep chucking their eggs out and we found several broken on the bottom of the cage. Is this normal?


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Cell Phones Compatible with Walmart's Straight Talk Plan?Can I use any cell phone with Walmart's unlimited Straight Talk plan?


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Clearing a Clogged Drain?Is Dawn dish detergent safe for kitchen drains?


Curtains to Go with Beige Wall?We have beige walls through the house. We have a dark brown leather sofa. What color curtains should we put? We were thinking of red and light gold combination.


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Getting Rid of Invisible Biting Bugs?I keep finding little bug bites on my 3 year old's arms, I have searched her bed and no bugs, checked my cat and no bugs. Somehow these bug bites continue to appear each morning so something is biting her and then disappearing.


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Removing Deck Stain from Carpet?How do I remove redwood deck stain from white wool carpet?


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