December 20, 2016

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finished project

Making a Paper Plate Christmas BaubleThis is a page about making a paper plate christmas bauble. This cute Christmas bauble is fun and easy to make.


Handmade Christmas wrapping paper

Making Stenciled Gift WrapThis is a page about stenciled gift wrap. Making your own stenciled gift wrap is a great way to customize your gifts.


A woman celebrating her 95th birthday.

95th Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about ideas for 95th birthday party. A 95th birthday is certainly a milestone to be celebrated.


A mop and bucket on a hardwood floor.

Mopping Hardwood FloorsThis is a page about mopping hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is quite beautiful. To keep it that way proper cleaning methods and products are essential.


young woman kneeling down looking a plants

Buying HouseplantsThis is a page about buying houseplants. When choosing houseplants, as much research and care in choosing those best suited to your home environment is needed, as when buying garden plants.


Dish of homemade carrot baby food. It is surrounded by fresh carrots and a ceramic bunny.

Making Your Own Baby FoodWith the right ingredients and kitchen equipment, making your own baby food can be very easy. This is a page about making your own baby food.


A green-blue fleece blanket.

Making Fleece Lap BlanketsThis is a page about making fleece lap blankets. Making a fleece blanket will help keep you or a loved one warm and makes a great gift.


Finished card

Making a Vintage French Birthday CardThis is a page about making a vintage french birthday card. This lovely vintage looking birthday card is a great card to give on special birthday day.


Fish food at night.

Keeping Track of Fish FeedingThis is a page about keeping track of fish feeding. Fish will often eat as much as you feed them so it is important for the fish, and the health of your tank, to not overfeed them.


Baby blanket decorative dolls.

Making Baby Blanket DollsThis is a page about making baby blanket dolls. Infant receiving blankets and a few other supplies can be used to make cute little baby dolls. They make colorful decorations in the nursery.


A puppy snuggled under a turquoise blanket.

Making Fleece Pet BlanketsThis is a page about craft: fleece pet blankets. You pet will love having a fleece blanket that you have made.


the two finished jars

Easy Candy Jar GiftsThis is a page about easy candy jar gifts. Candy jar gifts are quick and easy and thrifty gift that anyone will love.


head of cabbage

Using Tobacco Juice to Control Garden PestsThis is a page about using tobacco juice to control garden pests. Tobacco leaves or cut tobacco can be mixed with water and sprayed on veggies to control some garden pests.


Butterfly Napkin Rings

Making Beaded Butterfly Napkin RingsThis is a page about butterfly napkin rings. These lovely butterfly napkin rings add nice flair to your table setting.


An unhappy dog laying on a carpet.

Dog in Heat Peeing Inside?This is a page about dog in heat peeing inside. It is frustrating when a house trained dog who is having her cycle starts peeing inside.


Shaped Sugar Cubes

Making Shaped Sugar CubesThis is a page about shaped sugar cubes. Making sugar cubes into shapes can be a fun addition to a tea party or other gathering.


Bleach Bottle Bunny

Making a Bleach Bottle BunnyMaking this adorable bunny is a great way to repurpose a bleach bottle. This is a page about bleach bottle bunny surprise.


potted plant sitting on window ledge with snowy ground outside

Winter Care for HouseplantsThis is a page about winter care for houseplants. Your houseplants are safely away from the cold and foul winter weather. However, inside conditions and decreased daylight can still negatively effect your inside beauties.


A woman holding up her hand to stop someone.

Getting Out of an Abusive RelationshipLeaving an abusive relationship is not always easy. But with support and a plan it can be done. This is a page about getting out of an abusive relationship.


A cupcake for a 100th birthday.

Gift Ideas for a 100 Year Old Woman?This is a page about gift ideas for a 100 year old woman. Someone's 100th birthday is cause for a special celebration be it large or small. Choosing a gift is easier if you think about those that include well wishes, life chronicles, remembrances, and such.


blue watering can and houseplant

Using Tap Water on HouseplantsThis is a page about using tap water on houseplants. Distilled water and rainwater are best for your houseplants. But depending on the additives made to your tap water, it can be used safely or have the potential to do harm.


mini hangers

Craft Uses for Paper ClipsThis is a page about craft uses for paper clips. Paper clips can be used for all sorts of crafts.


Aluminum Ornament

Making Punched Aluminum OrnamentsThis is a page about making punched aluminum ornaments. This easy to make Christmas craft will look great on your tree this year.


Fragile Package Card

Making a Fragile Package Birthday CardThis is a page about making a Fragile Package birthday card. Homemade greeting cards are actually a gift in themselves. Your creativity is the only limit on the project.


Yarn Flower Hair Clip - finished  clip with yellow yarn flowers

Making a Yarn Flower Hair ClipThis is a page about yarn flower hair clip. This cute yarn flower hair clip is easy to make in a variety of colors.



finished singing angles, three pink and two blue

Singing Fingerprint AngelMake these adorable singing angels out of kids fingerprints! You just need paper, finger paint, and a black Sharpie to make this craft. It would be perfect to use on homemade Christmas cards, gift tags, or gifts from the kids.


two finished snowmen ornaments

Snowman Sock OrnamentI wanted to make a little snowman out of a child's sock. I plan to hang it on a gift later on, or on the tree. I stuffed the sock with scraps of fabric, then tied off three parts with embroidery thread. Finally, I added a bow. I also turned another plush ornament, which was not a snowman, into a snowman.


A baby spoon incorporated into an ornament.

Infant Spoon Christmas OrnamentI place my children's infant feeding spoon on my Christmas tree each year to remind us of the simplicity of the meaning of the baby Jesus in the manger; and to remember the fun times we had, watching our children growing up with the excitement in their eyes at Christmas.


Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted ChickpeasI had never thought about eating chickpeas until I saw a cooking demonstration on our local TV station. They were tasting them and saying how good they were. I pulled up the recipe on their website and the recipe they have is from Chop Chop magazine.


fall colors through fog along lake shore

Fall Color Peeks Through the Morning FogThis frosty fall morning meant that thick fog was rising from Cherokee Lake, obscuring the shoreline. The rising sun caught fall colors in its rays, giving a stark contrast to the eerie fog over the cold water.


Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Tea Light Snowman OrnamentsThis quick and easy craft makes the perfect Christmas tree ornament or decoration. You only need about 10 minutes to create these adorable snowmen, so make several! This craft will result in two snowmen wearing the most adorable ear muffs.



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Donating Fabric to Charity?I have a sewing workroom and have excess of fabric and some odd sizes of drapes in large volumes. Can someone pick up from my factory?


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Breaker Won't Reset?I'm trying to figure out why breaker won't reset after overloading the circuit with space heaters. I even replaced the breaker and it sparked when I tried to reset. I'm planning on checking plugs next to see if the wiring is damaged. Is this a good place to start?


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Crate Training an Abused Dog?When we went to pick up Bear he was in a home with 4 other dogs and 7 cats. They used a shock collar, and we are pretty sure abused him as well. A year later, we have had to use a crate during the day because about 4 months after we got him he started going to the bathroom in the house while we were gone.


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Looking for My Half Siblings?My father had 5 children (that we know of). 3 daughters and 2 sons. We are looking for our older sister and brothers. I have tried looking from my fathers name with no luck. I have hit dead ends on every endeavor.


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Jar of Minced Garlic Froze?If a jar of minced garlic, in juice, accidentally gets frozen, is it still good? Anybody know?


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