May 3, 2017

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Crispy and ready to serve.

Selma Sweet Pecans RecipeBrown sugar, cinnamon, spices, and a bit of pepper give these roasted pecans their distinctive southern flavor. This page contains a Selma sweet pecans recipe.


A pile of chopped almonds on a white background.

Chopping NutsMany recipes call for chopped nuts. It is easy to chop your own in just the amount you need. Here are a few tips. This is a page about chopping nuts.


A marble countertop.

Painting Faux or Cultured Marble?With the proper preparation and paint product you can update your cultured marble countertop. This is a page about painting faux or cultured marble.


Astilbe flowers growing in a garden.

Growing AstilbeThis is a page about growing astilbe. To give you plants a good start make sure they have plenty of water and some compost. Purchase a nursery raised pot with numerous plants and divide them up when you plant them.


Lungwort blossoms growing in a garden.

Growing LungwortThis is a page about growing lungwort. Lungwort grows to 8 to 10 inches and is one of the best ways to bring low-maintenance color to the shadier parts of your garden.


Easter lilies growing outside.

Dividing Easter Lilies?Like most overcrowded perennials, Easter lilies are best divided in the fall. This is a page about dividing Easter lilies.


A collection of rocks painted to look like village buildings, overlooking the sea.

Paint a Village of RocksSelect rocks of various shapes and sizes. Paint them to create your own unique village to decorate your garden or home. This is a page about paint a village of rocks.


Several old glass bottles.

How to Repair a Chipped Glass Bottle?If the rim of a glass bottle gets chipped the common way to repair it is to sand it smooth. This is a page about how to repair a chipped glass bottle.


A spaghetti squash turned into long noodle shapes.

Gluten Free Spaghetti SquashA great substitute for spaghetti noodles is this squash. This page contains gluten free spaghetti squash.


A hosta with the leaves eaten.

Deer Eating My Hosta Leaves?Deer love to browse in our gardens. If your hosta was part of their recent smorgasbord your plant can recover. This is a page about deer eating my hosta leaves.


A man caulking around a window.

Caulking Tips and TricksA common household project is caulking around sinks, tubs, toilets, windows, and more. It can be an intimidating task the first time. This page contains caulking tips and tricks.


Bobby Pin Thumb Piano - finished piano

How to Make a Bobby Pin Thumb PianoMaking one of these hand held musical instruments is a great project to work on with your children. This is a page about how to make a bobby pin thumb piano.


A skunk walking in a park.

Skunk RepellentsThis page is about skunk repellents. There are a variety of ways to discourage skunks from your property. Determining why they like to be there is the first step.


A woman squeezing lemon juice into her hand.

Uses for Lemon JuiceLemon juice has more uses than just for cooking. It is also great for cleaning and even lightening your hair. This is a page about uses for lemon juice.



piece of Homemade Buko Pie

Homemade Buko PieDuring the weekend my parents harvested coconuts and so we gathered young coconuts or what we call "buko". We ate some of the fresh buko meat and I set aside some for my partner.


Ranch Italian Chicken on plate

Ranch Italian ChickenI made this since my fridge is low on food. I figure why not try it what do I have to lose. Well, I had some chicken wings tossed in the pan. I poured the Ranch and Italian dressing over it.


Stir Fry Miso Kale Vegetables in bowl

Miso Kale Stir FryVery healthy, fast, and delicious side dish!


Tator Tot Breakfast Sandwiches on plate

Tater Tot Breakfast SandwichThe best way to start the day is with a good breakfast. You will find that you do not get as hungry during the day. Although I do not recommend eating this sandwich every day, it sure is good and gluten-free. I only make two sandwiches, one for each of us.



A cut branch on a rose.

Seal All Rose Bush CutsWhen pruning a rose bush or when taking cuttings for the home or rooting, the cuts should be sealed. A white waterproof glue should work well. Sealing is to prevent access of the rose cane borer. This insect can cause much damage to the plant. My advice is to seal all cuts whether made during borer season or not.


An organized junk drawer using recycled containers as dividers.

Organizing a Junk Drawer with DividersI swear I took a "before drawer" photo but I can't find it anywhere. So, you will just have to imagine the drawer with everything you see but all mixed up.


Tape being used to clean fuzz off a dark blazer.

Cleaning Your Blazer Using TapeSometimes it's hard to pull off some small fibers on your blazer or coats, cottons that stick, or the fur from your dogs and cats. It is time consuming if you pull them one at a time. I cut a 2 1/2 inches of tape, I rolled it on my fingers and started tapping it on the blazer, where the fibers are present.


Making An Easy Garden Path

Making An Easy Garden PathWe wanted something that would break up our yard and garden space. We decided on a path to break up the landscape and also help with drainage because of the slope of the back yard.


Fabric Covered Recycled Box - bottles of nail polish in box

Fabric Covered Recycled BoxThis project is easy to make and can be done with things from your house. All you need are a few simple things and it doesn't take long to make this up for a quickly organized space.


Yellow Two Tone Iris - yellow and white iris with orange in center

Yellow Two Tone IrisThe iris is such a pretty flower, for most of my life I thought there was no such thing as an ugly iris. One day while visiting an iris farm, I saw such an iris. The pictured iris is not ugly. It's not one of the newer, stunning beauties, either. It's a keeper, though.


A long pipe pointing to the ground, for use in planting seeds.

Pipe for Planting Seed in GardenYesterday, my husband and I planted string beans and butter beans in the garden. He dug the holes while I dropped the seeds. After bending over 3-4 times, I knew my back was not going to take it. I had to think of another way to do it.


Pandora (Boxer Mix) - black dog with white on chest and feet

Pandora (Boxer Mix)My husband helped delivery all 7 puppies. Pandora's mom was a deaf white Boxer. The owner of the mom was my husband's mom.


Colorful Hair Tie Vases - three finished vases lying down

Colorful Hair Tie VasesWith some hot glue, hair ties, and water bottles you can make these pretty vases for mommies. Have an adult help with the glue, or you can use tacky glue and just let it dry.


A background placed on a wall with bunting to be used as a photo booth.

DIY Photo Booth for PartiesPhoto booths are very popular at parties especially birthdays, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, get-togethers, holidays and so forth. If you're on a budget - you could have a make shift do it yourself photo booth with simple items you may already have around your home!


Gray Catbirds Gather Nest Materials - catbird with nesting materials in its beak

Gray Catbirds Gather Nest MaterialsI caught a pair of gray catbirds gathering nest building materials. Both gather materials, while the female builds the nest. The male can be distinguished here by the reddish patch at the rump.


A paintbrush dipped in a container of boric acid.

Rid Your Kitchen Of AntsIf you see ants in your kitchen, it's really pointless to kill them. If you kill 10, they wont be missed by the nest which may contain thousands. You can use these 10+ ants to your advantage.


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Brewers' Yeast to Repel FleasAdd brewers yeast to food, and/or add 1 Tbsp. brewers yeast to 1 quart of water then spray on dogs coat and brush in. Fleas will leave the animal.


A pinecone painted green and placed in a small pot.

Painted Pinecone as Faux SucculentI made a small faux succulent out of a green painted pinecone. I also made a planter that fit it just right out of a plastic scoop. When the pinecone is painted green and dried, it looks like a succulent plant in a little planter. I placed it in my garden, and it looks adorable!



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Value of New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedias?I am trying to find out the value of a set of the New Book of Knowledge from 1898. It is missing one volume.


What Is This Houseplant? - plant with dark green leaves in a standing planter

What Is This Houseplant?I found this pot for sale on the internet and I really want the plant too!


What Breed Is My Dog? - black hairy terrier mix looking dog

What Breed Is My Dog?Does anyone know what sort of breed/breeds my dog could be? She was bought in a run down pet shop in London! She was only one of her kind.


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Cat Urine Smell Coming from Vents?Is there anything you can spray into vents to get rid of cat urine smell?


Value of a Lotus Comb Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a long dress

Value of a Lotus Comb Porcelain Doll?Is a 74 lotus comb porcelain doll worth anything?


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My Duck Laid Eggs in the House?My mallard hen decided to come into my home; she followed my chicken hen inside. I was running bath water and she jumped in the tub with me after I bathed. She decided to stay and chose my bathroom closet to lay her nest of eggs. She is now brooding her eggs. Has anyone else had this problem?


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Kenmore Ice Maker Won't Dump the Ice?My Kenmore slim icemaker makes ice, but will not dump it into the bin. The little button inside does not make it go into motion to dump. I am wondering if anybody knows what's the problem? I have only had the fridge for four months. I tried to call Kenmore or Sears; what a joke.


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Teen Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?I'm 17 and my mother has been collecting my benefits from my dad and doesn't buy me anything. She pays my phone bill and that's all. My question is if I would order stuff I need on-line for myself and my kids will I get in trouble?


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Treating a Six Week Old Goat for Diarrhea?He has had diarrhea for 3 days now. I can't get it to stop. What should I do? Can he have white rice?


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Inexpensive Vet Clinic in Lansing Michigan?My kitty is sick. She's only 6 months old. She had a lump on the left side of her cheek, now today when I got home she was all bloody and there is a hole there. What happened to her? I don't have much money and I live in Lansing Michigan.


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Going Back to Natural Hair Color After Bleaching?So I went bleached blonde about 3 months back. Now I'm pregnant and can't be bothered to keep on top of the roots. I can't afford the hairdresser and would really like to go back to brunette, but I'm scared it will go green. What dye do people recommend or colors?


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Removing a Blistex Stain from a Polo Shirt?My husband (as unquestionably perfect as he is) dripped melted Blistex lip ointment onto one of his new polo knit pull-over shirts prior to me washing the shirt (100% cotton). I was told to try glycerin (which I had). It did not work.


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Creating New Flower Beds Where Dog Pees and Poops?We have 0 landscaping at our home so we have been letting our female GSD pee and poop in one area. We are now meeting with landscapers to plant in the area where she does her business. What do we have to do to treat the soil and how long before we plant so we make sure they survive?


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I am planning to start an interior design company. Please suggest a name for this interior designer firm, preferably it should start with the letters L&C. I have already selected Perspective; so any ideas?


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New Home Sewing Machine Not Feeding Fabric Correctly?I have a New Home sewing machine model 636. I did some sewing on stretchy material using pattern selector A, but when I moved back to straight stitching the feed dog keeps moving back and forward as for stretch stitch sewing. I've looked inside the machine, but can't see what is wrong.


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Getting Rid Of Worms In My Freezer?I had left my apartment for a good 6 weeks for training out of state. Needless to say my electricity went out and when I returned obviously all my meat was rotten. As I tried cleaning out the freezer I noticed there were tons of little white worms! How do I go about getting rid of them?


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Looking for Someone to Haul Away Free White Pine?My next door neighbor is an elder lady. She had 7 big white pines cut down and is looking for someone to haul them away for the free wood.


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Finding Free Laptops for Students?I need a free laptop for school. Where can I find help?


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