August 4, 2017

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Crochet Mug Rugs

Making Crochet Mug RugsEven a beginner to crochet can make up these cute rug shaped coasters for their home or to give as gifts. This is a page about making crochet mug rugs.


Leftover Fish Patties on plate

Leftover Fish PattiesTurn leftover fish into delicious fish patties for a whole new meal. This is a page about making leftover fish patties.


A mechanic's hands working on a car engine.

Name Ideas for a Motor Vehicle Repair Business?Finding a name that describes your business and makes it stand out from similar operations is helpful in attracting customers. This is a page about name ideas for a motor vehicle repair business.


Cat litter in a litter box.

Recycling Used Cat Litter?While there are widely differing opinions regarding the recycling of used cat litter, some pet owners have found some acceptable methods. This is a page about recycling used cat litter.


Ingredients for making homemade goo gone.

Homemade Goo GoneCombine baking soda and melted coconut oil for a homemade version of this versatile cleaner. This is a page about making homemade Goo Gone.


Stuffed Animals

Finding Wind-Up Music Boxes for Stuffed AnimalsFinding a good source for stuffed toy music boxes is helpful whether you make them or need to replace a broken one. This is a page about finding wind-up music boxes for stuffed animals.


Using a juicer to juice several lemons.

How to Get More Juice Out Of LemonsIf you are juicing lemons, limes or other citrus fruit, warming the fruit up a little before juicing will increase your yield. This page includes tips about how to get more juice out of your lemon.


A bowl of homemade chili.

Fixing Chili With Too Much Salt?Fixing chili made with too much salt may be done. There are a number of ways cooks can counter the excess salt in a dish. This is a page about how to fix chili with too much salt.


Gluten Free Flour Mix ingredients in bowl

Gluten Free Flour MixIf you need to bake with gluten free flour regularly, it may be helpful to remake the flour mixture ahead of time. This is a page about gluten free flour mix.


A one and a four birthday candles for a 14th birthday.

14th Birthday Party Theme IdeasChoosing a theme for your 14 year old's party can help in planning the decorations and activities. This is a page about 14th birthday party theme ideas.


Paper Flower Decorations - add a sticky jewel to center

How to Make Folded Paper Flower DecorationsThere are numerous ways to make folded paper flowers. Give this version a try; it's very easy. This is a page about how to make folded paper flower decorations.


An illustration of cleaners at a store.

Uses for Awesome Cleaner from Dollar GeneralAwesome cleaner is a good inexpensive multipurpose cleaner that you can get at most dollar stores. This is a page about uses for Awesome cleaner from Dollar General.


A dishwasher with the door open.

Dishwasher DeodorizingDishwashers can periodically develop a bad odor. There are temporary fixes, but for a long term remedy check the drain, garbage disposal, and other involved plumbing. This is a page about dishwasher deodorizing.



Pork Yakisoba on plate

Pork YakisobaThis is a very simple yet versatile stir fry dish that you can substitute the protein to your liking (I used pork shoulder) or add more vegetables/opt vegetables. Customize this noodle dish the way you like it. I love how this noodle dish has your grains, protein and vegetables all in one.


Tofu, Greens and Raisins in a bowl

Tofu, Greens, and RaisinsVery simple and quick side dish to go with your lunch or dinner.


Stuffed Zucchini Squash on plate with buttered bread

Stuffed Zucchini SquashThis recipe can be adapted to what you have on hand. I will write the recipe as I made it. It can be doubled or even tripled. A great way to use the zucchini that is plentiful and inexpensive this time of year.


Grilled leeks

Grilled Vegetable SaladWhen we are grilling kabobs and chicken on the grill, we might as well grill some healthy vegetables like leeks, squash, and zucchini. With these simple ingredients you can make a delicious and healthy salad.


High Protein Cheesy Breadsticks (Flourless)

High Protein Cheesy Breadsticks (Flourless)This is an awesome rendition of cheesy breadsticks. It contains no flour whatsoever so it is keto/low-carb friendly and super yummy. I pulsed 10 ounces of leftover rotisserie chicken for this recipe, but you can use canned cooked chicken, too.


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Homemade Air FreshenerThis homemade air freshener is really cheap to make at hime. I got tired of spending a lot of my money that i really didn't have on store bought air fresheners. Then I thought, "Why not make some myself?"


hand held Woven Bacon Shell Breakfast Taco

Woven Bacon Shell Breakfast TacoThis low carb breakfast taco isn't only super delicious, it looks super cool! Weave the bacon, pop it in the oven, and fill with your favourite breakfast foods. This will be a hit for your family and friends.



Car keys placed on a backpack using a shower curtain ring.

Never Lose Your Keys AgainMy husband is constantly losing his keys. He is always spending about fifteen minutes of his day looking for them. My friend told me to use a shower hook or carabiner. Attach the keys on the hook and put on the zipper of your backpack. If you don't want them seen, tuck inside backpack still attached to your zipper.


Magical Summer Birthday Card - finished card with rhinestones added to tape

Magical Summer Birthday CardCan you imagine summer without a few scoops of ice cream? Here is a summerlicious mini adult coloring project turned birthday card. Color it as described in the instructions, or use the uncolored design and make your own version of this card.


My Aunt's Garden - house foundation grden

My Aunt's GardenMy aunt loves to garden as you can see. Aunt Kim knows everything about gardens. She really spends a lot of time tending it, everything has to be perfect.


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Cookie Cutter for FruitHaving a hard time getting your kids to eat fruit? Use different shaped cookie cutters to turn fruit into fun shapes. Fruit like watermelon, honeydew or pineapple are easy to cut.


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Furniture Polish for Cleaning Artificial PlantsBuy some cheap furniture polish and spray your silks with it. I sprayed mine over the dust and all and they now look great.


Paper Doily Envelope - finished envelope

Paper Doily EnvelopeThis is so cute and so pretty. Use this envelope to send a message to someone you love dearly, or send a celebratory greeting. You could also use it as a gift tag or as a greetings card topper. Enjoy this fun easy craft idea.


Shredded zucchini ready for the bowl.

Shred Zucchini for the FutureIf you have too much zucchini, shred them in the food processor and freeze for the future. I freeze mine in half cup portions. You can use them in baking or cooking. They can also be substituted for pumpkin purée or applesauce.


My First Aquatic Canna - orange and yellow canna lily bloom

My First Aquatic CannaI purchased this aquatic plant at my home improvement store. They are seasonally available there. This water plant was planted in soil in a pot and then placed in my pond using some pond rocks around the top part of the pot to hold it more securely in my small pond.


A blue packaging container for mushrooms, used to organize a drawer.

Food Packaging as Drawer OrganizersWe had homemade pizza with mushrooms recently and the package inspired the perfect way to organize our kitchen junk drawer. These cute little blue containers are perfect for corralling all those small necessities that, left loose, junk up the junk drawer.


Turkey Baster To Transfer Garden Chemicals - turkey baster and garden chemicals in containers

Turkey Baster To Transfer Garden ChemicalsI have a half acre field joining my property. I hope over the years to turn it into a respectable flower garden. Now you know why I am so keen on rooting plants. I could never buy enough to fill this half acre.


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Give Silk Plants a ShowerI take my silk plants into the shower and rinse them off while I shower. Most silks these days are polyester. I then lay them upside down for the water to drain out and air dry them. No special cleaner is needed. I have been a professional floral designer and we just hosed them off!


Coin Purse Made from Hot Glue Sticks - finished purse

Coin Purse Made from Hot Glue SticksHot glue sticks are amazing, they are not just glue. They can be made into anything. They are for more than just sticking things into place.


Clearance Plants - discount plant rack

Clearance PlantsI am always on the market for more beautiful plants and flowers. At my local Lowe's home improvement store, they have racks of reduced plants and flowers for only $1, $3, $5!


Placing rubber bands on the sides of a cutting board.

Rubber Bands to Prevent Cutting Board from ShiftingSometimes, when you are dicing meat or vegetables, the chopping board will move. To avoid this, I used two rubber bands. Tie it or slip it on the chopping board from the top and the bottom part. This will prevent your chopping board from moving when dicing.


A receipt from a shopping trip

Get a Receipt when ShoppingSome stores I go to ask if I want a receipt - the environmentally friendly method would be to say "no", however the thrifty part of me says "yes". I always get a receipt.


Viceroy Butterfly - on butterfly bush

Viceroy ButterflyOur daughter was home for the weekend and she took this picture of a butterfly on our butterfly bush. I thought I had a monarch butterfly, but found out it's a viceroy. After looking up butterflies in our 1969 World Book Encyclopedia, I read that the two look alike.



White Embroidery Machine 3300 Not Stitching - embroidery machine

White Embroidery Machine 3300 Not Stitching?My White embroidery machine 3300 won't stitch. There are no issues with the top thread that I can see. The design starts with no issues, as soon as the needle goes down it looks like it doesn't hook the bobbin thread.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I want to know if my dog is part Pit Bull. I was told she was a Boxer mix when I bought her. My guess is Boxer and/or mixed with Pit Bull, but I'm not sure. I would like to know so I can determine how big she will get.


Calming Hyper Puppies

Calming Hyper Puppies?I have 7 Doberman puppies that are six weeks old. They are very friendly, playful, but super hyper! As soon as I step into their box, they all scramble over and begin scratching at my shins with their razor sharp claws, and chew at me with their sharp little teeth!


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Older Cat Chases and Attacks New Kitten?We have an 8 year old female cat and brought home a 3 month old male kitten. We put the kitten in a separate room to start out. The kitten is very respectful of our older cat, but now she hunts him down and bats him a bunch of times with her front paws. We are afraid she will hurt the kitten.


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Freezing Store Bought Pies?Can you freeze store bought pie on their sell/use by date?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I got Aashika at 6 weeks old. I know her mom is a black and tan German Shepherd. But I don't know who the dad could be. I am posting pics of her and the litter with their mom. Then one when we first got her and one of her now at 5 months.


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Name Ideas for a Homemade Body Products Business?My cousin and I have been hand making soaps, soap jellies, lip and body scrubs, lip balms, body whips, face masks, bath bombs, and are even crocheting baby outfits, barefoot sandals, hats, and blankets.


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Dog Pooping Inside at New House Without Dog Door?My partner and I have 2 dogs. A 10 year old Pit Bull (Eryn) and a 1 year old runt mix (Baloo). We adopted Baloo when he was a few weeks old back at our old house in Yuma Arizona. We potty trained him just fine, we had a dog door.


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown and white terrier mix

What Breed Is My Dog?This is Ozzy. I got him about 3 weeks ago. The owners said he was 11 months. This couple put him on Craigslist, "free to a good home". I called to ask about him, they said he is "Chihuahua/terrier", but I see more terrier/Yorkie from research I've done.


Value of an Eclipse Riding Mower - old riding mower

Value of an Eclipse Riding Mower?I have found this in a barn. Can someone tell me what year it was made and what it's worth? It's an Eclipse #1303 with a sulky roleaway.


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Surviver Benefits and Food Stamps?Can I file for food stamps for myself, daughter, son, and son's mother (we not married)? I'm living with my son's mom (my ex). I know I can file for me and the kids with no problem, but I don't know if I can add my ex to the food stamps application.


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Value of a Pennsylvania Penne Reel Mower?I have a Pennsylvania Penne reel lawn mower. I was wondering the value.


Value of Figurine - stylized figurine a family

Value of Figurine?Can anyone tell me about this figure including value.


Removing Mold Stains from Linoleum Floor

Removing Mold Stains from Linoleum Floor?We recently had some moisture problems in our dining room due to some gutter issues. Our house is built on a concrete slab. Moisture was coming up through the concrete which caused mold to come through an older layer of glued down linoleum. It is a dark black/grey type stain. How can we remove this set in stain?


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