September 4, 2019

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Grow a Rose Cutting in a Potato cutting in a small potato

Growing a Rose Cutting in a PotatoOne way to propagate a rose bush cutting is by inserting it into a potato. The potato offers moisture and nutrients for the cutting until it can establish a root system.


Making a Magnetic Pen/Pencil Holder - pen holder next to note pad on fridge

Making a Magnetic Pen/Pencil HolderHaving a magnetic holder for pens and pencils can be very handy. They are a perfect solution for use in a school locker or on your refrigerator. Here are some great homemade ideas to try.


A man cleaning a driveway.

Removing Tree Sap from a Driveway?It can be difficult to remove sap from a driveway. Petroleum based cleaners can be very useful in removing the sap, especially if pressure washing has failed to remove it.


A microwave in a kitchen.

Microwave Trips Breaker?There can be numerous causes for a microwave to trip a breaker. If the circuit is being overloaded it could be due to other appliances on the same circuit drawing too much power.


A colorful cross stitched circle.

Washing a Stamped Cross Stitch Project?Once the cross stitch project is complete, you will want to remove the stamped pattern from the fabric. Woolite or a similar product used in cold water is a good way to do this. This page contains helpful information about washing a stamped cross stitch project.


A red and white quilt.

Preventing Quilt from Bleeding on Itself?Certain fabrics and dyes tend to bleed in the wash. Having this happen to a quilt that you spent hours making or to an heirloom one is saddening. Color Catchers in the wash help, as does vinegar, or salt. Read on for other helpful tips about preventing a quilt from bleeding on itself.



finished Pork Shoulder

Soy Sauce Garlic Pork ShoulderA super easy and quick marinate made with everyday ingredients that I am sure we all have in our kitchen - soy sauce, garlic, and dash of black pepper.


Cheesy Egg Drop Soup in bowl

Cheesy Egg Drop SoupWe all want to prepare healthy food for the family. The recipe I'm cooking this morning is simply made of eggs and freshly picked vegetables from our very own veggie plots. It's so easy, but very healthy.


Australian Honey Joys in paper liners

Australian Honey JoysThese sweet treats couldn't be easier to make. I've heard them be called the Australian version of the American Rice Krispie Treat. Where Americans use crisped rice and marshmallows, Australians use cornflakes and honey. Each little pot of deliciousness is made of cornflakes, honey, sugar, and butter, but somehow taste way more elegant. When I bite into one of these, I can instantly taste something like a super crisp Palmier cookie, which I have never made, and am sure is much harder to make than these. Please give them a try as I am sure you will love these!



A grassy hill with a treeline in the distance.

Oh Canada! (Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada)This was taken near Sault St. Marie on Canada Day, July 1, 2017. The location was at the entrance of a nature park leading to a hiking trail. The mixture of the purple flowers with the wheat colored flowers and the trees in the background and a peak of the blue sky, gave a variety of interest to the photo.


A clear container storing emergency supplies for a child going to school.

Backpack Emergency KitAs the school year is starting you might want to add a small emergency kit in your kid's backpack. This would mean that they would have a few things always with them if needed. I would make this light so it doesn't add too much weight to their everyday load. A pencil pouch is the perfect size for this type of kit.


Salt and vinegar being used to treat a rust stain on overalls.

Salt and Vinegar Ineffective for Removing Rust StainsI scoured the internet in search of the best way of removing rust stains from clothes. The method I ran into the most was rubbing salt into the stain with vinegar and letting it dry in the sun. Sadly, it didn't work. I feel like there wasn't even a slight lift of the stain with this method.


A beautiful garden in Okalasca, Wisconsin.

Fairy Garden (Okalasca, WI)While staying at a countryside farm bed and breakfast, this was our view. There was a fairy cottage on the property near this lily pond, so I like to call it a fairy garden. So beautiful and peaceful and green. At night we could hear a lot of chirping coming from the pond.


A note placed inside a recycled hangar clip.

Hanger Clip as Note HolderI have found another use for the clips that I cut off clothes racks. With the note being upright instead of laying flat on the table, it is more noticeable.


A plate of pecan log balls served on white liners.

Pecan Log BallsHere is a way to serve a pecan log other than sliced. Simply roll them into balls and place them on cupcake baking cups. One log can be 10 servings or more depending on sizes made.


Long nails beautifully manicured with an opalescent blue polish.

How To Make Your Manicure LastI'm very conscious of how I treat my nails because I love them to stay as nicely polished as day one, for the sake of the look and the cost. This begins with making sure they are treated well before I even put the paint on, and extends to dealing with them for the coming weeks. Here are some tips to keep your manicure lasting as long as possible.


A shower buddy to store shampoo and bath supplies.

Shower Buddy for Shampoo StorageGet rid of bending over to reach your favourite shower products! And don't ruin your bathroom tiles by drilling or compromise with suction cups that fall off and can damage your tub. Super easy to install and use! Water drains in seconds to prevent standing water and bad odor. Easily stacked to increase storage space and the lower baskets are ideal for kids.


Savings from making healthy choices

Shopping Rewards for Healthy ChoicesMany companies today will reward you with cash prizes to use in-store for making healthy life decisions. One of my favourite ones is called Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices by Walgreens. You can sync your smartphone with their app and allow it to track how much you walk around.


A blackbird on a fence in Amish country.

Amish Country (Cashton, WI)While vacationing in Amish country near Cashton, Wisconsin, I saw this red winged blackbird perched on a fence posing long enough for me to snap a picture. We had just stopped at a stop sign and I took the picture from my car window! I like the simplicity of the picture and the Amish farm tucked away in the background. Both demonstrate the simplicity of the Amish way of life.


A coffee pot next to a stainless steel travel mug.

Save Money By Brewing CoffeeFor all of us that work hard and have to hurry to make it out the door every morning, we always need a little pick me-up during the day. For me, that's getting a coffee and, although that Starbucks coffee gives me the energy to finish the work day, it does add up. I have learned that by making my coffee myself before I leave, I have saved over a hundred dollars each month!


DIY Puffy Stickers from Hot Glue - ghost, Jack 'o Lantern,  and candy corn puffy stickers

DIY Puffy Stickers from Hot GlueI have always loved 3D puffy stickers ever since I was a little girl. I used to adore putting them on letters to my friends at school. Now I like to make them myself using hot glue and some paint. They turn out very pretty and the design choices are endless. Not to mention they are super cheap to make!


Hungry Afternoon Visitor

Hungry Afternoon Visitor (White Haven, PA)Our yard borders the state gamelands. We have seen deer walk down our driveway and go across the street to munch on the vegetation in a vacant building lot. This particular day, the deer paused to munch alongside our driveway. She reached through the fork of the birch tree to get at something tasty.



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John Deere Mower Won't Start After it Tipped Over?My John Deere tipped over the other day. I set it back up, and continued to mow. It worked fine, outside of a little oil that leaked out. But, when I was done I turned it off and now it won't start at all. In fact, the headlights don't even come on.


Maker of a New Cottage Treadle Sewing Machine - closeup of the machine

Maker of a New Cottage Treadle Sewing Machine?I would like to know who made my vintage New Cottage treadle sewing machine with serial number 1875956.


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Discontinued Village Wallpaper Border?I really need to find a few rolls of discontinued Village Wallpaper border pattern #5803475. It's a patriotic scene with apples and wicker baskets.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?My 8 year old's father died when he was 3 and he has a half brother(different mom) who turns 19 in October. We live in Alabama and I work full time and still struggle to make ends meet. Will I get more Social Security for my son when his half brother no longer receives any benefits because he turns 19?


Old Kenmore Sewing Machine Won't Stitch - needle bar circled

Old Kenmore Sewing Machine Won't Stitch?My Kenmore 148.19370 sewing machine has power, but the needle bar (the part that should go up and down) won't budge! I took the machine's cover off, dusted and oiled it, but no luck. I can't even manually move it with the hand wheel. It is very old, but made the good old way, no plastic. Before I give up, any ideas?


Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Unicorn - child holding a stuffed unicorn from the 1980s

Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Unicorn?My sister (born in 1982) got this unicorn doll when she was in kindergarten. It used to have a yellow horn that was sewn on. I have Googled myself to death trying to figure out even what brand this is or where it came from. I can't find anything like it. It it all white, excluding the yellow horn that's missing in the picture.


Getting Rid of Little Brown Flying Bugs - long somewhat striped bug

Getting Rid of Little Brown Flying Bugs?I have these tiny little brown flying bugs all over my home. And I don't have a clue what they are. But they are driving me insane! Can anyone help identify them and possibly a solution to get rid of them?


Choosing a Kitchen Paint Color - countertop, tile and cabinet view

Choosing a Kitchen Paint Color?My kitchen has oak cabinets with almond countertops and backsplash. Right now my trim is off white with cream colored walls. The off white trim seems to have a yellow tint. I am tired of it and am thinking of some kind of gray with white trim.


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Repairing a Smith Corona Electra Typewriter?I just got a Smith-Corona typewriter, and the only thing that was told to me was that it needed cleaning. I did this, but the #4 key keeps repeating itself when I hit it. I do not know how to fix it, and I'm not sure where to go to find out how to fix it.


Value of a 1967 Seeburg SS160 Jukebox - vintage jukebox

Value of a 1967 Seeburg SS160 Jukebox?I have a 1967 Seeburg SS1601 that is in excellent condition. It still plays great. I am looking to sell it and wanted to figure out its value. Can you advise?


Selling Budweiser Holiday Mugs - 1989 collectible mug

Selling Budweiser Holiday Mugs?How can I sell these?


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Decorating for an Orange and Yellow Rainbow Tea?I was given the colors orange and yellow to decorate a table and I've never done anything like this before. Any ideas of how to bring these colors together with both food and decor?


Value of a Lane Cedar Chest - in process of stripping green paint off exterior

Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?I just bought a Lane cedar chest at a garage sale for $50. The inside is in pristine condition, except for a couple of scratches in the felt. The outside is in really good shape except for the fact that the person I bought it from painted it a really yucky green color! My husband is almost done refinishing it.


Identifying the Brand on a Pair of Sunglasses - gray or silver logo near the hinge

Identifying the Brand on a Pair of Sunglasses?Does anyone recognize these sunglasses brand? I can't quite pinpoint this logo. Maybe it's just a cheapy one, but thought I would ask.


Selling a Royal Grafton Commemorative Tea Cup - Charles and Diana cup

Selling a Royal Grafton Commemorative Tea Cup?I have a Royal Grafton tea cup commemorating the marriage of Charles and Diana. Where can I sell this?


Value of Homer Laughlin Vintage China - gravy boats

Value of Homer Laughlin Vintage China?What is it worth and how to put it in the rights hands. I no longer want to hang on to this. I believe it's trim is gold metallic. There are no chips or fractures.


Getting Rid of Bugs in Human Hair - long dark bug with very long legs

Getting Rid of Bugs in Human Hair?I think my cousin has fleas in her hair, but I am not sure because they have a wing on their body. I have a picture of it. Plus she has a 6 nests in her hair she picks them out about all day. Plus she uses the Dawn, Caderwood, apple cider vinegar, and other things, but they are still living in her hair.


Selling a R & S Prussia Tea Cup - tea cup with built in bag draining area

Selling a R & S Prussia Tea Cup?Where can I sell this?


Value of a Giuseppe Armani Capodimonte Figurine - kids playing cards around a round table

Value of a Giuseppe Armani Capodimonte Figurine?I would like to know if these are real? I just lost my job and bills need to get paid.


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Typewriter Paper with Ink on One Side?Does anyone remember the typewriter paper that had ink on one side, which meant you didn't need a ribbon? I used to buy it when I was a teenager 20+ years ago. I'm not sure if it still exists, but I'd appreciate any information if anyone knows if it's available and where.


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Tecumseh Murray Riding Lawn Mower Won't Start?I have a Tecumseh 20/42 Murray riding lawn mower that won't start. I have replaced one of the coils because of no spark, rebuilt the carbs, and replaced all the fuel lines. I now have spark, compression, and fuel, but it still won't start. Any help will be appreciated. Also I was mowing the yard when it shutdown.


Information on a Homer Laughlin Platter - platter with flowers in the center

Information on a Homer Laughlin Platter?I found this piece, but it doesn't match Virginia Rose even though it's marked Virginia Rose. I would like to know what the pattern is, when it was made, and how much it may be worth.


Value of a Sara Beck Cloth Doll

Value of a Sara Beck Cloth Doll?I cannot find anything online about my doll. The name on her back says fashioned by Sara Beck. She has brown yarn hair in pig tails, stitched eyes, and mouth. There is a little red heart stitched into her chest. She's made out of maybe a canvas material. There is a pink dress with a white sleeveless dress over the top. She is wearing black cloth shoes stitched. I am wondering who is Sara Beck.


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Caring for a 3 Week Old Puppy?I am new at this because the mom didn't wanna take care of them and only one lived so I took her in. Suddenly, my 3 week old puppy doesn't wanna eat anymore and is sleeping all day. She keeps opening her mouth when she is awake. Is all this because she's teething and I'm worrying over nothing?


Markings on Jonathan David Figurines

Markings on Jonathan David Figurines?Both of these figurines are marked the same. Is this done intentionally or did I stumble on a rare find?


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