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This page contains tips and ideas on how to clean and keep toys clean.



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pattern books for making Cabbage Patch Kids and clothing

Cleaning Cabbage Patch Dolls?This is a page about cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls. Whether is it your old treasured Cabbage Patch Kid or your child's newer one, you may need to clean them periodically.


Antique Dolls

Removing Musty Smells from Dolls?This is a page about removing musty smells from dolls . Improper storage can give dolls a moldy odor that can be challenging to remove.


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Removing Crayon from Plastic?How to remove crayon from plastic little tikes tables? I have tried the magic erasers, spray cleaners, but no success. If anyone has a solution I would really appreciate it.


Old rubber doll of a boy playing a guitar.

Cleaning Rubber Dolls?Vintage rubber dolls can be cleaned if you you use care and gentle methods and products. This is a page about cleaning rubber dolls.


Child sniffing and hugging large stuffed bear

Cleaning Cigarette Smoke Odors on...This is a page about cleaning cigarette smoke odors on stuffed animals. Cigarette smoke is so pervasive. It clings to everything including a child's stuffies.


Removing Cigarette Odor from a Vinyl Doll Lissi doll in box

Removing Cigarette Odor from Dolls?Cigarette odor can linger for a long time in the clothes and hair of a doll that has been around a heavy smoker. This is a page about removing cigarette odor from dolls.


Vinyl Doll

Removing Ink from Vinyl DollsThis is a page about removing ink from vinyl dolls. Children love to draw on just about anything including their toys.


Teddy Bear with Band-Aids

Removing Band-Aids from Stuffed Animals?Kids can sometimes feel comforted by having a favorite stuffed animal get a Band-Aid in the same place as their injury. However, the Band-Aids can leave a sticky residue on the fur of the stuffed animal. This is a page about removing Band-Aids from stuffed animals.


Stuffed Easter Bunny

Refurbishing Stuffed AnimalsStuffed animals can be cleaned up and refurbished for a new life with a loving child. This is a page about refurbishing stuffed animals.



Barbie in pink top and jean shorts

Cleaning Barbie ClothesThis is a page about cleaning Barbie clothes. Even Barbie needs to wash her clothes sometimes. Given their size it can be a bit tricky to wash them.


A cleaned up brown haired doll dressed in blue jeans.

Cleaning a Vintage Plastic DollOld plastic dolls will get grimy over time and need careful cleaning to avoid damage. This is a page about cleaning a vintage doll.


Stuffed Animal

Removing Ink From Stuffed Animals?This is a page about removing ink from stuffed animals. Children love to draw on just about anything.


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Plastic Toys Smell Like Smoke?I purchased some plastic figurines on Ebay, they all smell like smoke. Even the small accessories they came with smell like smoke. How can I get rid of the smell?


Cleaning Stuffed Animals

Cleaning Stuffed ToysStuffed toys can get dirty very easily, especially if they are well loved. They can be very difficult to get clean though. This is a page about cleaning stuffed toys.


Close up of the front wheel of a pink toddler trike

Cleaning Outdoor Toys?This is a page about cleaning outside toys. Toys that are played with outdoors can get really dirty over time.


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Removing Permanent Marker From Doll Faces?How do I get permanent marker off of a doll's face?


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Cleaning Ash From Porcelain Dolls?I had a house fire in 2018 and my dolls got covered in ash. I sent them to someone to clean but she never did and returned them to me 3 weeks ago. My question is there any way of cleaning the ash off and how please?


A baby doll with blonde hair.

Dusty Tippee Toes Doll?I own a vintage Tippee Toes vinyl and plastic doll. It was stored in its box all of these years and never removed from the box. I removed her and she is very dusty. When I dust her, the dust immediately reappears as if the doll is shedding. Please advise and please let me know why my doll is always dusty. The dust appears reddish also. The dust is only on the vinyl parts. The plastic parts are fine.


Doll and stuffed animals in a washing machine.

Cleaning DollsKeeping your childhood doll or doll collection clean is easy to do once you determine the best cleaning methods, depending on the materials used to make the individual dolls. This is a page about cleaning dolls.


Hand holding a small red matchbox car.

How to Remove Permanent Marker from a Hot Wheels Car?This is a page about removing permanent marker from a Hot Wheels car. Permanent marker can be difficult to remove. Here are some tips to try, if you need to remove permanent ink from a toy car.


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Fabric Left Stain on American Girl Doll?My daughter laid a piece of fabric on her American Girl doll's limb and it became stained by the fabric. We have tried Mr. Clean sponges, baking soda, WD40, hand sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste, all with zero results.


Lip Balm

Removing Lip Balm from Stuffed Animals?This is a page about removing lip balm from stuffed animals. The oily, waxy composition of lip balm makes it difficult to remove from some surfaces.


A posable teddy bear on a grassy background.

Cleaning a Poseable Teddy Bear?This is a page about cleaning a poseable teddy bear. Some stuffed toys may require special cleaning methods, while others can be tossed into the washer.


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Cleaning Vintage Dolls?I have some Little Kiddles and Barbies packed up in the 70s. They were clean then. Now they have developed blue stains. Can they be removed? I want to sell them, but not with spots!



older doll

Removing Fabric Dye from a Doll?This is a page about removing fabric dye from a doll. Unfortunately, on occasion fabric dye can transfer to your child's doll or a collectible one.


Cleaning Stuffed Toys

Cleaning Stuffed ToysThis is a page about cleaning stuffed toys. Stuffed toys can be loved to the point of really needing a good cleaning.


Rubber ducky floating in a bubble bath.

Cleaning Bath ToysThis is a page about cleaning bath toys. Cleaning bath toys is important, so that they are sanitary for your kids. Over time they will build up soap scum, bacteria, and mold.


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Removing an Odor from an Antique Doll?Does anyone know how to remove an odor from an antique doll? It smells like someone has thrown up. I have tried charcoal, baking soda, and newspaper to no avail.


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Smoke Damage on Collectible Die Cast Cars?How can I clean and restore 1/24 NASCAR die-cast collectible cars. They have smoke damage.


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Vinegar to Disinfect Books and ToysDisinfect plastic baby books and toys by spraying them with white distilled vinegar and soapy water.


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Cleaning Up a Well Loved Barbie Doll?I'd like to give my daughter's Barbie a great makeover. Her hair has been in a ponytail too long and I can't do anything to straighten it. This doll also has pen all over her face. Can you please help and give me some ideas?


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Cleaning Dust Off Angel Doll's Feather Wings?I have a an angel doll that is my 22 year old daughter's. She will be home next week for a visit. I want to get the dust off the feathers on the wings of the doll. Please help.


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Cleaning a Doll's Hair?Can I get the white marks off a Bitty's Baby's brown hair? I bought my daughter a used BB for Christmas.


Disinfecting a Doll?How do I sanitize a Madeline (battery operated) doll? It is all cotton with a rubberized head and synthetic hair. The doll isn't dirty, but it was given to me for my 5 yr old granddaughter. Is there a disinfectant type spray that I can use?


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Pen Ink on an American Girl Doll?How do I remove ballpoint ink from a doll head? It's that hard rubber plastic. It's an American Girl doll.


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Removing Sticky Glue From Doll's Hair?My daughter's American Girl doll got caught in a fly strip. Her hair has spots of sticky goo in it. Does anyone know how I can get this out?


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Musty Smell on a Stuffed Toy?My daughter got an old poseable teddy bear from a friend of mine and it smells musty. Can I wash and dry this? And if I can, how? Thank you in advance for any/all help with this.


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Removing Scuff Marks From A Basketball?How do you remove scuff marks off a basketball?


Removing Sharpie from a Cloth Doll?I bought an American Girl Doll at Goodwill and they wrote her price in Sharpie on the cloth body: any advice for removing this?



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Cleaning a Dirty Rubber Doll?How can I clean a very dirty rubber doll? It is an old doll with many nooks and crannies.


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Cleaning a Gotz "Cookie" Baby Doll?I just purchased a used Gotz "Cookie" Baby Doll. I have heard these soft bodied dolls could be cleaned in the washing machine. Is this true? Has anyone tried this technique?


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Cleaning Children's Toys?Cleaning Children's Toys. I am looking for a safe and effective way to clean children's toys on a daily or weekly basis. We have four children (in three different schools) so lots of opportunity for sharing germs.


Cleaning a Leapfrog Lovable Lily Doll?Cleaning a Leap-Frog Lovable Lily Doll. I bought a Leap-Frog Lovable Lily Doll that has interactive buttons off of eBay. She works fine, like brand new, but she has a very strong potent cigarette smell.


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Tissue Paper Stains on a Vintage Doll?Tissue Paper Stains on a Doll. I have just purchased a vintage Shirley Temple doll. I understand she may have been wrapped in red tissue paper and over the years, it has stained her thumb which is made of rubber, and has spots of red on her nylon dress. Any ideas?


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Nicotine Stains on Cloth Dolls?How do you remove nicotine stains from cloth dolls?


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Cleaning a Bratz Doll?I bought a bratz doll that has dye marks on the forehead and one that has ink marks on the body. Any suggestions?



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Removing Permanent Marker from a Hot Wheels Car?Can any one help on what to do? I have a Ford Mustang Shelby Hot Wheels car and I put some permanent marker on it. How can I remove it completely?


A elf doll with a red hat.

Cleaning a Doll with Sticky Latex?I have an old Arne Hasle elf doll that has sticky latex legs, face, and hands. How do I clean them? Is it toxic?


Cleaning a 1950s Horseman Doll - vinyl baby doll

Cleaning a 1950s Horseman Doll?How do I clean a 1950s Horseman doll without making it sticky. It's not sticky now and I do not want to clean it with anything that will make it sticky. It also smells like mold coming from tiny silver hole in back. The outside looks great, but I know mold is dangerous. The head is the only joint on the body.


A doll with discolored places on the nose and cheeks.

What is This Green Stuff on My Doll?Does anyone know what this stuff is on my doll. Is it mildew, dirt or mold? Is there anyway to clean it? I've tried washing with soap and water but it doesn't come off :(


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Cleaning an Old Rubber or Vinyl Doll?I have an old doll, about 35 years, that would like a cleaning. It has a cloth body and rubber (?) head and limbs. It's eyes open and shut. My grandchildren love to play with "Oliver", but I would like it if I could freshen him up! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Cleaning a Cabbage Patch Kid's Head - discolored doll's head

Cleaning a Cabbage Patch Kid's Head?I have a Cabbage Patch Kid that is from 1986. The face is mottled a dark brown/purplish color and it has some pox which I will use acne cream on, but how do I get rid of the mottling of the skin and get it back to its original color?


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