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Creative Clotheslines - clothes hanging on a bungy cord between the fence sides

Creative Clotheslines
Good idea!! Like my clothes dried outside!


Two girls with masks on to prevent respiratory infections.

Use Doctor's Office Masks With Care
The children must not have been too ill if they can play and it is their guardians responsibility to watch them!!


An old fashioned wringer washer.

Frugality Ain't What It Used To Be
I love this trip down Memory Lane and I agree with so much of it. I still do lots of things the old fashioned way and enjoy it. Just glad Im not the only one!!!


A woman standing outside a home and smiling.

Procrastinating On Our Priorities
Well said!!! I totally agree and wish everyone would realize this before it is too late and the damage is done.


A boxed cake mix and extra ingredients to make it taste homemade.

Make Boxed Cake Taste Homemade
Wow, Im going to try this the next time I bake a cake.....thanks for sharing!!


Containers of sorted coins.

Don't Be Shy Using Coins and Coupons
I totally agree with you!!


Using buckets and a red wagon to transport wet clothing to the clothesline.

Transporting Wet Clothing to Clothesline
Good idea for us senior gals!! I thought I was the only one that enjoyed hanging clothes outside!!


Fancy Tea Lights - tea lights and rolls of decorative tape

Fancy Tea Lights
This is such a great idea. Love it!!


A park with a floral display in the center of the driveway.

Being Frugal Can Be Hard Work
Simple yet great ideas to save money!!


Plastic Spoon Tree - tree in the garden

Plastic Spoon Tree
What a great idea!! Thank you!!


An outdoor evergreen tree decorated for Christmas.

Didn't Have Much At Christmas
You are so lucky to have such wonderful boys. What a blessing they are!


A large cicada being carefully held by a finger and thumb, outside.

A Bug Named Katy (Cicada)
I Love Love Love your story!!! Brought back many memories. Continue your writing. Its wonderful!


A colander showing crescent moon shaped shadows on a light surface, from the solar eclipse.

Viewing the Solar Eclipse
Beautiful pictures!!


A smiling woman sitting in a restaurant booth.

Why a Budget is Like a Shower
You are so right! And smart!! Thanks for your insight and suggestions!


Getting Rid of Fleas on a Dog - black and brown puppy

Getting Rid of Fleas on a Dog
Thanks for sharing! What an adorable dog!!


A card in memory of Clara Walker with angel wings.

Clara Walker's Last Days
One of the nicest stories I have ever read and knowing it is true made it even more special. Bless you for sharing with us.


Goldfish Themed Party Snacks - napkins and plates along with partial of cake and snacks

Goldfish Themed Party Snacks
Absolutely adorable!!!!


A U-Haul moving truck.

What to Expect When Renting a Moving Truck
Those were very helpful hints. Thanks for sharing them!!


My Frugal Life

My Frugal Life
I am very impressed with how well you are doing Sharon. You gave me some great ideas!!


raccoon dangling in a tree to sleep

Just Waking Up From My Nap
This picture is so cute!!


Giving a Metal Pot an Aged Look With Paint

Creating an Aged Look With Paint
Looks nice! Good idea and great results!


Printing Roses Using Celery Stalks

Printing Roses Using Celery Stalks
Cute and a great idea!!!


Quickie Pancakes

Quickie Pancakes
Excellent idea!!


Eat Leftovers And Be Grateful

Eat Leftovers And Be Grateful
I love leftovers and always have. When I was a kid we ate what was on our plate and there was no scraping of plates at our house either!! You brought back some good memories for me. Having no money made us poor but we were happy. I dont think many people say...


Upcycled Letter Rack for Eyeglasses

Upcycled Letter Rack for Eyeglasses
What a good idea and it looks so cute!!


Suzzycue's Frugal Lifestyle

Suzzycue's Frugal Lifestyle
Very inspiring article Suzzy-cue!!! And your name brought back memories....havent heard it in many years!!


Mary Poppins

Magic Lampshade
Very impressive!!! Looks adorable!


little birds

Helping Out Lost Little Birds
What a wonderful animal lover you are! I love this story!


little birds

Helping Out Lost Little Birds
So sad but so sweet of you for all your help. Kudos for your kind heart for trying!


A dress bought at a thrift store

Using My Clothing Budget Wisely
You have inspired me to buy my clothes a little more wisely!! Your dress is cute!!


earrings attached to record

Vinyl Record Earrings Display
Great idea Kim!!! Love it!


Remembering Granny Rollins

Remembering Granny Rollins
I loved this story! You have a talent for writing! So enjoyable and made me think of my own Gramma that did things very similiar.


Blessing Bags

Blessing Bags
This is a wonderful idea. Never thought of something like this. Going to make a few to have on hand in the car. Thanks for sharing your great idea!!


Blessing Bags

Blessing Bags
What a wonderful idea. You are a blessing to all.


skunk leaving trap

Removing a Skunk from a Live Trap
I just loved this story!! Kudos to you for being so patient and kind with Skunky!!


Two bucks eating grass

Spending The Evening With Deer
Abigail I felt like I was there with you while reading your story! Love deer and that was a sweet story about them. You are so lucky to live near them!!


closeup of feeding a baby squirrel

Saving an Orphaned Baby Squirrel
You are such a good person with a kind heart. That baby squirrel wouldnt have made it without you! Kudos to you both!!


An old fashioned black and white photo of a woman in glasses.

A Tribute To Bertie Jane
Wow!!! I feel like I know Miss Bertie Jane! Loved this tribute to her and made me want to spend my summers there too. You are a wonderful writer.


A big pile of milfoil

Unemployment Blues are "Green"
You are a very smart couple! What a wonderful example you are for others! Very impressed with you both!


Checking Eggs for Freshness

Checking Eggs for Freshness
Thank you for posting! I can never remember how it works!!


A recipe book with a wooden spoon.

Teaching the Next Generation to be Thrifty
So very impressed with your upbringing! Once the kids are grown and gone they can take care of themselves and have such good hard working values! Very impressive! Your entire family should be proud!


Collecting eggs on the farm.

Big Family on The Farm
I am so impressed with you and your family. You are doing such an awesome job raising your children. What a blessing you all are!


Glam up Gray Hair

Glam up Gray Hair
What a great idea! Your hair looks lovely and the haircut is adorable. Very pretty!


Cool Bathroom Shelving

Cool Bathroom Shelving
Love this cute idea! Very creative and so original!


Learning Frugality

Learning Frugality
You are so right! Great advice!


Susan smiling on the ferry.

Happy Founder's Day
You are an amazing family! So glad you have carried on your moms work. You all help us every day. My best to the family.


flowers made from yarn

What is Living a Frugal Life About?
Good ideas for savings! And you made it sound like fun!


hidden key 3

Pill Bottle Hide-a-Key
Great idea!!!


Young Thrush in person's hand.

Thor (Thrush)
Wow! Wonderful story and family! Just made my day to hear of such a dedicated animal lover! Keep us updated on Thor!


painted countertops 1

Painting Formica Countertops
It looks so nice. You did a beautiful job!


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Living on a Limited Budget
You are a very smart lady and are raising some very smart and happy children. I am very impressed with you and your family!


Convert Tank Tops Into Bags

Convert Tank Tops Into Bags
That is a good idea! Going to try it!


A ball of yarn and a crochet hook.

Never Too Old to Learn to Crochet
Love your story. I can picture you and Gramma sitting on the porch crocheting.


Clothes line with laundry.

Cosmetic Surgery For Walls
That is the cutest garage I have ever seen! You are very talented and have great ideas! Adorable!


Girls Dresses out of Women's shirts

Use Ladies Shirts as Girls Dresses
Great idea and they look adorable!!


In Memory Of Spencer (Sheltie)

In Memory Of Spencer (Sheltie)
Hi Elaine: I am so sorry about Spencer. Its so hard to lose a furry family member. We have a 12 year old sheltie and she has back leg problems also and we know we will have to deal with her medical problems soon. I feel for your loss.


My Frugal Bathroom

My Frugal Bathroom
Love all your ideas and am going to try them!


Frozen pizzas

Say "No" to Pizza Delivery
Good for you! That sounds like a fun family night that you enjoyed and thats the main thing... a fun memory!


An apron from fabric scraps

Make an Apron from Fabric Scraps
I would much rather have this than a store purchased gift!! It is adorable and a great idea!!


Window frame built around photo.

Turn A Photo Into A Window Outside
Wonderful idea that brings back good memories. Love it!!


A fire extinguisher.

Be Prepared For A Kitchen Fire
After reading this I decided to go get a kitchen fire extinguisher after work! Thank you for sharing your story. It could easily happen to anyone.


A pickpocket stealing a wallet out of a purse.

Keep Your Purse Safe When Dining Out
Had something similar happen to me also and it is a headache to fix everything and get all the credit cards taken care of, pay for new license, etc. Im much more careful with my purse now. I refuse to quit carrying a purse since I love my purses! I did however...


Scattering of dried pinto beans with red peppers and cilantro. Cooking Dried Beans

Going Back to My Mama's Ways
Brought back such good memories reading these posts! Good to know there are others that grew up eating this way too! Now Im hungry!!


Fair Trade Coffee

Brew a Cup of Fair Trade Coffee
Is there a certain brand to look for? Is Fair Trade Coffee sold in grocery stores? I have never heard of this before. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.....Lynda



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