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Discontinued Graham and Brown Contour Marylou Wallpaper? - gray and white floral wallpaper

Discontinued Graham and Brown Contour Marylou Wallpaper?
I would look on ebay or even etsy habitually, by putting a google alert for the specific number of the wallpaper wallpaper companies pretty intentionally make paper go out of style so as to not have a lot in the stockroom, most likely because paper does not...


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Body Products Business Name Ideas?
Body Buddy Luxe Deluxe Treat Yo Self Warm and Fuzzy Fizz


Dividing a 30 Year Old Christmas Cactus? - large Christmas cactus on patio furniture

Dividing a 30 Year Old Christmas Cactus?
this is a pretty forgiving plant. I have many times just removed branches and put them in water for a bit and then plant them once they root.


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Selling Wood in Live Pecan Tree
I'm not sure if you will find people to buy it for you. people only buy wood for fireplaces in the winter and I'm not sure pecan would be it you might find some artisan or carpenter who wants it for an art project. Maybe call universities with art schools, or...


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Finding Agencies that Provide Back to School Help?
most likely you have a church or two in your area as well, look for COVID related resources in your state or municipal area. At this odd time there are probably more resources than at other times


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Clumping Cat Litter Stuck to Inside of Toilet Bowl?
so my first thought is cat little should never ever be flushed down the toilet, and it might be time to get a new commode aside from that, just empty the commode off water and scrape it off with a knife or sharp tool


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Why Did My Dog Die So Suddenly?
poor fellow sounds like he had health issues for a while. Pancreas refers to other problems in the body. A body is a united organism and a fatal flaw in one area will transfer to another. Cardiac arrest is a possibility. So sorry for your loss!


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Storing Printer Ink?
I wonder if you live in a very dry area of the country? I live in the South and have never had this problem. Possibly just making sure that your office area is not too dry by having a humidifier might make a difference


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Can a Person Holding a POA Set Visitation Restrictions?
not unless he got a restraining order via his POA powers.


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Value of 1954 World Scope Encyclopedia?
you could probably list it for $70 and someone at some point would be interested in it


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Roof Repair Options for Low Income Homeowners?
possibly reach out to a local charity or a local advocate for the elderly or for other group in need group. Also sometimes progressive political organizations in your area will provide assistance. I live in a hyper rural area and know of at least two such organisations...


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Asking My Mom to Let Me Shave?
I wonder what would happen if you just did it? Sometimes it's best to ask forgiveness than permission



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Best Dishwasher for Well Water?
if your well water is not too minerally - and if so, if you have a good filter system - then most dishwashers should work


Finches Covered Their Eggs with Cotton? - finch in cage with a wicker nest with a layer of cotton over the eggs

Finches Covered Their Eggs with Cotton?
this is very interesting bird behaviour. The only real danger of messing too much with it is that it may scare mama bird away if you interrupt the nest too much


A plant with large leaves growing in a garden.

What Plant is This?
this looks just like a squash I had tons of squash volunteers this year, I don't even know why. Does it have yellow flowers?


Closeup of a cross-section of a pine log

Selling Cut Pine for Wood Crafts?
Ive had ok luck selling on eBay I have driftwood and found a collector in Florida who wants them. Things like the round ones have a market on Etsy or eBay The logs, people around here leave them on top of a pickup at the grocery store, 200$ for the load full...


Closeup of a cross-section of a pine log

Selling Cut Pine for Wood Crafts?
Ive had ok luck selling on eBay I have driftwood and found a collector in Florida who wants them. Things like the round ones have a market on Etsy or eBay The logs, people around here leave them on top of a pickup at the grocery store, 200$ for the load full...


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Freezing Eggs?
I have tried this and it has not worked for me.


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Freezing Eggs?
I have tried this and it has not worked for me.


A Cabbage Patch doll in the box wearing a grey sweatshirt with the number 31

Value of a 1985 Cabbage Patch Doll?
Currently this commodity is oversubscribed though that may change in 10 years time


A woman with dyed blonde hair.

Fixing a Bad Dye Job?
You may want to prioritize healing your hair before adding more product A radical fix is a big chop and start over Or else religiously give nutrition to your hair to fix the hair cuticle which is probably damaged. Hot oil or egg hair mask or avocado is good...


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Substituting Evaporated Milk for Whole Milk in Baking?
You can essentially make your own by adding sugar and making a reduction by heating slowly


Wrap Banana Stems in Plastic - stem of bananas wrapped in plastic

Wrap Banana Stems in Plastic
Is that a fact? I have got to try this...


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Childcare Business Name Ideas?
Sam's Tots Perry and Sam Sam I Am Children's Corner with Sam I Am Perry, Sam, and Friends Perry's Tots



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Cleaning Old Glass That Was Buried?
Things that work 1) alcohol - either vodka or the stuff from the pharmacy 2) vinegar water solution (1/2 and 1/2 or stronger) 3) nail polish remover, or acetone if it feels even remotely oily, you could also try turpentine or mineral spirits. That is the only...


A wooden rocking chair.

Is This a Murphy Chair?
it might be in the style of Murphy chair, but without the tag or some other certificate, it is probably not I hope the person who sold it to you did not claim it was. Though you probably paid a good price for this nice useful piece of furniture even without...


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Female Cat's Pee Smells Like Ammonia?
Honestly, I though all cat pee smelled like ammonia. You might take her to the vet if you're worried as cats are infamous for having their kidneys go out. As well, clean the litter box more unless you do so already. Once a day should probably be enough.


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Sharing Expenses with a Live-in Boyfriend?
I am confused by this post becasue it sounds like, the way it as written, he was upset that you wanted to pay for it: "grocery I took something and told him I'm gonna pay for it." On further reflection, it must be a typo. That's the only thing that makes sense...


Is This a Bed Bug? - light brown bug on painted wood surface

Is This a Bed Bug?
I don't believe this is a bedbug. I sadly do have bedbug experience, and they are not oval unless they are engorged with blood (yeah I know, gross) and you can tell that if you squish it and blood comes out. When in a non-fed state they are flat as a tiny penny...


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Best Glue for Sea Shell Critters and Crafts
I have used the E 6000 product to great effect. And yes, you can buy the small individual sized tubes Epoxy resin is also a great product. There's an amazing thing called Enviro Tex which creates a thick hard plastic shell around any object it encounters. It...


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Attaching Sea Shells to Fishing Net?
Yes I agree. No glue will hold this, especially to a rope that we assume will blow in the breeze making the affixed part always liable to break. The dremel drill is a good idea - it is probably easier than yu think Alternately (and this might be very time consuming...


A white puppy on a couch with a toy.

Is My Puppy a Pure Bred Staffordshire Terrier?
It's hard to tell at this age, but she does look leaner than most stafforshire terriers. If the person claims this, she should have paperwork to back it up. If not, her claim isn't worth very much.


A strawberry chiffon pie.

Strawberry Chiffon Pie
but the egg does cook though... so an excellent egg substitute is aquafaba. It is AMAZING. It is in fact 100% what I use for a meringue type pie. More info here https://minimalistbaker.com/a-guide-to-aquafaba/


A finished orange meringue pie.

Orange Meringue Pie
cool - I will post the vegan one very shortly


Pie crust dough cut into half.

Perfect Pie Crust
I hear ya; I only eat mainly plant based myself. This is for the hubs who loves butter LOL I actually have tried out 3 vegan crusts which are great, including one with (get this...) NO FAT AT ALL! I will be listing them shortly :)



Information on a Goldenvale Porcelain Wedding Doll - doll in bridal dress

Information on a Goldenvale Porcelain Wedding Doll?
I don't see much regarding this manufacturer. And I spent a lot of time on it. Surprising because they put out a lot of dolls and with a wide range of subject matter, example being 'Boris' who looks to be a Mongolian or Central Asian boy https://www.amazon...


Identifying a Fruit Tree - closeup of green fruit and leaves

Identifying a Fruit Tree?
The fruit looks pretty flat, and even though the colour is not quite right, it could be a persimmon tree.


Identifying a Stuffed Animal - closeup of what appears to be a black and white stuffed dog

Identifying a Stuffed Animal?
I'm afraid it is impossible to find out, without a tag, who produced this toy. As well, he is not a recognizable brand (IE Disney) so that makes it even harder. I certainly don't remember any specific looking figure like that in the 70s, 80s' or 90s and I doubt...


What Is This Flower? - small yellow trumpet shaped flower on brown leafless stem

What Is This Flower?
It actually looks just like a yellow bluebell


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Cutting Plastic Bag Strips to Make Plarn?
I would say about an inch long as they are easy to scrunch up into theneeded shape


Value of Roberts China with Fairmont Pattern - set laid out on a table

Value of Roberts China with Fairmont Pattern?
I see a wide range; anything from $10 to $100. It all depends on the current valuation of the secondary market, and the perceived value and rarity of the set.


Value of My Antique Buffet Table - three drawered buffet table

Value of My Antique Buffet Table?
Unfortunately that is a fairly generic manufacturing sign. The style is sort of a rustic cottage style and I do notice it has a few nicks You could probably get $200 or so for it


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Removing a Spot on a T-shirt?
the older the stain, the more established it will be if you soak a garment in cold water immediately after a stain, that usually will get rid of most stains I have had a good experience with straight up hydrogen peroxide, though at times it can dye the fibres...


Battery Hooked Up Wrong on Cub Cadet - riding mower in large yard with swing set in background

Battery Hooked Up Wrong on Cub Cadet?
This could also affect the alternator. The battery should be fine but the alternator/charging system is very likely shorted out. This is a common enough problem that people who know such things advice that you first try to start it, and once started, use a...


Identifying a Small Black Bug Found Inside - black bug with white stripe and spots

Identifying a Small Black Bug Found Inside?
This is actually a really good photo; unfortunately, it is hard to tell whether it has wings or a hard shell. Does it fly? Does it congregate mostly in dark areas, wet areas, or is it an equal opportunity nuisance? It is possible that this is an old house borer...


Identifying a Small Black Bug Found Inside - black bug with white stripe and spots

Identifying a Small Black Bug Found Inside?
on second thought, the borer is supposed to be up to an inch long, and this one you say is smaller.


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Getting Rid of Dust Mites in Human Hair?
My great grandmother got rid of a headlice infestation by dipping all her kids' hair in a vat of gasoline. Though I would not recommend that at all, from what I hear, it worked like a charm. Face mites, or Demodex folliculorum, are apparently a fairly benign...


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Removing Imprint Left by Vinyl Iron-on Transfer?
I'm not sure you can. Especially if it's a heat transfer thing, it will just have indelibly damaged the fibres of the garment and not easy to remove.


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - dolls sitting in front of mirror on a dresser

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?
Unfortunately, unless they come with a box or certificate, it is basically impossible to identify dolls. Maybe someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of these mass produced porcelain dolls from the 80's on could recognize the face style and clothes, but when...


Storing White Artificial Flowers - artificial white calla lilies

Storing White Artificial Flowers?
I know a young woman who decided to have her wedding via Zoom, LOL. I'm sure y'all are happier to just wait. I'm not sure I would store them in plastic containers, because chemicals can leach into the product and affect the integrity of the flowers, especially...


What Breed Are My Kittens?  - fuzzy white and gray tabby kitten

What Breed Are My Kittens?
ohhh super cute!!!!!! They are definitely long haired cats. If they had ear tufts and grew to be large, they would be Maine Coons. Most likely they are American Longhair, which is basically a breed created by hybrydizing American Shorthairs (your standard tabby...


Repairing a Pfaff 360 Sewing Machine - position finger spring machine part

Repairing a Pfaff 360 Sewing Machine?
I found this video that seems to show exactly how to do this on a Pfaff machine. I have watched the video and it was not completely apparent to me how to do this or where that mysterious piece comes into play, but I think it's at the very beginning of the video...


ceramic dish

Finding a Lady Figurine Dish?
I know I have seen this sort of thing a lot Josef Originals seems to have come up with the more popular versions of this, but looking at the face of this one, i don't think it's a Josef Originals https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/josef-originals-japan...


Bugs Biting Me in My Sleep - red insect or spider bites

Bugs Biting Me in My Sleep?
cybergrannie asks excellent questions. if would be good to identify if it is a bedbug infestation because that requires serious intervention. another thing is, whatever this bug is, you are having a serious allergic reaction. You may need to, just for your...


Value of a Classic Treasures Porcelain Doll - blond haired doll wearing a red beret, red sweater vest over a long sleeve plaid dress

Value of a Classic Treasures Porcelain Doll?
'Classic Treasures' is one of those murky brands that isn't really a brand. IE it appears stamped on all sorts of recreational/decor items, but doesn't seem to come from a specific factory, manufacturer, or whatnot. This indicates that is is severely NON collectable...


Value of a Craftsman Yard Man Reel Mower - old reel mower on driveway

Value of a Craftsman Yard Man Reel Mower?
If it's in good working order, and sharpened, you can easily get $90 for it. Folks can buy a new one on Amazon for $60 or so, but they are NOT sturdy and require more sharpening. If it's sharpened you could even get $120 for it People still want these, for...


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Making Corn Starch Stiffener for a Crocheted Doll's Skirt?
I would mix equal parts Elmer's Glue and water, then put it on. Handle with gloves. Elmer's glue won't degrade with time and will retain whiteness. As well, it won't attract vermin down the line.


Identifying Insect Eggs on a Tomato Plant - cluster of tiny yellow eggs on tomato leaf

Identifying Insect Eggs on a Tomato Plant?
It sounds like you could be dealing with stinkbugs, aphids, or tomato hornworms. All these seem to leave yellowish egg clusters on the undersides of leaves. Constant vigilance and picking the eggs off is one solution.


Value of a Collector's Choice Musical Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a white faux fur trimmed coat and hat

Value of a Collector's Choice Musical Porcelain Doll?
Collector's Choice looks to be the private label "collectible" doll manufacturer for WalMart stores. As such i assume you would pay $20 to $40 for it, but its resale value in the secondary market is much diminished. People still list them on ebay or whatnot...


Junco Babies

Junco Babies
Whoa! What an amazing photograph


Getting a Puppy Groomed

Getting a Puppy Groomed?
so cute! 9 months to a year would be a good time also her level of discomfort is key. If it's too hot, then a haircut can definitely help


Value of Conant Ball Dining Chairs - medium wood finish dining chairs, all armless

Value of Conant Ball Dining Chairs?
Even without getting into their brand or pedigree, chairs have good value. People want chairs. I would start asking $200 for the lot, and be willing to take $100, depending on how badly I wanted to sell them, but would hope to get at least $140


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Value of a Set of the The New Book of Knowledge?
It's probably an even harder sell than the ubiquitous porcelain dolls, but not entirely hopeless. Once in 2012 I was able to sell an entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica on Amazon - it wasn't even that old, it was from the 90's or something. I got $1,000 for...


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Remedy for Brassy Hair Color When Dyed?
Aside from water issues, maybe you are buying the wrong sort of dye. due to the specific hue of your natural hair, the way to counteract the reddening tendency in hair would be to look for a dye with an ash base as opposed to an auburn/red base.browns can come...


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Finding Bathroom Repair Help for Disabled Homeowner?
If you have zero leads, then you can google something like "low income home repairs help + (your city)" and see what comes up YOu say your grandson has a disability; you could research if that disability has a specific nationwide charity and appeal there. For...


Value of a Vintage Bassett Furniture Bedroom Suite

Value of a Vintage Bassett Furniture Bedroom Suite?
I will say that it does not classify as an antique, as it is not 100+ years old. However, this piece, especially if it's been kept well, does have value. I see some listed from anywhere from $400 to $600.


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - bug on light wood looking background

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?
The pictures are a bit unclear, but judging from the location and what I do see, it looks like a powder post beetle, which is just another wood borer. It feasts on wood and leaves small round holes everywhere. https://cdn.orkin.com/downloads/orkin-insect-id...


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?
According to this AKC site, properly treated puppies have a pretty high survival rate; 68 to 92 per cent. https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/what-every-puppy-owner-needs-to-know-about-parvo-in-puppies/


Identifying a Small Black Bug - bug on a paper towel

Identifying a Small Black Bug?
It's good that you discovered what sort of beetle it is. It is interesting that it was in your house, since it tends to prefer the outdoors.


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Treating a Skin Rash Between Folds of Skin?
absolutely see a specialist, as none of us are. Even if we were, we would not there to see you, therefore would not know how best to treat you.


Value of a Mersman Game Table - fold top game table

Value of a Mersman Game Table?
Absolutely lovely piece. I sold one similar to that once for $350 but it was in slightly better condition. it is a shame what has happened with the feet.


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6 Year Old Child Lies, Steals, and Acts Out?
I have known of children who behave thus and were afterwards diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, or with an underlying neurological imbalance that involves an underactive amygdala and frontal lobes generally which can lead to Antisocial Personality Disorder...


Age and Value of a Murphy Desk Chair - wooden armless desk chair with casters

Age and Value of a Murphy Desk Chair?
This is a fine example of a midcentury Murphy chair that in the right condition can bring in upwards of $300


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Value of a Seymour Mann Porcelain Doll?
Unsurprisingly, I find that one cannot expect to make much more than $20 for this - if it even sells. The secondary market for these 'collectable' dolls is quite dismal and they are difficult to unload https://www.ebay.com/b/Seymour-Mann-Dolls-Girl-Doll-Seymour...


Identifying Insect Eggs - black eggs in tan cup like base

Identifying Insect Eggs?
That is creepy! Where did you find them? I would tend to agree that they look more like fungi than eggs


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11 Week Old Shih Tzu Not Eating?
So I have to assume that the vet did a proper check up and that the fall did not damage his spleen or intestines or otherwise cause inner trauma. If he has any blood in his stools, you should go back to the vet if it really is all purely psychological, well...


Value of a Porcelain Doll - doll in the box

Value of a Porcelain Doll?
Any possible value that this doll might have (and not much more than $20 at that) is mitigated by the fact that the packaging is in such poor condition.


Cause of Sudden Death in Dogs - Chihuahua

Cause of Sudden Death in Dogs?
So Sorry for your loss. What a traumatic event! Sometimes a body will reject an implant or medical device, such as a metal place. As well a body is susceptible to infections after medical procedures. It's sad in animals that we don't know when they are in distress...


Getting Rid of Tiny Crawling Bugs - bug on the wall

Getting Rid of Tiny Crawling Bugs?
Yeah, that photo is pretty hard to read. It looks to be a beetle. I suggest you visit the following links to see if you can compare https://cdn.orkin.com/downloads/orkin-insect-id-guide.pdf As a general rule, diatomaceous earth is a good natural killer of hard...


Identifying a Stuffed Toy Bunny - stuffed yellow bunny, missing its left ear and nose

Identifying a Stuffed Toy Bunny?
This actually kind of looks like a Care Bear. if it was from the 80s it would be a Care Bear for sure Here are images of "swift heart rabbit" https://www.etsy.com/market/swift_heart_rabbit The ears of this one look a little long and it is yellow as opposed...


Value of Merman End Tables - light wood stepped end tables with a single drawer and rail around the top tier

Value of Merman End Tables?
These are magnificent tables! Hold on to these beauties for sure.


Value of a Palmary Collection Porcelain Doll - generic Native American doll

Value of a Palmary Collection Porcelain Doll?
I learned today that GoldenVale Collections put out a huge line of Native American dolls. Unfortunately, I was unable to find out much more about that specific company, where they are produced, and it would be a near impossibility to find out which one this...


Husqvarna Rider Won't Start - lable

Husqvarna Rider Won't Start?
Apparently it can be a common problem. This is normally associated with the lack of incoming air or fuel not reaching the engine. Check to ensure that there is fresh, clean fuel in the fuel tank. Also check the fuel filter, because a clogged fuel filter will...


Age and Value of a Depression Glass Vase - turquoise glass stemmed vase with deeply fluted edge

Age and Value of a Depression Glass Vase?
The Anchor Hocking Glass Company made a lot of the green depression-era glassware out there, a company that exists to this day: https://www.anchorhocking.com/ The style of vase fits into the 1929- 1933 era.


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Value of a 1970s Set of the Encyclopedia Brittanica?
This is not as hopeless as some people think. Once in 2012 I was able to sell an entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica on Amazon - it wasn't even that old, it was from the 90's or something. I got $1,000 for them, not counting shipping. These are even older...


Value of a Conant Ball Chair - arm chair with upholstered back and seat with matching ruffled skirt around the bottom

Value of a Conant Ball Chair?
I mean I'm seeing Conant Ball pieces go for $7000. From there to $2000. Pretty impressive, especially the hoghair bit as that definitely ages it quite a bit. I'm not sure but in the photo it looks like the upholstery is a bit stained or faded. That could alter...


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John Deere Riding Mower Won't Start?
Check the alternator or the starter. This happens a fair amount.


Backyard Visitor (Fawn) - beautiful spotted fawn lying the grass

Backyard Visitor (Fawn)
cute! Our neighbor was adopted by a baby goose. I see them walking down the street together now.


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Protecting Permanent Marker on Outdoor Cushions?
an acrylic spray sealant should work fine. But even the best sealant probably will not protect it from fading from UV rays, however.


Leaves Dying on Repotted Avocado Tree - dying avocado tree

Leaves Dying on Repotted Avocado Tree?
Plants like to be replanted at very specific times generally, such as ealry spring or Fall, before the sun gets too bright. If this is the reason why it's failing, maybe it will pull through if you take care to water lots.


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Keeping Stray Cats Off My Patio?
Do you already have an automatic porch light that comes on with motion sensors? If you don't installing one might do the trick. If you alrady have this, then one thing that will work for sure is a motion- sensor water sprinkler. Here's one of the more inexpensive...


Repairing a Hole in the Laminate Countertop - hole cut too large for the sink

Repairing a Hole in the Laminate Countertop?
If I had this, I would attach a slice of wood and attach it with wood putty. Then paint it over with latex paint. You could also try silicone or plaster. This link gives other ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_epB_1Dmj5E


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Rescued Chipmunks Need Help?
Not sure. Animals are pretty resilient, and probalby just putting them in a safe space is enough. Generally it is best to call a wildlife specialist, to see about food and whatnot.


Struggling Weeping Cherry Tree - tree with few leaves

Struggling Weeping Cherry Tree?
Fruit trees are very temperamental, especially as they have been overbred and thus are not as resilient as other sorts of trees As such, one must take care to keep conditions right and keep pests away If you check carefully and see no signs of fungus or infestation...


Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll - doll in box, wearing an evening gown and a fur stole

Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll?
The best thing for the doll would be to finally have a chance to be used as a doll. The whole 'collector's thing' was little more than a con on a naive public looking for the cache of collectible antiques at affordable prices. What 'limited edition' generally...


Identifying Stuffed Animals - stuffed puppy

Identifying Stuffed Animals?
This looks like a Beanie Baby or a Beanie Baby knockoff


Value of a Silver Thimble with Jeweled Crown - thimble with cover in plastic case

Value of a Silver Thimble with Jeweled Crown?
This is a pretty spectacular piece. In the US it has rare value if only because we're 'across the pond' - it is possible that in Britain these are a dime a dozen but here in the US probably not Also yeah, free trials are no bueno


Value of a Conant Ball Co. Rocking Chair - wooden rocker

Value of a Conant Ball Co. Rocking Chair?
Though I am no expert it would not surprise me if this was an actual antique, or heading there. As well I would expect to get as much as $400 for it


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Caring for a Stray Cat and Her Kittens?
most likely the cat found a safe space for the kittens one warning, however: sometimes a cat will move the kitten to a place she things is safe, but is not really. Check your attic, basement, and anywhere else you do not like to have cats. As well the bottom...


Is My Dog a Pit Bull? - brown and white dog

Is My Dog a Pit Bull?
The head shape and muscularity definitely makes me think Pit Bull However, the spots and the snout to me say she is decidedly nowhere near purebred This sort of nose is more from a Pointer or Dalmatian or other such breed.


Value of a Mersman 8717 Coffee Table

Value of a Mersman 8717 Coffee Table?
Mersman tables range from 1870 on. Based in Ohio until 1900, they put out lots of amazing and collectivle furniture, and expanded operations. It changed names a few times, changed hands in the 60s and 70s, and finally closed in 1995. According to a collector...


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Janome Only Sews a Straight Stitch?
There might be a setting that's too tight, preventing the mechanism from doing alternate stitching


Value of a Mersman Table- one drawer end table

Value of a Mersman Table?
According to just collectible: "30 million items of furniture for the American market. These mass-produced items are of such abundance that they have relatively little value as collectors items or antiques on todays markets." As such probably has more intrinsic...


Identifying Insect Eggs - elongated white eggs

Identifying Insect Eggs?
these are spider sacs. you could vacuum them and that would solve your problem


Value of Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls - boy doll in denim

Value of Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls?
$25 or so is a common price for these sorts of things.


What Breed Mix Is My Dog? - small brown and white dog

What Breed Mix Is My Dog?
I'm not sure that any dog with any Pit Bull in him would be so small. The Pit is a medium dog but this is a remarkably small dog. The bug eyes to me suggest Chihuahua, as others have said


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Value of an Antique White Sewing Machine?
If it still works, you could get $130 easily for this. Possibly more.


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Removing Sharpie from Hair?
This is news to me. I did not know that Sharpie dyed hair permanently like this! Acetone (IE nail polish remover) is an excellent go-to remover not just of paint and dyes but sticky chemical residues. As well maybe some good old fashined hydrogen peroxide might...


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Janome Mb4 Needle #4 Jammed?
Open the bobbin, take it out, and make sure nothing is in the way. I would honestly just take it to a repairperson.


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Sears Riding Mower Won't Start?
These lawnmowers are very temperamental. I hear so much going wrong with them. Best take it to a shop.


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Finding a Replacement Blade for a Regal Bread Machine?
ebay is still a good marketplace, and they will ship overseas. I had some women from Japan buy some collector tins once.


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Adding Cat Litter to a Compost Pile?
I don't necesarily think old litter is bad for cats, but definitely please do not compost it! Especially if your compost goes towards vegetables that you eat. If you just use the compost on flowers and trees, then OK. Though it might kill the tree because the...


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Making an Avocado Hair Mask?
Possibly overnight is too long to leave it on. Most hair masks I know are only to be left for an hour or so also I'm not sure what is meant by 'mask bloating'


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Identifying Tiny Biting Bugs?
these are probably no see ums or midges. This article describes how to eliminate them https://www.mosquitomagnet.com/articles/no-see-ums-facts


Reverse Button on a Kenmore Sewing Machine - vintage machine

Reverse Button on a Kenmore Sewing Machine?
there's generally a little knob or lever that if you push it, it will start running backwards.


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Dealing with an Intrusive Sister-in-law?
I know someone who has to deal with an intrusive brother in law and it is in fact unbearable. You are right about boundaries. Some people have them; others not It is not good or bad, it's just different family cultures. The main thing I see here is that they...


A man looking at a rack of different types of oil at a supermarket.

Choosing a Healthy Cooking Oil
very cool! I've been tempted to try avocado oil but I find it is too dear. Have you ever tried to make ghee? I have, with mixed results.


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Finding Help After a House Fire?
Very sorry to hear that. I know some folks who went through this. Fortunately they had renter's insurance. the obvious first step is to find new accomodations, even if in a rental room somewhere the next step is to use whatever funds are availabie to buy basic...


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Chihuahua? - brown Chi with darker tail and tips

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Chihuahua?
Very nice looking dog Honestly I am not familiar with this sort of colouring on a Chichahua. That is the only thing that makes me doubt. The rest of him looks legit.


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Pit Bull Not Eating After Having Puppies?
Hopefully the birthing process was not so traumatic for her, physically, that she is now ill. This could actually be a very bad sign. it is not common for this sort of behaviour to occur for nothing.


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Value of a 1976 Seeburg Sunstar Jukebox?
These are a niche piece that restaurants and microbreweries and such really like to have. You could expect, ifyou found the right buyer, to make $400 or so on it.


Value of a Vintage Table - table top folded in half exposing the box like interior of the table

Value of a Vintage Table?
It is a lovely piece. Unfortunately it looks like it has a stain on it. Any value would be reduced because of that.


Repairing Alcohol Damage to Wooden Table Finish - white marks on table

Repairing Alcohol Damage to Wooden Table Finish?
I've had great experience removing moisture stains from wood with a mix of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. I'm not sure if alcohol stain would be much different.


Value of Vintage Cherry Dining Chairs and Rocker - chairs and rocker in garage

Value of Vintage Cherry Dining Chairs and Rocker?
These are lovely chairs. I would not part with them for less than $600


14th Birthday Ideas

14th Birthday Ideas?
it's too bad there's so little to do in the world because of the corona thing. It's hard to think of anything beyond watching videos at home or doing BBQ, especially if there's only two people. Maybe you could try to play a game, or decide to learn chess or...


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