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Snickerdoodle Wraps

Snickerdoodle Wraps
This is a great recipe when I have a craving & nothing in the house to satisfy it & dont want to go out to the store to by a treat. Thanks.


room wth beams on ceiling

Painting a Bedroom Red?
Ive read articles on red rooms. This color seems to relax people, make them hungry (thats why restaurants have red dinning rooms) and feel sexy. By painting the ceiling red and the beams black you will have a very oriental look to your room. Is that what you...


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Bypassing Electric Brakes on Lawnmower?
Ask the manufacturer how to do it.


Easy Buttercream

Easy Buttercream
Looks fabulous how did you make that design?


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Puppy Not Eating?
I hope youre not one who wants to only give him dry dog food its called kibble. I guarentee if you do your dog will have rotten teeth. Because its fed dry it sticks to the teeth. If you ad water to moisten it, it wont.


Make Your Own Grated Cheese

Make Your Own Grated Cheese
Hint: If you dont around to eating all that cheese you can stop it from getting moldy by putting a small dab of paper towel drenched in white vinegar in the container and it will prevent mold.


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Asian Beetle Prevention?
They can be extremely pesky and fly in swarms. Buy a good insect killer at the hardware store and go all around the foundation and the area where you see them with the insecticide. OR - go to a garden shop or a local garden club for advice. I had them when...


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Putting Ceramic Tiles in a Pre-Manufactured Home?
What are you concerned about? The weight of the tiles warping the frame? I would think that theres no need to worry because ceramic tiles wont burn and the pound load of the floor should be very strong. Or are you putting them on the wall? I would think there...


spice bottle under handle

Balancing a Warped Skillet
I think its time for a new pan. It looks like your pan is made of Teflon? Thats a potentially dangerous pan because when its damaged, scratched or starting to peel it releases a poisonous gas. Sometimes its better to just spend the money on a new frying pan...



Identifying Cut Flowers in a Bouquet?
Perhaps they will dry out therefore theres no need for water. They look like a variety of Thistles.


Covering at Table Top with Vinyl Floor Tiles

Covering at Table Top with Vinyl Floor Tiles?
I had an end table that I bought at a Garage sale for $20 15 yrs ago. The top got ruined so I took Peel & Stick vinyl tiles and put them all over the top. They are still on that table and the other day I sold it for - - - $20.00 You dont need to glue them down...



inside of pot

Taking Care of Cookware
Ive rented out sleeping rooms in this bad economy and much to my surprise 95% of the women dont know how to cook or treat my stainless steel cook ware! They turn on the burner and walk away to talk on the phone, meanwhile my pots are being ruined. If I try...


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Bandage Stuck to Scab of Wound?
Good question. I assume the bandage was on for several days? Could your skin have grown to the bandage? If thats the case you better go to your doctor to have it removed. ALSO, its wise to keep quick stop in your medicine cab. Its a powder that grooming shops...


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Agencies that Help with Rent and Utilities?
Time to call your town hall to see if they have any programs that you could use. If youre a Senior theres a program called LIHEAP (in Illinois)that gives you a monthly amount to pay your electric & heating gas bills. Again, start with the Senior Services Dept...


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Finding Free Furniture?
I suggest using Free Cycles web site. People post many things they dont need for free. Also, go to a Salvation Army store near you they have cheap sofas you could buy.


Homemade Salisbury Steak Dinner

Homemade Salisbury Steak Dinner
Sounds delicious but, loaded with sodium which is found in the soups and gravy mixes. Check out how much sodium is in all your ingredients Im sure theyre way over the daily minimum of 2,500


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Collecting Back Child Support?
You should call your local Bar Assn. & ask them where you can get an attorney (Attorney General) to defend you & collect the back money for you for free. You should have done that when your ex first started to jerk you around for the money. Good luck.


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Finding Help After a Fire?
You dont say where you live - in a large city or small town? Ask for help from the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and at your town hall, your church will help also. Good luck.


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New Dentures Painful?
Arent you supposed to let the gums heal first? Why dont you call a local university or dental school and ask them? Good luck.


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New Dentures Painful?
Search this web site for Temporary Dentures for your answer.


shoe organizer for medical supplies

Over the Door Medical Supply Holder
He was a great guy to do this. May he rest in peace. I had racing greyhounds and I was always patching them up. Your husbands idea is truly helpful for keeping dog supplies together as well.


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Inexpensive Vet to Treat Kitten's Broken Leg?
Are you kidding? $3,600 is what it costs to amputate a leg on a animal - time to get a second opinion. Id call the local University, animal rescue groups or animal control & see if they know of a cheaper way to fix the leg. Why cant the leg be set with a cast...



Threading Sewing Machine Needles  - piece of white paper behind sewing machine needle

Threading Sewing Machine Needles
Get needle threaders from your local fabric shop. Makes threading a needle so easy I use them all the time on my sewing machine. Dritz 3 Needle Threaders $1.50


Remortgaging or Refinancing a House?
Are you behind in your mortgage payments? Are you still working or retired? Would you consider a mortgage modification? All of these questions are needed in order to answer your question. To get more answers I suggest calling your current lender to see if you...


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Roof Repair Help for Low Income Families?
Call your township and ask for help some have contractors that you can call who will give you a discounted rate. If all else fails start getting figures on patching the roof. My township has a program that will loan you the money to put a new roof on and you...


Pre-Measure Water in Carafe

Pre-Measure Water in Carafe
Good thinking Sandy!


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Dishwasher Has Puddle of Water in Bottom?
My dishwasher does that too. My guess is that its a timer problem but why dont you call the manufacturer and ask them? Service men are expensive and if you have an older dishwasher go to a Sears outlet store & buy a new one for $200-$300. Good luck.


french doors and pumpkin walls

Curtain Color Advice?
Id go with a nice cream color.


black and tan dog

What Breed Is My Dog?
Could be a Mini pin


black puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?
Shes a Christmas surprise - what else could she be?


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Rescue Dog Bites Female Owner?
She probably looks at you as the rank & file beneath her in dog pecking order. If you show fear when she does this it only reinforces that behavior. Try grabbing her by the scruff of her neck the next time she bites you. Grab the back of her neck & shake her...


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5 Month Old Puppy Pooping in Crate?
Hes too young to leave in a cage for a long period of time without being let outside. How many hours do you leave him in there?


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Painting Over Wallpaper?
Why would anyone want to paint over wall paper when it can be removed easily? All you had to do was go to your local paint store & ask how to do it.


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Source of Black Soot and Musty Smell in House?
Could what you think is soot really be mold? That would give your house a musty smell.



Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd?

Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd?
Go to your Vet and have a genetic test done. It will tell you exactly what breed/breeds he is.


dogs cuddling

Fergie and Eden (Greyhound and...
Happy looking animals. Its true what you say about Greyhounds that are rescued. Have you investigated adopting a Galgo? Im considering it. Some of the clubs here in America are flying them in from Spain.


woman in costume

Red Riding Hood the Wolf Slayer
Clever idea at an adult Halloween party. I fear children will confuse their neighbors dog with your wolf. But I do love the idea!


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Homemade Stainless Steel Cleaner
Well the cats out of the bag - weve all been sold cheap stainless steel finish appls. I stopped using the Manufactured Suggested cleaners and resorted to this: I use the pre-moisten cleaning sheets that I buy at Aldi for $2.00. Then buff it dry with a fiber...


Groceries ready to be cooked for dinner.

Fast Food Versus Good Food
For the past few months Ive been on the DASH diet which promotes avoiding fast food as well as processed food. The end result: I lost 10 lbs. my blood pressure dropped enough to delete on high blood pressure pill and my gout is much easier to control. I eat...


stuffed leaves in sauce

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Galumpkis)
Stuffed cabbage rolls seem to be popular with many different ethnic groups. I use a recipe I downloaded from a Polish web site. The only pre-cooking is boiling the leaves off the cabbage everything else is raw. I use instant rice raw mixed into raw 90% ground...


jar of paste

Tomato Paste
You must have been reading my mind! Ive been thinking about how one goes about making tomato paste. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.


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Anise Extract for Acid Reflux
Ive cured my acid reflux by eating Indian Food. Curry, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, etc. I found I love curried chicken and make large batches of it and freeze separate portions to be eaten later. One warning about Anise - if you take a high blood pressure medication...


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No Water to Downstairs Bathroom or Toilet?
Get a plummer - I assume you were at one time getting water in these items.


frozen veggies.

Adjusting to a New Life
Just cook for four servings eat one when youre done cooking. Put one serving in the refrigerator for the next day and freeze the other 2 in single serving plastic containers. Ive stocked my freezer with so many different dishes I have fun when I choose and...


black and white dog on chair cushion

What Breed Is My Rescue Dog?
I have no idea but its one of the cutest dogs Ive seen.


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Latex Paint Peeling Off Oil Paint?
Never paint latex over oil! Go to the place where you bought the latex paint and tell them what happened. They will probably sell you some sparkling compound to repair the wall. Then buy another can of oil based paint (semi-gloss) and paint your wall. A lot...


avocado half with onion slice

Keep Avocados from Turning Brown
I spray lime juice on the left over half leaving the pit in place. Then I put it in a plastic container with a snap on lid. Works for me.


black Lab

My Dog Won't Eat Her Food?
Unfortunately, they put a lot of terrible things in dog food and she probably smells it. Id try another good quality brand of dog food one that doesnt have corn, meat by products, etc. She likes the treats because the dog food industry puts a lot of sugar in...


serving on plate

Chicken Taco Bake
Loaded with salt and fat guaranteed to make you gain weight.


bumps on tummy

Puppy Has Red Bumps on Skin?
These could be flea bites. To be safe take her to the Vets.



Bruno (German Shepherd Mix)
What a cute dog and what a big head that he has to grow into! Hell be a big boy for sure.


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Landlord Rights to Evict?
First print out a Five Day Notice from surfing the web. Fill it out then post it on the door to the apartment & mail one to them by registered mail as well. Keep in mind that you will have to prove to the Judge that you actually served the tenant this notice...


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Getting Rid of Tiny Bugs in Kitchen?
These could be foundation ants and they come in thru the heat ducts in your home. Go to a hardware store & buy boric acid powder put some at the entire bottom of the sink cabinet and some on the counter top but be careful not to injest it or have it near a...


cut stomboli

Holi Moli Stromboli
I think you forgot the word cups for the first ingredient. It reads 2 flour. Its too much work for me but I have a good idea. What if you buy a comparable type bread already made and continue with the recipe - yum. Cant wait to make it. Thank You for sharing...


A temperature switch on a hot water heater.

Turn Off Water Heater To Save Energy
I finally woke up to this little trick. One of my tenants had turned up my hot water tank without asking my permission. I discovered it after she moved out. While I have a gas tank its ignition is electricity. My electric bill dropped by $10/mo. This is a rarely...


Carpenter Bee Trap

Carpenter Bee Trap
Heres a dumb question: Wont the dumb bees see all the dead bees and start avoiding the trap?


Pots and bowls with ingredients.

Make Dog Food at Home
Good for you I too use to cook food for my dogs but the people in my dog club would ridicule and laugh at me for doing this. What I noticed about my cooked food versus commercial dog food was this: The dogs ate all of the home made dog food and only half of...


black and tan Shepherd looking dog

What Breed Is My Dog?
To me she looks like a pure bred German Shepherd. Shes not done growing yet! Wait until shes 16-18 months old. Dogs are funny - around 6 months of age they blow their puppy coat. Dont worry when she looses it youll know, you will have wall-wall dog hair. Keep...


table and chair

Finding the Value of Antique Furniture?
Dont be surprised if your antique dinning room set isnt worth as much as you hoped. Unless its a really unique brand in mint condition you will find that people can buy a brand new set made in China for less money. I suggest you call around to antique shops...


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Weight Watchers Chicken Caccatiore Recipe?
Have you tried finding it with your search engine? There are lots of WW recipes out there.


light brown puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?
What an adorable looking puppy. If you really want to know what breeds are in him go to the Vet and purchase a DNA kit that will tell you exactly which breeds are in him.


large brindle dog

What Breed Is My Dog?
Mastiff for sure.


A bowl of Italian sausage and chicken pasta.

Italian Sausage and Chicken Pasta
Looks so good cant wait to try it!


light brown dog with dark muzzle and white on feet

What Breed Is My Dog?
I think its part boxer and part Great Dane or Rhodesian Ridge Back.. Shepherd? Wheres the long hair? I think Id eliminate that breed.


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Rights of Power of Attorney?
You definitely need an attorney. Because your mothers money is in her home any nursing home will want you to sign the house over to them. Once that money is used up she will need to be put on Public Aid. So whatever home you place her in you will be better...


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Keeping Pigeons Off Balcony?
You can buy a very affordable product that wards off pigeons. Go to a hardware store and ask for Pigeon Off or a similar product. You paint it on the surface that they land on and when they land it starts to burn their feet. End of problem they dont like it...


grey and white dog with stand up ears

What Breed Is My Dog?
If you really want to know go to your vet and get one of those Gene kits that will analyze your dogs genes. They are a little expensive.


closeup of dog lying on its back

What Kind of Dog Is Harley?
My heart dropped when I saw your dogs picture! I had a Collie/Chow mixed dog & he looked just like yours. The Chow half is rather tough to deal with but if you demonstrate that youre the Alpha dog you will have one of the best animals you could find. Always...


black dog

Is He a Pit?
Looks like a sweet Black Labrador to me.


red and white dog

Is My Dog Full Blooded Red Nose?
I dont know much about Pit Bulls but I use to be a pure bred dog breeder so consider this: a lot of breeds are born with one color then around the age of 6 months+ they blow their puppy coat (completely shed it). When the adult coat comes in it will be another...


Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup
I totally agree with bryguy what would be the point of using a crock pot if youve already cooked the chicken? I could see cutting up the raw chicken and cooking it in the crock pot then youd get the flavor of its natural juices. I too use Ramen from time to...


black and tan puppies

What Breed is My Dog?
For sure German Shepard. Look at you dogs tongue if its blue or speckled then thats the Chow Chow in him. All Chows have a blue not pink tongue.


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Buy Frozen Chicken Breasts
I live in a suburb just outside of Chicago I guess youd call me spoiled because Ive been buying chicken quarters for .59/lb. until now. Several of the lower priced stores are being pushed out of business by this economy. Today I went to Jewel food store where...


tan puppy

What Breed is My Pup Mixed With?
What an adorable dog! Lucky you. Id guess hes a mixture of several breeds. Maybe Yorkie, Shiatsu or ? Enjoy this sweet pup.


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Sharing Living Expenses With an Abusive Partner?
TIME TO START OVER WITHOUT HIM! Get a copy of a book called: Breaking your addiction to another person or How to break your addiction to another person. It will set you free no kidding. Your addicted to this jerk. Then while youre at it promise yourself to...


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Leg Cramps While Sleeping?
You probably have a magnesium shortage. This can cause severe leg cramps and also block your body from absorbing calcium which can then cause Osteoporosis. Go to your doctor and ask him to run a blood test to see if its the problem. Also, have him check to...


cobalt blue spires rising from the lily pond

Chihuly Glass Art at the Denver Botanic Gardens
He has exhibits all over the world. Check him out online to find where they are. I saw them in Chicago several years ago and they are stunning. Samsung also filmed one of his exhibits and ran it on their 3D TVs. Wow just gorgeous.


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Use Ice Scraper for Cleaning
I too forget about a pan thats on the stove while on my computer so I set a timer before I go back to the computer when I hear it go off I go check the pan. The way I get burnt food off my pots & pans - I fill them with water turn on the burner and boil the...


standing in yard

What Breed is My Dog?
Im glad to see so many people see Greyhound in your dog. The ears & markings are typical Ghound. If the dog is about 40 lbs. Id say its a Whippet which is a smaller version of the Greyhound (directly related to the Ghound.) If its 60-80 lbs. its a Greyhound...


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Activities for an Elderly Person?
You can rent books on CDs from the library-if she likes listening to them get her a simple CD player. Also, remember pets - see if the home shes in allow visits from dogs & cats. Elderly people love petting them. You can pay to have a Caregiver stop by and...


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Cleaning Stained Plastic Bowls
Just spray the bowl with Simple Green a non-toxic cleaner. Rinse & pop into the dishwasher. Works for curry too.


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Maytag Washer Flashing E01 and F06 Codea?
Call the manufacture and ask them.


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Getting Rid of a Huge Ant's Nest on a Grave?
Call the cemetery office and tell them.


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Maytag Washer Displaying 3E Error Code?
Call the manufacturer and ask them what to do.


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Finding Financial Help for Roof Replacement?
If you are elderly call your town hall and see if your area has a program where if your real estate taxes are paid you can finance a new roof at 6% interest and you can pay it off when you sell the house years later.


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Adult Child Distancing Himself from Mother?
Nancy Reagan when she was having a problem with her daughter got some really good advice from her mother. She said: Children come and children go but your husband will always be there. Its hard to remember that when our hearts are aching to see or hear from...


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Adult Child Distancing Himself from Mother?
Glad for this question. Ive been depressed for months because my son has stopped calling me, sending me holiday cards including my birthday, etc. After reading the posts I now realize that this is a natural progression for sons. Like the old saying goes: A...


Two Pug puppies sleeping on their back.

6 Day Old Puppies Not Pooping?
Get them to a vet asap.


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House Trained Dog Peeing on Its Bed?
My 12 year old Greyhound started doing that and then developed a large tumor on her side. It was cancer and I think by peeing on her bed it was her way of trying to tell me something was wrong with her. Take your dog to the Vet and get it checked out.


Small brindle dog.

What Breed is My Small Dog?
How beautiful. What a great looking dog.


Island and work area.

Kitchen Paint Color and Countertop Advice?
Salmon by Benjamin Moore for the walls and take a paint swatch to the counter top supplier to pick a counter top that compliments the paint.


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Perm Left Parts in Hair?
I have a bad colic in the back of my hair. The only way I resolved it was by having a hair cut in a V pattern. If your beautician doesnt know how to do it she needs to check around for help at some beauty schools.


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