Keeping a Cat from Scratching its Wound

Depending on where the wound is located, it can be a challenge to make it impossible for them to scratch at it and help them heal. This guide is about keeping a cat scratching its wound.


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One of my senior cats had pulled a patch of his hair out, between his shoulder blades, and now it's taken forever to heal. I had put a mix of an ant-itch cream and antibiotic cream on it, but he is able to reach it by licking it off. Any help or suggestions?

By Abby

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First be sure the wound is actually healing-you may need a vet to check the area for possible infection. You can purchase a neck collar at a pet store that restricts your kitty's movement and will definitely not permit him to lick his wound.

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Since this wound is not acting like a normal wound I would have it looked at by a Vet asap. It could be a fungus or cancer.

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This may be an abscess - an infection under the skin that you can't see. If that's the case, treating it topically with creams and such won't help. You may need antibiotics from your vet.

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My cat has literally scratched the whole side of her face off how can I stop it

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On New Years Day I found a sore on my cat. I pet her a thousand times a day so I know it wasn't there the night before. I couldn't get a vet appointment until the 8th. In the meantime I kept it clean and used Neosporin. I went to the vet on the 8th, he said it was an allergic reaction and prescribed 3 medications.


Now just 3 days later the sore is just about healed but she won't stop scratching right below the sore. It's not any particular shape, just two straight lines where the folds of her skin are when her head is upright. She is making it bleed. I have the cone on her now but I don't think its safe to leave it on while I'm asleep or at work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm very concerned. Should I take her back to the vet? I don't want to seem like a hypochondriac cat mommy but I hate seeing her uncomfortable.

By Lisa from Philadelphia, PA

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There is a Neosporin called" Neosporin Plus". (The Plus comes in cream or ointment) This kind of Neosporin is different because it has an added medication that stops pain, itch & burning. Try this & see if it helps. Use only a little, so the cat doesn't lick a bunch off & get sick! Don't feel like a crazy-cat-moma, because if your cat keeps scratching it, it won't heal (& could get worse). Did the vet check for "fungus" (like ringworm, etc) because these fungus infections can really itch.

Also, I agree with it not being safe to keep the cone on while you are gone.

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Try a flea collar. Sounds crazy but I went through the same thing with two cats, tried all sorts of things but the sore wouldn't heal then once spring came and out came the flea collars and they both stopped scratching and picking at the un-healing sore.

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I think I was over doing it with the ointment the vet prescribed. I may of been putting to much on at once. I stopped putting it straight on from the tube and started using a cotton ball and just dabbing it on, now she appears to have stopped scratching and its healing.

The vet did check for fungus/ringworm and said that wasn't it. It was probably an allergy to food I used temporarily. I ran out of their normal food and just ran to the local convenience store for a box until I could get to the pet store the next day.. it wasn't the same brand, so in all likelihood that's what it was. I have long since thrown that box away, and she is eating her normal brand again, and no other sores/scratches have popped up.

I know I probably made her crazier than the sore did, and I'm convinced it worried and bothered me more than it did her, but she is my baby, and when you google "cat sores" online some scary stuff comes up. Thank you for the advice.

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I have 4 cats with this problem, altho they have not had any infections from their sores. My vet prescribes prednisone or prednisolone tablets for it. I've tried sprays and medicated powders from the drugstores: you might have good luck with that. The kitten really should see a vet as infection is present She will need an antibiotic and possibly stitches. I have a cat who had a puncture wound that started out as a tooth-hole sized bite from another cat. It then opened up to the size of a quarter over the next few days despite my efforts with hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton balls.

That's when I took her to the veterinarian. Money well spent? The bleeding was dripping now and then and wouldn't cease. Stitches were clearly needed. Hydrogen Peroxide is the way to go to keep bleeding wounds free of infection.

The cat photo I have is of my kitty girl, Mitsu, who had the wound that kept opening up larger everyday. For a low-cost veterinarian I was miffed with how many $$ he required to do the procedure: not very Thrifty!

Health is first and foremost and kitties must be doctored and at least Mitsu looks ashamed of herself for having got into one bad fight behind my back. Good Luck with your kitten.

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My cat had surgery on his neck and he scratched off his stitches. I took him back to the vet and they put in staples and gave me a collar to use. Three days later he scratched out his staples by getting under the collar, and no I couldn't make it tighter.

The position of the wound makes it impossible for the collar to work, because it to rubs the wound. So I called my vet again, and they had me take him to an emergency clinic. They wrapped it with soft cloth and pulled out the two staples he had left in. I got him home, and he's already scratching off this wrap and getting to the wound! Any ideas on something that would help or work?

By Julie

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Since your cat is probably scratching his neck with a back legs, trim the nails on the one foot and tape a finger of an old glove over the back paw so the result is that the nails cannot dig into his neck.

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Wrap his paws up in little mittens, that way his nails will be covered, problem solved!

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Buy some gauze cut them into little squares, place tape over with tape sticking out at both ends and then lay tape the other directions that it sticks out at all four side. Put your cats paw on the gauze and fold the (white tape) over from the sides first then the works. And it's cheap :)

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Tried all suggestions for my cat who has a big (2" long) wound on her neck, and she promptly takes everything off. We are trying putting tape on her paw and will see after an hour how it goes.

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My cat Poppy has a large wound on her neck close to the top of her head. A collar would not help because of the position of the wound. She scratches the scab off almost as soon as it has healed and it keeps bleeding. She scratches so much that the fur has come out around the wound.

She is an indoor cat and we have another who is also indoor. I think Poppy may have been hurt by the other cat, but I'm not sure. I would like to know how we can stop her scratching so the wound can heal?

By Tara from Aberdeenshire

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A few days ago I noticed a really bad scab on my cat's jaw. Now today I woke up and he'd been scratching it so much that it basically formed a tiny hole. My mom won't take him to the vet because we have no money or gas.

I've been doing all I can by cleaning it and trying to wrap it up, but it's difficult due to the placement of the wound. Tomorrow I might be having a friend's mom take me to her vet. But does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep him from scratching until then?

By Meagan H

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