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Remedies for Pain from Wearing Dentures

Getting your mouth accustomed to false teeth can be uncomfortable. This guide is about remedies for pain from wearing dentures.

A woman in pain wearing dentures.
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April 7, 2014 Flag
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I had all my teeth out in Jan 2014, lower and upper. My dentist told me to go to him on the 8th week exactly to get impressions made for dentures, I did this and he took them. Two weeks later, I went in and they were made but did not fit properly. He took them for another 8 days or so and did the cutting down, etc. So in total, I waited for 16 weeks before he eventually gave them to me.

The top set are totally no problem at all. They fit perfectly and he waited until the gums had gone a bit harder. I can wear them without any problems, no fixing gooey mess, etc. The bottom ones are so painful I can't do it. He told me they would take a long time to harden and it seems he is right.

However, I found that Medijel gel works really well as it numbs the area. I get it from the pound shop, BTW. It is quite expensive from a chemist. I now put in the bottom set for a few hours a day. You really have to wait until the gums are healed. Yes, I did get shards of tooth coming out all over the gums after the op. Keep on trying and don't give up. If our Grannys did it we can, and I am 47. They got so thin with acid erosion that they were loose. It is not great but keep on going and if they are not tight, go back and sort it out.

Sorry this is long but it proves that persistence pays off. Go get medijel gel and rub it around the gums every few hours. When it wears off, take them out and then have a rest . Good luck peeps, cos it will get better. I ate mashed up stuff for 16 weeks but, hey, I lost weight.

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September 20, 2015 Flag
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I'm in my mid 30s and had full extraction done 11 months ago. I was one of those babies who's mother was given something for morning sickness that ended up causing soft teeth and bones. I had a whopping 13 left and I was often mistaken for a druggie because of it, ugh! I am not tooting my own horn, but I am a pretty, voluptuous woman who just hid most of her late twenties and early thirties because of it.

So I said goodbye to my bulky temporary dentures about a week ago and got my nifty, slimmer and surprisingly natural looking "permanent" set. The tops are awesome. The bottoms fit fantastically, but I am so freaking sore by the end of the day and it hurts and is bruised so badly that to put it back in when I go to get ready in the morning I actually cry. I've been swishing with salt water and taking Advil. Any other advice?

September 4, 20160 found this helpful

I just got upper denture I was so much pain fondly day 5 I put oral gel in my teeth like incident omg what a difference it worked all day numbing the pain ask your dentist it was a pres option gel

Good luck

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June 4, 2010 Flag
Perma Soft II Denture Relining Kit

Product: Perma Soft II Denture Relining Kit

Cost: $18

If you are like most of us and simply can't or don't choose to pay dentists to reline your dentures here is the answer for you! I had searched everywhere and hounded everyone I knew who might be able to help and finally found the answer on Ebay. Perma Soft II is a two part product, a pink powder and a clear liquid that you mix together, wait one minute and spread in your dentures. You then put your dentures into your mouth and bite normally, hold that bite for three minutes. The product will feel warm just like the solution the dentists use. After the three minutes you take the denture out and trim the excess off. It stays soft but firm and can be trimmed and sanded to bit perfect. You do one denture at a time and it takes about 25 minutes for each. It comes with very clear directions.

For the first day or two there is a slight taste, not a bad taste but it is there, don't worry it will fade away. My gums had shrunk so much I couldn't eat with my dentures before. Now I am eating almost everything. I am so pleased with the product and for only $18.

By Latrtatr

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January 30, 2014 Flag
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Having had dentures for over 40 years I've learned a few tricks. Such as using an emery board to file down a little nub. Be careful not to over do it. My dentist recently gave me a "slap on the head, why didn't I think of that".

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February 22, 2014 Flag
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What can I do about problems with ulcers on my gums? I cannot wear my dentures because of the ulcers. I have been back several times to my dentist and he puts some kind of solution on the ulcers, but they still hurt all the time.

By Steve L.

February 23, 20141 found this helpful
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I read somewhere that you can put dentures in the freezer. Then that will soothe the irritation on your gums when you put them in.

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February 24, 20141 found this helpful
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July 27, 2016 Flag
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I had my teeth out in the begining of January. I just got my full set of dentures 4 days ago and I have pain at the bottom behind the lower lip. It is sore and red. What can I do to ease the pain? How long will the pain last before it's all over? Should I contuine to wear the dentures or wait until it feels better?

August 19, 20160 found this helpful

I am having the same troubke, I went back to dentist & the whittled some of the denture off. It still bothers me. It is swollen so denture still touches the spot. I think once my swelling is down, I will be ok

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December 7, 2015 Flag
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To help prevent sores, make sure you brush the inside of your dentures. The more food built up onto them, the more sores you'll get in your mouth.

Preventing Denture Pain

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March 24, 2016 Flag
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I have had my top set of dentures for 7 years. At the beginning of February I had to go back and get a replacement for the top and had all the bottom pulled and got a denture for that as well (first time).

I am having a problem where the back right bottom jaw bone protrudes out on the inside and outside of the jaw and the rest of my gums/jaw bone on the bottom is really thin/tiny. The bottom denture does not reflect this difference! I do not know why.

It was this way when I got my wax bite done, and also my test fit. I didn't have any problems until the day I went to pick them up. I couldn't even get the bottoms in. It was literally like trying to push an AA battery into a AAA battery spot. I was in tears and coming up off of the seat! He took it away and came back and it had Fixodent on it now and I guess he shaved it down some? Either way I was able to jimmy it on there with the worst pain in my life. He told me if it got really sore then I should come back and have them adjusted. But, this is my question.

Say I go in and have them adjusted for this issue, and for the sore white ulcer spots as well (that are popping up all over my bottom gums!), then when my gums are completely healed and no longer swollen at all, aren't my dentures going to be too loose?

I do not have the means to replace them again right away and insurance only pays for them once I think every five years. That is a long time to go without proper fitting dentures when I have been told over and over that the bottoms are going to float and be horrible no matter what I do! Why would I want to help them along?

And, I also think I might be allergic to the Fixodent. Anyone else ever deal with this? Or know what it does if you are? All I know is my bottom where I use it at is raw, red, inflamed, sore, and in some spots I actually have little blisters. Does anyone know if this sounds like a reaction to the glue?
if so, what else can I use? Is there anything out there that maybe would not cause that? Or am I just screwed?

Thanks and sorry for such a long post, just been suffering horribly through this. :(

August 19, 20160 found this helpful

There are other dental adhesives out there. Poligrip, ect....also sea bond. Sea bond is GREAT for top dentures. I tried it in bottom dentures, was great for a couple hours then teeth started "floating". (Being loose)

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August 19, 20160 found this helpful
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April 25, 2016 Flag
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I've had epilepsy since I was 5 years old. I'm now 36. So, you know, I've had to take many different medications to control my seizers. Well, over the years, my medications have caused my teeth to decay. Little by little I've had my bad teeth removed. I now have dentures. But they are painful and make my gums bleed.

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