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Remedies for Pain from Wearing Dentures

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A woman in pain wearing dentures.

Getting your mouth accustomed to false teeth can be uncomfortable. This guide is about remedies for pain from wearing dentures.


Solutions: Remedies for Pain from Wearing Dentures

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Tip: Medijel for Denture Pain

I had all my teeth out in Jan 2014, lower and upper. My dentist told me to go to him on the 8th week exactly to get impressions made for dentures, I did this and he took them. Two weeks later, I went in and they were made but did not fit properly. He took them for another 8 days or so and did the cutting down, etc. So in total, I waited for 16 weeks before he eventually gave them to me.

The top set are totally no problem at all. They fit perfectly and he waited until the gums had gone a bit harder. I can wear them without any problems, no fixing gooey mess, etc. The bottom ones are so painful I can't do it. He told me they would take a long time to harden and it seems he is right.

However, I found that Medijel gel works really well as it numbs the area. I get it from the pound shop, BTW. It is quite expensive from a chemist. I now put in the bottom set for a few hours a day. You really have to wait until the gums are healed. Yes, I did get shards of tooth coming out all over the gums after the op. Keep on trying and don't give up. If our Grannys did it we can, and I am 47. They got so thin with acid erosion that they were loose. It is not great but keep on going and if they are not tight, go back and sort it out.

Sorry this is long but it proves that persistence pays off. Go get medijel gel and rub it around the gums every few hours. When it wears off, take them out and then have a rest . Good luck peeps, cos it will get better. I ate mashed up stuff for 16 weeks but, hey, I lost weight.

    By jellybaby1966 [1]

    Tip: Relieving Denture Pain

    Having had dentures for over 40 years I've learned a few tricks. Such as using an emery board to file down a little nub. Be careful not to over do it. My dentist recently gave me a "slap on the head, why didn't I think of that".

    For the first time I had to have a full bottom denture. My dentist said it would take awhile to get used to them. If they start to hurt place them in a Tupperware bowl and put in the freezer. He's amazing! I had no problems and am eating anything.

      Source: My dentist

      By Peggy [62]

      Tip: Product Review: Perma Soft II Denture Relining Kit

      Perma Soft II Denture Relining Kit

      Product: Perma Soft II Denture Relining Kit

      Cost: $18

      If you are like most of us and simply can't or don't choose to pay dentists to reline your dentures here is the answer for you! I had searched everywhere and hounded everyone I knew who might be able to help and finally found the answer on Ebay. Perma Soft II is a two part product, a pink powder and a clear liquid that you mix together, wait one minute and spread in your dentures. You then put your dentures into your mouth and bite normally, hold that bite for three minutes. The product will feel warm just like the solution the dentists use. After the three minutes you take the denture out and trim the excess off. It stays soft but firm and can be trimmed and sanded to bit perfect. You do one denture at a time and it takes about 25 minutes for each. It comes with very clear directions.

      For the first day or two there is a slight taste, not a bad taste but it is there, don't worry it will fade away. My gums had shrunk so much I couldn't eat with my dentures before. Now I am eating almost everything. I am so pleased with the product and for only $18.

      By Latrtatr

      Tip: Cut-Away Top Denture to Avoid Pain

      I have worn full dentures for many years. I found that I cannot have anything covering my upper hard palate (roof of my mouth). I always have the upper portion of my denture cut out in a U shape. Some dentists say that the upper denture will not hold in as well. But it is better to have no pain. No one else I know ever had this problem, but if you do, this is the answer!

        By Richard Lee Van Der Voort [2]

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        Here are questions related to Remedies for Pain from Wearing Dentures.

        Question: Ulcers on Gums After Teeth Extractions

        What can I do about problems with ulcers on my gums? I cannot wear my dentures because of the ulcers. I have been back several times to my dentist and he puts some kind of solution on the ulcers, but they still hurt all the time.

        By Steve L.


        Best Answers

        By cathy [2]02/24/2014

        Try oragel. Also open up a vitamin E capsule [the gel kind]and dab vitamin E oil on ulcers to help heal them.

        Start drinking rooibos tea. It comes in 24 teabags to a package and is found in specialty tea section. Celestial seasonings and Tetly make this non-caffeinated tea. It comes in vanilla, pear and pomegranate flavors.

        Cathy from MA

        Best Answers

        By Lisa Stewart02/23/2014

        I read somewhere that you can put dentures in the freezer. Then that will soothe the irritation on your gums when you put them in.

        Question: Relief from Pain of New Dentures

        2 days ago I had my bottom teeth extracted and the surgeon immediately put the lower dentures in. It's the 3rd day now and I have ulcers everywhere in the lower part of my month. I haven't taken the dentures out like I was told, but the sores are getting worse. The dentures are way too large. Any suggestions?

        By karenmnabp1


        Best Answer

        By Cisco's Mom [5]02/01/2014

        Return to the dentist immediately. If anything, the dentures should feel very tight. The sores are from the loose fitting dentures rubbing when you talk or eat. They should fit very snugly.

        Question: New Dentures Painful

        A week ago I got all my top teeth pulled. I have pain when I put my dentures in and when taking them out. I have sores or blusters on my top gums that really hurt. I can't stand the pain. Will soft liners help with the pain? They are not sealing good. If they don't stay in that good are they? What can I do with these problems?

        By AB from AR

        Best Answer

        By Cindy [6]01/29/2014

        Get some numbing gel for gums and use it enough to get your dentures in. Use a little Fixodent or something to hold them in place so they wont move around. Take some Motrin if it hurts and eventually your gums will toughen up and they will not hurt you anymore. It may take a couple of weeks. Good Luck

        Question: Relieving Pain from New Dentures

        My husband got his top teeth pulled and dentures put in on the same day. We are on day 3. He went to the dentist yesterday and the doctor took them out for the first time and gave him a Novocain shot when he put them back in. My husband took them out last night and it was OK, but this morning was terrible. When he put them back in it just about killed him. He is a strong man, but he cried; then I cried. What can I do to help?

        By shannon05

        Most Recent Answer

        By maciap02/14/2015

        I just had all my uppers pulled 4 days ago. Once the novacaine wore off the pain began, but not unbearable. Last night was the first night I left them out, and this morning it hurt so bad getting them in I gave up. The roof of my mouth at the center back of the denture is being rubbed raw, as are both sides in the same place. I am using oragel type stuff but it wears off very quickly. I know it is a matter of healing, and getting adjustments made to the denture itself, but man, this is tough!

        I have to put them in to eat anything, and decided to use the freezer later today and see how that goes. I initially had them on for 2 days not taking them off at all. Since I went back yesterday and was told to start taking them off, I think they will be off more than on for awhile. I so sympathize with your husband.

        Good luck to all... and any suggestions would be more than welcomed! I have to go through this with the lowers in 2 weeks... ugh!

        Question: Remedy for Painful Dentures

        I had all of my teeth pulled and had almost 2 months of healing time before the fitting process for my dentures. I have my dentures now after several fittings, but my top plate is so painful I can't bear to put them in. I have 2 raw spots on both sides and there's a gap between the roof of my mouth and the dentures so I can't talk. Please can anyone tell me of any relief I can get for this pain?

        By Renee

        Most Recent Answer

        By Lilian05/22/2013

        I agree with the back to the dentist advice. For sore gums gargle with "a dash of sea salt in warm water".

        Question: Remedies for Healing Sore Gums Due to Dentures

        I don't have any gums left from wearing dentures and I just broke the bottom plate before Christmas. So I didn't eat Christmas, but had to the next day. It's been 9 days and my gum is so sore on one side. I'm just wondering if any one knows how long it will take to heal. I can't afford to see a dentist. Thank you.

        By Sharon from Knox, TN

        Most Recent Answer


        I found this great place in, <a href=""> mesa az</a>. to get a check up, or even complicated oral work done.

        Question: Lower Dentures Don't Fit Well and Are Painful

        First let me point out that I have been wearing full dentures for 43 years without any real problems. The dentures that I have been wearing for the past 22 years (yes, the same dentures). I just had a new set of full dentures made at a VA clinic. After going through the entire procedure (9 visits) the problem is as follows.

        The dentures look really good. After some adjustments the upper dentures work good and are causing no problems. The real problem is the new lower dentures. They are at least of 1 inch longer in the rear. I cannot eat or drink anything with these lower dentures in. I have had them readjusted by the dentist several times. They cause pain in the rear of my mouth and continually make feel like I am gagging.

        I have explained this several times to my dentist and the same answer is always provided. It takes time to adjust, keep wearing them no matter what. Deal with the pain and in time they will fit without any pain. I feel like I am putting on a size 18 shoe when I only require a size 11. I know my dentist is tried of me complaining about the lower dentures not working. I have considered trying to trim the length of the lower dentures since the dentist won't do it. I know I should not try to do this, but it seems the only way I am going to be able to wear these new lower dentures. Any suggestions on what can be done or how to trim the dentures myself? Thanks for any advise that can be provided.

        By James P.

        Most Recent Answer

        By eastcoast03/06/2015

        I had all mine removed in 2014 top and bottoms. I had temps put in as soon as they pulled everything with no pain or anything at all. I was eating steak the next day, things were going great for a while but for some off reason dentist decided to remake bottoms. They were horrid, made another bottom. Nope wrong again.

        Then remade both top and bottom perfect but developed a bad sore area. Went in for adjustment on the bottom. Yes, it was great there was a nub. Had to go back have the same side smoothed out a little and back again to open that side up. The girl did and dentist came in took them looked at my sore area and took them away tried to tell him the girl already took care of me. Nope he cut away too much off it, and I said no way.

        So he did a little reline waited about an hour gave back went home and had to go back the next week to file down a side that was so sharp. The regular dentist had a new bottom made I remember it was so freezing cold outside that day frigid cold and when he was putting the wax stuff on my bottom ridge. I remember he said that the stuff wasn't warming enough.

        To make a long story cut short, went back the next afternoon to pick up my new bottom. I was just praying and thinking yes these will be perfect. Heck no, it was like putting a huge boat in a row boats slip. I was gagging and gagging never had before been doing this 8 months now. They were like a 1/4 too wide all the way around front and back they trimmed down some and put some powder in them handed back pryed the pm in my small mouth and placed them I opened my mouth went to speak my tongue hits it on the side and they popped up. That's not normal.

        They the dental lab lady said I was over thinking it I had to get use to them how can you get use to something that is way too big for you? I refused to take them and told them to smooth down what I came in with and left the tech lady who I like a lot. She said if I can wear them to just wait until I need to come back for reline.

        I haven't had since December we are March now of 2015 I definitely need a reline but I have an appt. Monday but am so afraid to go in on a Monday cause they are so busy and it seems every time I go on a weekday they are wrong like the lab is in a hurry cause they have so many people. My regular dentist will not be there this upcoming Friday due to personal reasons I hope I can make it through until the 20th of March powder is holding tops in but I hav redo several times a day. I guess it's paste time. Bottoms stay with powder but it hurts so bad because of the cut away part the other guy did is not right and still have sores.

        I have learned to run them under warm water put in powder then run under warm water again add a tad more powder have hot water in cup and put some in my mouth and spit it out as I am placing bottoms in and it acts as a cushion and feel pretty good for a short time. Left side is a little on long side and that's where my problem is.

        Question: Dentures Are Hurting My Gums

        How long will my dentures hurt my gums? It's been 2 weeks since I had my teeth pulled and the dentures put in.

        By HRBLOCKGIRL from FL

        Most Recent Answer

        By mstiger07/09/2010

        I have had pain in the beginning until the swelling went down. But, I still can't wear them any longer than four hours. I have upper and waiting for surgery on four teeth on bottom. I totally hate the whole idea. But, mostly hate how I look. It has only been three weeks that I have been wearing upper now.

        Question: Dentures Causing Gum Pain After Tooth Extraction

        Are gums supposed to throb after having all teeth pulled? I had all my teeth pulled out and they immediately put my dentures in and all I can say is I had 3 days of extreme pain. When I went back into the office on Monday they fixed the dentures and I had immediate relief.

        The problem was I was back in that office 3 times within one week. I finally got relief when they put a soft liner on them, but now I deal with gums throbbing. Is that normal? I took antibiotics, prescription mouth rinse, rinse 3-4 times a day with warm salt water, and take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C.

        It has now been 2 weeks and I am still on soft foods, but have managed to add some mashed potatoes and noodles along with the pudding, yogurt, and ice cream. I am still having problems with the gums aching most of the time. Can someone tell me if this is normal and how much longer will they hurt? They told me to wear them 24/7 for 2 weeks although I take them out to rinse my mouth and today makes 2 weeks. I can't wait to keep them out all night tonight to give my mouth a rest.

        By DMBDD

        Most Recent Answer

        By Sandra Lynn H. [1]02/25/2015

        Dear DMBDD;
        I had all of my remaining upper teeth pulled on 2/5/2015 and had an immediate denture put in. My Dentist told me to leave them in on the first night. I questioned this as she always told me to take out my partials every night, because you can get thrush from leaving them in 24/7. Your mouth needs relief. She said you are right, you normally would take them out but the first night acts as a bandaid to help the healing. After that you take them out every night.

        Question: Can't Eat or Drink After New Dentures

        I had all my teeth pulled a week ago and dentures put in. I'm still in massive amounts of pain, so much so that I can't do normal day to day things, even house work!

        My dentist can't see me for a few more days, but refuses to give me anything for the pain other than 800 mg motrin. I already take this for my back, and I've added 500 mg of Naproxin and nothing is taking the pain away.

        I can't eat or drink anything other than water, pudding or ice cream. Baby food, apple sauce and yogurt burn like alcohol on an open wound. They told me to leave the dentures out until I see them, but it hurts really bad with or without them in.

        By Brooke C.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Arlene H.10/30/2014

        Your dentist should never have fiited you for dentures so soon after extraction. You didn't have time to heal properly. Go find another dentist. Meantime get a blender and make yourself something to eat.

        Question: Closing of Mouth After Dentures

        It's been one week since all my teeth were pulled and I was fitted with dentures. When will I be able to close my mouth properly?

        By Jana

        Most Recent Answer

        By Frugal Sunnie [11]08/15/2013

        I agree with RedHatter and Chef - you really should speak with your dentist if you are having trouble closing your mouth a week after having the teeth out and the dentures in.

        While your mouth is likely still a bit swollen from the removal, the immediate insertion of the new plate(s) should have helped keep the swelling to a minimum and the fit should be tight enough to close your mouth comfortably over the plate(s). The dentist will have checked this when he/she fitted the new plate(s).

        However - you don't define 'close my mouth properly' and I am wondering if you are experiencing what I did when I was getting used to having something artificial in my mouth.

        I felt the same way about my upper plate - I just didn't feel I could naturally close my mouth after being fitted (same day as the removal), I felt I could if I 'forced' myself but I felt I really had to think about it to get the lips to close and the jaw to come together comfortably.

        It's hard to explain the feeling but basically because these weren't my 'born-with' front five teeth (I lost mine to an impact injury) the plate felt huge and differently shaped than the originals; dang thing just felt wrong!

        And that feeling made it really hard to believe my mouth was closing properly.

        My dentist warned me this might happen and how to cope with it. So I went back and looked at pics of me from before. Doing that reassured me the new teeth were really exactly like the 'born-with' originals. Many of the before pics were profile, non-smiling and smiling, candid from several angle pics so I had a good selection of befores - I used a hand mirror and the bathroom mirror to check the after appearance was the same as before.

        My dentist was right that it was mostly psychological in other words, stimulated by the weird sensation of something 'foreign' in my mouth. To be honest it took me about six months to really get myself comfortable with having this upper plate.

        If what I've related doesn't apply to what you're going through, you really need to contact your dentist to be re-seen. Please update to let us know how it works out!

        Question: New Dentures Painful

        It has been one week since they pulled all my teeth and fitted me with dentures. I am in so much pain I can't stand it. So I took the bottoms out. My top ones are fitting OK and there's only a little pain, but those bottoms, wow. I can't take it. I heard that you're not supposed to take them out. Why? I go back to the dentist tomorrow. I'm going to see if they can make them fit better, or is it too late? Did I mess it up by taking them out?

        By B. Carter

        Most Recent Answer

        By Sharon [20]04/18/2012

        I imagine your gums are swollen and soon they'll be back to their normal size. Warm salt water works wonders on all kinds of mouth problems. And ibuprofen should help with inflammation.

        Question: Shaving the Bone to Fit Dentures

        I had my remaining upper teeth pulled and immediately had dentures put in on 2/5/2015, 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I am getting many ulcers on the front of my upper gums and now the dentist said she thinks they need to go in and shave down the bone for the dentures to fit properly. She said I would have to go to an oral surgeon to have it done. Has anyone ever had to have this done and what can be expected?

        By Sandra Lynn H.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]02/28/2015

        I agree. Get a second opinion. The denturist that fitted my mom's dentures said that the bones will shrink considerably over the space of a year, and that dentures will need to be adjusted accordingly. Since yours have only been in for three weeks, it seems premature to be doing further oral surgery. Surely adjustments can be made to the dentures!

        Question: Remedy for Denture Pain

        I got plates for my upper and lower mouth, the upper one is perfectly fine but the lower one is practically unbearable, it's digging into the side of my lower gum and it hurts a lot. I've been wearing them for a month now and it's never hurt this much before. Also my orthodontist is currently on New Year break so I can't consult with him until next month. What do I do?

        By Alina C.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Chris01/06/2015

        You need to go back to the dentist - as often as needed. I had the same problem since bottoms are much harder to wear than tops. The tongue is a very tough muscle and moves your denture every time you swallow. I don't have a ridge on one side and have to paste 3 times a day but I can eat corn on the cob and apples, etc. My dentist has had to make a lot of adjustments but, eventually, it worked. Keep trying - it's so worth it.

        Question: Pain from Dentures

        I'm 35 and had my teeth surgically removed in 2004. It's now 2014 and I still can't get a pair that's painless! I've had four pairs made by all different dentists and places. I'm done trying, my upper is fine it's the bottom that always hurts, but I have bad gag reflex if I wear just the tops so I go around a lot with no teeth at all getting tons of weird looks because I'm young and toothless I guess. This is by far the best bottom yet, but it is still killing me. What can I try after tons of adjustments? Now I can't pin point a certain area it just seems to hurt my whole bottom jaw. Please help.

        By spiderbabytx

        Most Recent Answer

        By grammer03/09/2014

        I did not want to not wear my bottoms. Alot of people do not. I opted gor the snap implants just for my bottoms. This is an awesome deal. Also there is a product named cushion. I ordered it onli n e from walgreens and this product is what my husbands to make his fit and not hurt. I hope this helps!

        Question: Pain When Putting Dentures In

        I had all my teeth pulled and dentures put in a little over a week ago. I have been able to take out my top plate and put it in with no problem. I finally got my bottom plate out last night and now I can't get either of them back in. It hurts way too bad! Any suggestions on making it a little less painful for getting them back in?

        By chellbell from Duncan, OK

        Most Recent Answer

        By Sherri [6]09/17/2009

        Your gums are swollen from the procedure. I had the same problem (my daughter is a RDA and works for our dentist) and my Dentist had to do a few adjustments until they fit properly. This is very common, please call your Dentist.

        Question: Remedy for Pain from New Dentures

        I got my 2nd set of dentures today and it feels weird. I can't eat anything as chewing feels terrible. Will it get better?

        By Nicky from South Africa

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]02/28/2015

        I agree with the previous poster. Your denturist should be happy to make adjustments until the teeth fit properly. The fine professional that made my mom's teeth was wonderful, and very caring. And, the followup appointments and adjustments did not cost my mother anything beyond the original price of the dentures.

        Question: Replacing Dentures with Implants

        I had a complete upper and lower set of dentures made about two years ago and I hate them. I have yet to eat a meal with them in my mouth and I struggle constantly with upper denture reflux; I gag all the time. They feel extremely unnatural and I cannot wear them for more than an hour or so at a time. I feel that the top denture plate seems very thick and uncomfortable. What options do I have and what precess do I follow to have enamel teeth implanted instead? Any information will be appreciated.

        By Patricia

        Most Recent Answer

        By cathy333 [3]02/15/2015

        My sister had a couple of implants recently. Each one cost $3000.00. One of them gets food caught underneath of it and the gum becomes infected. If you needed all of your teeth done I believe it would cost something like $100000.00? I would suggest you call your dentist and get a quote.

        Question: Pain and Ulcers from Dentures

        I have had upper bone in my mouth removed due to cancer and they gave me an upper denture. It is creating problems for me. It's very painful and it makes my mouth sour and is causing ulcers on the joint of my gums and lips. What can I do?

        By Chander from Lucknow

        Most Recent Answer

        By J'Marinde [6]01/21/2015

        Is it possible that you are allergic to basic dental plastics? I had a similar experience with a mouth guard and had to stop using it. Now I let people in the medical field know this so we can problem-solve other options. I wish you well. Be good to yourself.

        Question: Dentures Make Gums Sore

        Why do my dentures make my gums sore? I am not able to eat with them. They make me feel sick.

        By Mauren

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]11/19/2014

        Dentures are not something you can fix on your own. Please go to a denturists and have them refitted. The bones in your jaw shrink over time, and your dentures have to be refitted. This is an issue with your health.

        Question: Top Denture Causing Pain

        I got my top denture in May. Now it is too wide and cutting into my cheek. Is there anyway I can fix this myself? I can't afford to go have it relined or get a new set at the moment and my jaw is so sore I can't put my dentures in.

        By Briana C.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Vi Johnson [237]10/27/2014

        Do NOT delay, Go back to the dentist you got them from. They will fix them, and they should not charge you. If they do, seek advice from a lawyer. GG Vi

        Question: Pain From New Dentures

        I have been reading a lot and it seems like everything I am feeling is normal, however, no one really has stated how long new dentures hurt. I keep reading about people who got their dentures in immediately following extraction. I couldn't even imagine how painful that would be. My teeth were extracted over a year ago, and the dentures I just got yesterday are making my gums burn and ache so bad! Any suggestions on things I can do to help with the pain while I am in the "adjustment stage"?

        By Amy C

        Most Recent Answer

        By misty pelhank11/11/2014

        I did the dentures imeditalty after the pulling of the teeth and no issues yes the soreness but u have to stay away from chewing types of foods eat soft foods like pudding , soups, anything mashed up don't put sores from chewing on your gums

        Question: Pain from Denture Relining

        I have had all my uppers pulled and received my dentures immediately about 5 years ago. I had no trouble at all with them. I just had them relined "hard" and after the 2nd day the roof of my mouth is so sore. It has my throat sore also. Nothing else hurts other than my roof. Is this normal and will go away soon or should I have it looked at?

        By Kerry P

        Most Recent Answer

        By southernlilac09/30/2014

        I have had upper dentures for years and I would NEVER be without
        Benzodent denture ointment. It is a paste - comes in a small tube and once you use it - you will never be without it. It is not expensive and small enough to carry in your purse.

        Made by: Richardson-Vicks personal care products. It numbs the gums and allows to heal . Only use a tiny bit - I apply to my denture plate where I have an irritated spot on my gums. It works!

        Question: Denture Causes Tongue and Palate to Burn

        I have a partial denture and as the day goes on my tongue and upper palate get a burning sensation and my tongue gets very sore. I've had tests to see if I'm allergic to the acrylic, but these proved to be negative. Please help, it's so uncomfortable.

        By Julie

        Most Recent Answer

        By Jackolyn Smith [14]02/04/2014

        Are you a smoker? I thought my dentures were to blame when the same thing happened to me. I just happened to change cigarette brands a few days later and the burning went away! If you're not a smoker, it could also be denture adhesive if you use it. The only kind I've found that I can use is Fixodent Clear.

        Question: Dentures Hurting Gums

        I just had my bottom dentures relined about 6hrs. ago and my gums are so sore I can't put them in my mouth. What can I do ?

        By Catherine

        Most Recent Answer

        By Peggy [62]01/31/2014

        I just sent in a hint about this very thing. I've had my top denture for years and never had much problem. My bottom teeth started losing bone due to osteoporosis, I could wiggle my teeth. The bottoms were the worse, you use your jaw for everything. My dentist is a doll, told me if they hurt to put them in their cup (no water) and set in freezer for a while. Keep repeating until you get past that painful part. The cold felt so good, and helped with swelling. Hope this helps!

        Question: Gums Too Painful to Put in Dentures

        I had 4 teeth pulled and upper dentures fitted 3 months ago. The left hand side has always been a bit uncomfortable but liveable. Yesterday the gums were pretty sore so I left them out for the night. This morning however, the gum tissue is way too sore and tender to put in my dentures. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

        By Rob

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]12/10/2013

        I do not know anything much about dentures, but I do know that little pieces of bone/tooth can work their way up through the gums after extractions. Perhaps this is happening. But it is likely best to see your dentist as soon as possible.

        Question: Pain from Upper Partial Dentures

        I have had these for over 5 years and they still do not fit right. They are painful in the upper right, like they are poking into my palate. I keep having them adjusted, but that only lasts a couple days then it hurts to wear them again. What can I do? The dentist has run out of options!

        By JCH from Lincoln, NB

        Most Recent Answer

        By susan [5]07/13/2013

        Did you have your teeth removed 5 years ago and these are your first dentures/partial? Sometimes a tiny bone chip is missed or breaks loose during or after surgery. The denture rubs against it and it causes pain. Ask your dentist if this could be the problem. I'd check with another dentist for a second opinion. He could find something that was missed.

        Question: Extraction Sites Too Painful for Dentures

        I just had 26 teeth pulled on Wednesday and wore the dentures the first night and then took them out the second night. Now there seems to be little pieces of bone coming out of the extraction sites and it hurts too touch even with my tongue and I can't get my dentures in. What can I do?

        By sr

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]04/22/2013

        Please go back to the dentist. I don't know if there is anything special about having all the teeth out, but I do know that there can be little pieces of bone or root that are working their way out from an extraction. I had only one tooth taken out, and then felt this with my tongue. It was, in fact, a little sliver that the dentist had to remove.

        Question: Reline Problem

        I had my remaining upper teeth removed almost 4 weeks ago and received an immediate denture. I am 55 years old. My dentist explained that by using an immediate denture, it acts somewhat like a bandaid and keeps the swelling at a minimum. Use of prescription strength ibuprofin and some pain meds in the beginning helped a lot. The first week or two is most definitely difficult. The denture has been loose from day 3 or so and was getting to be really annoying and the outside surface felt too wide all the way around. My top lip has been chapped continually since the procedure was done. I'm not sure what's up with that. I did go in for some adjustments twice in the interim and they really helped. Two days ago I had my first soft reline done. The fit is much much better, but the denture is not perfectly straight in my mouth now and looks a little uneven. This is causing a left rear molar to dig into my cheek when I eat. It's uncomfortable, but not earth shattering. It's not off by much, but I can see and feel it. When I smile it doesn't look as perfect as it was before the reline.

        My question is, do I go back in to get the reline corrected now or wait 2 months for my second reline appointment. I don't want to be a pain, but it was expensive and I feel like it should be correct. I am a bit nit picky and it definitely feels much better after the reline material was added, not loose. I'm eating great compared to previously. My dentist has been great about doing adjustments and I never feel like he is hurrying me. Just not sure if I should bother him again before the next appointment. On the other hand, I don't know if I can live with the feeling that the denture is a bit off kilter and the molar irritating that left cheek (for another two months.) Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

        By Karen A.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Frugal Sunnie [11]04/20/2015

        As your next appointment is so far off, you should at least call the dentist's office and ask if you can be seen. You shouldn't have to cope with that discomfort for the next two months, and the irritation could lead to a worse problem if not seen.

        With mine I needed five or six visits to get everything right. Although my dentist's practice is extremely busy I was never made to feel as though I was being pesty - they wanted my dentures to fit properly without interfering with eating and speaking.

        Your dentist sounds wonderful, btw. So many nowadays seem to be rushing patients through but your dentist sounds patient and caring:)

        Question: Dentures Too Tight

        I've had an upper denture for 4 years, no problems very good fit, and comfortable. Now they are so tight I have terrible pain and have to remove them several times a day. Any advice? My dentist says I should be glad they fit so good.

        By Sandy

        Most Recent Answer

        By Marg [16]10/18/2014

        Sandy, I don't think I'd like your dentist! I thought dentures got looser over time, seems very odd that yours have suddenly got tighter? And a tight fit is pretty useless if you have to keep taking them out because of the discomfort. Doesn't sound right. Can you get a second opinion?
        Marg from England.

        Question: Remedy for Pain from Putting Dentures In

        I had what was left of my teeth pulled almost two months ago and I finally got my dentures yesterday. They fit great and I have no problems wearing them. They don't hurt to wear, but taking the top plate out or putting it in, there's a very raw spot on my gums that just kills me. I'm okay wearing my dentures, but how do I take them in or out without so much pain?

        By Val M.

        Most Recent Answer

        By jellybeans64 [1]05/24/2014

        I got my top dentures last Sept. and I had to keep going back to the dentist to adjust them. It is now May and he has them just about right. Pain going back all the time but that's what you paid all that money for. My dentist doesn't mind. He wants to make them right.

        Question: Remedy for Sore Gums After Getting Dentures

        I had my teeth pulled 2 weeks ago. I put dentures in for 24 hours after my teeth got pulled. Now I have sore gums when I put my teeth in. The teeth are all adjusted. What can I do to cut the pain?

        By Tom

        Most Recent Answer

        By AngD11/28/2013

        I also had my teeth pulled 2 weeks ago. Ibuprofen (prescription strength - It lasts much longer than 800Mg over-the-counter), has totally diminished my pain, and shockingly makes a notable decrease in swelling. Rinsing frequently, rinse very, very gently, as to not dislodge blood clots). However, in my experience I have found I must rinse with plain water before replacing my teeth, or I find my gums are very, very sensitive and hurt so badly. (I haven't heard this from anyone else, so it may be just a personal thing, but worth a try at least!)

        I do salt water rinse at least 3 times a day, immediately following with a plain water rinse but after I started rinsing with plain water to remove the salt, I haven't had the pain or sensitivity. It truly feels better when my teeth are in. I take them out only long enough to brush.

        Also, if your teeth don't fit securely, using a powder adhesive is a miraculous way to decrease pain. It prevents the denture from moving and irritating your sore gums. (obviously if they don't fit secureLy, you should call the dentist, but during the time your gums are shrinking and you're waiting for the next reline, adhesive powder can become your best friend! Try using the minimal amount to do the job, I looked for tips online how to use the powder correctly). Sorry this was so long but hope it helps:)

        Question: Sore Mouth After Getting Dentures 4 Months Ago

        I had all my teeth removed on 2/23/13 and dentures put in right after the extractions. I've since gone back for my realign and the tops fit perfectly, however the bottom on the left side were I had a molar pulled is still painful when chewing. I feel it digging into my gum in the back. The dentist is wonderful, he told me he has to wait until the bone and gums shrink some more before they can do another realign. I just want to know if there is something I can use as a cushion back there so it's not so painful when I eat.

        By Crissie B

        Most Recent Answer

        By Jennifer C.07/08/2013

        Benzodent is my best friend since dentures. It not only instantly took the pain away but also acts as a denture glue.

        Question: Gums Hurt After Extractions

        I just had 10 teeth pulled, all upper. I have been able to keep my teeth in, but my mouth is very sore. Monday will be a week. I went in to the dentist to file down sides of the false teeth, but have noticed the right side hurts like hell. I go back on the 18th. I have been able to wash my mouth out, but have stitches. I put Orajel on the right side, but still can't keep the teeth in long.

        By Suny from Paulina, LA

        Most Recent Answer

        By Jan [14]04/16/2013

        Mine hurt a lot too, bnut you just have to tough it out. It does get better. I didn't get my dentures in until my gums had healed a while. It depends on the dentist, some have you put them in right a way. I have had mine for over 25 years. You would think they would have better system by now.

        Question: Remedy for Pain from New Dentures

        I have sore and swollen the gums after extraction and new dentures. It's been about 3 weeks. I am using all tips, taking ibuprofen, using Oragel, and freezing both plates. My dentist charged over $5000 and acts put out with my adjustments. Thankfully a dental assistant helped me. Any and all suggestions and time frames?

        By Marie B.

        Question: Bone Pain from Dentures

        I have had my full set for over a year now and it seems like the jaw bone and top ridge are really sore sometimes. The dentures fit pretty well, I wouldn't really need adhesive on top but use it on both anyway, just in case. I never, with a couple of exceptions, sleep with them in. There are no gum abrasions at all. The bite seems pretty good, they come together well. The bone pain though is beginning to trouble me. I just went for a checkup recently and the doc said it all looks good. I have one spot that feels like a bad bruise, but she didn't think it was anything. What could it be or what can I do about it?

        By Anita

        Question: Sore Gums from New Full Dentures

        I just got my full upper and lower dentures. I waited around 8 months for the gums to heal after my teeth were extracted. I have a few raw spots on my gums and they are pretty sore and painful. It's almost to the point to where I can't even put the dentures in.

        Are there any suggestions or tips for helping with the pain? I take ibuprofen and that helps a little. I am going back to the dentist within a few days for an update and check. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

        By Chris D. from RI

        Question: Trouble With Denture

        I had all my teeth pulled except for two on the bottom, and had dentures put in immediately. I received no stitches, bled like crazy, and was sent on my way. I returned to the dentist three days later and I couldn't get my denture bottom back in. My gums are cut up, swollen, and hurt badly. It has been a week now, and still can't get it in. What should I do?

        By MC