Removing Bleach Stains From Clothing

Bleach Stains on Red Shirt

Accidentally getting bleach on clothing will damage the dye and leave a discoloration often referred to as a bleach stain. This is a guide about removing bleach stains from clothing.


Solutions: Removing Bleach Stains From Clothing

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Tip: Covering Clorox Splashes on Clothing

We all know how Clorox spots ruin clothes, recently I splashed Clorox on my black top. I was going to throw it out, then I thought I would try something. I took a Sharpie pen (black or corresponding color) and carefully dabbed it over the Clorox splash. It worked. So now I will get more wear from my top.

By Irene from Williston, FL

Tip: Regaining the Tan Color after Bleaching

If you are trying to get bleach stain out of tan clothing you can use a tea bag to hide the stain. I discovered this trick when I used a bit of bleach to get rid of a stain on my favorite tan jacket.

By Isabelle geczy

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Here are questions related to Removing Bleach Stains From Clothing.

Question: Repairing a Bleached Shirt

bleach damaged shirtI just wanted to ask if you can help me with my black and white shirt. I really don't know how to get it back to its color and I just made it worst by using Clorox on it. At first, my shirt was stained with another color on its white logo and I tried to get the white color back to white by using Clorox. I never expected to see that my whole black and white shirt was colorless. Its color has faded and it is now a red/orange color, that came from the bucket I put it in with the Clorox. The black and white has completely gone from the shirt. I hope you can recommend to me a way to get the color back :). ASAP thank you.

By Allysa C.


Best Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [4]04/08/2015

Bleach removes color on fabric. You have removed some of the color of your shirt with bleach so you cannot bring the color back. You can try to recolor your shirt with dye, however, the result will probably be a mottled or blotched color pattern all over the bleached areas. Appears the best plan is to purchase a new shirt.

Question: Repairing a Bleach Spot on Blue Polo Sweater

I have a dark blue polo sweater that I love and spilled bleach on it. Any suggestions on what I can do to save it and not throw it away?

By Kathryn


Most Recent Answer

By pam munro [523]12/29/2012

Is the sweater cotton? then you can use a colored marker to match & color in the bleach spot(s) if they are not too big. On wool or acrylic use a permanent marker (black will do for small spots on navy.)

Question: Bleach Stain On Shirt

I am going to France soon and my dad bought me a lovely Animal top baby blue with fauz fur inside it and i have got a bleach stain on it and he is quite upset because it was 80 pounds. How do i get this out and is it possible? Please help,

nis smith

Most Recent Answer

By better off left unknown (Guest Post)12/12/2008

That's what happened to my navy dark blue shirt. I'm trying to figure out how to remove it. It has that orange-brownish color in it.

Question: Bleach Stains on Clothing

How can I get a bleach stain off of my favorite sweat pants?

By Siani

Most Recent Answer

By eileen [5]04/27/2011

Cover with a fabric stick-on patch or fabric paints to make a nice looking image, the bleach spot can't be dyed successfully in any manner! Use vinegar to brighten fabrics, not bleach. Good luck!

Question: Bleach Stains on Jeans

How can I get the color back into my jeans after getting a splash of bleach on them?

By Brittany from Atlanta, GA

Most Recent Answer

By dijay02/23/2011

Use indelible magic markers. Had a rug in an apartment that got bleach spot" sprinkles". I used Artex fabric paints and did not ever see the spots again.

Question: Repairing Bleach Spot on Clothing

I splashed bleach accidentally on my grey Nike tracksuit bottoms. Any solutions to my problem?

By Gerry from London, Surrey Quays

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]04/08/2015

Best luck I have had was to use Sharpie marker in a matching color. I had a par of black khakis I got from the thrift store to wear to work, and didn't realize there were bleach spots. I used a black sharpie, filling in the spots with a series of dots instead of trying to color it. Seemed to make the edges of the stain blend a little better. I still have the sharpie in case the spot fades again but so far it hasn't even after washing. The problem with bleach spots is they change the fabric's ability to hold the dye pigment, and that effect is permanent, so the spot will always look different from the rest of the garment if you dye it.

Question: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

I have a new pair of Wrangler jeans, on which I have spilt bleach. It has left a small white patch. Can you suggest anything to save my jeans?

By Phil from Jersey Channel Islands

Most Recent Answer

By susan [8]02/08/2011

Bleach the entire jeans and wash well, then use Rit denim fabric dye to redye then.

Question: Bleach Damaged Cotton Shoes

I tried cleaning some shoes of mine (pink and cotton) and I accidentally used bleach and it made a stain, a really big stain. What should I do?

By Janessa R.

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [6]12/13/2014

Bleach does not make a stain; it removes the colour. You could try fabric paint, or even perhaps, jiffy marker.

Question: Repairing Bleach Marks on Navy Skirt

My house cleaner dripped some diluted bleach on to my navy cotton skirt and now it has orange marks on it. Any ideas on how to get rid of them? dye? texta pen?

By Sandra

Most Recent Answer


Considering that your skirt is already "ruined" by the bleach, I dont think it would hurt to try to re-dye the entire skirt. I would use Rit brand dye, which can be found in the laundry isle at walmart or in any craft store. I do know that Sharpie Marker has faded over time on things we have at home, such as shirts signed by friends from camp. I hope you find a solution!

Question: Bleach Marks on White Jeans

How do I get brown bleach stains out of white jeans?

    By Carrie T. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [6]07/23/2015

    Are you sure those are bleach marks? I have never had bleach make marks on white things. However, whatever it is, you may have good luck by wetting the stain and the surrounding area and letting the sun shine on it. Sunlight will sometimes take out stains on white items, in the same way that sunlight will fade the colour out of coloured items.

    Question: Shopping for Denim Colored Lace

    I have 2 pair of jeans with bleach spots on them (one just below the waist near the zipper; the other 2 spots on the leg near inseam). I want to cover them with denim colored lace, something inconspicuous. I think I'll like the look of that. I can add some more lace if I think it will make it look like it was "meant" to be there. I've tried fabric pens, no match. It is just as conspicuous as the bleach spot. I've been looking online, but haven't found where I can buy denim colored lace. Thought I could cut it into flower or heart or some shape I'd like. Any help?

    By Janice L.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Cinnamon C.11/13/2014

    Have you tried using magic marker (permanent markers) to colour in the spots? Over time the colour fades but it is a cheap and easy solution to cover bleach spots.

    Question: Best Dye to Cover Bleach Spots on Clothing

    Which dye will do the best to cover up bleach stains (light tan) on brown shorts. My husband was using bleach on something and didn't even realize that it had splashed back on his clothing. I know of Rit and Tintex. Is there anything new that will make these shorts like new again?

    I guess the darkest brown should cover, but I've never experimented with dyes before. He actually ruined two pairs of shorts. Help!

    By Sharcher

    Most Recent Answer

    By Becki Barnes09/06/2011

    In the past I've used Sharpies markers to cover up light spots. It worked very well for my problem situations.

    Question: Removing Yellow Bleach Stains from White Jeans

    I washed a pair of white jeans and there were blue stains left from the laundry detergent that didn't dissolve. I poured bleach onto the areas that were stained and I then washed them and the bleach left those areas yellowed. How can I get this back to white again?

    By Ann from FL

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [6]04/20/2011

    Of course you know this now, but you must never pour bleach directly onto clothing. As well as causing this yellowing, it will have weakened the fibers and this will wear holes much more quickly than elsewhere. You should also dissolve the soap in your wash water before adding clothes, as you now know. I don't know if you can remove these marks, as bleach is not a stain, but removes the actual color from clothing, and so it is a chemical reaction. It is not a matter of removing something, like when you spill raspberry juice or coffee on something. Perhaps you should contact the company that made your bleach. I am sure there is a toll free number on the bottle, a customer service line. All products have that now. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

    Question: Removing Bleach Stain from a White Shirt

    Any tips for removing a bleach stain from a white shirt?

    Darrylin from Bronx, NY

    Most Recent Answer

    By katesnanna [12]03/12/2014

    The marks left by bleach are not stains. They are where the colour has been removed by the bleach. If they are only small a coloured sharpie might fix the problem. If it's a large mark bleach the whole article then re dye.

    Question: Repairing Bleach Spot on Clothing

    bleach spot on denimThe stain got on my jean skirt. It's light, but I would like to fix it. It's a light jean skirt. Thank you.

    By Julia

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [6]03/28/2015

    If this is from bleach, it is not a stain, but the bleach has removed the colour. It is very difficult to do anything with it. I have, on tiny, tiny spots, used permanent marker to blend in the colour, but I fear this is too big a spot for that treatment. Some people apply embroidered patches or something similar over the spot to cover it. I don't know of anything else.

    Question: Repairing Bleach Stains on Clothes

    Is a solution detector used to get bleach stains out of clothes?

    By Bill from Philadelphia, PA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [10]02/17/2015

    Here's how bleach works: It removes stains by removing the color of the stain. It also removes dye from clothes. Washing the bleach out won't restore the dye back to your clothes. So you can't really get bleach "stains" out because they aren't technically stains. They're places where the dye has been removed.

    Question: Repairing Bleach Spots on Shirt

    I spilled Clorox on my new black shirt. If you use a black Sharpie pen how would you wash it? Would the ink come out? Is there any other solution? Why is it always your favorite shirt?

    By Deidra

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]01/21/2015

    I do this all the time. It works great. If you are covering a large area you might try washing the shirt on its' own in case the ink runs. I have never had it run when I do this, but it is usually a small spot. I have had to touch it up after a few washes.

    Question: Dyeing a Ball Dress with Bleach Stains

    I have a white ball dress that was used by a family member before me, it's absolutely stunning. Unfortunately it had a few food stains on the bottom so my mother tried to bleach it. It stained it yellow so we decided to dye it a metallic grey.

    The dress looks even better, but the stains are a lighter colour giving it actually a nice dip dye affect, but there are some darker patches on the bottom which I think are the normal dress, should I re-dye or use vinegar?

    By Beth HD

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lina L.05/29/2014

    Hey girl...this is easy and fun for you I think. Just grab UHU or hot glue gun. Apply it to the spot and sprinkle silver glitter on it. Then you will be the bell of the ball...:)

    Question: Bleach Spots on Striped Polo Shirt

    I have a baby blue striped polo and washed it with whites and now it has a few bleach stains. How do I get it out?

    By Dom

    Most Recent Answer

    By jean99 [6]07/24/2013

    I think you are out of luck. Bleach breaks down the color molecules and once the color is gone you can't get it back. You could dye the fabric with a color or you could bleach out the rest of the color. Best of luck.

    Question: Repairing Bleach Marks on Clothing

    Pants with bleach marks.Help me! I just tried to clean two parts of my beige/pink pants with bleach and it got whiter. I need help. How can I put my pants back to their normal/beige? They have got two white spots right now D:

    By Janine R.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]02/04/2013

    I've done the same thing to trousers and jeans over the years and I'm sorry to say there really isn't much you can do to save those trousers, especially if they are not 100% cotton. Synthetics (even in a small percentage of the fibres used in your garment) make matters even more difficult to remedy as synthetic fibres don't dye well after the garment has been constructed at the factory and then sold in shop.

    I've tried several ways to save a bleached 100% cotton garment and none of them worked well enough to be called a success. Even if you stripped the colour using a dye stripping product and then tried to re-dye the entire garment, your success would be limited as the bleaching has not only stripped the fibers in the area but has weakened them. Plus, the colour of your trousers isn't one that A-strips easily, or B-takes a covering dye well, that colour (and a couple others, like greens) always goes 'muddy'. Not pretty.

    If you could even find a close match dye colour, the bleach spots will always be noticeable-I know this from experience. Once I even tried using a cotton bud (cotton swab in the US) and colouring in the bleached spots on a pair of my son's chef trousers. It worked, sort of but was very noticeable+every time the trousers went through a wash the dye washed out all over anything in the machine with the trousers. We gave up on those for work days and my son used them on 'clean-up' days.

    I'd wear a long top to hide the bleached area to get more wear out them. If there are bleach spots further down the legs, though, you're stuck.

    Question: Removing a Yellow Bleach Stain on Cotton Fabric

    I got a couple of small stains on the side of my needlepoint. It is white Aida fabric. I put a small amount of Clorox bleach on them and they came out. When it dried I now have a yellow stain on the fabric.

    I have tried a baking soda paste. I need to just treat the small affected area. I do not want to risk stripping the color out of any of the areas that have colored stitching on them. Help.

    By njlhedger from Claysville, PA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sharon Cross [19]06/10/2011

    Using a q-tip, dab peroxide on the yellow stain. Be sure to wet the stain with the peroxide, thoroughly though.

    Question: Yellowed By Bleach

    I have a pair of white leather shoes with mesh on top. I bleached them and now the meshed part has turned yellow. How can I get the yellow back to white again?

    Robin from Selmer, TN

    Most Recent Answer

    By jean (Guest Post)04/02/2007

    You could cover the mesh with white shoe polish, or liquid paper correction fluid. Stuff the shoes with newspaper before applying carefully.

    Question: Bleach Spots on Grey Nike Sweat Pants

    I have no idea how I would remove this stain. These sweat pants are very expensive, trust me I work for Nike and I really don't wanna throw them away. Please tell me there's a solution for this.

    By Josh

    Question: Bleach Turned White Shirt Pink

    I used bleach to remove a mark on a white linen shirt. Now the whole area has turned pink. How do I get it white again?

    By Pam A.

    Question: Repairing Bleach Spots on a Sweater

    If you had a soft cotton sweater and it was blue and you got bleach on it and it had pink spots how do you take the bleach off when it turned pink?

    By Stephanie R from Round Rock, TX

    Question: Removing Bleach Mark

    How can I remove a bleach stain from a light green skirt?

    By Patricia B.

    Question: Bleach Spots on DC Shoes

    I have orange and pink DCs and the bleach stains are pretty big. Does anybody know how to get them out?

    By Randi

    Question: Bleach Stain on White Cheerleader Uniform

    Uniform with yellowish stain.I have a bleach stain on my white cheer uniform. It's a yellowish color and if I don't get it out I'll be billed. Any helpful tips!?

    By Meghan M.

    Question: Bleach on yellow shorts

    I was cleaning a bathroom when I noticed the cleaning agent I was using had bleach. The bleach dyed my soft yellow shorts grey and brown in certain spots. Can I fix this?

    By April from HI

    Question: Repairing Bleach Spots Shoes

    Bleach spots on gray fabric shoes. I don't know if anyone knows this but does anyone know how to cover bleach stains on shoes? They are pacifically polo shoes.

    By Alex

    Question: Bleach Spot on Top

    I got a big round spot on my favorite dark maroon top. The spot turned white in colour. Please suggest something.

    By Rucha

    Question: Bleach Spot on New Blouse

    I accidentally got bleach from a spray cleaner on my new light green blouse. Any suggestions for removing the bleach?

    By Christine

    Question: Removal or Repair of Bleach Marks

    My grey washable dress fabric has two bleach marks about 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide. How do I remove or repair?

    By Christine

    Question: Bleach Left Blue Spot on White Jeans

    I recently used bleach to spot clean white jeans. The spots came out immediately, but there seems to be spot of blue left in another area. I'm thinking it came in contact with the bleach and had a reaction, but this did not happen in the other areas I treated. Is there anything I can do to get the blue out?

    By bvd

    Question: Bleach Left Spot on White Denim Skirt

    I had a spot on a white denim skirt and used bleach to remove the stain and now I have 2 or 3 yellowish stains on the skirt. The skirt is 74% cotton, 22% polyester, and 2% spandex. What is the best method to remove these stains?

    By jersak1965

    Question: Gray Sweatshirt Turned Brown in Wash

    My gray, high school, hooded sweatshirt turned brown, after I put it accidentally in with the whites! How would I get my sweatshirt go back to its original color?

    By Robin R from Sacramento, CA

    Question: Dyeing a Sweater to Cover a Bleach Spot

    How can I re-dye a sweater made of cotton and alogon? It is light pink and I want to dye it dark pink. It was stained by bleach.

    By Jean

    Question: Bleach Spots on Blue Shirt

    I dried a blue shirt (washed separately) with whites that were bleached and bleach got on the blue shirt. Can the shirt be saved?

    By Christa from MI


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    Archive: Removing Bleach Stain from a White Shirt

    Does anyone know how to remove bleach stain from a white shirt? I tried vinegar and lemon, but nothing happened.

    Mary from CA

    RE: Removing Bleach Stain from a White Shirt

    I tried the magic eraser, which didn't seem to work, and then spread straight "mountain fresh" Purex "safe bleach alternative" on a white poly/cotten shirt. I let it sit for about an hour & then washed in hot water. Perfecto! (05/13/2006)

    By Perfecto

    Archive: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

    It is me again, this time I got bleach on my nice light blue and white stripe shirt. Do you know how to get it out.


    Archive: Bleach Stains on Clothing

    I got bleach stains on a blue shirt that is 60% cotton 40% polyester. How do I get the stains out?


    RE: Bleach Stains on Clothing

    There is no way to remove a bleach stain. Bleach does not leave an actual stain, it actually removes the color from the dye. (01/13/2009)

    By joshreeves

    Bleach Stains on Clothing

    I was just mopping my floor and got bleach all over my Adidas sweat pants. Okay so it wasn't all over, but it was devastating because they are my favorite sweats. All I did was take a black sharpie and color the spots in. They look like new. (01/15/2009)

    By alyboo

    Archive: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

    I got some bleach on my new green sweatshirt. Can I get it out? The color would be hard to match.


    RE: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

    Meridith, you can't "remove " bleach. Bleach IS a remover! It takes color totally out and the only way you can get it back is to dye the item. Sort of hard to do with a stripped shirt. Maybe you can start using Oxi-Clean instead of bleach. It's powdered and not as likely to spill everywhere. (03/17/2009)

    By Glenn'sMom

    RE: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

    Depending on the size of the spot, you could put an iron-on applique over it. I agree that it is hard to restore color that is bleached out. Fabric paint markers might do the trick. Protect the inside of the shirt when using and iron to fix. Do not wash for at least 72 hours. (03/19/2009)

    By thriftmeg

    Cheap Bleach Alternative

    Sorry about the sweater. Try using baking soda instead of bleach. I switched about a year ago and I LOVE the difference. I buy a 12 lb. sack from Sam's Club for only $5 and it usually lasts about 3 weeks - 1 month (using 1/2 laundry cup full with each load). My clothes last MUCH longer and I never have to worry about the bleach spots. Great on odors too! (03/19/2009)

    By zzlking

    Archive: Bleach Stains on Clothing

    I have a pretty maroon blouse and I got a couple of bleach drops on the cuff. Is there any way to repair or fix this?


    RE: Bleach Stains on Clothing

    Have you ever used acrylic paints, or craft paints? They make an additive that turns the paint into fabric paint. It's easy to mix the colors for the perfect match, then mix in the fabric 'medium,' paint the fabric, let dry. To set the color, place an ironing cloth, such as an old clean handkerchief, over the painted section, and press with a hot iron. Just PRESS, do not move the iron around, only for a few seconds at a time. 'Setting' it with the iron makes it washable. Don't glob the paint on though, just a nice thin coat. (03/03/2009)

    By patom

    Archive: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

    How do I get rid of a bleach spot about the size of a peanut on a blue sweater?

    By Jeff from Glendora, NJ

    RE: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

    Good and bad news. The bad news: You can't get a bleach spot out, because the bleach removes the color.

    The good news: Perhaps you can find some fabric paint or dye that matches, and try to make a careful touch-up.

    (If using paint, make sure it's the thin kind that doesn't dry stiff.) Depending on the location of the bleached-out spot, you might also be able to cover it with a pin, or some sort of applique, which would be far easier than trying to match the color with paint/dye. I hope this helps! (02/19/2010)

    By WildIrish

    RE: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

    If the spot is small you might be able to match the color with a permanent magic marker. It won't work if the spot is large. (02/19/2010)

    By Ann Parker

    RE: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

    When this happens, I sometimes use a marker of the same color to fill in the bleach spot. Sometimes it looks ok, but it never looks like it did before the bleach. It's ok for the dog park though. (02/19/2010)

    By Stngray

    Archive: Bleach Stains on Clothing

    My new gray dress-pants, 90% cotton/10% polyester, got a few bleach spots on them; they are fairly big! I tried Rit color remover, no luck. I tried recoloring the pants, but the pinkish bleach spots still show. Help.

    By Dar from Saskatchewan, Canada

    RE: Bleach Stains on Clothing

    You couldn't get them out because bleach does not stain fabric. Bleach removes the color from the fabric. You could try to totally bleach the fabric, then redye it. That way it would all be the same color. Usually getting bleach spots on something means that it is ruined. (06/04/2010)

    By susanmajp

    RE: Bleach Stains on Clothing

    Depending on the color of the pants, you might be able to color over the spots with jiffy marker. If they are grey, it might be a problem. I have tried this trick with black, and sometimes it works. (06/05/2010)

    By louel53

    Archive: Getting Bleach out of Colored Clothes

    I have a new pair of Wrangler jeans, on which I have spilt bleach. It has left a small white patch. Can you suggest anything to save my jeans?


    Archive: Bleach Stains on Jeans

    The bottle of bleach fell off the washer during the spin cycle and landed on top of a new pair of True Religion jeans. What can I do to make the jeans look OK?