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Remedies for Hair Damaged by Perm

If you want curly or wavy hair, getting a perm is the best way to do it. However, getting a perm can leave your hair damaged if not done right. This is a guide about remedies for hair damaged by perm.

Woman Getting a Perm With Curls in Hair
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December 27, 2015 Flag
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I got a perm yesterday and my hair start falling out in clumps. When it's dry it doesn't fall out, but when it's wet it falls out. So what can I do, instead of cutting all of my hair off to help it grow back and stop from falling out? Please help.

July 23, 20160 found this helpful

Can someone please help me I had healthy 1 yr natural hair my girlfriend referred me to a perm called Mizani yesterday my hair is so damaged and came out in patches I'm still crying I can't stop don't no what to do or use do I cut it help or do I try to go bk natural somebody please help me

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September 18, 20160 found this helpful
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February 26, 2016 Flag
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I got a perm about a week ago. After a few hours the curls dropped. I went back the next day and she said I probably slept on it funny. She noted she used a waving solution to try keep my hair soft. And, I felt like she was rushing through the rollers.


I have had my hair permed before and usually get nice curls. My hair was always longer and more processed than it is now. Half of the hair is wavy some of it is curly and the curly parts are too tight. I showed her a picture and she said because my hair wasn't layered it would not look like that. So 3 days later I got a cut to make sure it wasn't heavy. And the curls still don't stay.

I called her to re-perm and she said I need a cut and it will be fine. She will book me and charge me for cut only. When I told her I got one already and I am scared my hair will burn she said I should wait longer. She said she could re-do only the back because that's the part where half the shaft isn't curled.
I told her 1 side of my head is wavy. The other side is kinda curly. The curls are too tight and the back is half wavy half straight. She apologized and said she was an expert and was not sure why this happened. I told her I didn't think it was enough solution and she said no. It's short hair there was enough.

I feel like she is giving me too many excuses. I want her to fix it, which she will for free, but I am questioning her competence.

Should I trust her to re-do it or fight her for a refund to get it done elsewhere? I hate waiting because I am a doctor and need to look processional. But, I also don't want to be bald.

June 25, 20160 found this helpful

Hello. I had a curly perm but my problem is excessive shedding. ( i wish my problem was a curl drop. ) are my hair follicles permanently damaged? Will this continue until it all falls? Ive been so stressed! Regreting every day that i did this. Any expert advice from hair stylist appreciated

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September 1, 20160 found this helpful
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February 13, 2014 Flag
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How can I repair damage done to my hair by a home perm? It is falling out in clumps. I have had it cut.

By Mary

February 17, 20140 found this helpful
Best Answer

Is your hair falling out or breaking off? Falling out would probably be due to an allergy from the product; breaking off (most likely at the roots) would be from over processing or burning the hair at the scalp - this has happened to me three times. I will not get another perm; I was just meant to have straight hair. I had to let mine grow out - a time consuming and embarassing process, especially when the stubs are about 1/4 inch long and sticking out everywhere.

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August 31, 20160 found this helpful
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February 26, 2015 Flag
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full length back viewMy hair was permanently straightened and I used to go for touch ups after every 3-4 inches of new hair growth. I continued this process for almost 3 and a half years, from early 2010 till late 2012, as straightening gave shine and softness to my naturally dry, rough, and wavy hair. In between these 3 years I even colored my hair magenta red from root to tip in streaks. The color has now taken the shade of honey brown and is still there for about 40% of my hair from the tip.

Since the year 2013 I did not do anything to my hair chemically; only some cuts twice or thrice. Now that the straightening and color have grown out half the way down and my natural hair had reached half the way from the root towards the tip, it has a shabby look. So I decided to perm my hair.

I permed my hair on February 16, 2015. After this perm my hair has become utterly rough, dry, frizzy, and messy and the colored tips are burnt. The perm has also gotten washed out from around 30% of my straightened hair with just the first wash. Though I am not experiencing any hair fall right now; I feel very embarrassed to go to work with such a state of my hair and I am not really liking this perm on my hair.

Please help me. It would be really kind if you can suggest something with which I can get my normal hair back as soon as possible or at least I can nourish my hair and restore some softness.

What I thought could be a possible remedy is that I iron my hair with a straightener just as a temporary setting and leave it for a day or two and then wash it. Will this help me to get rid of the perm? Or if you can suggest something to reverse the perm effect without damaging my hair any further.

Please help! closeup

By Shabana

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February 13, 20160 found this helpful

Usually, hair straidgners are one of the most strongest chemicals for hair. When you go to a hair salon and they start consulting they ask you and warning you about possible side effects of doing so much chemicals on your hair. Get a good haircut, cut a good 5to 10"of the lenght and Keep trimming your ha

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July 28, 20160 found this helpful
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February 23, 2011 Flag
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How do I repair my badly damaged hair after a perm?

By Sarah

August 15, 20150 found this helpful

I have a bad perm. Frizzy. I go back to work Monday. After a summer off. I will try these methods tomorrow. Thank You, Vickie

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December 18, 20150 found this helpful
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August 12, 2015 Flag
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I just got a perm and it broke a lot of my hair off. How can I get my hair to grow quicker? I know stimulating the scalp works wonders, but why did my hair break off so badly? It has no color on it. I'm so confused on this. When I was younger I had color and a perm and now all the sudden I decided to get one and my hair breaks off all over my head. Please help I'm really embarrassed.

August 18, 20150 found this helpful

I agree with Dinah, go back to the salon and firmly request help. If this was a home perm, you might also go to a salon as they may have some remedies for you to help you deal with the damage. And as for making your hair grow faster, there is NOTHING you can do to make your hair grow faster. It grows about a 1/2 inch per month for most people. Massage your scalp if it feels good, but it will not result in faster hair growth any more than rubbing your feet will make you grow taller.

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October 29, 20150 found this helpful
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November 19, 2013 Flag
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I had my first perm in September 2013 and loved it! However recently my hair has been falling out a lot more. I have noticed a lot of short hair where it has broken. This is like an inch long from my scalp and is along my parting so really sticks up! I hardly straighten my hair and try to leave it dry naturally as much as possible. I also try not to wash it too often, as this is when it usually falls out. I haven't coloured my hair for about 6 weeks so can't think what could be causing this.

Please help!

By Sophie

November 20, 20130 found this helpful

I think it was the combination of hair coloring and perming. It probably had some breakage along the place where the rubber band crossed the perm rod. Colored hair is fragile to begin with. If it had peroxide in it, the color was permanent. A strand of hair just can't take both even when the color and perm solution are done weeks apart. Some hair can tolerate it better than other though. Perhaps yours just couldn't take all of that damage. Coloring and perming always damage hair. Don't worry, it will all grow back.

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January 24, 20150 found this helpful
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