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Remedies for Hair Damaged by Perm

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Woman Getting a Perm With Curls in Hair

If you want curly or wavy hair, getting a perm is the best way to do it. However, getting a perm can leave your hair damaged if not done right. This is a guide about remedies for hair damaged by perm.



Here are questions related to Remedies for Hair Damaged by Perm.

Question: Repairing Damage from a Home Perm

How can I repair damage done to my hair by a home perm? It is falling out in clumps. I have had it cut.

By Mary


Best Answer

By susan [5]02/17/2014

Is your hair falling out or breaking off? Falling out would probably be due to an allergy from the product; breaking off (most likely at the roots) would be from over processing or burning the hair at the scalp - this has happened to me three times. I will not get another perm; I was just meant to have straight hair. I had to let mine grow out - a time consuming and embarassing process, especially when the stubs are about 1/4 inch long and sticking out everywhere.

Question: Help for Hair Damaged by Perm

I got my hair permed curly about two weeks ago and now my hair keeps falling out. What can I do to stop it from falling? I desperately need help!

By Melissa from Ottawa, ON


Best Answer

By katesnanna [11]02/27/2014

The first thing you should do is go back to the hairdresser. It sounds as if your hair has been burned by the perming solution. Is it falling out roots and all or is it just breaking off at the scalp? If the hairdresser is no help get a second opinion and also see your doctor.

Question: Hair Damaged By Perm

How do I repair my badly damaged hair after a perm?

By Sarah

Most Recent Answer

By Angela R.05/13/2015

I had the same thing happen to me. I have super thin fine hair and my perm dried my hair out so bad and the ends split and it was horrible. I took conditioner out of a box of hair dye and wet my hair and put the conditioner all through it and really laid it on thick. Then I wrapped my hair in a towel and left the conditioner on for 20 minutes. Then I rinsed it out and let it dry a bit then did the process again for 30 minutes. The major thing is to get moister back into your hair. This process worked really well for me. So it might be worth a try.

Question: Hair Damaged After Perm

I had my first perm in September 2013 and loved it! However recently my hair has been falling out a lot more. I have noticed a lot of short hair where it has broken. This is like an inch long from my scalp and is along my parting so really sticks up! I hardly straighten my hair and try to leave it dry naturally as much as possible. I also try not to wash it too often, as this is when it usually falls out. I haven't coloured my hair for about 6 weeks so can't think what could be causing this.

Please help!

By Sophie

Most Recent Answer

By Aftonnmeeks01/24/2015

Give Pro Naturals a try.

Question: Fixing Hair Damaged by a Perm

Towards the end of May I dyed my hair black. It wasn't a permanent dye, but only a temporary one. Around a week later I got a perm because my mom said it would be okay to perm it after coloring. I believed her because she went to beauty school.

When she put the perm in my hair it turned a light brownish color and I thought it was just the color stripping out. However when I went to rinse out the perm my hair began to fall out in wads. Now the middle of my hair is gone. It fell out and all I have is little short stubs of hair in the middle of my head. I am still able to pull it into a bin but I am now losing hair around my edges. It also changed into a light brown which is not my natural color and falls out easily now. My hair is a little under my shoulders and I don't want to have to cut it. What can I do to get my hair to grow healthy again? My sister suggested getting braids, would that be a good choice? Please help me!

By jayycee23

Most Recent Answer

By Carole S. [1]08/01/2013

As a retired salon owner, I can tell you that it was the perm being over processed that has created your problem, if you are certain that you permed over a temporary color. The perm stripped the temporary color from your hair. Go to a salon or a beauty supply store and get protein treatments. That will not cure the problem, but, it should look better and stop falling out after several treatments. Above all, do NOT have your hair braided, as this process puts a lot of stress on hair strands and could cause you more hair loss. Best of luck.

Question: Hair Breaking After Overprocessed Perm

I let this chick perm my hair, something I don't ever do, and she used 2 of the chemicals that you are supposed to use just 1 per kit. And now my hair is slowly falling out. What can I do to stop the breakage? Every time I comb it I get wads of hair. Please help.

By Tylisha

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [366]02/13/2013

If I am thinking you are saying what you are saying, then I know what you mean. I did this once by accident to my hair. I used the perm on only half of my hair and it practically dissolved the hair. There is no way to fix it if it is as bad as I think it is. Get a really short hair cut and start over again. You could check with the salon where you get your hair cut and make sure there is not a way to save it. Live and learn! :)

Question: Remedy for Hair Damaged by Perm

full length back viewMy hair was permanently straightened and I used to go for touch ups after every 3-4 inches of new hair growth. I continued this process for almost 3 and a half years, from early 2010 till late 2012, as straightening gave shine and softness to my naturally dry, rough, and wavy hair. In between these 3 years I even colored my hair magenta red from root to tip in streaks. The color has now taken the shade of honey brown and is still there for about 40% of my hair from the tip.

Since the year 2013 I did not do anything to my hair chemically; only some cuts twice or thrice. Now that the straightening and color have grown out half the way down and my natural hair had reached half the way from the root towards the tip, it has a shabby look. So I decided to perm my hair.

I permed my hair on February 16, 2015. After this perm my hair has become utterly rough, dry, frizzy, and messy and the colored tips are burnt. The perm has also gotten washed out from around 30% of my straightened hair with just the first wash. Though I am not experiencing any hair fall right now; I feel very embarrassed to go to work with such a state of my hair and I am not really liking this perm on my hair.

Please help me. It would be really kind if you can suggest something with which I can get my normal hair back as soon as possible or at least I can nourish my hair and restore some softness.

What I thought could be a possible remedy is that I iron my hair with a straightener just as a temporary setting and leave it for a day or two and then wash it. Will this help me to get rid of the perm? Or if you can suggest something to reverse the perm effect without damaging my hair any further.

Please help! closeup

By Shabana

Most Recent Answer

By Linda Valentine - Spokane WA [4]02/28/2015

I have had extensive damage from a perm as you described. If you can find "Infusion" (usually found on the bottom shelves), I guarantee it will help. There are two or three (or more) Infusion products. Get the one for damaged hair. It won't clear it up immediately but you'll notice the difference right away. I've had to use it twice and I swear by it.

Question: Scalp Irritated by Perm

I had a perm about 6 months ago and the stylist left the lotion on too long. My scalp has been very very sore and as I have white hair my scalp looks very pink. Although my hair is not falling out it has gone very thin. Please help.

By H

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/15/2015

If your scalp is still hurting 6 months after the perm, it is no longer the perm that is causing this. The initial aggravation may have been caused by the perm, but something else is continuing it. You need to see a doctor to find out what it is. Have you changed shampoos? Conditioners? Any other sort of hair treatment?

Question: Hair Damaged by Perm

I bleached my hair 3 months ago and then dyed it 4 times after that, as my hair was looking yellow and I didn't like it at all. Then today I asked my aunt who is a hair dresser to perm my hair to make it curly, but after the 10 minutes that perm was left on my head, my long hair burnt. My hair didn't get dry after 6 hours so I had to use a dryer and straightener to make it look better as it totally looks like wool on my head.
It's horrible and I am so worried that my hair will start falling out and I will get bald. My hair is burnt in 0.4mm from my head. I can't even cut it short as then I can't even tie my hair and it would be more obvious and noticeable.

Please help me, I don't know what I can do. The only way I found was to cut my hair a little and use straightener to straighten my hair a little bit and tie it back. Is my hair going to fall out later?

By Sasha

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]08/14/2014

Wow, that was way too much chemical exposure in a very short time. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your hair is over-processed, and there's not much you can do to turn back from that kind of damage.

The only things you can do for now is have a keratin conditioning treatment, and keep moisture in your hair, with a moisturizing conditioner. Keep getting it trimmed frequently to get rid of the bad ends. Treat it gently, wear it in styles which won't use much tension or heat, such as a slightly loose ponytail or some sort of bun.

Even a tiny amount of a liquid hair oil will help as a styling aid. Minimize brushing, and no brushing while wet. Comb gently with a comb with fairly large teeth, and minimize combing while wet; finger detangle as much as possible. All that being said, even though your hair won't fall out from your scalp, it will likely break off between the new growth and the processed hair as it grows out.

Once there is enough breakage to make it look bad, go ahead and get a nice haircut to get rid of the damaged hair. All the tips I gave you will just help to keep your length on your head as long as possible, so you have time to accumulate some new growth, so your new cut won't have to be so short.

Next time you bleach your hair, if you plan to perm it, have the same stylist do both, as the stylist should know how far apart to space the chemical services. Alternately if you decide to just bleach your hair on your own and not get a perm, if it is too yellow go to a beauty supply and ask for a violet-based toner and tips how to use it: a violet-based toner will neutralize the yellow in one or two applications, without further damaging your hair-toners are meant to be used with bleached hair to alter the undertones without completely changing the color away from blonde. Good luck!

Information sources: 10 years of cosmetology career.

Question: Perm Left Hair a Frizzy Mess

I got a perm yesterday and the operator either used too small of a rod or left the solution on too long. My white hair is a frizzy mess. I don't color my hair, so it is pretty healthy. I wanted a wash and wear perm, but this isn't it.

By Sandra C.

Most Recent Answer

By Elgie [4]03/13/2015

"Wash " your hair with only conditioner, no shampoo, it really works. A family member who has very curly natural hair always cleans her hair this way, and you will be amazed that it actually does leave you with "clean" hair, and in a more manageable condition, after one of those "bad" perms.

Question: Remedy for Perm Damaged Hair

Early last year I put a perm in my hair. I didn't notice until after it was done that I had mixed two different strength perms in my hair (mild and super). The damage to my hair was devastating. When I washed it out my hair was like elastic and it was breaking off something terrible! After making the decision to just cut it off and hope for the best it has grown back it just hasn't been the same since. I'm using two perm repair deep conditioners in my hair, not using heat on my hair, and I've been taking vitamins such as biotin for the health of my hair.

I know it requires patience seeing as it was a botched perm job, but my question is, will my hair ever return to it's natural grade before I permed it? Is your hair ever the same after a perm?

By s.r

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]02/05/2015

I agree with the other responder. As a former cosmetologist, I can verify that until all the damaged hair has been cut away, it will not be the same. Until your new growth has reached a length you are comfortable cutting to, conditioning does help, but be careful not to over condition.

A reconstructing conditioner once per month, a perm repair conditioner every 2 weeks, a regular moisturizing conditioner the rest of the time. There is actually such a thing as over conditioning. It won't make much difference one way or the other on the perm-burned ends, but could be why your new growth feels different to you. Taking the vitamins is always a good idea, damage or not.

Another good point was brought up-the difference you feel in the new growth is likely unrelated to the perm damage, as the hair that was unformed inside your scalp can suffer no lasting effect from what was applied to hair you already have. The only way the new growth would be affected from the perm is if you also suffered a chemical burn on your scalp, and I doubt you did, because you would have run to a doctor by now.

Another possibility is that the difference in the damaged hair and new growth is so great that the new growth feels odd. One more thing, until you have enough new growth to cut off all damaged ends, trim frequently: 1/8 inch a week, in other words just the very ends, will minimize damage traveling up the hair shaft without cutting off more than what grows out. So you won't see more length, but you will see a lot less damage than if you didn't trim frequently. Good luck!

Question: Hair Falling Out After Perm

I permed my hair 2 weeks ago and it's falling out really badly. Is there anything to use on my hair so it won't all fall out? I've deep conditioned and used a hot oil treatment, but it just keeps shedding.

By Courtney

Most Recent Answer

By hopeful [26]01/29/2015

There is nothing you can do but wait for it to grow back. Apparently it broke either because you wound it to tight, or the rubber band broke it because your hair was either thin, weak, or already damaged from hair products such as some artificial color, or lots of sun damage.

So, what I am trying to say is that your hair is breaking and the loss isn't coming from the hair follicle. All you can do is wait for it to grow out, and don't put anything on your hair with chemicals. Conditioner and shampoo won't hurt your hair though.

Question: Severely Damaged Hair from Perms

I have previously had my hair stripped, like 6 months ago, and had two perms done to my hair within the space of a month or so. It is now two months later and I have only just realised that I have hair that has broken off and left about an inch from my scalp. I am so worried and I am crying everyday :(. I have spoken to a trichologist and they have booked me into an appointment to get all the chemicals used in the perm out of my hair, as this may not have been washed out properly when it was done. Can someone please tell me whether you have experienced this, or whether you know if more of my hair will eventually fall out? Would this have happened straight after or will I be expecting more severe breakage?

By Victoria

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]12/11/2014

I can tell you what will fix your hair. First, get ALL the chemicals out. Then start using Organix conditioner. I use the coconut and my my mom uses the macadamia nut. It is available at Wal-Mart and has saved our hair.

Hers was thinning and breaking due to stress, a medication she was taking, and very hard well water. Mine was breaking off every time I brushed it due to stress and arid climate. I started using the Organix and then made sure she started using it. Now both of our hair has recovered. Mine is soft and shiny and hers has gotten long again and wavy. You should definitely try it with a really gentle shampoo.

Question: Badly Damaged Permed Hair

I got my perm in August and now the ends of my hair are fluffy. My hair used to be fine, but now the ends are coarse, what do I do? Please help!

By Isabella

Most Recent Answer

By Cathy11/07/2014

Since it's been about two months since your perm, I'd go in for a haircut and have the damaged ends cut off. A good hair conditioner will help but will never repair the damage.

Question: Hair Dry After Perm

I get my hair permed and colored at the same time. Sometimes it comes out extremely dry. Is that because of processing time or what? It's not falling out, but looks and feels very dry. What can I do to help it now?

By Jennifer from ID

Most Recent Answer

By Chlo Jasmine Anne A.06/04/2014

Your hair will be dry as you are putting chemicals on it. I would recommend using a deep conditioner either with coconut oil or Moroccan argan oil. This puts moisture back into your hair. Use after shampooing as you would a normal conditioner or for a weekly treatment leave it on your hair for 10-15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. I hope this helps :)

Question: Perm Left Parts in Hair

I have lines or parts that I cannot get rid of since having the perm.
What to do?

By Elaine F

Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Z [7]04/04/2014

I have a bad colic in the back of my hair. The only way I resolved it was by having a hair cut in a V pattern. If your beautician doesn't know how to do it she needs to check around for help at some beauty schools.

Question: Perm Left Hair Straight

I permed my hair once and it has been a couple years and it hasn't gone back to the way it was. I used to have curly hair and then I put in a perm that straightened my hair. It was called One n Only. My hair goes to like 5 inches lower than my shoulders and I want my hair longer also. Now I want my natural hair back. Should I get a curly perm? And how do I get my hair to be longer.

By Abbigail C.

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]12/31/2013

In the case of perms, perm is short for "permanent", whether it is permanent wave (curly perm) or perm as short for relaxer (permanent straightener). If you look closely at your hair after you shampoo, you will likely see 2 distinct textures; the ends will be straight or mostly straight, and the new growth will be closer to your natural texture. You may have to lift some of the hair in your hand to see the difference more easily, since length makes hair heavier and may be stretching your new growth.

That being said, you will want to do one of two things: either cut off all the hair up to the new growth (on average hair grows about 1/2 inch per month, so multiply how many months it has been since the perm times 1/2 inch to determine where new growth ends), or get a really good trim, and regular trims until all or most of the perm is gone, then less frequent trims after that to maintain your ends. Putting a curly perm on your hair will be ok for the new growth, but not for the hair that has a straight perm-those ends will become "fried", or severely damaged.

I suspect as you get rid of the permed ends you will start to see your curls more defined without additional chemicals. But whatever you choose to do, don't put a curly perm anywhere near those permed ends. I good deep conditioner will help from time to time as well. Good Luck!

Source: 10 years of cosmetology experience

Question: Hair is Thinner After Cutting Off Perm

Side view.I am a 20 year old black male who has worn an S curl perm since I was 16/17. In February '12 I had my barber style it into an S curl Mohawk and had that up until May '13 when I retired the look and had it chopped off.

The hair on the top of my head is noticeably thinner than the rest and at first, I thought the solution was to "retrain" my hair to lie down flat again. I have been using the system 6 Nioxin treatment and as of September '13, my hair has gotten "slightly" better but is still growing thin.

I want to assert that I am "not" thinning or balding, the hair is just a little thinner. The sides and back of my head look just fine and I even have nice waves coming in, but the top just won't match! Are there any solutions to this? Any hair proteins I can take? Does Sally's have anything to help this? I look forward to hearing back from someone :/

By doctorpope181

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]10/06/2013

If you mean that that there is less hair there, than I think that you are going bald. Sorry, but it does happen early with some guys. If you mean that the texture of your hair has changed, it just may have done. My son's hair was fairly straight as a child, but became very curly when he was about 17. Sometimes this happens, or hair goes straight when it was curly as a child. Medications can change the texture of your hair as well.

Question: Products for Hair Damaged by a Perm

A month ago I got a perm and one day I touched my nape area to find that I was bald. I lost hair in the middle, back, sides, and some edges. I have some of the top of my hair left. Since then I noticed that my hair was shedding very badly so I started using Apogee damaged hair shampoo and 2 minute reconstruction. I cut the perm part out of the back, but not on the top. I want to grow the perm out of the longer part so it can come to the natural curl and let the short part grow a little more before I cut it. What can I do to help my the perm leave and what products can I use for the short hair before transitioning to natural hair? I want to cut it in December if possible. Please help.

By Jenkins

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]08/15/2013

By the way, I forgot: Hair grows about 1/2 inch per month, so you will have nearly 2 inches of new growth when you cut it in December. To see the full 2 inches stretch the curl, it will look shorter in its natural state.

Question: Damaged Hair After Perm

I did a really stupid thing about 3 months ago and bleached my fringe and put crazy colour on and a week later I had a perm. I knew it would dry my hair out a little bit, but I then did the stupid thing of putting a Nice and Easy dark box colour on and burned my scalp at the front and my hair went like chewing gum. The colour obviously didn't take as I only left it on for ten minutes before I couldn't leave it on anymore. Anyway needless to say I was mortified. I have conditioned it everyday since then and had to use a temporary colour so it matched the rest of my hair, but what I need to know is can I use a dark hair dye (permanent) on my hair now as it's been 3 months.

By Gemma

Most Recent Answer

By ehursey08/10/2013

Wait at least another 3 months. I am a hair dresser and I would not touch it for at least that long-keep getting it trimmed to cut off the damage and then be very select in the product you choose.

Question: Damaged Hair Remedies

I had gone without a perm for 6 months. I went to the hairdresser I was using and she wanted to lighten my hair for the summer months. My natural hair is sandy red hair.

I've been dying my hair black for years now. Well, she put something on my hair to lift the black color off. She did this about 2 or 3 times. Then she bleached it and I didn't know she used bleach. Well, my hair was orange and I didn't like it; this was a Friday that she did this and on Monday I asked if she can darken it back black.

2 weeks later I was calling to see if it was perm time because my hair was unmanageable, she never responded so I let another stylist perm my hair. The perm didn't burn and I was shocked, but as soon as she started washing my hair it was coming out by the handfuls. It's been 6 weeks now and my hair is stringy around the edges. It broke off to the root through the middle and pretty much all around. If I cut my hair I'll be in a fro and I don't want this.

What do you suggest I do and how long should I expect my hair to grow back? It looks awful it's thin all over. I only have a few strands to slick it up in a bun. My sister suggested that I use this Alpha g treatment on it. Please help. I don't know what to do.

By Yoshi

Most Recent Answer

By Lisa [62]06/20/2013

I suggest not doing any type of chemical treatment to your hair for a long time, preferably never again. If you want to dye it again, try using Henna as it is not only cheaper but not damaging to your hair.

Also, to repair the damage you have now, buy some coconut oil at a health food store, use about 1-2 tbsp on dry hair (comb it through), wrap it with a plastic bag, then a towel and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your hair at least twice to get the oil out and condition lightly.

You may have to do this treatment once a month (maybe every two weeks). If you have fine hair, once a month would work. Also, do not wash your hair every day. Washing only once a week keeps the natural oils of your hair and it will restore it faster. Start by washing every second day, then after awhile work up to once a week. I've been washing my hair once a week now for 15 years!

Good luck :)

RE: Damaged Hair Remedies

Question: Repairing Hair Damaged by Perm

How do I fix my hair? I got a perm done and it burned. I can't even brush it and it's so dry. I hate it, but don't want to cut it off. I feel so bad all I want is for it to be straight. What can I do? There has to be something.

By Espie from CA

Most Recent Answer

By Elgie [4]04/04/2013

I had a similar problem and the answer for me was to not wash your hair with any shampoo but use hair conditioner as shampoo. My hair still came out really nice and clean and not so horribly dry and much softer appearance. I have heard that some people with naturally, very curly hair use only conditioner for shampooing. It sure worked for me.

Question: Permed Bleached Hair Dry and Brittle

My hair was bleached 2 months ago, and I had it permed last day, but the result made me sad. I have got brittle, dry, damaged hair. It's like I can't comb my hair, for it's damaged too much. I don't want to cut my hair, what should I do? I really need help.

By Nancy

Most Recent Answer

By Dena R. [3]03/11/2013

Hairstylists use a conditioning product called "balsam" to repair damaged hair. I have seen it sold at "dollar" and other discount stores. It's a really thick conditioner that works amazingly well.

Question: Perming Dyed Hair

I've had blonde highlights for 6 to 7 years and recently 6 months ago dyed my hair black. Then about 5 months later my mom gave me blonde highlights that damaged my hair so a week later I dyed it dark brown with a red tint. My question to you is that if in 6 months I get a perm will my hair be completely damaged?

By Brittney

Most Recent Answer

By Lilac [18]09/12/2012

This is a joke? If not the answer is yes, unless you shave your head and in 6 months perm only the new growth.

Question: Hair Dry and Frizzy from Perm

I got my hair permed about a year and a half ago or more, it turned out great, and was very healthy. I have never put any chemicals or dyes in it, but over the last few months it gets completely dry, where it feels crackly, and it frizzes so much that even if I straighten it, it looks as if I have been struck by lightening. The perm is out on the top, but it still has small frizzy curls down the rest of the way. The whole bottom continually gets dead ends and snaps off. Is there anything I can do about it? Is there anyway the perm will come out? Should I cut it off?

By Elise. V.H

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]04/01/2015

Perms eventually grow out, continue to trim off fried and frizzy ends a bit at a time. Seems like you need to either get the perm done professionally or avoid perms until your hair is extra healthy.

Question: Perm Left Hair Frizzy and Matted

I'm 54 years old and box color my hair about every six weeks. I went to a salon and told them I wanted a spiral perm. My hair was down to the middle of my back at that time. The perm did not turn out good, the hairstylist put mouse and hairspray on it while it was wet and said it would curl up when it dried.

After getting home my hair dried and there was no curl, just fizz and matted ends. The next day I went back and showed the manager my hair. She said let's wash it and cut 2 inches off and that should give you more wave because the rods that were used were too big. So again they sent me home with wet hair, again when it dried no curl, just fizz and matted ends. Now I'm going back tomorrow and get my 95 dollars back. So what can I do to fix this mess on my head ?

By Sharon from Batavia, OH

Most Recent Answer

By Cinnamon C.03/17/2015

Tell the stylist that you want the perm process reversed. Spiral perms should be outlawed. My daughter had one done when she was 13. She had beautiful long hair with a natural curl. After the spiral perm we couldn't even get a brush through the mess. She ended up having to get her hair cut short and let it grow out. Good luck

Question: Perm Over Processed

I was supposed to get a spiral perm. Needless to say it turned into a huge frizz mess. It was way over processed and the color is coming out. I'm using a protein spray, a condition and shampoo, and it's not getting any better. I washed it the same day after I saw it. I have to go to interview this week and it's awful. Please help.

By Heather Godfrey

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]02/09/2015

You should return to the shop now and request immediate help for your hair. If they refuse, speak with the manager directly. If the manager is out, return when the manager is in. You should be pleased with your perm!

Question: Hair Damaged After a Perm

I just went to a beauty school to get a "loose perm" and I showed them a picture of what I wanted. They said the curls would be a tiny bit tighter than those, but they would loosen up after 2 or 3 washes. So I said okay. And they did it and once it was done it looked horrible. It was all matted up and my blonde streaks looked horribly damaged. I attempted to brush it out a tad bit and it just got even more frizzy. When I got home I decided to wash it out and it looks fine when it's wet, but once it dried the curls go away and my hair is left as a frizzy mess. I don't know what to do. The perm didn't even turn out at first and my hair is beyond damaged. I pretty much paid $40 for damaged hair that makes me look like a poodle. What can I do to make my hair healthier?

By Kasey

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/13/2015

You should return to the school, ask to speak with a supervisor or trainer, describe your problem (and include the picture) and request they improve your hair's current condition to it's former state.

Then, if you prefer, they should provide a new perm with good results.

Question: Effects of Perm on New Hair Growth

Does perming affect the hair which will grow after the perming is over?

By Neena from bhilai

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/09/2014


Question: Damaged Hair From Perms

I got a wave perm last week. After I shower, my hair still feels dry, and is extremely tangled to the point where I have to start combing it out, and the hair is almost impossible to comb. Not to mention a lot of hair falls out during the process. Also I have a baby that is 4 months old now (so I know the falling out comes from that too). I have also received a magic straight perm over a year ago, and another one preceding that the year before. I was told that my hair was already damaged from the magic straight, but since it has been over a year it should be okay. However the hair is completely damaged, dry, and impossible to comb. Need some advice on what to do from here.

By Ang M.

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]10/04/2014

If you got it at a salon, go back for them to fix the problem, especially if they are the ones who told you getting a perm "should be ok" after the magic straight treatments. The treatments chemically alter your hair, so the ends have had 3 chemical treatments, 2 magic straight, then one permanent wave.

You will likely have to get your hair cut, at least up above the part that has had magic straight on it twice and now permanent wave, and maybe even up past the part that has had magic straight once then permanent wave. It sounds like the ends were overprocessed. While you may be suffering some hair loss from childbirth, you are likely suffering breakage in the overprocessed areas as well. You will need to have some deep conditioning treatments, after your cut. So sorry this happened to you!

Question: Can Medications Affect a Perm?

I had a perm and it did not work. My hair is frizzy and dry like wool. It takes a long time to dry and then it is lank and dull. Is this because of my medication or due to an over processed perm?

By Sandra

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]07/15/2014

When I had long hair my regular hairdresser would not not do a "wave" until 4 weeks after I had surgery. He said the anesthesia and antibiotics could have effect on my hair for that length of time.

Not sure about other medications but friends have told me they believe their blood pressure medication affected their hair.

I take a biotin supplement and it has made a big difference in the texture of my hair and also I no longer lose a brush full of hair everyday. Results take several months but it has been worth it to me.

Question: Perm Left Hair Very Dry

I got a perm to get it straight, I got one in December and then in March. I haven't had one since. I love my perm very much, except when I come out of the shower my hair turns very, very dry. It will only go silky and smooth if I straighten it, but sometimes I just leave it wavy and dry like when I come out of the shower. Are there any solutions I can use for my dry hair? I'm getting it permed again next Monday.

By Sara

Most Recent Answer

By cathy333 [3]09/20/2013

After washing, put your conditioner on, but don't rinse it out. When you towel dry your hair, most of it will be removed, but enough will be left on your hair to condition it and able to comb.

Question: Hair Damaged By Perm

I had bleached my hair and a week later I put in a perm. My hair is falling out every time I touch it. It feels slimy and nasty. How do I fix it without having to cut all my hair off?

By Meli

Most Recent Answer

By bertfogle03/27/2014

I am having the same trouble except I got mine highlighted and now my blonde hair is nasty and stretchy on the ends. I'm looking up solutions I'll let you know if I find anything.

Question: Hair Damaged by Leaving Perm on Too Long

On March 30th of this year I permed my hair. I left a perm on too long so when I washed it out it was falling out. Now I'm trying to wear weave and braids so my hair can grow back, but the glue just messed up my hair more so now I don't really know what to do. Is there anyway it can grow back faster or could I use a hairstyle to grow it back? Please help. (p.s. I am black)

By Chanese A. from Phoenix, AZ

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By Louise B. [5]08/14/2013

Hair grows about 1/2 an inch a month. There is nothing you can do to make it grow faster. I would get a good cut on the hair that you have, and just be patient.

Question: Remedy for Perm Damaged Hair

My hair is so damaged from years of perms. I want to start all over, but I'm scared I'll look terrible with a really short cut. What do I do to get my hair more healthy? Do I have to keep getting perms? What do I do?

By Noel

Most Recent Answer

By Stacy [2]08/18/2013

Sadly, you'll have to either grow out or cut off the damaged hair.

The only other option you might want to try is to do weekly (or more often) *deep* conditioning treatments. Walmart has good prices on trustworthy brands. (Sally Beauty Supply might also be able to suggest good treatments.)

They might help soften the hair's cuticle & leave behind some shine ~ making you hair appear healthier while it grows out.

Hope that helps! Best of luck

Question: Repairing Damaged Hair

I permed my hair, right after I rinsed it jet black by myself for the first time. I didn't know that I was supposed to rinse my hair until all of the jet black was completely washed out. I semi-rinsed it and left half of the chemicals in my hair. 2 months later my hair is super dry, itchy, and slowly, but surely it is breaking off. What should I do to repair my hair to stop the itching and breakage?

By Deedee C

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]07/09/2013

Hair stylists will tell you to never perm your hair for a few weeks after coloring it. I can't remember, exactly how many weeks, but I know it is between three to six weeks. I used to color my own hair, but always went to a styling salon for my perms. Now I don't do either, because I have developed psoriasis on my scalp. You should probably consult a professional hair stylist, and you might have to get your hair cut really short in order to get rid of the damaged hair. Most of what I learned about things like this is from my sister who is a retired hair stylist and every now and then I question other hair stylists when I am getting a hair cut. Also if a person is on certain medications that could change the effects of chemical hair processes. The same right before or after having a baby or surgery can affect things like that too. My sister was really fussy about things like that and whenever a new lady went to her salon and wanted a chemical process she questioned the lady about things like that. I found out all about this about a month before I had my second baby, I wanted her to put a perm in my hair and she wouldn't, explaining that I didn't know what, if any type of drugs I would have to have and she told me after delivery I should wait at least a month.

Question: Treating Damaged Hair

Okay in the beginning of last school year I colored my hair and it came out really good. I got a perm and everything was fine. My mom recolored my hair a few months after and about a month later, I got a perm and my hair fell out. I had to get a short cut and a couple weeks later my mom made me cut it again. It's a short cut, but I was wondering since the color's still there a little, is my hair okay or is there some product I should be using? I'm 18 and sadly I need help.

By Vanessa

Most Recent Answer

By Monique06/23/2013

Personally, I think you are OK now. But you really have to pace any chemical treatments done to your hair, not too many too close together. Again, I think you can just let it grow out for awhile & you'll be fine!

Question: Perming Chemically Straightened Hair

I originally had very curly healthy hair, but in the past 2 years I've been getting the keratin treatment to make it straight. It looks very healthy and full, but I want to go back to my curly hair. The only solution is to let the curly roots grow which would make my hair look awful. To make this process a bit easier I was thinking of getting a curly hair perm, would that work on my hair? Since it has already been chemically straightened?

By Odelya

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]06/04/2013

Don't do it! If it was truly a keratin treatment your hair will gradually revert to its natural curl over a period of time. Just have patience and make sure to use moisturizing conditioners and shampoos, plus a moisturizing deep conditioner at least once a month. Most conditioners are either moisturizing or protein; try to avoid the protein ones until your curl is back, because you already have a layer of keratin protein bonded to your hair. Also make sure to get trims as needed to keep dry or split ends away. Patience is key!

Question: Perm Damaged Colored Hair

I have heavy highlighted hair and I just got a perm two days ago. Now my hair has no elasticity at all and it's so dry and unmanageable. I can't even comb it unless I put a bunch of oil in it; it literally feels like cotton. Is there anything I can do to repair my damaged hair without cutting it super short? I have had 2 perms before with my highlighted hair a year ago and it never was this bad so I'm not sure what went wrong.

By Julie from AZ

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]05/16/2013

How long did you wait after coloring your hair to get the perm. My sister is a retired beauty operator, and she has often told me that every now and then you do have to let your hair rest, when you color, perm, and start over.

Question: Using an Oil Treatment on Permed Hair

I got a perm 24 hours ago and wanted to know of it was OK to use Guarnieri Furtis Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment on my hair? My ends are really damaged and dry. Is it OK to add to hair and leave in?

By Rachael

Most Recent Answer

By StellaBell [146]05/02/2013

I did a quick search online and it looks like you would only want to use a hot oil treatment if you wanted to relax your perm or reverse it.

Here is some good feedback on Thriftyfun for another member that had a similar problem:

There might be more good information in the guide: ... medies-for-Hair-Damaged-by-Perm.html

I hope this information helps. If all else fails, you could call a hair stylist and ask their opinion.

Question: Getting Rid of a Perm

I got a straight perm/relaxer yesterday and I seriously hate it. My hair looks so damaged and dry. Even when I run my fingers through it it feels so nasty. My hair goes down to my waist and I truly regret getting this perm. The hair dresser said it will last about 6 months and I am not going to wait 6 months for this perm to wear off. So my question is this, if I cut my hair to a short bob will the perm go away faster? I mean I'm getting rid of most of the processed hair right? Please help!

By Tawny R

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]04/19/2013

First check with your stylist to see if it was actually a chemical relaxer, or one of the newer treatments that gradually wears off over time. I can tell you from personal cosmetology experience (I was a hair stylist), a chemical relaxer is permanent, the only way to get rid of it is to cut it out, and the new treatments wear away slowly.

Second consult with your stylist about conditioning treatments or reconstructor treatments you can get to make your hair more healthy; if you can't afford to go in for treatments ask what the best ones are to use at home. Third, if you didn't have one get a trim of your ends, it makes a big difference in most cases.

Finally, hair grows about 1/2 inch per month so a bob at this point is still going to leave you with a lot of relaxed hair. To be able to cut it and be rid of most of the relaxer you have about a year ahead of you, unless you want to cut it very short all over after about 3-4 months. regular conditioning treatments and trims will do the most good to get your hair back into shape. Good luck!

Question: Using Conditioner Made Newly Permed Hair Frizzy

I permed my hair for the first time at home and then used a conditioner. I know you are supposed to wash it, but I thought conditioner? I was wrong. My hair immediately changed to straight in the water and when it dried, my hair was a total fuzz ball.
My hair comes down to my waist. What can I do to get the curl back? Cutting it is not an option.

By Sherie B

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As a 35 year retired hairstyling veteran I can tell you with certainty that it's not the conditioner that made your hair fuzzy/frizzy; it's because you left the perm solution on too long and/or didn't wrap your hair on the perm rods correctly.

And the reason your hair went straight is because you're not supposed to wet, shampoo or condition your hair for at least 24 hours after a perm and better yet not for 48 hours.

You're only solution at this point is to not perm again and to make the damged hair look more smooth through trims, conditioning and styling products.

Question: Remedies for Hair Damaged by Perm

I would like to dye my hair, but because I had gotten so many perms in the past, I was forced to cut it from the extensive damage. My hairstylist styled it and cut out most of the damage from the perm. It's been 2 years and everything else has grown back except the middle section of my hair. I suppose that's where most of the damage took place, but I don't know how to help it grow back. It's been utterly stagnant in the growth process and my hair breaks off at the ends a lot. It appears as if I'm shedding at times. What should I do?

By Mylette Gordon from Hinesville, GA

Question: Perm Made Hair Frizzy

My hair is fine and baby soft. The perm was given under a hair dryer and as a result I have frizz, especially on the top and it is also on the thin side. What can I do to correct this?

By Catherine

Question: Remedy for a Bad Perm

I wanted body waves so I got a perm a week ago and she over processed it and it also did not come out how I wanted at all! It's a whole bunch of small waves all the starting at my crown. I wanted big body waves starting around my ears. So it's not even the body wave I asked for. Now, my hair has been very dry and frizzy and there is some breakage from where she over processed it. I have been moisturizing my hair all week with mayonnaise which has helped a lot. I have done a strand test to check to see how healthy it is from various parts of my head. All of the hairs did float so I think they are still OK. I would like to do an at home keratin treatment to calm the frizz and hopefully tame some of the curl. I went ahead and purchased One and Only Keratin treatment as it does not contain the formaldehyde. Will it be safe to go ahead and do this or should I wait a little longer?

By Amanda D.

Question: Remedy for Hair Burned by Perm

I have put a perm in my hair. I used hair color, but it has been a few weeks. I put the perm in my hair, used sponge rollers, and did as the instructions said. Now my hair is fried. I comb my hair and pieces of hair break off and fall out in my comb. I barely can take the comb through it at all it's so stiff and matted together. Please help. Please respond to me by email.

By Sandra

Question: Hair Losing Perm Curl and Frizzy

I had my first perm in the beginning of February, so it's been about 8 months. At this point it's in the transition of "loosening up" or "expiring." My hair is naturally thick and harder to perm, according to my stylist, because I have Asian hair. Apparently most Asian hair doesn't work well with perms? Is this true? The first 4-5 months I would follow the routine of deep conditioning every week, rinsing with cold water, shampooing 1-2 times every week, and moisturizing my hair with natural oils and products. I don't use a lot of products in my hair because it gets oily and frizzy, so if any of you ladies out there know a good natural brand for frizzy hair, please help!

Up until my 7th month mark I began to feel super frustrated with the fuzziness of my curls! And I know perms don't last that long, but at my 8th month mark, what can I do to help heal my hair? I want to maintain the curls and the frizz as best as I can.

What happens now? I've had my wonderful experience with a curly perm, but what do I do now that it's been 8 months and my hair not really cooperating with this routine? I would love to put my hair down again without worrying about how horrendous the curls look, but lately I've been side-braiding it or wearing it in a bun. I want the va-va-voom back, now I am struggling with the womp-womp-womp.

Ladies, if you've got any tips at all, Please help!

By Lila D.

Question: Repairing Damaged Hair

What can I do to get healthy and smooth hair back after having it permed 1 month ago and before that I also had highlights done with blond? 2 years back I had rebonding done as well. Now it's totally damaged and too rough. How can I get it smooth and healthy? Please help.

By Latika from India

Question: Hair Damaged by Perm

I had really long hair and I've always used a perm, but did it the right way and took care of it so it didn't stop my hair growth. I tried a new perm that had even more chemicals in it and ever since I've had chunks of hair that are kinda long, and other chunks that are cut really really short. I need help to bring back my hair.

By Aminata

Question: Perm Damaged Hair and is Too Curly

I just got a perm. It damaged my hair and it is really curly instead of just a body perm. What can I do?

By Peggy

Solutions: Remedies for Hair Damaged by Perm

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Archive: Hair Damaged By Perm

My hair has been over processed. I got a perm and it didn't take. About three weeks later, I got another one. Now my hair is over processed and it's like cotton candy. What can I do (other than getting it all cut off) to bring some life back into it?


Archive: Hair Damaged By Perm

I went for a permanent and they forgot to put the neutralizer on my hair at the end. My hair is straight and very frizzy and dry. They cut my hair to 4 inches past my ears.

My last perm was 5 1/2 months ago and it has been 2 months since bleaching my hair. They gave me Tiger Masque to put in my hair. My hair is very high maintenance. Help.


RE: Hair Damaged By Perm

Your poor thing! I feel for you! I will give you several suggestions that work for me (I have very dry-frizzy/naturally curly hair).

1) After you wash your hair always use "Infusium-23". It's a leave-in conditioner that's absolutely wonderful! It will greatly help your hair to not look frizzy.

2) On just the very ends or tips of your hair, use a dimethicone based product called Frizz-ease or Citre Shine frizz reducer.

3) Only wash your hair with shampoo once a week and when you do, use only baby shampoo. On the other days you need to wash your hair, do it with conditioner. Yes, I said wash your hair with conditioner! Just get your hair wet then slather on the conditioner and comb it through your hair over and over and be sure to massage the conditioner into your scalp as well (this will clean your scalp).

Now rinse all the conditioner out of your hair and your hair will be clean without using shampoo. (I've been doing this for many years). The type of conditioner you need doesn't need to cost a lot. You can even buy it at many dollar stores. Just look for the ingredient "Stearalkonium Chloride". It should be about 5th from the top in order of ingredients. If you can find a conditioner with Stearalkonium Chloride towards the top, you will have a good conditioner that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. (I buy mine at Dollar Tree.) I mostly use it to "wash" my hair, not just for conditioning.

4) I'd stay away from using a blow dryer, but if you do, be sure to use one of those light sprays that protect your hair from the heat. (like: Ion Heat Protection Thermal Spray)

5) Last, but most important, do not color or perm your hair again until it totally grows out. If you must color it, go to a professional hair colorist. Not just any Hairdresser or Beautician, but someone that really knows and specializes in coloring. It may cost your $80 or so, but it will be well worth the money spent. Better yet, don't color your hair again until the damage all grown out! (07/07/2009)

By Cyinda

RE: Hair Damaged By Perm

As a retired hairstylist I have to say it truly is crazy to perm bleached hair. :-o High lift tinted hair, if hair is strong, is okay with the correct perm solution but a no, no if hair is bleached. I hope the stylist didn't charge you, or gave your money back. (07/09/2009)

By Deeli

RE: Hair Damaged By Perm

I am a hairstylist, for 27 years. Shame on that stylist for what she did. There is no excuse. I would go back and definitely ask them to furnish you with their best conditioners for free. There is no way to repair that kind of damage. You can just try to coat or replenish the hair with some moisture, but the damage has to grow out. Good luck (07/18/2009)

By Michelle Krum

Archive: Hair Damaged By Perm

I used Gentle Treatment perm on my hair and my hair is falling out very badly. I believe it is over-processed or the product was too strong.