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Removing Nail Polish from Carpet

Nail Polish Spill

Nail polish can be difficult to remove from carpet, especially if it has already dried. Check out these tips for getting the nail polish stain out. This is a guide about removing nail polish from carpet.


Solutions: Removing Nail Polish from Carpet

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Tip: Fingernail Polish on Carpet

I spilled dark wine fingernail polish on my light bedroom carpet. Panic! I grabbed polish remover and poured on it and rubbed with a rag and made a worse mess. By now it was almost dry. Help! Someone said to use Windex of all things. I had an off brand window cleaner, but tried it and in a couple of minutes the carpet was like new. I didn't think it would work, but it did. Remember this just in case.

By Diane H. from Louisville, TN

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Tip: Hairspray for Removing Nail Polish from Carpet

I hope this helps, I knocked over a container of nail polishes onto my light blue bedroom carpet. Needless to say some of them broke, hot pinks, lime greens, etc. After I blotted up what I could with a napkin, I used a bottle of liquid hairspray, a brush, and after scrubbing a bit it came out in no time. Be generous with the hairspray, I literally poured it on. Any kind will do.

    By Sandy F. [1]

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    Here are questions related to Removing Nail Polish from Carpet.

    Question: Removing Nail Polish Stain from Berber Carpet

    How do I remove dark blue nail polish that spilled all over my beige Berber carpet?


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    By Talyor 1 12/07/2010

    I just spilled teal blue in my bedroom carpet. I jumped up and ran into my bathroom to get every cleaning product. Nothing worked. Then I jumped on my lap top and typed it up on and saw to use nail polish remover which I have very little of. Too my surprise I read a blog where someone used windex and it worked better. It all came out! Yes. It works better than nail polish remover!

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    Question: Removing Nail Polish on Couch and Carpet

    Darling great grandsons spilled nail polish on Mommy's new microfiber couch, also on nylon carpet. What can she do to remove it?

    By Mimaw Shirley

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    By Carolyn H. 1 09/22/2015

    How to remove the nail polish from carpets

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    Question: Removing Nail Polish Carpet Stain

    How do you get nail polish out of carpet?

    By Nancy from Bluffton, IN

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    By Doodlebug_di 3 06/13/2011

    I have not tackled a problem like this but perhaps maybe, the use of acetone would be the way.. But be sure to test on an out of sight, never to be seen place to check that the acetone will not melt the fabric.

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    Question: Nail Polish on Carpet

    How do I remove dry blue fingernail polish from tan carpet?

    By Maria from Salem, OR

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    By Jaime 1 5 03/30/2011

    My daughter spilled red nail polish on light blue carpet a couple years ago. We went to the store and bought acetone nail polish remover. I'd test an area before doing this.

    We poured the acetone on the spot (it was a big spot) or you could pout it onto an old, clean rag. DAB it, don't rub it in. You will have to use a lot of rags. It took about an hour to get the entire stain out, but after the carpet dried, you couldn't tell anything had been spilled on it.

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    Question: Nail Polish Stain on Carpet

    The top broke off of a hot pink nail polish and spilled on my light blue carpet. What should I do:( ?

    By S.M.

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    Question: Removing Nail Polish from Tile Grout and Carpet

    My daughter dropped a bottle of red nail polish on my tile floor and I can't get it out of the grout spaces. It also spilled on the carpeted stairs so it's also on the carpet. What can I use to remove the nail polish? Spot of polish on grout.

    By Cheryl from Chatsworth, CA

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    Question: Nail Polish on Carpet

    What is the best way of cleaning red nail polish from carpet?

    By Kathie

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    Question: Removing Nail Polish from Floor

    Last night a bottle fell off the dresser hit the floor and busted. It was late I didn't know anything to do, so today I tried nail polish remover and glass cleaner. So far I'm having no luck getting out the stain, does anyone have any suggestions?

    By Becky

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    Question: Removing Nail Polish from Carpet

    How can you get different nail polish colors off of carpet? The carpet is light brown.

    By Joey K.

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    Archive: Nail Polish on Carpet

    I need help getting red nail polish out of light tan Berber carpet and also my son's Blue cotton t-shirt. I've heard using nail polish remover might damage the carpet. Any suggestions? Please!

    TC from PA

    Nail Polish Remover 08/15/2004
    I would try nail polish remover. First dab to soak up any extra polish you can without making the stain bigger. Then wet a clean rag with nail polish remover and dab the stain. It may be time consuming but it should work.
    By Anne H. (Guest Post)
    Spray n Wash 09/17/2004
    Use spray n wash, it actually worked.
    By barbie (Guest Post)
    By Stewy (Guest Post)
    Windex 07/13/2005
    This worked for me just now, windex and a white wash cloth in cold water, came right out.
    By Average Guy (Guest Post)
    Windex Woked for Me 07/14/2005
    I tried the suggestion on using windex and a wet cloth, and I got red nail polish out of my tan carpet, it worked great. just let it soak for about a minute and use the cloth to work it out.
    By Jen (Guest Post)
    Windex Worked for Me as Well 07/27/2005
    I, too, was desperate when my daughter spilled a brand new bottle of bright orange nail polish on our NEW carpet. I used Windex and it worked. Thank you so much for the advice - I told all of my friends! :)
    By Claire (Guest Post)
    Black Nail Polish 07/27/2005
    Well, I got black nail polish on my pink rug and couldn't leave my room in fear my mother would come in and see it. Soousing things in my room, i got it out with:

    -Rubbing Alcohol
    -Hair Spray
    -Nail Polish Remover

    By Katie (Guest Post)
    Windex 08/01/2005
    We just used the Windex to get red nail polish off of white carpet and it got most of it out.


    By Britt & Chris (Guest Post)
    Windex 08/10/2005
    WINDEX WORKS! I just got out a lot of purple nail polish out of a white carpet. It takes a lot of elbow grease.
    By Lisa (Guest Post)
    Windex! 08/10/2005
    OMG, I seriously just used windex and it worked! Who ever thought of that is a life saver thank you so much!
    By Emmy (Guest Post)
    Windex 09/28/2005
    I was desperate. I just spilled dark red nail polish on my carpet and looked in a helpful hints book on how to get it out. Guess what...they didn't have anything there, so I came to my computer and saw that someone got it out with Windex. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try. It worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.
    By Sue (Guest Post)
    RE: Nail Polish on Carpet 10/02/2005
    I just spilled a bottle of nail polish on my biege carpet and I tried the windex remedy and it worked! Thanks!!!!
    By April (Guest Post)
    RE: Nail Polish on Carpet 10/04/2005
    Well, let me just say that this is a miracle! When I was using the Windex I felt like the Father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but who cares> It worked, thanks so much for having this Tip up here, otherwise I would've been grounded for the rest of my life!
    By Lauren (Guest Post)
    Dried Nail Polish 10/13/2005
    does the windex (or anything else) work if the nail polish is dried?
    By Jaye (Guest Post)
    RE: Dried Nail Polish 10/13/2005
    I think if the nail polish is dry you would need some kind of solvent to get it out, in other words, I doubt if the windex would work with polish that has dried. It wouldn't hurt to try though.
    By Susan
    Nothing Worked for Me 10/13/2005
    For red nail polish on a beige carpet - I tried: acetone, hairspray, alcohol, water, peroxide, carpet shampoo for pet stains, and finally windex. Sorry (for me) to say - it's still there. It's alittle lighter tho. :(
    By Karen (Guest Post)
    Ran Out of Windex 12/06/2005
    WINDEX was working but we ran out so we tried amonia and ALCOHOL and that got it out!
    By Hailey (Guest Post)
    Thanks 12/12/2005
    Okay my 5 year old and my 3 year old spilled well actually painted the carpet and the walls with wine colored finger nail polish. So yeah I used finger nail polish remover on the walls and it worked however we will have to repaint it took the paint off too :( . Then on the carpet I used a generic brand of windex and it kinda worked enough elbow grease and it'll come out the rest of the way. I totally thank this web site because with out it we would have to lose a lot of money for our deposit. Thanks again.
    By Tiffany (Guest Post)
    Oxy Clean 03/11/2006
    My daughter just spilled hot pink nail polish on our brand new light beige carpet, and then tried to "rub it out" before I discovered the mess. After reading this I realized I needed to try Windex - but didn't have any! So I tried my Oxi Clean Laundry Stain Remover and after about 20 minutes of continuous scrubbing - I think I've got it all out. So far you can't tell there was pink polish anywhere - just waiting for it to dry to be sure. Just be careful, because there is bleach in the cleaner and it made my skin start to turn white and bubble - I guess I should have put on some gloves huh?
    By Angry Mom (Guest Post)
    Shaving Cream 03/17/2006
    Rub shaving cream on it let it sit for about 1 minute then scrub and after scrub hot water over it.
    By Kate (Guest Post)
    A Combo that Worked 03/22/2006
    I just had many drops of red polish (thanks to my 18 month old daughter) spilled on our cream berber. Happy to say that a combination of windex, nail polish remover, combo of hot H2O, vinegar and dish detergent - and then finally very diluted bleach and cool water got it out (I think!). It was fresh so I was thankful for that. If it's been sitting (I did discover one spot which I had not noticed) - do the nail polish remover first and blot, then do the windex and work it in with your finger, then the hot water with detergent and vinegar and it should come out.
    By Linda (Guest Post)