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Cleaning Eyeglasses

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Cleaning eyeglasses with a cloth.

Anyone with eyeglasses knows that they can require constant cleaning. Proper cleaning will ensure that your lenses are smudge-free. This is a guide about cleaning eyeglasses.


Solutions: Cleaning Eyeglasses

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Tip: Cleaning Eye Glasses

To remove hairspray and greasy perspiration, I use rubbing alcohol. It cleans the lenses really well and it can be used on either plastic or glass lenses.

Source: I received this top from my eye doctor.

By Ginger from Decatur, IL

Tip: Making Lens Wipes Last Longer

I've found that paper lens wipes don't have to be used only once. So I keep a small air tight "film can" (from the film camera era!) in the box with the lens wipes. When I tear open a new one and use it to clean my eyeglass lens, I can then just wad it up and stuff it into the little film can. Snap the lid on and POOF! It's ready for another use the next time my specs are dirty!

A pill jar will probably work well also if lid is a "snap" type.

    By MITCH [15]

    Tip: Coffee Filters for Cleaning Eyeglasses

    I've found that using round basket type coffee filters to clean my eyeglasses leaves them sparkling, and without any of the smudge or lint residue that comes from paper towels, tissues, or napkins. They can be used repeatedly, carried easily in your purse or pocket, and you can buy a pack of 100 in the dollar store. They'll last you forever, and your lenses will be bright.

    By Sharon from New York, NY

    Tip: Softsoap for Cleaning Eyeglasses

    My optician in Houston suggested that I use liquid hand soap to wash my eyeglasses. When I am preparing for a shower I use Softsoap for my glasses then leave them on the sink while I am showering.

      By Marty Dick [163]

      Tip: Eyeglasses, Glass Windshield, Wiper Blades

      Clean Eyeglasses, Car Windshields & Wipers by using paper coffee filters. These filters cut grease & give you great results. When your wipers are not performing well try cleaning the Wipers first before replacing them.

      Carefully lift up the wiper blade & hold the blade & rubber insert with one hand & with the other hand place a paper filter between your thumb & fingers. Then press the paper filter against the rubber insert while sliding on the rubber insert to remove the grease/residue.

      Repeat this a couple of times until the paper filter removes this residue. Always use a clean piece of this filter until all of the black residue is removed. Great for inside of the front & rear windshield glass. Especially if someone smokes & leaves tobacco smoke film on glass. Very good as a cleaning rag on other surfaces as well. Use the White Circular Round Pleated Filters -NOT the Brown - Recycled ones. Gerry K

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      Here are questions related to Cleaning Eyeglasses.

      Question: Eyeglass Cleaner?

      I just found this site and I think it is terrific. What would be a good way to clean my new eyeglasses (high index plastic) lenses? I have heard that soap is too harsh and that tissues will scratch the lens. Does anyone have any 'thrify' alternatives?

      Anjeena in New York


      Most Recent Answer

      By DeBushe [18]04/08/2013

      For years, I have cleaned my "plastic" lenses with water and then dried them with a piece of clean, all cotton, old T-shirt. No scratches, no problems. I've heard that you have to be extra careful with plastic and DO NOT use any paper on them because it is too harsh and may scratch.

      Question: Eyeglasses Anti-Fog Liquid Left Residue

      I made the mistake of using an anti fog liquid on my new eyeglasses about 6 months ago. Ever since, they are constantly streaky and filmy. I've used almost everything to remove the film that the fog product put on the lenses but to no avail. Does anyone have a remedy for removing this type of product from plastic lenses?


      Most Recent Answer

      By Alexusf (Guest Post)05/25/2008

      Hi, thanks for all the responses! I've tried vinegar and I also have used an ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner and eyeglass cleaner and ammonia. My lenses are plastic with no coatings on them. I used a product called "Kleer Fog" which says its for glass or plastic lenses. It works keeping the fog/steam away but makes it impossible to keep them clean. EVERYTHING streaks now and they are always smeary. I don't think I can get the warranty because I used the product myself.

      I'm definitely going to try rubbing alcohol- and the hand sanitizer which is also alcohol. I'll let everyone know!

      Question: How To Clean Eyeglasses

      I am looking for tips for cleaning eyeglasses.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Holly [367]08/15/2007

      If the lenses have a coating, then an overnight soaking might ruin them.

      Question: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      The nose support of my eye glasses (little rubber parts) developed some green bacteria. I used alcohol wipes to get rid of the bacteria, but they re-develop after 2 weeks or so. Can you share a tip on how to solve this for good?

      By JohnC from Seattle, WA

      Most Recent Answer

      By Betty [104]02/28/2010

      I can't answer you question but I had some replaced at one time and wasn't charged anything. It may have been Walmart; not sure but I'd call around.

      Question: Buying Commercial Eyeglass Cleaner in Bulk

      Where can I buy commercial liquid eyeglass cleaning solution in large amounts?

      By Harlan from Los Angeles, CA

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]04/10/2010

      I haven't worn glasses in 7 years, but if you seriously want commercial eyeglass cleaner in bulk, I'd suggest you try your local commercial supply house. Plan B? Ask your local optician where he or she buys. As I recall, however, commercial eyeglass cleaners are primarily isopropryl alcohol. It's much, much cheaper, under $1 a pint, I think. Why not consider stocking up on that instead?

      Question: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      I have those alcohol prep pads, can these be used to clean glasses?

      By Carol


      Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

      Archive: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      An easy way to clean your glasses lint free is to use coffee filters. An easy cleaner for your glasses is 1/2 alcohol and 1/2 water in a spray bottle.

      By Jan

      RE: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      I only need my glasses for reading so I always have them dangling from my neck using an eyeglass cord. They can get really dirty sometimes when I am cooking. So I wash my wire-framed glasses in my sink before I wash my dishes. I fill the sink as usual with dish detergent and hot water. I emerge the glasses in the water, remove and gently wash the lenses and frame. Rinse and dry. Not only are the lenses clean but the frames, too. (01/19/2005)

      By mkymlp

      RE: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      Another neat trick is to apply a small blob of shaving cream (not the gel kind) into both sides of the lens and buff it in and dry. Keeps your glasses from fogging up with temperature changes. Same trick applies on the bathroom mirror. CJ(01/20/2005)

      By cjgeo

      RE: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      I have found the easiest way to get rid of face oil on glasses is to wet them, and scrub gently with a soft toothbrush and foaming facewash. Then rinse with hot water and dry. (07/17/2005)

      By Hilary

      Cleaning Eye Glasses and Faucets

      Rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning eye glasses because it removes skin oil and doesn't smear the lens. It is also wonderful for cleaning faucets. It makes them shiny and new-looking. By SusannL (09/01/2005)

      By ThriftyFun

      RE: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      DON'T use coffee filters, facial tissues, or any other similar products. They are made from wood and can scratch your lenses. Use plain or soapy water to clean and rinse thoroughly. Dry with a soft cotton cloth. Never dry polish. (02/25/2008)

      By R.S.

      RE: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      Hillary, I trust you're talking about those super-soft toothbrushes made for infants and for adults with extremely delicate gums (like chemotherapy patients). Seems to me that the ones the toothbrush industry is currently labeling "soft" would be way too harsh.

      I rinse loose dust off, then use a drop of LOC (or dish detergent would do fine) and rub gently between my thumb and fingertips. I dry them with a clean, soft cotton rag. (Yes, I still save old underwear for rags!) mkymlp, I love your idea of washing them with the dishes! (06/10/2008)

      By lieast

      RE: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      This is a tip for anyone who has older glasses or perhaps scratch resistant glasses that have lost their scratch resistant coating. Put a drop or two of Rainx liquid on the surface of the lens and with a wet finger rub into the surface of the lens. This has a slight polishing effect and will make smaller scratches disappear (will not cure deep scratches). Repeat this process on both surfaces of both lenses.

      Then clean the glasses using a mild soap and warm water. The added benefit of this method is that the Rainex treatment will help to repel dust and moisture for a few weeks keeping the glasses cleaner over time. Also, the treatment will prevent condensation from forming on the lens for a few weeks. So if you constantly have problems of your glasses fogging up when you go out in the heat after being in the AC in your car this will prevent that. I used this trick when I worked at a restaurant and had to walk-in and out of a walk in refrigerator all day long.

      DO NOT USE RAINEX ON NEW GLASSES: it may damage the coatings, but if the coatings are already damaged this may prolong the life of your glasses. Also, if you have a problem with glasses slipping down off your face try putting a small amount of anti-perspiration on your nose, this prevents sweat from forming on your nose which will make the glasses slip. (09/09/2008)

      By Moish

      Archive: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      I bought eye glasses at BJs/Sam's club. I like the glasses, but they are the most difficult to clean. I used dish soap, it left smudges, cloth leaves smudges, etc. How do I clean them so I can see and not have smudges right after wiping them?

      By az2010 from Easthampton, MA

      RE: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      I was told never to use dish soap, because it can take off the anti glare coating of glasses. I think I would use water and a piece of tissue and then blow any lint off of the lenses. You can buy eyeglass cleaner and get free refills at Walmart whenever you go there. Hope this helped. (04/13/2009)

      By Robyn Fed

      RE: Cleaning Eye Glasses

      I use Windex or the equivalent. (04/16/2009)

      By mulberry204