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Selling Collectible Dolls

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Collectible Dolls

Whether you need extra money or space, sometimes selling a doll collection is necessary. This is a guide about selling collectible dolls.


Solutions: Selling Collectible Dolls

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Tip: Contact "Pawn Stars" TV Show About Collectibles

I read most of the questioners about a way to sell "collector dolls". I am a collector also, and it hit me that maybe I should suggest the TV show,
PAWN STARS" might just be interested.

They are located in Las Vegas, NV. Maybe by contacting them, you
can confirm whether or not they can do business with you other than
having to go to Vegas to deal.

    By Esther C. [1]

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    Here are questions related to Selling Collectible Dolls.

    Question: How Do I Sell Collectible Dolls?

    I have several dolls I need to sell. How do I go about it and who could I contact to sell them? I have Prince Charles and Princess Diana wedding dolls, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, 3 Bob Mackie dolls, and 2 Princess Diana dolls, one in a white dress and one in blue velvet.

    By revay


    Most Recent Answer

    By Ramona [11]05/18/2011

    I would find a local auction that auctions collectibles.

    Question: Selling a Doll Collection

    I have somewhere between 1000 to 2000 dolls that I would like to sell. I would like to sell them all at one time. What is the best way to do that?

    By Robin


    Most Recent Answer

    By cybergrannie [32]04/18/2014

    Wow! That is a lot of dolls!
    There are several factors to consider; such as the maker and condition and if any are still in boxes. You would have to do a lot of research and as stated before; get more than one opinion.

    Dolls are very plentiful on the Internet so it is difficult to receive a "good" price, even for valuable dolls and "regular" dolls sell for only a few dollars.

    You may be "lucky" and find someone who wants this many dolls. I personally would estimate that - if sold as a lot - you would only receive about .25 to 50 cents per doll. This may sound low but I have a lot of dolls and do not kid myself as to their "true" value.

    Some dolls purchased 20-30 years ago - at prices well above 100.00 are now worth 15-20 dollars. Of course there are always exceptions.

    Good luck and I hope you make a lot of money!

    Question: Selling Collectible Dolls

    Due to difficult economic times, I am selling off things to bring in some money. I have several collector dolls from places such as Ashton Drake Galleries, Danbury Mint, Franklin Mint, that are closed issues now. Where is the best place to try an sell them? eBay doesn't seem to bring good sales for collector items.

    By nvfostermom from Las Vegas, NV

    Most Recent Answer

    By Zippy [2]01/19/2011

    Look on ebay and look at sold only to see what your type of doll has recently sold for. The post the for sale on Craigslist in your area. You might need to keep re-posting every week. Craigslist is free and the best way to sell. Selling on ebay is OK but you take a risk on the price and dolls aren't selling so good right now plus you have the packaging and shipping issue. You might have better luck selling all the dolls together as a 'lot', people seem to really like this. You won't get what you paid, so just decide on an amount and post them. Don't let greed get in the way of cash in hand.

    Question: Selling an Ashton Drake Gallery Doll

    I have a boxed 20" Ashton Drake Gallery doll with certification of authenticity. It's a real life like doll with baby clothes. I wish to sell it either directly or to a collector,not via eBay or gumtree. Please can you give me some advice? Thank you.

    By Lee

    Most Recent Answer

    By customer_inquiry03/23/2015

    Thank you for your post and interest in Ashton-Drake dolls. Unfortunately, we no longer have a secondary market for retired dolls. You may want to check eBay or visit an antique/doll shop to get a value for your ballerina doll. Good luck! Thank you, Chris

    Question: Finding the Value of Porcelain Dolls

    I have a least 10 collectible dolls for sale. I'm Melbourne Florida. I need to know the value. They are 10 to 15 years old.

    By Debra Carree from Melbourne, FL

    Most Recent Answer

    By cybergrannie [32]08/21/2014

    Check out answers on Thrifty site. Go to the top right of your screen and put porcelain dolls in search area... lots of information.

    Question: Selling a Doll Collection

    I am trying to sell four dolls. Their names are: Brook D-24, Victoria Ashlea, Megan #46026, and Kristal # 0099 1200. Any suggestions?

    By Luther

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]02/21/2014

    Google their worth. Then, see what people are selling them for on eBay, then decide if you want to take the hit on money whether you sell them or not. Try Craigslist but be prepared for spammers who just want you to link to their sites and make money.

    Sometimes a consignment shop is best. They pay for the advertisement, keep some and you get the rest. Your items are insured, and you can always take a photo of them and post it on facebook... thus giving them a shout out. Good for everyone. And finally, if you have facebook friends who love dolls, announce their sales on there. Good luck!!

    Question: Selling Collectible Dolls

    I have the complete set of the Effanbee Legend series dolls. I need to sell. How can I find someone interested in these dolls?

    By Karen

    Most Recent Answer

    By cybergrannie [32]09/07/2013

    Hi - not sure how many dolls you have as there is a very large number in the Legend series.

    A large group may be difficult to sell unless you have a local auction that deals in that type of merchandise - and a group will sell for a lot less than selling individual dolls.

    Check your dolls on eBay, Ruby Lane, Amazon. Google dolls by the series or individual names. You can get a good idea of what people are asking for each doll.

    Selling dolls at a decent price through these outlets takes a lot of work and time (usually months) unless you list them at a very low price. Groups sell but at a much lower price per doll.

    You might find a local shop that would be interested in buying as a group but expect to be quoted a low price (maybe even 10.00 per doll).

    Shipping is another story altogether! Dolls are difficult to ship so try to stay with local pickup.

    Selling on Craigslist can be done also but be very careful who you invite into your home to view your dolls.

    Question: Selling Collectible Dolls

    How can you find someone to buy collectable dolls?

    By JMB

    Most Recent Answer

    By cybergrannie [32]03/15/2013

    Hi - this question is asked almost every week and the answer is almost always the same. eBay is the biggest site for selling things like this. Do your research at eBay and Google. You will most likely be disappointed with the price they are selling - if they sell at all.

    Question: Selling a Doll Collection

    I have a collection of dolls from around the world. What would be the best way for me to sell them? They range from 15-20 years old.

    By Peg R

    Question: Value of a Mary Kay Collection Doll

    I have a doll, Emily, of American Girl, Mary Kay collection. She is 18 inches, she is #4 of 50, from 1993.
    She is in her original outfit and in like new condition, no box.

    By Linda

    Question: Selling a Doll Collection

    John WayneI inherited about 50 dolls from my mother when she passed. I need to find a doll collector to sell these dolls. Some are very old and have real hair and glass eyes. Some are jointed and some are filled with sawdust. She had every doll imaginable. How do I find a dealer to help me sell them? Anybody got any connections or contacts? Some might even be museum quality. They are beautiful. Please help. She even had a very rare John Wayne doll that was part of a limited amount that were made to help fund cancer research. It is still in the box with its certificate.

    By Vicki

    Question: Selling Dolls from Germany

    I have several dolls I bought when I lived in Germany. I was told they were collectables. How do I find out for sure?

    By Jennifer E

    Question: Value of 1962 Midge Barbie Doll

    I have a 1962 Midge Barbie doll in the box. What is the value?

    By Linda from Austin, TX

    Question: Selling Rustie Collectible Dolls

    I have a 42 inch Rustie doll named Audro. How can I find out her selling price and history so I can list her?

    By Georgette from Dayton, OH