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Getting Rid of Fleas in Human Hair

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Man scratching his head.
Sometimes in the case of a bad flea infestation, fleas will also get into the hair of the pet's owners. This is a guide about getting rid of fleas in human hair.


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November 23, 20161 found this helpful

This is a guide about getting rid of fleas in a toddler's hair. Children can pick up fleas from infested pets.

A toddler itching her head.

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August 31, 20130 found this helpful

I have a daughter and found out at the salon that she has fleas. What can I treat her with to get rid of the fleas and their eggs all at once and what can I put in her hair daily, to keep them from jumping on her head? Please help, I may have them too.

By Brandy

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September 18, 20130 found this helpful
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If you have pets in your home and are not keeping them treated for fleas, you won't stop infestation. The drops applied monthly I think work the best. You need to vacuum and mop then apply a residual bug spray in the house; these are in a gallon jug with pump sprayer and kill bugs up to a year. For your hair, tea tree shampoo, it repels them. This will help, but I have to stress, if you have pets, you have to keep them treated, for their health and yours.

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August 30, 2016

8 weeks ago I my scalp started itching. When I combed my hair out over the bathroom basin these black things come out. I assumed they were lice, so over the following 2 weeks I spent a lot of money on different products. However I still had them. I went to a lice specialist who had one of those special head covers, but she couldn't find anything.

So I came home thinking OK, perhaps they've gone, but just 3 hours later the itching started again. I do have a dog, but she has had so many baths and treatments for fleas. I did take her to the vet to have her checked out. He confirmed she didn't have fleas.

Anyway the more research I did online the more I've become convinced they are no lice but fleas as I recognised all 4 images from the life cycle of fleas image I found online. I have tried cider vinegar, tea tree oils, medicated shampoos, salt you name it I've tried it. I shower twice a day washing my hair and putting lots of conditioner on to comb though my hair with a nit comb. Yet the little so and sos are still with me. For the 1st hour after my shower my head feels fine, then it starts to itch and I find little black dots all around my neck and chest area. So I go upstairs and wash them away with a flannel, whilst at the same time combing my hair over the wash basin where more come out, sometimes long straight things. Embarrassingly once when I was showering one came from my crotch area too.

When I go to bed I'm no longer putting a duvet or sheet over me so I can see what the back sheet looks like in the morning. It's usually got white specks all the sheet, which I'm presuming are eggs. Once in a while I'm woken by something biting my legs and when I look there is one of this white spots under my leg or foot.

This is us seriously wearing me down mentally and reduces me to tears on a regular basis. I don't know what else to do hence why I'm asking if amybody has a solution as I'm seriously thinking the only way to get rid of them is to cut all my hair off as I am desperate, but as a woman that would be drastic measures.

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November 13, 20163 found this helpful
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Check with a doctor before taking this advice. I don't know your health status-meds.

I took 2 tbs of unprocessed Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. 1 tbs in am. &1 tbs before bed. Put it in juice to mask the taste. I use apple or grape juice. Rinse mouth out with milk so acidity doesn't ruin tooth enamel. I did this and starting seeing a huge difference after 3 days.

I vacuumed every day, and purchased a spray with an IGR, (This is an insect growth Regulator). IGRS stop the flea life cycle. IGRS are strong enough to kill all stages of life including larvae, pupae, egg, adult. I purchased Armor & Conquer. Just google it and purchase it online. I sprayed it on my couch, under my couch, under my cushions, basically on floors. Be careful not to get on humans or pets.

Vacuuming every day is key. I did downstairs 1 day, and upstairs the next.

* For dogs: Bathe in Blue Dawn Liquid Soap. Lather and rinse after 15 minutes. Keep pets head and mouth above water so they don't drowned(had to say it). Blue Dawn Soap removes the oil from fleas and suffocates them. Obviously keep out of pets eyes, and soap around the outside of ears 1st to avoid fleas from going in the ears. Use warm water, not hot. Bathe every few days so not to dry out their skin.

* For humans: The ACV will up your blood PH, and lower any current infection that the fleas maybe drawn to.

* Bathe daily using Selsun Blue Anti~Dandruff Selenium Sulfide Shampoo.

Use a nit comb and comb through Pantene Conditioner removing eggs,fleas.

* You can also Blue Dawn& lather for 15 min.

Put Epson Salts in very warm Bath Water for humans. I use Doctor Teal's with Ginger and Clay. This removes toxins and the salt kills fleas.

* Wash bed sheets every day, wash and bag toys. Steam or wash window dressings.

* Spray 100% natural cedar oil in hair after shower-bath. 5 ml cedar oil, to 16oz water, and 8 drops lemon grass essential oil. Put solution in spray bottle for hair. Fleas hate this.

I sprayed thud in my hair during day, and then put it in a bun.

* At night, or whenever you can attend candles: get a bowl of warm water, make suds w/ Blue Dawn, place floating tea lights or candle in center and light it. Fleas will be attracted to the light, jump in and drowned. I had a bowel in each rm.

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March 13, 20150 found this helpful

I had a cat called Max, but had to sell him and ever since they came to get him I've had fleas in my house. Now trying to get rid of them, but they keep coming back. I've been finding a few a day now and I am really concerned of having them in my hair. I need some help. Does anyone know where I can buy brewer's yeast to help get rid of them?

By Nicole C

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March 15, 20151 found this helpful
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You can use salt to kill fleas but not on your dog or cat as it will irritate their skin:

Obtain some highly refined household salt or sea salt. Make sure it is as finely ground as possible, almost to a powder consistency. Sprinkle it lightly but evenly over your carpet. Brush or rake it in. Leave this in your carpet for 12 to 48 hours, then vacuum thoroughly.

You must continue to use some method to kill fleas in your home every few days as salt kills fleas but not their eggs. The flea eggs keep dropping from your pets into your home and hatching into more fleas.

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August 12, 2010

How do I get fleas out of human hair?

By Kristy

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July 8, 20160 found this helpful

Sauve shampoo... BLUE COLOR ONLY

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November 26, 20140 found this helpful

My head was itching and when I scratched my head, I found a flea. I immediately took a shower and washed my hair very thoroughly. I didnt find any more fleas but when I scratched my head again, under my fingernails I found little black spots. I know for a fact that they are not head lice or hatched fleas. Are they flea eggs? What are they? How do I treat them?

By Rebecca

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July 3, 20170 found this helpful

It is "flea dirt" also know as poop. The insect consumes blood and flea dirt comes out. These little blood suckers also leave a tiny bit of blood after a meal and it dries dark, when you scratch your scalp, you get the stuff under your nails

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September 21, 20140 found this helpful

A friend's dog is the reason I have fleas in my home. I've tried sprays and smoke bombs and they're not going. When I smoke a fag (cigarette), they crawl all over my face coz they are in my hair. I saw you say to someone that they don't lay eggs in human hair coz they're not the host, but am I since I have no dog or cat? What should I do for me and my home? Please help it's embarrassing scratching 24/7 :-)

By Lou

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April 21, 20170 found this helpful

I've had this going on for 4 years now in Australia, saw a Dermatologist but they could see nothing on me after a full body examination that cost me AU$250. A let down for that kind of money. I believe it's in the air, the atmosphere caused by Geo-engineering (if you like to Google that one and do some research). It's the same reason the climate is changing and it's NOT us humans causing it, it's Military activity just like HAARP and weather and atmospheric manipulation dating back to the 60's!! They really want us all dead people.

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September 25, 20140 found this helpful

What are the products I can use for fleas and for lice in human hair?

By Dianna D

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April 17, 20170 found this helpful

No, it does not work. I tried it. Since the bleach is on the strands of hair, and the fleas are on the scalp, they can just hop to another spot. I have tried tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, rosemary in my hair and body. They keep coming back. I went on a vacation to Florida and I took them with me, and they came home with me. I have used swimming pools with chlorine and it does not work. I am taking a lot of garlic and cayenne pepper but still fleas will not leave me. My cats do not have them anymore, but I am left with them.

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January 23, 2012

How do I get rid of fleas in my hair?

By Hailey :) from Moore, OK

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September 8, 20131 found this helpful

You do note need toxic chemicals to get rid of fleas (or lice), you simply need to be vigilant and willing and able to spend the time to use a nit comb daily. I have found the toxic sprays do not work, anyway, as they cannot get the larvae. It's not easy to get them out, and I have not yet accomplished it with mine, but have just been told by a friend which remedies work best.

Tip: Whatever you do, do not go to an ER or bother with a doctor. They will likely believe you are having "delusional parasitosis".


All fleas can live in human hair with the absence of other, more preferred hosts, but there is one flea that loves human hair called a "Human Flea" or "City Flea" and it's scientific name is Pulex Irritans. I have that one, I believe.

It is notoriously difficult to get rid of, even hospitals get infested with them and have difficulty getting rid of them. I believe this is not just because the larvae are so incredibly virulent but also because it is almost impossible to see the fleas with the naked eye when they are at their first stages of development.


Flea larva are nearly impervious to all chemicals and they burrow deep into carpets and other areas and can live up to two years in dormancy. So be sure to treat your home, first:

Diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled everywhere as this dries out the larva. Just don't inhale it a lot as it will dry you out, too. Some pet stores sell it with names like "Fleabusters" and "Fleago" or you can get it at some garden centers.

Boric acid powder is supposed to be the very best because it gets down deep and keeps killing them for a couple years.

I am trying first a half/half mixture of salt and baking soda, another remedy I found that can dry them out.

For Hair and Body

It's possible all you need is a good citrus conditioner in your hair and a daily bath and shower and nit-combing until you find no more eggs. Citrus, peppermint, cedarwood, rosemary, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and some other ingredients that you can search for online all help repel fleas.

I found a very inexpensive "Rosemary Mint" shampoo and conditioner. Dandruff shampoos that have some of these natural ingredients added are also great as long as you wash them out soon enough and don't use them more often than recommended on the bottle, otherwise they could irritate your skin.

Other products that can be found in natural food stores and that kill bugs in the hair:

Neem oil spray: (I found Neem Oil Soap - couldn't find the spray but I like it - and Neem toothpaste as they got in my mouth as well.) You can find instructions for using it by doing an internet search.

Lemons: Take one lemon and cut it in slices. Soak the slices in very hot water. Leave them for 12 hours and then strain the water into a spray bottle and spray it all over you, letting it air dry.

Apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar can also be used) rinsed through after washing hair. Another rinse I've been told to use after washing is plain old mouthwash.

You can also bathe daily with bath salts that contain eucalyptus and/or make your own bath with neem or neem leaves if you can find them - both are said to kill fleas. Just make sure you put a shampoo and/or conditioner into your hair with flea-repellent ingredients while you bathe, then wash it out after.

I must add that there are a few hair products in the African-American hair section that contain ingredients great for repelling fleas with the added benefit of making it easier to get a nit comb through your hair - such as leave - in super moisturizing treatments with olive and tea tree oils. These are great for making it easier to comb out the flea eggs, etc. (And for people who have lice it's even more perfect as lice do not like clean, smooth, moisturized hair that is hard to latch onto, nor do they like thicker, curlier hair, so most people who get head lice have straighter, finer hair.)

Fleas have been around for 33 million years so they are well-adapted to survive. So continue whatever treatment seems to be working until you are 100% sure they are gone.

Hope that helps- Good luck!

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August 25, 2011

I have a question for your readers. Our dog has gotten a few fleas lately. We have treated the carpets and also the dog. Can fleas be passed onto humans in their hair as this is where they love to be on the dog?

Thanks for your replies.


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August 28, 20110 found this helpful

Jumping in to give a warning about tea tree oil. Please be sure to never treat a pet, especially small to medium dogs and any cats, with anything more than one drop of tea tree oil per teaspoon of carrier oil or water and make sure they do not ingest it in any way (like licking cleaning). Tea tree oil can cause poisoning, central nervous system, kidney and liver damage in not only pets but also in some humans especially if ingested.

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February 13, 20140 found this helpful

I have had no dog now for a year. 2 years ago I had my house sprayed with chemicals twice. I have got fleas; they are in my hair and bite my body. I am scratching all the time.

By Yvonne

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February 15, 20140 found this helpful

Are you sure they are fleas? Perhaps you have head lice or bed bugs?

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By 0 found this helpful
July 27, 2013

I have seen the treatments for the pets and the home, but how do we get them out of our hair? My granddaughter and I have it the worst. The guys just shave their heads, we can't do that, although, how we would love to. We have tried washing our hair with Dawn that is great for a day or two, but then they come back. It is so embarrassing, and annoying as well. Can someone please tell me how we can get them out of our hair for good.

By Susan B

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July 29, 20130 found this helpful

Smother head in hair conditioner. Then comb it through and it brings the nits out with it. Rinse afterwards. You may have to repeat in a day or so but it's much better than using chemicals. Use a fine toothed comb.

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October 19, 20140 found this helpful

My hair seems to be permanently infested with fleas. We have no pets, but have family who have and I know they have fleas. How do I get rid of them? I have called in the professionals to clear my home. How do I clear my self and my husband?

By Ida

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December 22, 20140 found this helpful

I've had fleas covering me. I feel them crawling by the hundreds as I lay in bed at night. I have found a couple in my hair, but I can't keep them held (they jump away almost instantly) but I have seen them. I have a dog. I've tried everything, but the solutoon was only temporary.

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September 6, 20130 found this helpful

How do you get them to go way and out of your hair?

By Kelsey

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October 18, 20130 found this helpful

I used mayonnaise on the hair and rubbed it in and let set for 15-20 minutes. I used this on my little dogs and no problems. It does take some suds to remove the mayo. Treated the yard with Diametacious Earth.

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By 0 found this helpful
May 31, 2015

Our dog recently got infested with fleas, even though we used Frontline. We went to the vet and got the flea, heartworm, parasite treatment. I have bombed, used spray, washed everything, we don't have carpet, I give our dog regular baths for fleas. Now for my question, the dog and my boyfriend constantly have fleas on them. We all share the same furniture and living areas, I never get them on me. Any ideas?

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May 31, 20150 found this helpful


The humble cat (cat, dog, etc.) flea is one of the most abundant and widespread species on Earth. You may have noticed that your dog and cat often choose different places to sleep in your house and outside. Your cat may have five or six favorite inside spots (usually in the sun) and outside even more. Many animals choose several places to sleep to avoid fleas. They might sleep in one spot for a few days and then another for a day or two. This sleep pattern breaks the flea life cycle and does reduce the effectiveness of flea attacks as adult fleas only live for a few days. However, some can live up to one hundred days in a good food environment. As you will see, the flea has a complicated life and you and your pet are invited!

My husband is an entomologist so I speak with first hand knowledge and experience.

Flea eggs do not stay on your pet, they quickly drop or roll off as they do not stick to anything. The fleas you find in your house hatched from the flea eggs that fell off of your pet. Flea eggs are tiny and opaque white or almost colorless. The fleas you may see on your cat or dog are immature fleas from eggs on the floor or outside that hatched into fleas and jumped back onto your dog. You will also see (many!) small black dots on your dog but these are only flea feces.

The flea eggs in your home and outside are the real problem. Just one female flea can produce 40-50 eggs per day. The eggs fall off into your house and outside so, either way, your dog or cat will then again attract the immature and adult fleas both inside and outside which are the children from flea parents that may still be living on your cat or dog.

Any dish detergent bath may wash away or possibly kill some fleas on your pet, however, not all fleas are killed. In a bath many migrate up to the head and ear area and then, once the bath is over, travel back to their favorite spots, usually on the back. If you use dish detergent, you can seriously dry the animals skin and may cause skin rashes, an allergic reaction, etc., and you are not addressing the real problem. The thousands of flea eggs that exist all the time in your house and outside hatch and then jump back onto your dog or cat (and you-only a flea knows why she is attracted to one person and not another!). So, you and your pets are locked into the everlasting cycle in the life of fleas.

A search online for how to kill fleas brings up many ideas for bathing, applying natural and awful sprays, etc., but these only address the fleas on your pet. Rarely do they address the bigger problem as a whole. You can check this site for answers that address your pet, your home and the outside. As you will see, flea prevention is a much larger problem than just giving your dog a bath.

http://www.theb … et-rid-of-fleas/

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October 11, 20140 found this helpful

I have had lice in the past (horrid experience) and I remember when I was getting them out of my head they crawled. Earlier today I shook my head and say a brown creature no bigger than the pin of a needle fall out and hop away. A month prior my cat caught a bunch of fleas, which we treated. What was it, and how would I go about making sure they never return?

By Gerald from Vancouver

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October 11, 20140 found this helpful

First off lice don't hop. Most likely a flea. They might bite but they don't live on humans like they do animals. If are worried, here are some things to combat the problem.

Fleas love warm climates, so they love warm water. Put some water in a pie tin and put a couple drops of dish washing liquid in. This breaks up the surface adhesion and they drown. Then set it under a night light or safe lamp set on a flat surface (carpeting is too unstable). Then sprinkle salt in your carpeting and let set for overnight. You can do both in the same night if you want. Vacuum well the next day, maybe lowering the level on the vacuum to get way down in it.

And finally, buy some Brewers Yeast tablets for your cat. They love them, and they make their blood undesirable to the fleas.

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November 4, 20130 found this helpful

I am an animal lover. About 3 months ago, my neighbors went on vacation (please be patient, it's relevant to the type of person I am) and stuck a collar and tag on their cat. I started feeding the kitty, and about a month in, I noticed he is declawed, with a bell on his collar. I got worried, I do volunteer work at my local shelter. The "kitty" couldn't hunt, or anything (I was feeding him daily, but only once, per what I could afford.) At first, I felt OK with this "unspoken arrangement" until I learned he was declawed! So, I immediately took him in. (I have 2 cats, 1 male, 5 years old and a female about 1.5 years old. They never go outside in spring and fall I treat my 2 with Pet Armor.) I have never had a flea problem doing this regimen.

The next day, even though they didn't need it, I dosed the cats with the flea medicine. The neighbors have, after the 3 months of my taking care of their cat. (There was not even a thank you, just a "he must've gotten the fleas outside, we don't have fleas" statement!) I treated all 3 cats, at my expense. (I wanted to place the cat away from his negligent owners, but no luck. I had to return him. He was in my window, they could see him). After the treatment, I treated again 30 days later.

Now I am experiencing troubles with fleas. I continue to treat, per directions, but tonight I found a bug by my ear. At first, I thought it's just an itch, I scratched. Just a moment later, the same area "tickled" again. This time I assumed it was a flea and instead of scratching, pitched and grabbed. It was a bug, but only half. Now about 10 years ago my daughter brought home lice. How can I tell what is which? She is still in school and has elementary school age step sisters.

Even after a 4th treatment my cats still scratch. I vacuumed daily. Will lice medicine kill fleas? This bug was by my ear! I don't know what to do. This is so embarrassing.

By bug unfriendly

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November 5, 20130 found this helpful

What did the bug look like?

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October 12, 20130 found this helpful

My little girl has flea eggs in her hair. How do you get rid of them?

By Nekiya from Troy, NY

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October 14, 20130 found this helpful

In a child's hair they are more likely to be lice eggs. The adult sticks eggs to the hair shaft, and you can purchase a lice treatment kit from a drug or grocery store to remove them. Follow all the instructions exactly, including any housekeeping instructions, to get rid of them all. I was a cosmetologist, and if I recall correctly fleas don't lay eggs on humans, as they are not their chosen host.

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May 22, 20140 found this helpful

How long do fleas have to be in human hair before laying eggs?

By Kissie

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April 23, 20140 found this helpful

I have fleas from my cat in my hair and in my bed. ;( Help!


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August 12, 20100 found this helpful

I have super long hair and think that I may have caught fleas in my hair. My cat has fleas. I don't see them, but I itch. Could it be the hebe jebes? If not, what can I do to get rid of them?

By Kricket from CA


Fleas in My Hair!

Fleas will bite a person, but they will not live in a person's hair. People are not at the same body temp as cats and dogs. (at least that is what we were taught at nursing school, and what my textbooks say!). They can be on your person and bite, but will not stay for any length of time, or lay their eggs there. (03/25/2010)

By mom-from-missouri

Fleas in My Hair!

This happened to me when I was a teenager. I caught fleas from my cat named Cricket. Strange coincidence. I took a bath and shampooed my hair, making a lot of lather. Then I put all my hair underwater so only my face was above the surface of the water and drowned the little buggers. It worked for me. Good luck! (03/29/2010)

By dlginlove

Fleas in My Hair!

My five year old daughter comes home from a weekend visit with her father with fleas in her hair. They have five large dogs! She just came back from a visit vigorously scratching her head. She has very thick hair. I found two fleas roaming her head and several black dots (eggs) on her scalp. I killed the visible fleas and cracked the eggs with my thumb nails. I thoroughly washed her hair. I found no visible fleas or eggs and the scratching stopped. I wash the bedding, vacuum everything, including mattresses and I am sure to clean out my vacuum after. I go through this twice a month. Yes, humans can carry fleas. (04/05/2010)

By Hayley1518

Fleas in My Hair!

Hayley1518, I just wanted to let you know that the little brownish dots are not flea eggs, but are flea poop. The eggs are about the same size and are white.

If this is happening every time your daughter visits her daddy it's time to request the family court to order him get rid of the fleas for health reasons! (04/06/2010)

By Deeli

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March 25, 20100 found this helpful

How to get rid of fleas in human hair?

Ruth from MO


Fleas in My Hair!

Yes, a human can be infested with fleas. My sitter has dogs and tall grass and my 19 month old has a head full of fleas. I was told to treat it with the Lice shampoo along with maybe using mayonnaise and a fine tooth comb. I have never experienced anything like this, but it is indeed true. (08/17/2007)

By summer27

Fleas in My Hair!

I can't believe what I'm reading. Have you people with the flea problems been spot treating your animals with the product your vet recommends? There are several. I had flea problems before these products came out, and I used Raid Flea Spray in the house and it worked well. Perhaps they still sell it.

I have four dogs and a cat, and I don't have this problem because I spot treat each pet every single month. At this point I'm using Advantix, but I'm going to switch to Advantix Multi (script required from vet). You can buy these flea spot products at pet stores as well as vets. Stay away from Hartz or other companies that are best know for toys, etc. Get the product made from a pharmaceutical or chemical company like Bayer or the like. Some swear by Frontline Plus, and it worked for me until lately.

It has been a seriously bad year for fleas, so many people are having problems. If your having fleas in your hair, don't hesitate to call a veterinarian or a pest control company for professional advice. There's no reason for this problem in this day and age. Good luck. (08/21/2007)

By Stngray

Fleas in My Hair!

Peppermint soap is awesome. Mix a small amount with shampoo for people and also for pets, leave in one minute and then rinse. Be sure and use hair conditioner afterward. Peppermint soap takes out the oil, but does kill fleas.

I have used it on dogs and cats with their baths. Then wait 3 days before applying Advantage either for dogs or cats on their necks. It takes 3 days for body oils to get back into the skin. (08/21/2007)

By makm33135

Fleas in My Hair!

We just rescued a stray white puppy who was covered in fleas. We didn't have any animal flea shampoo so our vet recommended, believe it or not, Dawn dishwashing detergent. You could try that because it really does kill the fleas. Since Dawn gets rid of grease, if I were you and you used this, I would make sure I use a good conditioner after the Dawn. Hope this helps. Goodluck. I hate fleas. (08/21/2007)

By Doodles808

Fleas in My Hair!

I am at wits end with these silly fleas. So I was looking around on Google the other day and found this product called Flea Beacon. It is made by Happy Jack. It is just a trap that actually works. No chemicals or anything, it is a light in a box with sticky paper. I got it last night at 9pm and this morning the paper was almost full and I did not wake up with any new bites. They can be moved around the house from room to room, they are awesome. It saves me from putting any additional chemicals in my house, which is great considering I have 3 young kids. I hope if anyone else tries it they get the same results. Good luck to you all. (09/02/2007)


Fleas in My Hair!

OK, everyone calm down, getting panicky about fleas only makes the problem worse. You do not need any chemical treatments or horrible flea bombs just buy a steam cleaner (currently $40 from amazon) and do all your house once over. That's mattresses, carpets (esp. the edges by the wall), your sofa cushions, and wash any bedding on 60 minutes, no detergent. This will kill all the fleas, larvae, and 80% of the eggs. The rest of the eggs unfortunately get stimulated into hatching, so ten days later you need to repeat the process.

Do this at the beginning of the summer every year and your problems will be solved. You need to Frontline your animals at the same time each year, but only one treatment per animal is necessary don't listen to money grabbing vets who say every 3 months, etc.

Believe me, I had fleas in my hair and my cats were mad with scratching, this works and you're not filling your house with horrible detergents. Type "steam clean fleas" into Google if you don't believe me. It's what all the allergy sites recommend.
Good luck and calm down. (09/02/2007)

By Jodee

Fleas in My Hair!

I was told by a breeder to use 10% rubbing alcohol and 90% water. Wash 3-4 times. It kills flea eggs instantly. (06/10/2008)

By Gina

Fleas in My Hair!

Vinegar kills bugs, plain white vinegar. Wash your hair with it, put it in a spray bottle and spray bedding and carpet. It also kill ants. You could try mixing it with shampoo so it will stay on your head. Leave on for about 10 minutes.

A tablespoon of tea tree oil in a bottle of shampoo, mix well and then shampoo. Keep your head back with both of these to not get it in your eyes. Leave on your head for about 10 minutes. Shampoo again in 7 to 10 days to get the eggs that may hatch.

Baking soda mixed in a spray bottle with some soap is a good bug repellent. It keeps mosquitoes off and you could probably spray the carpet with it. It is good for fungus on plants, too.

Hope that helps someone to find a cheap alternative and go green (no harsh chemicals and poisons).

By cc

Fleas in My Hair!

Sweat and more sweat. Make sure you are well hydrated, have plenty of salt in your system, and work up a good sweat. Do not shower until the sweat has dried on your body. The sweat/salt residue will repel the fleas. This is the reason why dogs and cats do have fleas and humans usually do not.
And no, salt is not bad for you it is essential for life. While many do have too much salt in their system, this is usually a function of too little sweating rather than too much intake. (10/14/2008)

By Ken

Fleas in My Hair!

I have been fighting fleas in my hair for three weeks. I've used every over the counter lice treatment and prescription treatment there is. My scalp is a mess. After reading one of the above posts, I put baking soda and water in a spray bottle and soaked my head. I then put on an old shower cap for about fifteen minutes then washed my hair with dish soap (Palmolive).

I couldn't believe it, the fleas were gone. After all those chemicals and all it took was baking soda and water and Palmolive. Thanks to the poster who suggested this. I'll finally get a good nights sleep. Thanks. (11/07/2008)

By Tennessee

Fleas in My Hair!

Treat the house, too. Put a flea collar in your vacuum's bag to keep them from reproducing there. Vacuum all the time, as in every day. Pour salt all over your carpet and leave for twenty four hours. I put salt everywhere, under the bedclothes, etc. Vacuum the salt up and then leave some more there again. Fleas hate salt.

Put a little Pine Sol in the laundry about a cap and a half. Fleas hate pine. Anything you treat with water will only kill fleas, it will not keep them from hatching.

Consult your doc on the flea problem. He will give you some ointment which is a pesticide cream. But treating the house is most important. Let us know how it goes.


By Racer

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