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Getting Rid of Fleas in Human Hair

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Man scratching his head.

Sometimes in the case of a bad flea infestation, fleas will also get into the hair of the pet's owners. This is a guide about getting rid of fleas in human hair.



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Question: Getting Rid of Fleas in Human Hair

Will washing your hair in bleach kill the fleas in it?


Best Answers

By Marg [16]09/03/2014

Please don't. Bleach will burn your head. Put lots of hair conditioner in your hair and use a fine-toothed (nit) comb and then rinse well. It works for nits and as Sandi said fleas will be easier to get rid of. Most of all, it's safe.
Marg from England.

Best Answers

By Fletcher Sandbeck [8]09/01/2014

No, don't bleach your hair.

Regular shampoo will help handle fleas in human hair. Some people also recommend washing your hair with plain Dawn dish soap.

If you have a flea problem in your house you should wash your clothes and bedding. If you have pets, make sure that you are handling their fleas since that is how most fleas get into the house.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas in Toddler's Hair

My daughter got fleas from my mom cats when they were infested (all but one has been treated now). The one cat not treated yet, keeps scratching herself open, so she can't be treated until the sores heal. Otherwise it could get in to her blood stream and poison her. I keep trying to pick them off, but her hair is so thick that it is very hard to get them unless they are at the hairline.

I need a shampoo recipe that I can quickly make at home to help her. Before someone says to make sure it is fleas and not lice, my daughter is only 19 months old and not in daycare. No one else in the house was exposed to lice so, I know it is fleas. I vacuum multiple times a day, and we keep the house as clean as possible. Please share a recipe to help my daughter, please!

By Deedra A


Most Recent Answer

By asalia12/01/2014

Guys I'm going threw the same thing with my Maltese I noticed he was constantly itching non stop. At first I thought he was allergic to his food but one day I bathed him & noticed black spots all over his belly & under his arms Boi o Boi. He was infested. I tried everything under the sun till someone told me ivory soap will kill them and I must say it helped a lot.

I let the soap sit on him for about 15 min just scrubbing him I repeated the bath for about three days straight then I came across a product called scratchex they sell it in Kmart that worked good as well now I'm moving on to a soap that saw a lady on you tube use which she makes herself made of cedarwood & tea tree oil & she bathed her small dog with & Omg I never seen so many fleas come off a dog at once. She barely scrubbed the dog, but it works wonders . It's good for dogs & humans. So here is her website for those in need... I will be ordering like five bars lol. Good luck to all & may you & pets find peace of mind.

Question: Fleas in My Hair!

How do I get fleas out of human hair?

By Kristy

Most Recent Answer

By wanda@sg12/27/2014

Yes, fleas can jump on human hair, mobile and even your laptop. As the eggs are very tiny, they can fly to your hair when you play with the pet or when your pet shake their fur. If there is no pet they will feed on human, not their best choice.

If you have fleas on your hair:

1) try apply a lot of conditional or baby oil on your hair and then use the fleas comb to comb them. Wash away the conditional with dawn dish wash or joy or any other dish wash. Repeat until you feel they are not biting your face.

2) cut your hair shorter will make it easier for you.

3) use dawn dish washer and let it sit for a 5-10 mins and then apply conditional to replenish the oil. Repeat until you feel they are gone. Then repeat every week for a while just to be safe.

4) use head and shoulder shampoo, let it sit for 5-10 mins, then wash off and apply conditional. Repeat daily till you feel they are gone.

5) you can use tea tree mix with water to repeal them but they will just jump into your house. So you do need to treat the house. But for prevention that is good. But if you spray your hair, you need to spray very little on your face (not so strong) or they will attack your face.

Remove all the hair brush as it will be easy for them to hide inside, try to use normal comb that you can wash with boiling water with soap water and then rise with water with 2 drop of tea tree oil.

Meanwhile, treat your pet, house, bedding and cloths.

Wash your cloths in hot wash will not kill them at once as they will keep jumping back so keep washing them until your house is clean.

I still have not find a way to get rid of them from mobile/ laptop/ hard disk. Just need to do regular maintainance to make sure we get rid of them.

And do take note of cloths / material / towel / rug that you buy from any shop that is not wrap up, best to wash them with hot wash the moment you reach home. Some people love to keep their new cloths when they get home, if there is a flea in any of them it will jump to the rest. Cloths that is manufacture in large quantity are all throw around on the floor before they appear in the store. So hot wash will kill the dust mite / fleas / whatever that come along. This is a good practice.

If you are wearing your shoe and walk on soil and dirty ground, then try not to store your shoe with your cloths. What jump on your shoe will then jump on your cloths since they are store in the same place.

Question: Fleas in My Hair

How do I get rid of fleas in my hair?

By Hailey :) from Moore, OK

Most Recent Answer

By Laura W.09/08/2013

You do note need toxic chemicals to get rid of fleas (or lice), you simply need to be vigilant and willing and able to spend the time to use a nit comb daily. I have found the toxic sprays do not work, anyway, as they cannot get the larvae. It's not easy to get them out, and I have not yet accomplished it with mine, but have just been told by a friend which remedies work best.

Tip: Whatever you do, do not go to an ER or bother with a doctor. They will likely believe you are having "delusional parasitosis".


All fleas can live in human hair with the absence of other, more preferred hosts, but there is one flea that loves human hair called a "Human Flea" or "City Flea" and it's scientific name is Pulex Irritans. I have that one, I believe.

It is notoriously difficult to get rid of, even hospitals get infested with them and have difficulty getting rid of them. I believe this is not just because the larvae are so incredibly virulent but also because it is almost impossible to see the fleas with the naked eye when they are at their first stages of development.


Flea larva are nearly impervious to all chemicals and they burrow deep into carpets and other areas and can live up to two years in dormancy. So be sure to treat your home, first:

Diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled everywhere as this dries out the larva. Just don't inhale it a lot as it will dry you out, too. Some pet stores sell it with names like "Fleabusters" and "Fleago" or you can get it at some garden centers.

Boric acid powder is supposed to be the very best because it gets down deep and keeps killing them for a couple years.

I am trying first a half/half mixture of salt and baking soda, another remedy I found that can dry them out.

For Hair and Body
It's possible all you need is a good citrus conditioner in your hair and a daily bath and shower and nit-combing until you find no more eggs. Citrus, peppermint, cedarwood, rosemary, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and some other ingredients that you can search for online all help repel fleas.

I found a very inexpensive "Rosemary Mint" shampoo and conditioner. Dandruff shampoos that have some of these natural ingredients added are also great as long as you wash them out soon enough and don't use them more often than recommended on the bottle, otherwise they could irritate your skin.

Other products that can be found in natural food stores and that kill bugs in the hair:

Neem oil spray: (I found Neem Oil Soap - couldn't find the spray but I like it - and Neem toothpaste as they got in my mouth as well.) You can find instructions for using it by doing an internet search.

Lemons: Take one lemon and cut it in slices. Soak the slices in very hot water. Leave them for 12 hours and then strain the water into a spray bottle and spray it all over you, letting it air dry.

Apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar can also be used) rinsed through after washing hair. Another rinse I've been told to use after washing is plain old mouthwash.

You can also bathe daily with bath salts that contain eucalyptus and/or make your own bath with neem or neem leaves if you can find them - both are said to kill fleas. Just make sure you put a shampoo and/or conditioner into your hair with flea-repellent ingredients while you bathe, then wash it out after.

I must add that there are a few hair products in the African-American hair section that contain ingredients great for repelling fleas with the added benefit of making it easier to get a nit comb through your hair - such as leave - in super moisturizing treatments with olive and tea tree oils. These are great for making it easier to comb out the flea eggs, etc. (And for people who have lice it's even more perfect as lice do not like clean, smooth, moisturized hair that is hard to latch onto, nor do they like thicker, curlier hair, so most people who get head lice have straighter, finer hair.)

Fleas have been around for 33 million years so they are well-adapted to survive. So continue whatever treatment seems to be working until you are 100% sure they are gone.

Hope that helps- Good luck!

Question: Can People Pick Up Fleas from Their Dogs?

I have a question for your readers. Our dog has gotten a few fleas lately. We have treated the carpets and also the dog. Can fleas be passed onto humans in their hair as this is where they love to be on the dog?

Thanks for your replies.


Most Recent Answer


Jumping in to give a warning about tea tree oil. Please be sure to never treat a pet, especially small to medium dogs and any cats, with anything more than one drop of tea tree oil per teaspoon of carrier oil or water and make sure they do not ingest it in any way (like licking cleaning). Tea tree oil can cause poisoning, central nervous system, kidney and liver damage in not only pets but also in some humans especially if ingested.

Question: Fleas in Human Hair

A friend's dog is the reason I have fleas in my home. I've tried sprays and smoke bombs and they're not going. When I smoke a fag they crawl all over my face coz they are in my hair. I saw you say to someone that they don't lay eggs in human hair coz they're not the host, but am I since I have no dog or cat? What should I do for me and my home? Please help it's embarrassing scratching 24/7 :-)

By Lou

Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]12/28/2014

Fleas can live on your scalp and lay eggs there, and you would be the host. Washing your hair with shampoo would drown them and rinse the eggs down the drain. It wouldn't however stop new fleas from jumping on you and moving to your scalp again. Once fleas are on you, they certainly can crawl to another area.

If the dog is infested with fleas, they are probably jumping on humans when you are outside too and coming in on you and your clothing. If they are that bad in your hair, your home is more-than-likely infested. An infestation happens quickly and takes lots of time and trouble to clear out. The sooner you start, the better.

Question: Fleas in My Hair

I have had no dog now for a year. 2 years ago I had my house sprayed with chemicals twice. I have got fleas; they are in my hair and bite my body. I am scratching all the time.

By Yvonne

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/15/2014

Are you sure they are fleas? Perhaps you have head lice or bed bugs?

Question: Fleas in Our Hair

I have a daughter and found out at the salon that she has fleas. What can I treat her with to get rid of the fleas and their eggs all at once and what can I put in her hair daily, to keep them from jumping on her head? Please help, I may have them too.

By Brandy

Most Recent Answer

By Godsgirl09/18/2013

If you have pets in your home and are not keeping them treated for fleas, you won't stop infestation. The drops applied monthly I think work the best. You need to vacuum and mop then apply a residual bug spray in the house; these are in a gallon jug with pump sprayer and kill bugs up to a year. For your hair, tea tree shampoo, it repels them. This will help, but I have to stress, if you have pets, you have to keep them treated, for their health and yours.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas in Human Hair

I have seen the treatments for the pets and the home, but how do we get them out of our hair? My granddaughter and I have it the worst. The guys just shave their heads, we can't do that, although, how we would love to. We have tried washing our hair with Dawn that is great for a day or two, but then they come back. It is so embarrassing, and annoying as well. Can someone please tell me how we can get them out of our hair for good.

By Susan B

Most Recent Answer

By Marg [16]07/29/2013

Smother head in hair conditioner. Then comb it through and it brings the nits out with it. Rinse afterwards. You may have to repeat in a day or so but it's much better than using chemicals. Use a fine toothed comb.

Question: Getting Rid of Flea Eggs

My head was itching and when I scratched my head, I found a flea. I immediately took a shower and washed my hair very thoroughly. I didnt find any more fleas but when I scratched my head again, under my fingernails I found little black spots. I know for a fact that they are not head lice or hatched fleas. Are they flea eggs? What are they? How do I treat them?

By Rebecca

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [418]11/29/2014

If they are nits from lice, you can do the same killing with Mayonnaise.
You may want to keep a few of them inside a folded up piece of clear tape, sealed on all four sides, and do a google search that identifies them for you. Match the photo with the tape and you will have the problem half solved. Other than that, you may want to seek help for skin problems. I hope this helped.

RE: Getting Rid of Flea Eggs

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas in Human Hair

My hair seems to be permanently infested with fleas. We have no pets, but have family who have and I know they have fleas. How do I get rid of them? I have called in the professionals to clear my home. How do I clear my self and my husband?

By Ida

Most Recent Answer

By fleaman612/22/2014

I've had fleas covering me. I feel them crawling by the hundreds as I lay in bed at night. I have found a couple in my hair, but I can't keep them held (they jump away almost instantly) but I have seen them. I have a dog. I've tried everything, but the solutoon was only temporary.

Question: Treatment for Fleas and Lice in Human Hair

What are the products I can use for fleas and for lice in human hair?

By Dianna D

Most Recent Answer

By Rae B. [2]10/09/2014

Whomever has the lice or fleas needs to color their hair using a matching color permanent hair coloring. It works a lot better than the nit killing products.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas in My Hair

How do you get them to go way and out of your hair?

By Kelsey

Most Recent Answer

By Oneta Mutchler [11]10/18/2013

I used mayonnaise on the hair and rubbed it in and let set for 15-20 minutes. I used this on my little dogs and no problems. It does take some suds to remove the mayo. Treated the yard with Diametacious Earth.

Question: Fleas or Head Lice

I have had lice in the past (horrid experience) and I remember when I was getting them out of my head they crawled. Earlier today I shook my head and say a brown creature no bigger than the pin of a needle fall out and hop away. A month prior my cat caught a bunch of fleas, which we treated. What was it, and how would I go about making sure they never return?

By Gerald from Vancouver

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [418]10/11/2014

First off lice don't hop. Most likely a flea. They might bite but they don't live on humans like they do animals. If are worried, here are some things to combat the problem.

Fleas love warm climates, so they love warm water. Put some water in a pie tin and put a couple drops of dish washing liquid in. This breaks up the surface adhesion and they drown. Then set it under a night light or safe lamp set on a flat surface (carpeting is too unstable). Then sprinkle salt in your carpeting and let set for overnight. You can do both in the same night if you want. Vacuum well the next day, maybe lowering the level on the vacuum to get way down in it.
And finally, buy some Brewers Yeast tablets for your cat. They love them, and they make their blood undesirable to the fleas.

Question: Fleas or Head Lice?

I am an animal lover. About 3 months ago, my neighbors went on vacation (please be patient, it's relevant to the type of person I am) and stuck a collar and tag on their cat. I started feeding the kitty, and about a month in, I noticed he is declawed, with a bell on his collar. I got worried, I do volunteer work at my local shelter. The "kitty" couldn't hunt, or anything (I was feeding him daily, but only once, per what I could afford.) At first, I felt OK with this "unspoken arrangement" until I learned he was declawed! So, I immediately took him in. (I have 2 cats, 1 male, 5 years old and a female about 1.5 years old. They never go outside in spring and fall I treat my 2 with Pet Armor.) I have never had a flea problem doing this regimen.

The next day, even though they didn't need it, I dosed the cats with the flea medicine. The neighbors have, after the 3 months of my taking care of their cat. (There was not even a thank you, just a "he must've gotten the fleas outside, we don't have fleas" statement!) I treated all 3 cats, at my expense. (I wanted to place the cat away from his negligent owners, but no luck. I had to return him. He was in my window, they could see him). After the treatment, I treated again 30 days later.

Now I am experiencing troubles with fleas. I continue to treat, per directions, but tonight I found a bug by my ear. At first, I thought it's just an itch, I scratched. Just a moment later, the same area "tickled" again. This time I assumed it was a flea and instead of scratching, pitched and grabbed. It was a bug, but only half. Now about 10 years ago my daughter brought home lice. How can I tell what is which? She is still in school and has elementary school age step sisters.

Even after a 4th treatment my cats still scratch. I vacuumed daily. Will lice medicine kill fleas? This bug was by my ear! I don't know what to do. This is so embarrassing.

By bug unfriendly

Most Recent Answer

By purpleroseb28 [1]11/05/2013

What did the bug look like?

Question: Getting Rid of Flea Eggs in Child's Hair

My little girl has flea eggs in her hair. How do you get rid of them?

By Nekiya from Troy, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]10/14/2013

In a child's hair they are more likely to be lice eggs. The adult sticks eggs to the hair shaft, and you can purchase a lice treatment kit from a drug or grocery store to remove them. Follow all the instructions exactly, including any housekeeping instructions, to get rid of them all. I was a cosmetologist, and if I recall correctly fleas don't lay eggs on humans, as they are not their chosen host.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

I had a cat called Max, but had to sell him and ever since they came to get him I've had fleas in my house. Now trying to get rid of them, but they keep coming back. I've been finding a few a day now and I am really concerned of having them in my hair. I need some help. Does anyone know where I can buy brewer's yeast to help get rid of them?

By Nicole C

Question: Fleas in Human Hair

How long do fleas have to be in human hair before laying eggs?

By Kissie

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas in Hair

I have fleas from my cat in my hair and in my bed. ;( Help!


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