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Collecting Child Support from Social Security After Parent Dies

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If my ex-husband died and he still owed a lot of back child support can I still receive support from his social security?

By Elizabeth


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By Eileen M. [53]09/01/2011

Check with your local SS office, ASAP! They will not backdate the award to the date of death, only to the date you apply for the benefits. Get in there with your documentation and go for it! Good luck!

By Anonymous [848]09/01/2011

As already mentioned you need to go to your local Social Security office. Someone will either interview you, first come first serve, then or make an appointment for an interview later to see if you and your children are eligible.

You will be given an application and instructions that will give you a list of all of the documents you will need to copy for them (which will most likely include his death certificate, yours and your childrens birth certificates and social security numbers, proof of your income, any property you own, etc) to submit along with your application. Keep copies of everything you submit and everything you receive from SS in a file folder in case you need it in the future.

If he does die, or already did die, you could go to your local probate court and see if there is any way to petition to collect at least some of the back support via property he may owned.

By kealey [2]09/01/2011

You can get survivors benefits. It's split among all his kids. Just go to office.

By Lilac [18]09/01/2011

No matter what we say, the only way you can get any benefits is to apply so go to your SS office and check it out.

By Deanj09/01/2011

Why not contact your local social sercurity office and ask them. They would be your best source for information regarding your type of question. You can contact them on line, by phone or in person.

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