Finding the Value of Paradise Galleries Dolls?

December 17, 2020

A princess doll in ornate clothing.I have 4 princess original Paradise dolls given to me by my grandmother. How much would they be worth?


Value of Paradise Dolls?
A princess doll in a yellow dress.
A princess doll in a fancy dress.


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Paradise Galleries and other companies mass produced this type doll and now the market is flooded with thousands of similar dolls and, sadly, sales are very slow and when one is sold, the selling price is generally less than $25.
There are some special dolls that will occasionally sell for more money but I can find no evidence that any of your dolls are 'special' which just means the value will most likely be under $25 for any one of your dolls. Also, the dolls that are selling, even at $25 or less are more often new, still in the box with COA.


I will comment on your first picture. Her name is: Princess and the Pea and there are several of this same doll listed for different prices on eBay (and other sites as well). These show asking price which only shows a price the seller would like to receive for their items.

I found one of these doll that recently sold on eBay for $13.50 plus shipping. This sold price would represent the current value of this doll as it shows what someone was willing to for this item.
Your doll may be in the same condition or better condition but the price will not vary very much. The only problem with showing items that have sold is that we have no way to know how long this doll has been listed for sale - maybe not very long or could have been listed for months/years before it sold.

This dolls sold for $25.99 plus shipping:

There are presently over 2,500 Paradise Galleries dolls listed for sale on eBay. Of course, these are all sizes/types and prices but it is estimated that less than 10% will ever sell and a very high percentage of those will sell for less than $25.
As a general rule the only dolls that sell for more will be the larger dolls - 30" - 48" or very special dolls.
The only way that most people can actually find the same dolls (to try and determine value) is by doing a visual search and that can be a long and tedious job as there are so many styles to search. You can narrow the search by using sizes and words that describe your dolls but then other sellers of the same doll may not list theirs with the same words so it winds up being a 'visual' search. Most of the dolls do not have available names as the names were usually listed on the original tags and most of these will not be available anymore. If you look at the dolls listed for sale the majority will not have names.


You can also check out eBay's sold listings to see if you see any of your other dolls and also see what people are actually paying for these dolls.

Hopefully other members will offer suggestions on the value of your dolls.
Here is a link that has answers to similar questions.

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How tall are these?20 inches?

Are they signed by Linda Mason?

Do you have the boxes and all the paperwork?

I see people asking a lot for the 2004 Mason series, set of 4 pristine in the boxes, but I have never seen them sell at those high prices (in the high $500 range for the set so approx. $125 each).


The REALITY is I have seen the 20 inch Mason dolls actually SELL, separately between $4 and $30 each. The low prices are just the doll, the price increases significantly when there is a box and COA and even more to the $30 range when they are never unboxed.

Why some people list the 20 inch Mason dolls so valuable and they sit unsold, is I think they think these are the same or similar enough to another set by the same company, that are 32 or 36 inches (can't remember which) but another princess series, from a different artist--Rupert or Ruppert is the last name. Those princesses ARE REALLY getting decent money--with pristine, never unboxed selling for upwards of $299 each.

I am going by memory and if I can find my notes, I will confirm, but this feels like what is happening.


So depending on the size and signature, you have totally different values. If they are unmarked, there may be a third series I am totally not remembering, in which case, I will have to go back to the drawing board to figure a value.

Thanks for sharing!

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April 9, 2021

How much is this doll worth?

A Native American doll.


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Paradise Galleries made a lot of different Native American Dolls but they overproduced most of their dolls and even the Native American dolls are generally low value dolls.
The market is flooded with all brands, styles, sizes of dolls and this makes it difficult to even sell a doll - no matter the kind or price.

You cannot determine value by a seller's asking price as anyone can ask any price they wish. Value can only be determined by sold prices as this shows what someone was willing to pay for that item.

You do not state the size of your doll but she does appear that her clothes and hair need attention but it looks like she is new?
A large majority of the dolls listed for sale will be new in a box with all papers so that is not anything special.
It appears that your doll is more or less just a regular Paradise Galleries Native American Doll which puts her in the lower level of the average price being paid for these dolls.
You can check out eBay's sold listings to see what similar dolls are selling for. Most dolls sell for under $25 and only a few will sell for more money. The next problem is we have no way to know how long any of these dolls were listed for sale before they actually sold as sellers leave dolls listed for sale for months/years and a lot never sell.

You may find some useful information from past answers:

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Paradise Galleries has several Native American Doll collections. Prices range from $19.50 to $75
You didn't write the size of your doll. Therefore, it was a little difficult to understand which collection your doll belongs to. But I noticed that your doll has a pink label with white polka dots. I looked at labels on almost all Paradise Galleries Native American dolls. Mostly they have solid pink labels, some elongated. Only Treasury Collection Native American dolls had a label like your doll. The size of dolls in this collection is 24 inches.
You did not indicate whether your doll has a box and what condition it is in, whether there is a certificate. The price depends on it.

So, you have Treasury Collection Native American 24'' Doll by Paradise Galleries, the price is about $20-60. You can check the price here:,,,

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June 21, 2021

I have the set still wrapped in original boxes with authenticity certificate. Wondering the value of her.

A mother and child porcelain doll set.
The certificate of authenticity for a set of porcelain dolls.


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Judy is correct as this is a mass produced doll - information states 100 firing days - this just means they will produce as many dolls as demand and supply produces - could be 2,000 or 5,000.
New in box does not always mean very much as most of the dolls listed for sale will be shown as NIB - never opened.

Paradise Galleries
Vintage 18" Paradise Galleries Porcelain Doll With Baby Carriage
Large elegant porcelain women wears a white layered lace dress with pink accents and a bright pink hat.
-She has a lovely hand-painted bisque porcelain face with life-like eyelashes.
-Manufactured in 1998
-Designed by Patricia Rose

There are several of this same set listed for sale on eBay/online. The asking prices are low to high and most are new.
When searching for value you have to ignore asking prices and try to find an identical item that has sold as a sold price represents what someone was willing to pay.

I did find one used set that sold recently for $49.99 plus shipping but I do not believe this is a realistic value as similar dolls are selling for much money. However, it does show that someone paid this amount.

In another area I found a NIB set like yours that has been listed on eBay for $29.95 plus shipping for almost 3 years and has never sold.

Dolls are very slow sellers but occasionally one will sell quickly as there is no way to predict when a sale will happen.
It is always a good idea to start a sale with a higher price - $65? - and consider offers as you can always lower the price if you do not receive any offers.
You will need several very good pictures for your listing.

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May 18, 2020

I have an older doll wearing a pink dress and matching hat. Can anyone tell me about this doll? I tried to email Paradise Galleries, but they said they didn't have any information on retired dolls and to ask a doll collector.Information on a Paradise - Galleries Doll - doll in pink dress


Thank you.


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There were thousands of each type doll produced and most did not have a name so researching has to be done by 'sight' unless someone just happens to recognize your doll. That is the reason the companies tell visitors to ask a doll collector.
Very few companies keep records of discontinued dolls and you can easily see why - out of the thousands of similar dolls - how would they find your doll in their records?

You can search eBay or Etsy for your doll but eBay has 2,300 Paradise Galleries dolls up for sale right now and sometimes there are even more.
You will have to search for your doll by sight - you may be able to narrow the search by checking some of the features on the left of the eBay screen but it is a slow process.

You can also check the same way in sold listings and get an idea of their value - what people are paying for similar dolls.

You can search Google but it will be difficult to find your doll.

If you're interested in asking doll collectors you can try these two sites:

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Retired dolls is a very nice way of saying the company mass produces thousands of dolls each year. Dolls such as this are not highly sought after from doll collectors at all. Therefore to find out any information on the doll will be almost impossible. The only hope you do have is to check on some online sites that sell dolls like eBay or Esty. You will need to check there to see if anyone has listed this doll for sale. More than likely it will not be found and it can take years before anyone will try to sell one of these dolls.

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October 22, 2018

I have inherited many porcelain dolls and know nothing about them. I can't find the names and values of most. Is there anyone who can help?

Value of Paradise Galleries Porcelain Dolls - doll collection


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I will share with you the same advice I shared with another person who asked about selling dolls:

Before considering selling your dolls, you need to know exactly who/what they are and their value.

There are dolls out there worth nothing (some of which costs hundreds new sadly) and dolls worth thousands of dollars.
Taking the time to carefully research your collection will give you the best idea of how to proceed with selling or even if it is worth selling.

The best way to find the value is to look up each doll on eBay and go to the sold section to see what people are paying for them. This gives you the current market value.

Research is easy when you know the doll maker. With these steps:
Look at the box or the dolls neck, back, feet, butt for markings and determine who she is. If she has a certificate of authenticity, that should tell you all you need to know.

1. Type the dolls info into eBays search engine
2. Click to search
3. Go to the left side of the screen and click sold auctions
4. Match your doll to the photo and that gives you the value (SOLD = VALUEasking price only = what the seller thinks it is worthNEVER use asking price to value something).
5. If your dolls are not found in the sold section, unclick the sold button and look to see what people are askingthat does not give you a value (value is only what people pay), but it will show you what people think they are worth. It can give you a VERY LOOSE starting point, but usually asking price is not helpful for valuing anything.

Since you said you can't find the names, the next best thing is to scale back the info in the Search Engine if you can't find the exact match the first time.meaning search by 18 inch blond doll red dress. Sometimes you just have to put in blond doll and look through thousands to find a math. It can be tedious, but if you love to research, it is a FUN challenge!

Keep track of your findings on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet.

Note SELLING PRICE and what people charged for shipping.
Shipping info important to determine value as if someone sold a 10.00 doll with free shipping, the value is going to be pennies as it costs to ship in free shipping means that comes out of the SELLER (YOUR) pocket, but if someone charge 10.00 shipping, the BUYER pays that and the doll value would be the selling price plus the shippingif you decide to try to sell them in a local market like Facebook Market Place or Craigs List or LetGo etc.

Once you know all your valuesthen you can determine how or if you want to sell, keep, donate, find a child who will love them.
Selling dolls on eBay (and Etsy) is a tedious process and your profit (value is what you ask, profit is what you get after everyone takes their fees) is small since the fees are killer.

Shipping them is even worse as they are so fragile and must be packed very carefully. If you dont figure shipping right you can end up losing the value of the doll and more, which is why I tell everyone if you are going to sell, package and weigh the doll BEFORE you list it so you put it into eBays calculator correctly DO NOT let eBay calculate the shipping cost. It is wrong almost always!

That all said, eBay and maybe Etsy, are the best places to get the most value (and profit) for dolls if you have rare, old and valuable dolls. JUST OVER PACKAGE (layer after layer of bubble wrap, air pillows, cardboard etc.) The USPS is rough on need package carefully and make sure to do this BEFORE you list so you can weigh the doll wrapped and charge the right shipping. I have forgotten to do this sometimes and sadly lost money on shippingdont be in a hurry about this like me :(

If you find that many of your dolls have little or no value (like under $10) you could consider grouping like brands together to sell as a lot which in selling lingo is selling 2 or more items together (like mentioned abovethrough Facebook Marketplace, Craigs List,, Let Go etc.)

The local sales bypass the terrible challenges of shipping, BUT require someone come to your house to get the item or you meeting them in a SAFE PUBLIC PLACE! That can also be a hassle.

Also for low value dolls you can also consider finding a consignment shop to sell them for you (which means they set the value and split the profits with youa great option if you can find a consignment store who will take them as many have a GLUT of dolls and dont deal in them.

OR, if you can take the tax write off, consider donating them to a place where they actually get into the hands of children who would love them, like a Toys for Tots program, a childrens hospital or rehab, a women and childrens homeless shelter etc. This is my favorite thing to do for dolls that are lovely, but have no financial worththey have lots of worth in being loved by a child.

Last is if you have little ones in your family who would love them, give them to them and let the dolls be dolls and loved and played with.

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January 15, 2020

Katherine is a Paradise Galleries 4 foot tall porcelain doll. How much is she worth?

Value of a Paradise Galleries Doll - doll wearing a dark maroon gown with a dark bodice


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On eBay people are listing these dolls for a bit more than other dolls. That does not mean anyone will buy them for the price they are asking. I see the dolls being listed for 35 to 89 dollars. I would check the sold prices of these dolls to make ure what the real value of the doll is worth.

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June 29, 2015

I have a Paradise Gallery bride doll about 17"+ tall. I want to sell it and need to find the value.

Value of Paradise Gallery Bride Doll


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Again-An easy online search for "Paradise gallery bride doll value" produced many answers. EBay has the dolls at bids around $100.00. Keep in mind that just because the doll may be fancy, old, inherited, etc., it most probably has little value as most are mass produced in the thousands. Try the site below for further research:

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January 27, 2015

doll in box, very dark photoHow much is a porcelain 1998 Christmas premier edition doll worth? She sings 18 note musical movements, holiday favorites, such as Silver Bells. She was made by Patricia Rose and bears the artist's signature of approval.

She is in mint condition, she's still in her box and has never been taken out.certificate

By Lucy from Lake Elsinore, CA

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January 7, 2015

I have inherited a decent sized collection of dolls from Paradise Galleries. They come from someone I cared for deeply and I plan on keeping them, but I would like to know what they are worth. They are from the late 80s to late 90s and in amazing condition. How do I look them up? Does Paradise Galaries have a link?


By MS. S

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