February 20, 2012

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CD Candle Holder

Making a CD Candle HolderThis is a page about making a CD candle holder. The reflective nature of CDs make them a good choice to include in a homemade candle holder.


Winter Care for Garden Tools

Winter Care for Garden ToolsThis is a page about winter care for garden tools. When winter arrives it is time to store your garden tools until next spring.


Soft Boiled Egg

Making a Soft Boiled EggThis is a page about making a soft boiled egg. It takes a bit of practice and expertise to prepare the perfect soft boiled egg.


A photo of a pug.

Making Homemade Piddle PadsThis page is about making homemade piddle pads. For training puppies and dogs unable to go out to relieve themselves, piddle pads can be helpful, but expensive.


Egg and Cheese Souffle

Egg Souffle RecipesSouffle is an elegant breakfast or brunch favorite. This page contains egg souffle recipes.


Old Encyclopedia Set

Finding the Value of Old Encyclopedia SetsMany bookshelves house a vintage set of encyclopedias that you may be thinking of selling. This is a page about finding the value of old encyclopedia sets.


CD Spinner Top - finished top with colorful paper top

Making CD SpinnersThis is a page about making CD spinners. CDs are ideal for making tops for the kids to play with.


Armoire with linens

Keeping Track of Pillow CasesThis is a page about keeping track of pillow cases. Bed making is easier when the complete bedding set is together in the cupboard.


A stack of corn tortillas.

Homemade Corn Tortilla RecipesCorn tortillas are used in many recipes and can be made fresh at home. This page contains recipes for homemade corn tortillas.


Garden Path Concrete Tiles

Garden Path IdeasThis is a page about garden path ideas. Not only practical, a garden path can enhance the overall appearance of your garden.


stack of catalogs

Organizing CatalogsThis is a page about organizing catalogs. Organizing your mail order catalogs will make shopping easier.


A platter of fruit and cheese.

Inexpensive Wedding AppetizersOne way to reduce the cost of food for your wedding reception is to serve inexpensive but tasty appetizers. This is a page about inexpensive wedding appetizers.


White t-shirts hanging on a clothesline.

Getting Your Whites Really WhiteKeeping linens and clothing as white as the day you bought them can be a challenge. This page is about getting whites white.


Valentine's Cupcake Decorations

Cupcake Tips and TricksThis page contains cupcake tips and tricks. Cupcakes are a delightful, individual serving size, alternative to cake.


Striped shower curtain in bathroom

Making a Shower CurtainThis page is about making a shower curtain. A custom shower curtain is an easy project to make and can be made to match your bathroom and accessories.


Saving for a Large Purchase

Saving Money for Large PurchasesThis is a page about saving money for large purchases. Rather than build up credit card debit, save up for your large purchases.


Calluses on Feet

Home Remedies for Foot CallusesThis is a page about home remedies for foot calluses. Dry hard calluses on your feet are uncomfortable.


Easter egg cupcakes.

Easter Cupcake IdeasThis page contains Easter cupcake ideas. There are many fun ways to decorate cupcakes for Easter.


Choosing a Stroller

Tips on Choosing a Stroller?This page contains tips on choosing a stroller. Choosing the right stroller from the numerous options can be confusing.



Gazpacho RecipesGazpacho is a delicious, tomato based, summer soup that is served cold. This page contains gazpacho recipes.


Uses for CDs

Uses for CDsThis is a page about uses for CDs. Rather than discarding old unwanted CDs put them a new and creative use.


Valentine's day cookie bouquet.

Making a Valentine Cookie BouquetThis is a page about making a Valentine Cookie Bouquet. It is great fun to receive an edible bouquet as a gift.


CD Spinner Top - finished top with colorful paper top

Crafts Using CDsThis is a page about crafts using CDs. Making crafts with recycled CDs is fun and cheap for adults and children alike.


Crocheted Pot Holder

Making Crocheted PotholdersThis is a page about crocheted potholders. Crocheted potholders come in all shapes and sizes.


Flan dessert on a plate.

Homemade Flan RecipesThis page contains homemade flan recipes. These creamy custard desserts originated in Spain.


Fried ice cream.

Fried Ice Cream RecipesThis page contains fried ice cream recipes. You don't have to go to your favorite Mexican restaurant to have fried ice cream.


Handmade wine cork corkboard

Recycled Wine Cork Bulletin BoardThis is a page about recycled wine cork bulletin board. Wine corks are fun to use in recycled crafts.


CD Curtain

Making a CD Curtain?This is a page about making a CD curtain. CDs lend themselves to a myriad of recycle craft projects.


recycled jeans apron

Making a Jeans ApronThis is a page about making a jeans apron. Take those old or wrong sized jeans and, rather than throw them away, make a cute apron.


Handmade Quilted Potholders

Homemade PotholdersThis is a page about homemade potholders. Whether you sew, quilt, crochet, or knit, making potholders is a fun craft that even children may become involved in.


Pico de Gallo salsa.

Pico de Gallo RecipesThis page contains Pico de Gallo recipes. Pico de Gallo is a refreshing salsa that can easily be made at home.


Baked Chicken

Baked Chicken RecipesThis page contains baked chicken recipes. Include delicious baked chicken recipes as part of your weekly menu planning.


starched blue dress shirt

Starching ClothingThis is a page about starching clothing. You will need to use starch to get that crisp look to clothing such as dress shirts.


Man Repairing a Ceiling Fan

Repairing a Ceiling FanThis is a page about repairing a ceiling fan. Sometimes a ceiling fan may begin to squeak or wobble.


Mesh Produce Bag

Reusing Mesh Produce BagsThis is a page about reusing mesh produce bags. Help the environment and save money by reusing your mesh produce bags.


cheesecake brownies on paper napkins

Cheesecake Bar RecipesA thin layer of cheesecake in your sweet bars makes for an elegant and delicious dessert for anytime. This page contains cheesecake bar recipes.


CD Notepad

Making a Recycled CD NotepadThis is a page about making a recycled CD notepad. Recycle your unwanted CDs into cute useful notepads for yourself and for giving.


kid wearing a jacket

Marking Jackets for SchoolChildren have a habit of losing their jackets at school. This is a page about marking jackets for school.



Handmade wine cork corkboard

Recycled Wine Cork Bulletin BoardsEver wondered what to do with all those wine corks that you have been saving for some reason? Well here is the answer to that problem: make a recycled cork-board.


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Buy and Store Larger Sized Food PackagesSmaller sized cans of vegetables are intended to attract buyers who cook for just one or two people. The convenience may seem nice but buying small size cans means you're actually paying more for the item than if you purchased a larger can.


An electric plug in an outlet.

Saving Money on ElectricityThis week I thought I would share some ideas on how our family has saved money on our electric/gas bill. We have found that this particular bill has been one of our easiest to control. There are a several different things you can do to keep this bill under control.


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Make Your Own Creams and LotionsI was tired of spending so much money on small jars of face cream and not knowing what all those long names or harmful ingredients they have on the label.


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Go Barefoot Whenever PossibleI agree that you should buy decent, well-fitting shoes instead of cheap ones but sometimes this is really not possible. Forty years back after buying the children properly fitting shoes, there was usually only enough money left for jumble sale shoes for me.


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Saving on Snacks for KidsFruit in season makes a great snack. If you cut oranges into "smiles" and place three in a (used, clean) snack bag it is a great treat for a 4 year old.



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Growing Vegetables from Seed?I am a beginner vegetable gardener. Which seeds grow the fastest? Thanks!


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Cleaning a Velvet Painting?We have a very, very old painting of a sunset in brown, beige, and yellow hues on velvet. It's so old that some of the dust from the velvet comes off if you brush with your hands. Any good ideas how to preserve and clean it?


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Removing Brown Spots on Face?Is there a product or formula out there that really removes dark spots on your face? One side of my face is bad due to the sun while driving.


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Selling PlayStation Games Online?Is there a site out there that buys PlayStation games?


Painted sticks.

Name Ideas for Child Care Business?I need help naming my child care business. My plans: start small with a home daycare then move into a center within the year. So I need a name that I can carry with me to the center.


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Dog with Stuffing Removal and Shredding Fetish?Why does my one year old Golden Retriever dog tear out all the stuffing in my sofa or pillows, or her toys? She shreds everything she gets in her mouth. What can be done about this? It is getting very expensive!


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Green House Gardening?Do green houses work well?


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Dressing for a "Couples Through Time" Themed Sadies?What can I wear to Sadies with a theme of "Couples Through Time"?


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Buying Korean Roses?Where can I buy one of these bushes to grow?


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Shopping for Slip Cover for Double Sofa Recliner?I have a leather sofa recliner and the leather is starting to peel off. The sofa is still very comfortable, but I am looking for some kind of cover that will fit the sofa with the two recliners attached to it. Can anyone help me to locate at place where I might be able to buy a slip cover?


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Grilling Machine Replacement Parts?How can I get new grilling plates for my George Foreman Lean, Mean Grilling machine model GR10ABW?


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