October 2, 2012

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Cleaning a Laptop Computer

Cleaning a ComputerThis is a page about cleaning a computer. To run at its best and perhaps save you money on future repairs, your computer can do with a periodic cleaning.


Teething Baby

Baby Teething TipsThis is a page about baby teething tips. Teething is painful and can cause your baby to be fussy and in need of your help.


Waste Bin Full of Shredded Paper

Recycling Shredded PaperThis is a page about recycling shredded paper. Now that you have shredded all of you important papers, you may be wondering how best to recycle all of those bits and shreds.


Brown Recluse Spider

Getting Rid of Brown Recluse SpidersThis is a page about getting rid of brown recluse spiders. Like the black widow, the brown recluse spider is probably not one that you want inside or right around the outside of your home.


A classic bronze sundial

Using A SundialThis is a page about using a sundial. Although little more an a garden decoration today, the sundial was used for centuries to "tell" time and still can be today.


Red Beans and Rice Recipes

Red Beans and Rice RecipesBeans and rice are a favorite duo in many delicious recipes. This page contains crockpot red beans and rice soup recipes.


Cash for Gold

Selling Gold Jewelry For CashThis is a page about selling gold jewelry for cash. Recently it has become very popular for companies to encourage consumers to sell their unwanted gold jewelry, with promises of great profits.


Warming Tortillas

Warming TortillasThis is a page about warming tortillas. Warm tortillas can be served alone as a bread item or used to wrap up your favorite filling.


Fried Chicken on a Plate

Fried Chicken Tips And RecipesThis page contains fried chicken tips and recipes. Making your own fried chicken at home is not as hard as you may believe.


Cheese Spread on Crackers

Cheese Spread RecipesCheese spreads in all of their tasty variations make great appetizers or a snack when settling down to watch a movie. This page contains cheese spread recipes.


Shrimp Tacos

Seafood Taco RecipesA delicious alternative to the typical meat taco is a seafood taco. This page contains seafood taco recipes.


selling garden products

Selling Garden ProduceThis is a page about selling your garden products at the farmers market. If you have a large enough garden you may be considering selling some of the extra produce.


Polished Chrome on Classic Car

Polishing ChromeThis is a page about polishing chrome. Polishing the chrome, whether the fixtures in your bathroom or the chrome on a bike, need not be a hassle.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies on a Plate

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie RecipesFor many of us the melding of peanut butter and chocolate is heavenly. This page contains peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie recipes.


A garden fence to keep pets out

Keeping Pets Out of the GardenThis is a page about keeping pets out of the garden. The soft, nicely turned earth of your gardens is good for your flowers, but it is also unfortunately quite attractive to your and the neighbor's pets.


Marinated Tomato

Marinated Tomato RecipesMarinated tomatoes are a delicious side dish to accompany a variety of main courses. This page contains marinated tomato recipes.


Sliced Cranberry Bread

Cranberry Bread RecipesAlthough good anytime, the holidays intensify our craving for cranberry bread. This page contains cranberry bread recipes.


Washing Walls and Ceilings

Washing Walls and CeilingsThis is a page about washing walls and ceilings. An important, if not fun part, of home maintenance is washing the walls and ceilings on occasion.


Corn Fritter

Corn Fritter RecipesCook up some quick and easy corn fritters tonight for a different side to your main course. This page contains corn fritter recipes.


Boy Holding Lizard

Keeping Lizards as PetsThis is a page about keeping lizards as pets. Lizards can make interesting pets, as long as you do your research and provide them with proper food and care.


Multi Colored Balloons

Saving Money on BalloonsThis is a page about saving money on balloons. Balloons add a fun, festive air to parties, picnics, and are also a great gift. However, they can be quite expensive.


Pecan Dessert Sticky Bun

Pecan Dessert RecipesThis page contains pecan dessert recipes. The pecan long associated with Southern cooking, is a delicious sweet nut that lends itself to many dessert recipes.


Use Native Plants In Your Landscape

Landscaping with Native PlantsNative plants are a good landscaping choice; they can save on water usage and should thrive in your garden. This page is about how to landscape with native plants.


Red School Backpack

Storing School BackpacksThis is a page about storing school backpacks. Having a specific place for your student's backpack will help keep you from tripping over it and ensure that it is ready for the morning dash.


Chicken Kabobs

Chicken Kabob (Skewer) RecipesFor a delicious, easy chicken meal, eat up the grill and prepare some chicken kabobs. There are so many flavor choices you will have trouble choosing. This page contains chicken kabob (skewer) recipes.


Chocolate Cherry Cake

Chocolate Cherry Cake RecipesThis page contains chocolate cherry cake recipes. Enjoy the flavor of a cherry cordial in a cake.


A pinecone painted silver

Crafts Using Pine ConesThis is a page about crafts using pine cones. Pine cones are a popular crafting item for kids and adults alike.


Lucky Bamboo in glass vase

Growing Plants in WaterSome plants will thrive in water instead of soil and you have the added enjoyment of seeing the roots develop as your plant grows. This is a page about growing plants in water.


Variety of Baked Goods

Saving Money On Baked GoodsThis is a page about saving money on baked goods. There are ways to save money when doing your grocery shopping and still feed your sweet tooth or resupply the bread box.


A homemade dog coat.

Making a Dog CoatThis is a page about making a dog coat. Buying your dog a coat at the pet store can be very pricy. A less expensive alternate may be to make one.


Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Baby Shower ThemesThis is a page about baby shower themes. Choosing a theme for an upcoming baby shower you are planning is fun, but it can also be overwhelming.


Crafts Using Maple Tree Seed Pods

Making Maple Tree Seed Pod BatsThis is a page about making maple tree seed pods bats. Collect maple tree seed pods to make these cute bats.


Avocados from Florida

Storing AvocadosThis is a page about storing avocados. Knowing how to best store your avocados will ensure that you fully enjoy these delicious fruit.


Salmon Patty on a Plate

Salmon Patty RecipesYou can enjoy scrumptious salmon patties without going to an expensive seafood restaurant. This page contains salmon patty recipes.



Pretzel Skeleton Treat Bags

Making Pretzel Skeleton Treat BagsThis videos shows you how to put together a Pretzel Skeleton Treat Bag.


Pineapple Angel Food Cake with Cool Whip topping.

Making Pineapple Angel Food CakeThis is a video on how to make pineapple angel food cake.



"Oh, let me put on my photogenic face?"

Karma (Tabby Cat)Karma is my 2+ year old orange tabby. He has appeared on Thriftyfun before. Yesterday I caught him lounging on the back of the love seat recliner taking in the bird activity in the front yard and was able to get three good photos of him to share.


finished snowman

Paper Circle SnowmanThis paper snowman would be adorable on a card or as a kids art project.



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Making Curtains for an Open Bookcase?I have bookcase from ceiling to floor. I want to make a curtain that covers this using two panels. The problem is my 3 year old gets up in middle of night and plays with the toys that are on these shelves.


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Value of Antique Pink Maytag Wringer Washer?I've got this antique pink Maytag wringer washer in working condition, and wonder if it's worth anything?


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Cleaning Stainless CookwareI would like to know how to clean cookware sets, made from stainless steel.


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Dawn Dish Soap for Washing Dog?Does it matter which Dawn I use to bathe my dog? Blue, scented, etc.?


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Using Cubed Ice in the Nutri BulletCan I put cubed ice in the Nutri Bullet?


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Ford Ranger 2007 Truck AC/Heater Problems?The AC will not shut off to get heat in my Ranger.


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F 02 Error Code Kept Flashing on Washer?My second wash load kept flashing F 02. So I rinsed, then spin came on again so I let it drain and spin. Well, the very first thing it said was SUD, that's why I re-rinsed. What should I do?


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Getting Rid of Gnats in Fresh ProduceEvery spring/summer when we start bringing in produce from the garden and bananas from the store, we start getting gnats all over. They are worse in the kitchen.


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Taco RecipesI am looking for taco recipes.


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Buying Borax Near Quezon City?I've seen your post in about two forums already where you have mentioned you can get borax for only 80 pesos. I live nearby Quezon City and I was wondering if you can provide the exact location where you got it? I'll be heading there soon. Thanks a buncho.


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Interior Designing Company Name?Please suggest a good name for an interior designing company as I am starting one. Thank you.


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Adding Color to Lip gloss?Is food coloring a good thing to use when trying to color lip gloss or should I use Kool-aid packets?


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