October 12, 2012

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Shrimp Kabobs

Seafood Kabob (Skewer) RecipesThis page contains seafood kabob (skewer) recipes. A wide variety of seafood, including fish and shellfish, can be used along with your favorite veggies or fruit in making kabob.


Raking Up Fall Leaves

Raking LeavesThis page is about raking leaves. When the leaves fill your yard, you want to find the most efficient way to clean them up.


Halloween Witch Hat and Broom Treats

Halloween Witch Hat and Broom TreatsHalloween is the perfect holiday for making fun treats for the family or parties. This is a page about making Halloween witch hat and broom treats.


Curling Iron Holder Crafts

Curling Iron Holder IdeasThis page contains curling iron holder ideas. An unsuitable placing of a hot curling iron can burn people and surfaces.


Jello Beach Dessert

Jello Beach DessertThis page is about making a jello beach dessert. This delightful jello dessert is perfect for a summertime party.


Big bunch of party balloons.

Frugal Holiday Party IdeasThis is a page about frugal holiday party ideas. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a holiday party that your guests will enjoy.


Shirts folded neatly in a dresser drawer.

Organizing Clothing in Dresser DrawersThis page is about organizing clothing in dresser drawers. Arranging your clothes smartly helps to make them easy to find and saves you time.


Photo of pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin Soup RecipesThis page contains pumpkin soup recipes. Pumpkin soup is perfect for the holidays. Adjust the spices and other ingredients for a variety of flavors.


A journal ready for some New Years resolutions.

Making New Year ResolutionsThis is a page about making New Year resolutions. Making and keeping New Year's resolutions is an annual ritual for many of us.


Thanksgiving turkey craft.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft IdeasThis page contains Thanksgiving turkey craft ideas. Kids and adults both love to make turkey decorations for the Thanksgiving holiday.


Disposing of Dog Waste

Disposing of Dog WasteThis page is about disposing of dog waste. Determining the best way to dispose of your dog's waste is important to our environment.


Piece of Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake RecipesThis page contains pumpkin cheesecake recipes. Fall brings seasonal desserts ideas, with pumpkin "anything" being in high demand.


Icy Steps

Keeping Ice Off Steps and WalkwaysThis is a page about keeping ice off steps and walkways. Icy steps and walkways can be very hazardous.


Cutting PVC pipe

Cutting PVC PipeThis is a page about cutting PVC pipe. Whether you are putting in a sprinkler system, doing some plumbing, or using PVC for a craft project, knowing how to cut it successfully will ensure project success.


Rice Mix in Wood Box

Homemade Rice Mix RecipesThis page contains homemade rice mix recipes. Create your own homemade rice mixes similar to Rice a Roni.


Chicken and Rice Casserole

Chicken and Rice Casserole RecipesThe combination rice and chicken make a delicious dish with a variety of vegetables and herbs. This page contains chicken and rice casserole recipes.


Anchovy Flavored Butter

Flavored Butter RecipesThis page contains flavored butter recipes. As delicious as butter is just by itself, it can be enhanced in many ways.


Chocolate Marshmallow Dessert

Marshmallow Dessert RecipesThis page contains marshmallow dessert recipes. Marshmallows aren't just for making s'mores and Rice Krispies treats.


Fresh Popovers

Popover RecipesThis page contains popover recipes. Popovers are a great tasting substitute of bread or rolls; add a tasty filling and you have a delicious snack or meal.


Photo of a handmade Thanksgiving scarecrow.

Saving Money On Thanksgiving DecorationsThis page is about saving money on Thanksgiving decorations. There are many frugal ways to decorate your home for holidays.


Triceratops Costume

Making a Triceratops CostumeThis is a page about making a triceratops costume. Dinosaurs are a favorite kid and adult Halloween costume choice.


Shish Kabobs

Shish Kabob Tips and RecipesEnjoying this cooking style gives you a lot of variety of flavors depending on your choices and method. This page contains shish kabob tips and recipes.


Photo of palm trees and plants in the wind.

Protecting Plants From WindThis is a page about protecting plants from wind. Many plants are susceptible to damage from wind, including drying of leaves, breakage, and even possible uprooting.


Making Crocheted Barbie Doll Furniture

Making Crocheted Barbie Doll FurnitureThis page is about making crocheted Barbie doll furniture. A wonderful gift can be created for a special young person.



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Easy Crock Pot Turkey Sausage ChowderEasy to make and there is nothing like warm, comfort food on a chilly fall/winter night.


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Halloween Snack MixThis is great snack for a Halloween party. This is so easy!



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Storing Window ClingsMy children and now my granddaughter love window clings. But when they were removed from the window they always folded and were more difficult if not impossible to reuse.


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Clean The Inside Of Your Refrigerator WeeklyI used to think everyone did this, but they don't. Besides the benefit of keeping it clean, this will prevent food from getting shoved to the back and forgotten about.


Strawberry ice cream cut in the shape of a heart.

Cookie Cutter Ice Cream ShapesSpread ice-cream into a rectangular cake pan. Using a cookie cutter cut into your desired shapes. Place in a Tupperware type container. Put the a sealed Tupperware container into the freezer.


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Paying Off Credit CardsIf you are serious about paying off your credit card and have the extra money in your budget, I have found this simple solution very helpful and effective but you have to be serious about paying them off and stay on track.


Bottle Propagator - plastic bottle with sage cuttings

Bottle PropagatorI made this simple propagator today to hold some sage cuttings that I took from my garden. Cut a plastic bottle in half, place the plant and pot in the bottom half of the bottle, and use the top to cover the cutting.


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Preventing Dogs From Peeing In The HouseHas anyone considered taking the dog outside in the backyard or on a lead every two or three hours in the street/park? Also make 4 pm their last meal of the day.


Storing cheese in original bag.

Easy, Free Cheese WrappingIf you use cheese often, like I do, here is a decent tip! Cut straight through a block of unopened cheese, remove the portion you will use without demolishing package.


Fall color.

Fall in Old Forge, New York (McCauley Mountain Ski...We took a spur of the moment trip to Old Forge, New York over Columbus Day weekend when we heard their leaves were at peak color.


Nickles sleeping on couch with owner.

Nickels (Hound)Nickels is a 1 year old hound. We got Nickels when he was about 4 months old. Nickels is very playful as he is still a pup. Tug a war with the kids is one of his favorite games. Fetch is another.


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Oatmeal Shower BagThese little bags are great for your skin. You can also hand them out as party favours for adults.


Use Coke Tab to Hang a Picture

Use Coke Tab to Hang a PictureIf you get a photo frame and there is no hook on the back, using a screw attach the Coke tab to the back of your frame. Then hang your picture!


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Pumpkin Air FreshenerAfter carving your pumpkins, sprinkle some cinnamon inside the pumpkin then light your candle. Your house will smell like you're baking!


Using dime in place of lost driver.

Substitute Screw Driver for Brother Sewing...Those who read Thriftyfun on a regular basis are aware that many of my posts deal with the klutz in all of us. DH bought me this lovely sewing machine a few months ago. It has (or had, I have yet to decide which) an odd shaped little screw driver which I promptly misplaced.


Quite river and fall color.

Tranquility on Moose RiverThe picture is taken from Old Forge, New York during the peak season for the leaves, which turned out this year to be Columbus Day weekend.


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Crafts Using Pine ConesWe made door hangings with the long pine cones by using red velvet, wide ribbon the length you choose for your door, and wired a couple of long pine cones at the end of the ribbon.


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Salad in A JarAdd salad dressing to the bottom of your jar. Then add layers of lettuce and whatever else you want in your salad. Put on the lid and take it in your lunch. The salad will not be wilted by lunch.


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Secure Your Credit CardCredit card theft seems to be occurring more and more these days. Lately I've been hearing more about dishonest merchants copying down credit card numbers then going on internet shopping sprees. All they need is your credit card number and security code that's sitting on the back of the card (front left on some cards).


Colorful clouds.

Picture Of The Sky (Brockville)When I took this picture it was really a nice day out. I thought the sky looked beautiful.


Pouring oil

Pouring From a Large BottleWe recently bought a very large bottle of vegetable oil. I wanted to pour the oil into a small, easier to use bottle.



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Financial Assistance for Dental Surgery?How can I apply for financial assistance for dental surgery? I need either a flipper or an implant as soon as possible! Or do you know if Palm Beach Health Care District covers dental implants? I had a tooth extracted in July and need a quick fix! Thanks.


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Truck Has Rust on Undercarriage?I have an 06 Toyota Tacoma that I recently bought a couple months back. Ater putting it on the lift and looking at the undercarriage I found a lot of rust everywhere on the whole undercarriage. Whoever had it before sprayed the whole undercarriage with a black rubber/Rhino lining material, because rust is everywhere! My question is, what can I do if anything to clean up some of it so I can at least keep the truck another year or so or how badly am I screwed? Thank you.


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Finger Fruit Ideas for "May Day" Birthday?I need ideas of foods for a May Day themed birthday celebration. It is an everybody seniors birthday celebration to be held in an inside auditorium. I am interested in finger fruits or a fruit cup. Thanks for your suggestions.


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Dog Shampoo Recipe?Does anyone have a recipe for dog shampoo?


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5th Grade Christmas Ideas?I saw some demitasse cups at a local thrift store. I can't actually make the wax for a candle, but what can be used in the bottom of the cup to set a pre-made votive candle into? I can't just have a candle in the cup without some type of decoration.


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Reader's Digest Diet Book?Has anyone tried the RD Diet book? How's it working for ya?


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Fruit Salad for a Large Group?How do I make a fruit salad on a budget, when serving a large group?


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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?What can I make with sausage, linguine, spaghetti sauce, onions, and cheese?


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Making an Adult Bib?Would it be OK to make a bib for a lady in the nursing home with cotton and line the front inside with a hand towel?


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