December 28, 2012

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Homemade KitchenCleaner

Homemade Kitchen Cleaner RecipesThis page contains homemade kitchen cleaner recipes. You can make your own kitchen cleaner that is as effective as the store bought kind and you control the ingredients.


Hand Washing Dishes

Hand Washing DishesWhile many homes have built-in dishwashers, some of us still hand wash them. This is a page about hand washing dishes.


Homemade Citrus Cleaners

Homemade Citrus CleanersThis is a page about homemade citrus cleaners. If you like using citrus based cleaners, but don't like the price, try making your own.


Happy New Year Sign

Celebrating New Year's EveThis is a page about celebrating New Year's Eve. Now that you have recovered from the Christmas festivities, it is time to plan for New Year's Eve.


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Hamburger Gravy RecipesThis page contains hamburger gravy recipes. For a quick and easy meal, try making hamburger gravy to pour over rice, noodles, or potatoes, your choice.


Chocolate Rolls Recipes

Chocolate Rolls RecipesThis page contains chocolate roll recipes. Try making delicious jelly roll style chocolate rolls for the chocolate lovers in your house.


Chicken Stew

Chicken Stew RecipesUse chicken to make a warm, hearty stew for dinner tonight. This page contains chicken stew recipes.


Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry RecipesThis page contains vegetable curry recipes. Add tasty vegetable curry to your list of vegetarian dishes.


Painted Recycled Plastic Spray Bottle

Painted Recycled Plastic Spray BottleThis is a page about making a painted recycled plastic spray bottle. You can create a spray bottle to match your decor, by painting and decorating a recycled bottle.


Ground Turkey Burgers on Grill

Cooking with Ground TurkeyThis is a page about cooking with ground turkey. Ground turkey is a lower fat alternative that you can substitute for ground beef in many of your favorite recipes.


Girl Doing Schoolwork

Saving Children's SchoolworkThis is a page about saving children's schoolwork. Many parents like to save some of their children's schoolwork as mementos.


Cranberry Sauce

Recipes Using CranberriesTangy cranberries are a delicious addition to many recipes, especially desserts. This page contains recipes using cranberries.


Storing Citrus Zest

Storing Citrus ZestThis is a page about storing citrus zest. If you make your own citrus zest to use in cooking, you may be wondering how to store the excess.


Storing Paprika

Storing PaprikaThis is a page about storing paprika. Paprika loses its color and flavor if stored improperly, as do other spices.


Christmas Lights in Hands

Uses for Christmas LightsThis is a page about uses for Christmas lights. Christmas lights can be used for other occasions or even year round.


Hamburger with Fries

Making HamburgersThis is a page about making hamburgers. Look no further for tips for making and seasoning your own homemade hamburger patties.


Smothered Steak

Smothered Steak RecipesTry slow cooked smothered steak for a soon to be favorite dish. This page contains smothered steak recipes.


Cardigan made from altering a sweater.

Make a Cardigan From a SweaterThis is a page about how to make a cardigan from a sweater. Take that too tight or ill fitting sweater and remake it into a cardigan.


Chocolate Muffins

Sweet Muffin RecipesSweet muffins are enjoyed by many of us for breakfast, brunch, or a snack.This page contains sweet muffin recipes.


Organizing Hats

Organizing HatsThis is a page about organizing hats. If you have a lot of hats, finding a good way to organize them can be frustrating.


Cleaning Your Ceiling

Cleaning Your CeilingThis is a page about cleaning your ceiling. Cleaning a ceiling is a necessary, sometimes difficult chore.


Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican Wedding Cookie RecipesThis page contains Mexican wedding cookie recipes. These delicious shortbread like cookies are always a hit.


Chicken Spaghetti Recipes

Chicken Spaghetti RecipesThis page contains chicken spaghetti recipes. Combine chicken and spaghetti for a delicious meal.



Saving Money on MakeupThis is a page about saving money on makeup. Cosmetics can be very expensive to buy.


Cranberry sauce on toast.

Recipes Using Cranberry SauceCranberry sauce and relish is not just a condiment for holiday turkey. This page contains recipes using cranberry sauce.


Making Homemade Meringues

Making Homemade MeringuesMeringues are an easy to make, low fat confection. This is a page about making homemade meringues.


Fruit Crumble Cake

Fruit Crumble RecipesFruit crumble is a delicious alternative to pie, with not crust to roll. This page contains fruit crumble recipes.


Cleaning Patio Furniture

Cleaning Patio FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning patio furniture. Outdoor furniture, because of its exposure to the elements, often needs a thorough cleaning.


Computer monitor.

Choosing The Right Computer Monitor?This is a page about choosing the right computer monitor. Choosing the right monitor for your desktop computer is often dependent on the types of programs you use most often.



Glove Snowmen

Making a Glove SnowmenThis video shows you the steps to making a snowman decoration out of a glove.



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Making Tri-bead Keychains?I am also interested in making the keychains of the lady and the man for these keychains. Does anyone know where I can locate the pattern to make these?


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Growing Bittersweet?Can you grow bittersweet in Colorado?


House Training an Older Dog?We have a 9 year old Beagle that was not properly potty trained. But my new girlfriend and I have purchased, a couple of years ago, a poop/pee pad, the type with turf on top and a catch pan under it to catch the urine.


Black Poodle on leash.

Aggressive Toy Poodle?Will neutering my 4 year old extremely aggressive male toy Poodle stop him from being aggressive toward me and my family? He is sweet one moment, letting me pet him on my lap and the next moment he is stiff, growling and snapping at me.


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Removing Rain-X From Windshield?I cleaned our windshield with Rain-X 2 in 1 glass cleaner plus rain repellent thinking it would make visibility better when driving in the rain. It actually made it worse. How can I get this stuff off the windshield?


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Removing Puffy Paint from Clothing?I got puffy paint in my white Hollister sweatshirt and I've tried hairspray, rubbing alcohol, and nail polish remover and nothing has worked. I laid my hand in it so it was smeared in and dried before I tried to get it out. I've also used Easy Scrub with bleach and Resolve can anyone help me please?


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Yellow Passion Fruit Tree Not Fruiting?My tree is 2 years old. Last year it flowered very well, but they fell off and it's happening again. The flowers are white and purple.


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Value of 1939 Book of Knowledge Set?I have a full set of 1939 Book of Knowledge in good condition with original bookshelves. I am interested in finding out the value and how I might sell them.


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Repairing a Bleach Spot on Blue Polo Sweater?I have a dark blue polo sweater that I love and spilled bleach on it. Any suggestions on what I can do to save it and not throw it away?


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