January 8, 2013

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Safety Pin Flag

Making Safety Pin JewelryThis is a page about making safety pin jewelry. You can easily make cute jewelry from safety pins.


Valentine's Day Wreaths

Valentine's Day WreathsAn attractive, creative holiday decoration you can make is a wreath. This page contains Valentine's day wreaths.


Insect Repellant

Repelling Gnats OutsideThis is a page about repelling gnats outside. Flying gnats outdoors are annoying and can spoil your relaxation in the yard or garden.


Veggies as a Seasonal Decoration

Seasonal Decorating TipsThis page contains seasonal decorating tips. Besides decorating for specific holidays, it can be fun to decorate for the seasons of the year.


Bundt cake with hearts

Bundt Cake RecipesThis page contains bundt cake recipes. If you love to make bundt pan cakes, you are probably always on the lookout for new recipes.


Young Man and Woman Talking Through Tin Can

Help With Long Distance Relationships?This page contains help with long distance relationships. When the person you love is far away, there are ways to keep close communication.


Bleach Stains On Red T-Shirt

Preventing Bleach Stains on ClothingFinding mysterious bleach spots on your laundry, even when no bleach was used is frustrating. This is a page about preventing bleach stains on clothing.


German chocolate cake

German Chocolate Cake RecipesThis page contains German chocolate cake recipes. A wonderful dessert for chocolate lovers on any occasion.


Red Poppies

Growing PoppiesThis is a page about growing poppies. Poppies are prized in the garden for their beautiful colors and striking flowers.


Plastic Cutting Mats

Uses for Plastic Cutting MatsThis page is about uses for plastic cutting mats. These mats can be helpful for other things around the home.


Man Repairing a Lawn Mower

Repairing a Lawn MowerThis is a page about repairing a lawn mower. The grass is sorely in need of cutting and the mower is giving you grief.


Unique Curtain Hardware

Unique Curtain IdeasThis page contains unique curtain ideas. Window coverings can be decorative and help maintain privacy.


Coaxial Cable TV

Getting Rid of Cable TVThis is a page about getting rid of cable TV. Fed up with the rising cost of cable, but reluctant to have no easy access to your shows can create a quandary.


Organizing Medication

Organizing MedicationsThis page is about organizing medications. Keeping your medicines easy to find helps you to take accurate doses when you need to.


Pruning a Rhododendron

Pruning a Rhododendron?This is a page about pruning a rhododendron. Like many flowering shrubs, care must be taken when pruning a rhododendron so as not to remove next season's buds.


Black Ant on Leaf

Controlling Ants in the Vegetable GardenThis is a page about controlling ants in the vegetable garden. Sometimes ants can be beneficial in your garden, but if they are destroying the plants or veggies, you will want to find a safe way to control them.


A Valentine's day craft.

Valentine's Day Craft IdeasValentine's Day is definitely one for crafters young and old. There are so many projects to choose from. This is a page about Valentine's Day craft ideas.


Hot Pad on White Background

Uses for Hot PadsThis is a page about uses for hot pads. Where do retired hot pads go? They get repurposed.


Woman with Glass of Sour Milk

Determining if Milk is GoodThis is a page about determining if milk is good. There are a couple of tests you can conduct to determine if the milk in your frig is still good to drink.


Red and Yellow Marigolds

Growing MarigoldsThis is a page about growing marigolds. Not only are they a beautiful splash of color in your garden, marigolds are noted for their use to discourage certain garden pests.


A girl holding a red heart wreath.

Celebrating Valentine's Day With ChildrenValentine's Day is very much a children's holiday. This is a page about celebrating Valentine's Day with children.


Traditional Greek sweet yeast bread

Recipes for Celebrating the New YearThis page contains recipes for celebrating the new year. Prepare delicious food and beverages for your celebration of the New Year.


Post-It Notes

Saving Money on Post-itsThis is a page about saving money on Post-its. Those cute Post-it notes while useful can be rather expensive to buy.


Boxed Rice Meal with Chicken

Saving Money on Boxed Rice MealsThis is a page about saving money on boxed rice meals. Boxed rice mixes while tasty may be too much for your budget.


Folded red paper hearts

Valentine's Day Heart CraftsThe heart is the symbol of Valentine's Day and the focus of many crafts created to commemorate the day. This is a page about Valentine's Day heart crafts.


A Valentine's Day decorated table

Homemade Valentine's Day DecorationsYou can increase the fun associated with Valentine's Day by making your own decorations, whether simple or more elaborate. This is a page about homemade Valentine's Day decorations.


Girl with Homemade Father's Day Card

Homemade Father's Day CardsThis is a page about homemade Father's Day cards. What father wouldn't love to get a homemade card on Father's Day.


Recycled Leprechaun Craft

Crafts Using Laundry Detergent BottlesThis is a page about crafts using laundry detergent bottles. Save your empty detergent bottles for use in a wide variety of crafts from seasonal decorations to toys.


Woman Preparing a  Meal

Saving Time When Preparing MealsThis is a page about saving time when preparing meals. With our busy schedules, we are always looking for time saving ideas.


Fireworks on the Fourth of July

4th Of July Safety TipsThis is a page about 4th of July safety tips. Keep the 4th of July safe and fun by following a few tips.


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Preventing Bleach Stains On ClothingThis is a page about preventing bleach stains on clothing. Finding mysterious bleach spots on your laundry, even when no bleach was used, is frustrating.


Salmon Dip on Plaid Tablecloth

Salmon Dip RecipesSalmon dip is a good tasting choice for your next party or family get together. This page contains salmon dip recipes.



Strawberry and blueberry pattern vinyl appliance covers.

Making Small Kitchen Appliance CoversYou can save money by making your own small kitchen appliance covers. I use vinyl table covers to make sturdy, wipe clean small kitchen appliance covers.


Three of the finished magnets.

Glittery Glass MagnetsThis tutorial teaches you how to make beautiful glittery glass magnets using a few materials and nail polish you probably have lying around your house.


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Use Plate Holder For iPadI use a plate holder on my desk to put my iPad in. It keeps it out of the way and I can charge it at the same time. A plate holder also works for organizing papers and holding mail I need to take care of.


Carina the cat sunning herself by the window

Carina (Cat)Carina is about 4 years old. My aunt found Carina and her brothers as kittens on the side of a road in Ohio with no food and water. Carina came home with me and grew into a happy, healthy cat.


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Make Soap Bars Last LongerBefore using a bar of soap, open wrapper and let your bar of soap dry out for a week or so. This really makes it last much longer.


Lizards for Less - A pet bearded dragon

Lizards for LessBefore buying a pet, it's imperative that the prospective owner evaluate care, longevity, needs, and cost. Reptiles are appealing and popular pets, but often their needs are underestimated.


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Delicious Macaroni and CheeseThis recipe is fast and everyone loves it.



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Remove Permanent Marker From a Hockey Stick?I need to get black sharpie marker off my step-son's hockey stick before he sees it. It is a composite/graphite stick. It is I have tried WD40, Brakekleen, alcohol rubbing pads, Mr. Clean eraser pads, Goof Off, BP Blast, etc.. Should I keep going? The Goof Off was working but it was also taking off the paint. Please help me!


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Finding the Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have many beautiful in mint condition handmade dolls. I do I find out what are they worth and what is the best way to sell them?


Stains on ceiling.

Two Yellow Stains Appearing on Living...I will try to be concise (if I can!). The problem was noticed a few weeks ago, on our living room ceiling, when the stains were very light with light brownish borders - and hardly visible.


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