January 28, 2013

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Beautiful Purple Orchid

Tips for Buying OrchidsThis page contains tips for buying orchids. Here is some information about these exquisite flowers, if you are new to buying and growing them.


Potato Puff

Potato Puff RecipesA great way to use up mashed potatoes and make a delicious entree. This page contains potato puff recipes.


Deer in a garden

Homemade Deer RepellentsThis page is about homemade deer repellents. Although proper fencing is the best way to deter deer, there are some things that fend them off.


Uses for Oven Mitts

Uses for Oven MittsThis is a page about uses for oven mitts. Oven mitts can be used in other ways around the house.


Making a Thimble Necklace

Making a Thimble NecklaceThis is a page about making a thimble necklace. A pretty little thimble can be the beginning of a lovely necklace.


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Homemade High School Graduation Gift Ideas?This is a page about homemade high school graduation gift ideas. A homemade gift may be the most personal and memorable that the graduate receives.


Newspaper in the Garden

Using Newspaper in the GardenThis page is about using newspaper in the garden. There are a number of ways that this material can be useful in the garden, and enrich the soil.


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Fixing a Noisy Icemaker?This is a page about fixing a noisy icemaker. It can be difficult to determine what to do when an icemaker is making noise while cycling.


Washing Your Hair

Washing Your Hair With Hard WaterIf you live in an area with hard water you know how difficult it can be to get your hair really clean. This is a page about washing your hair with hard water.


Plastic Canvas Purse

Plastic Canvas Purse PatternsThis page contains plastic canvas purse patterns. A flexible material that can be fashioned into many useful things.


Making a Record Album Clock

Making a Record Album ClockThis page is about making a record album clock. A fun reuse of a favorite album is as a clock.


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Homemade Bed TopperThis is a page about making a homemade bed topper. Buying a feather bed type or other mattress topper can be costly.


Shrimp Stir Fry

Shrimp Stir Fry RecipesThis page contains shrimp stir fry recipes. Add shrimp to your favorite stir fry recipe for a delicious meal.


High School Graduation Gift Ideas

High School Graduation Gift IdeasThis page contains high school graduation gift ideas. A meaningful gift will be appreciated for this important milestone.


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Rag PaintingThis page is about rag painting. A fun way to paint that can include your children's help.


High School Graduation Party Cupcake Centerpiece

High School Graduation Party Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about high school graduation party centerpiece ideas. Part of planning a memorable graduation party is designing table centerpieces.


Slow Cooker Pork Ribs

Slow Cooker Pork Ribs RecipesPork ribs come out tender and delicious when prepared in your crockpot. This page contains slow cooker pork ribs recipes.


Plastic Canvas Snowflakes

Making Plastic Canvas SnowflakesThis page contains tips for making plastic canvas snowflakes. Plastic canvas is a versatile material that can be cut into all kinds of shapes, including snowflakes.


Blue Jeans

Removing Permanent Marker on JeansThis is a page about removing permanent marker on jeans. Permanent marker can be a tough clothing stain to remove.


Freezing Chayote

Freezing ChayoteThis is a page about freezing chayote. Chayote squash can easily be frozen by following a few simple preparatory steps.


Removing Soap Scum from Dishwasher

Removing Soap Scum from a Dishwasher?This is a page about removing soap scum from a dishwasher. Removing the built up residue in your dishwasher from detergents can seem daunting.


Blue striped socks.

Saving Money on SocksThis is a page about saving money on socks. As the cost of clothing continues to rise, the thrifty shopper is always looking for ways to save money.


Feeding a Dog Chicken

Feeding a Dog Chicken?This is a page about feeding a dog chicken. Some dog owners like to supplement their pet's food with cooked meat, such as chicken.


Growing Dwarf Conifers

Growing Dwarf ConifersThis is a page about growing dwarf conifers. These easy to grow small evergreens are perfect for small garden spaces.


tape dispenser

Uses for Empty Tape RollsThis is a page about uses for empty tape rolls. The crafter that throws nothing away before trying to find a craft use, probably has a stash of empty tape rolls, waiting for a creative flash.


Homemade Windsocks

Homemade WindsocksThis is a page about homemade windsocks. If you live in an area with a reliable breeze, making a decorative windsock for your home or garden is a fun project.


Masking Tape

Crafts Using Masking TapeThis is a page about crafts using masking tape. We have all seen crafts made using duct tape, but masking tape can also be used to make some interesting crafts.


Painting Walls

Painting Walls in a Mobile HomeMobile homes, especially older ones, have walls that are not the traditional drywall construction found in stick built houses. This is a page about painting walls in a mobile home.


Singer Magic Steam Press

Repairing a Singer Magic Steam PressThis is a page about repairing a Singer Magic Steam Press. If you own a Singer steam press, you may choose to try to make repairs yourself rather than buying a new one.


Lettuce Crops

How to Rotate Your CropsRotating your crops helps to prevent depletion of nutrients, reduces pests, and is overall beneficial in improving your vegetable garden's production. This is a page about how to rotate your crops.


Crafts Made With Brooms

Crafts Made With BroomsThis page is about crafts made with brooms. These household tools can be used to make cute decorations.


High School Graduation Party Cupcakes

High School Graduation Party IdeasThis is a page about high school graduation party ideas. Planning a high school graduation party is exciting, fun, and sometimes frustrating.


Making Flowers From Nylons

Making Flowers From NylonsThis is a page about making flowers from nylons.Recycled nylons can be used to make beautiful flowers to decorate your home.


Plastic Canvas Angel

Plastic Canvas Angel PatternsThis is a page about plastic canvas angel patterns. Plastic canvas is a popular crafting medium for a wide variety of craft projects.


Washing Machine

Cleaning Soap Scum Out of a Washing Machine?This is a page about cleaning soap scum out of a washing machine. Some detergents can leave a layer of soap scum inside your washing machine.


Freezing Cookies

Freezing CookiesA good way to keep cookies fresh is by freezing until you need them. This page is about freezing cookies.


Making Ninja Mitts

Making Ninja MittsThis page is about making ninja mitts. A fun, simple craft that creates many hours of entertainment for youngsters.



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Frozen Banana Cranberry SaladFrozen whipped cream and tropical fruit. Really nice!


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Spaghetti Sauce Using Homemade Dry MixThis is a dry mix for spaghetti sauce that will keep up to a year and it makes a cup in total. Each batch uses 1/4 cup of this mix.


Finished Vegetable Pilaf

Indian Vegetable Pilaf With AlmondsThis is an Indian rice side dish with green beans, carrots, peas and cauliflower. It calls for cardamom pods, which can be difficult to find in regular grocery stores. Look at an Indian grocery or health food store, such as Whole Foods. I was able to buy just what I needed in the bulk section.


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Better Than Chocolate Ice Cream Frozen PieThis is a chocolate pie that is frozen overnight. It keeps for up to 3 months, but it won't last that long.



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Easter Ideas for Teens and AdultsOur kids were too old for baskets and egg hunts. However, we went to doing a basket per person. I thought it might be fun for the adults that were in their 80s, 70s, on down to get an Easter basket too.


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Healthy Tuna SandwichTo make a healthy tuna salad sandwich add 1 can of tuna, salt, pepper, and 1 Tbsp of light cream cheese instead of mayo. Then put it on your favorite low fat or wheat bread.


Blue and pink standup cards.

Onesy Baby CardI hope all who try it have as much fun as I did in making it. The photos should make the process clear.


finished potholder

Heart Shaped PotholderThese potholders are easy to make and can easily be customized for your kitchen.


Rooster on chair outside.

Phoenix (Rooster)Phoenix, the rooster, enjoys time in his fair weather part of his enclosure. He loves his easy chair!


Finished bug on laptop palm rest.

Fleece Fiddle BugsI always make cute little things out of fleece, which I love the feel of. There are always little bits left after making no sew fleece mini pillows.



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Buying and Downloading Games from the Internet?I have a senior group that meets every first Friday of each month. I need some printable games for them. I love the games I have found on the net, but can't figure how to buy or download.


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Laws Regarding Dog Waste in Public Areas?Can someone take their dog on the grass and then clean up after her? I live in a apt, and I have lived here for 5 years and now they are telling me I have to bring my dog to the doggie park.


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Child Support and Social Security?My ex-husband, who is unable to work, started to collect SS 8 yrs ago. He is now 52, since then we receive $457 a month for our son. He wants to try to lower the monthly payment in hopes that his own payment will go up. Can he do that, is it possible?


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Discount Tickets to Disney World Theme Parks?Does anyone know where I can discounted tickets to Disney World theme parks without going to a "time share seminar"?


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Tuscan Retreat Wallpaper Border?Can anyone help with locating some "Tuscan Retreat" wallpaper border? It is discontinued from Better Homes and Gardens sold thru Walmart.


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Dip Dye Bleaching a Denim Jacket?Instead of the old fashioned tie-dye method, I'd like to "dip dye" a jacket into bleach in order to have the top look like normal denim and then "fade" into a paler version of the colour using bleach.


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Value of The Princess Porcelain Doll Collection?I would like to know the value of a doll named "Zhang Yang" manufactured by Dan and E.A., Inc. There is a card attached to her hand that says, Danea Porcelain collection. Certificate of Authenticity, Limited edition.


Stack of blue covered encyclopedias.

Value of 1933 World Book Encyclopedia Set?I have a complete set in strong condition of the 1933 World Book Encyclopedia. Anyone with any ideas of what this might be worth?


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Making Popcorn the Old Fashioned Way?I have a bag of popcorn in my cupboard. I tried to pop it the other day, but my husband doesn't think I did it right. I bought it at the bulk store, so I have no directions. Can anyone let me know the old fashion way to popcorn? Thank you. :)


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Kenmore Washer Completing Spin Cycle?My washer is not spinning the clothes all the way dry. It is a Kenmore, model#21302010, type 588. It senses the load, locks the lid, and then spins for 4-7 seconds and stops.


Willow cuttings in a container.

Growing a Weeping Willow from Cuttings?I received some weeping willow twigs in the mail. I've already planted them in a small pot. They're about a foot long. They are "not" branches. They are much smaller and thinner than a branch.


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Arthritis Pain Remedies?I am looking for remedies, for painful arthritis, in my hip.


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Using Dawn Detergent to Melt Ice?What mixture do you use to melt ice with Dawn detergent?


Cover of Animal World book.

Value of Animal World Encyclopedia?I have a 21 set of Animal World encyclopedias in excellent condition. I am wanting to now if they are worth anything and were to go. I also have 4 book set of The World of the Children in excellent condition by Stuart Miall dated 1957.


Black and white puppy in kitchen.

What Breed is My Dog?Well, when I got him they said he was a Boxer/Bullmastiff. I'm really not sure, either way I love him no matter what, but I'm super curious of what the other side might be! Please reply:)


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Older Dog Peeing in the House?Our 12 year old dog started peeing in the house. She does not do it all of the time, only when we leave. She can go all day and night and not have an accident; once we leave she does.


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Name Ideas for a Baby Shop?Is the name, The Teeny Tot Shop, being used for a baby shop today? Does anyone know how I can find out?


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Ripening a Pear?I did an experiment by putting a pear with 1 apple and a pear with 2 apples. I know that fruits produce ethylene when they ripen, but why did the pear with just 1 apple ripen faster than the pear with 2 apples?


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Pattern for Yarn Cat?If anyone has a pattern for making a kitty cat from yarn wrapped around cardboard, please post it here as I want to make one, but cannot find a pattern anywhere. God Bless!


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Discontinued Wallpaper Villa Toscana #57593?I need gold block wallpaper from the Villa Toscana book by Brewster/Beacon Home, pattern #57593. It is a faux block pattern and has just been discontinued. I have one wall left in my laundry room to paper. I would appreciate you help. Thanks.


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Anti-slip Floor Treatment for Ceramic Tile?What's a good anti-slip floor treatment for my ceramic tile floors?


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