January 29, 2013

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Remembering Your Glasses

Remembering Your GlassesThis page is about remembering your glasses. Sometimes a little help is needed to have your glasses close at hand when you need them.


Spray Bottles With a Hose Connector

Uses for Spray Bottles With Hose ConnectorsThis is a page about uses for spray bottles with hose connectors. The spray bottles with a hose connection, that came filled with fertilizers and other products, can be used in a variety of ways around your home and garden.


Uses for Old Mirrors

Uses for Old MirrorsThis is a page about uses for old mirrors. By employing some creativity, old mirrors can be given new life.


Quick Barbeque Sauce

Quick Barbecue Sauce RecipesWhen the sauce you need isn't on hand, you may have the ingredients you need to make some. This page contains quick barbecue sauce recipes.


Items made from Bedskirt - valance

Craft Uses for Bed SkirtsThis is a page about craft uses for bed skirts. Your unused bed skirts can be put to use in your craft projects.


Pillow Shams

Repurposing Pillow ShamsThis is a page about repurposing pillow shams. If you don't use shams on your bed, there are lots of ways to get some use out of these fabric bags.


front loader

Leveling a Sloped Yard?This is a page about leveling a sloped yard. A sloping yard may make that space unusable or create drainage or other problems.


Making Crushed Glass Art

Making Crushed Glass ArtThis page is about making crushed glass art. Recycled pulverized glass can create an interesting, colorful craft project.



Microwave Cooking TipsThis is a page about microwave cooking tips. Following a few simple tips can improve the way you use your microwave.


Organizing Bath Toys

Organizing Bath ToysThis is a page about organizing bath toys. If your children's bath looks like a toy store you might be looking for ways to store their bath toys.


recycled tile mosaic

Making Mosaics from Recycled Materials?This is a page about making mosaics from recycled materials. Beautiful mosaics can be made from materials you might have around your home.


Decorating With Old Mirrors

Decorating With Old MirrorsThis is a page about decorating with old mirrors. Vintage mirrors often can be used for home decorating, because of their unique frames and appearance.


Chili Powder In Measuring Spoon

Homemade Chili PowderIf you've grown or bought fresh chilies, you can dry and powder them to make your own seasoning. This page is about homemade chili powder.


Growing Caladium

Growing CaladiumThis is a page about growing caladium. Their beautifully colored large leaves make caladium a welcome addition to your garden.


Crockpot Dessert

Crockpot Dessert RecipesThis page contains crockpot dessert recipes. Your crockpot can also be used to make delicious desserts.


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Uses for Window ShadesThis is a page about uses for window shades. Before you throw out your old window shades consider reusing them.


Onesy Card for a New Baby

Making a Onesy Card for a New BabyThis is a page about making a onesy card for a new baby. If you are looking to make a cute card for a new baby, try one in the shape of a onesy.



Cleaning FormicaThis is a page about cleaning Formica. Whether you are cleaning up a vintage table or your kitchen counters, you may be looking for tips on cleaning Formica.


Home Equity Line of Credit Advice

Home Equity Line of Credit AdviceThis page contains home equity line of credit advise. When planning a remodel or in need of some extra funds, you may want to consider a loan on your home equity.


Uses For Tights

Uses For TightsThis is a page about uses for tights. Your old or damaged tights can be reused in new ways, including craft projects.


Old Kitchen Cabinet

Uses for Old Kitchen CabinetsThis page contains uses for old kitchen cabinets. When you remodel your kitchen, the old cupboards can be reused to organize other places in your home.


White Barbecue Sauce

White Barbecue Sauce RecipesThis page contains white barbecue sauce recipes. Try mayonnaise based barbecue sauce, popular in Alabama, as an alternative to the familiar tomato base types


Divinity Fudge

Diabetic Fudge RecipesThis page contains diabetic fudge recipes. Satisfy the sweet tooth of someone when sugar is not an option.


Stainless Steel Pot

Using Stainless Steel Cookware?This is a page about using stainless steel cookware. There are some cooking tips you can try, to make using your stainless steel cookware easier.


Rice Pilaf Recipes

Rice Pilaf RecipesThis page contains rice pilaf recipes. Cooking rice in a seasoned broth can create a variety of delicious dishes.


Uses for Shower Curtains

Uses for Shower CurtainsThis is a page about uses for shower curtains. Shower curtains, whether old or new, can be repurposed for other uses around your home.


Canna Lily

Growing Canna LiliesThis is a page about growing canna lilies.Canna lilies add a bright, lush, tropical feel to any garden.


Uses for Paper Grocery Bags

Uses for Paper Grocery BagsThis page is contains uses for paper bags. There are many ways the paper of these bags can be reused.


Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese Breed - Information and PhotosThis page contains Tonkinese breed - information and photos. These beautiful, good natured cats are a cross between Siamese with Burmese.


Pressure Cooker with Vegetables

Pressure Cooker RecipesThe pressure cooker is back and is a faster alternative to using your slow cooker. This page contains pressure cooker recipes.


Saving Money on Bathtub Toys

Saving Money on Bathtub ToysThis is a page about saving money on bathtub toys. You don't have to spend a lot of money on tub toys.


Non-Stick Frying Pan

Using Non-Stick CookwareThis is a page about using non-stick cookware. Many cooks have some type of non-stick cookware in their kitchen.


broken eyeglasses

Repairing EyeglassesThis is a page about repairing eyeglasses. Minor repairs to your eyeglasses can be done at home.


Pork Burrito

Pork Burrito Recipes?This page contains pork burrito recipes. You don't have to eat out to enjoy delicious pork burritos.



Paper Heart Door Hanger

Paper Heart Door HangerThis video shows you a simple heart decoration you can make with kids for Valentine's Day.


Bon Bon Cookies

Cherry Bon Bon CookiesMany families have a special recipe that they make every holiday. Our family makes bon bon cookies every year


Valentine's Day Bark

Valentine's Day BarkThis recipe puts a spin on the classic peppermint Christmas bark.


Peshwari Naan

Peshwari NaanThis is a video on how to make Peshwari Naan, an Indian bread stuffed with pistachios, raisins.


Argyle Heart Wreath

Argyle Heart WreathThis video shows you how to make a great decoration for Valentine's Day.



Mason jars of venison.

Canned VenisonCanning venison is easy to do and oh so good! With this in your pantry you can have a meal in about 20 minutes.


finished smokies heart

Lit'l Smokies HeartSneak one of these cute little hearts onto your Valentine's plate, they are sure to be surprised!



OrGREENiC Ceramic Green Non-Stick Fry Pan

Orgreenic Ceramic Green Non-Stick Fry PanI really love this ceramic frying pan. It has an aluminum core and it works without any butter or anything. I am so happy with it, I had to share it on this site.


FInished card.

Heart-shaped Valentine CardMake this sweet card to give this Valentine's Day.


Recycled Bottle Fluted Vase

Recycled Bottle Fluted VaseI have no epoxy glue so I can't glue them together yet, but I like the way it turned out. It would be a cute planter due to its little size and design, very lightweight.


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Best Oils for Cooking and DressingsExtra-virgin olive oil is full of health benefits, but loses a great deal of those when the oil is heated.


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Easy To Do Dough RollingYou know how rolling out dough when making pizza, bread, or pie crust can be a pain. The dough sticks to everything, but the pan that you are rolling the dough in.


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Easy Frozen YogurtTake those little plastic tubs of yogurt and cut a little slit in the top. Insert a popsicle stick. You can freeze them and have pops.


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Make Ice for Boiled EggsIf you keep big chunks of ice in reserve for when you hard boil eggs, you will not waste the small ice that the rest of the family uses. I boil eggs all the time, and it takes lots of ice to cool them down if you are using the little cubes.


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Cut Down On Sugar in Fruit PiesWhen preparing fruit for pie filling, crisps, cobblers, etc., mix in a teaspoon or two of baking soda before adding any sweetener. Then start out with adding 1/4 to 1/2 the amount of sugar that you normally would.


Red and white silk flowers in red box.

Valentine Silk Floral ArrangementI bought all the supplies at my local Dollar Tree store. I used a small gift box with lid included. I used small square floral Styrofoam inside the box. I cut the stems of the silk flowers and arranged them to make this beautiful silk floral Valentine arrangement.


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Freeze Cooked Pinto Beans for LaterDH and I are southern people and we love pinto beans. For a long time I bought them canned at the super market since there are only 2 of us living here.



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Shopping for Miss Elizabeth Scrapbook Supplies?I have purchased Miss Elizabeth's scrapbooking paper and stickers from the Dollar Tree and now can't to seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone have any clue where they are selling them now?


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Samsung Washer Door Alignment Out?I have a Samsung model WF203ANSXAC front load washer. Some how the door does not close. I have to lift it to engage the door latch.


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Starting a Wisteria Tree from Cuttings?Can I start a wisteria tree from cuttings or do I have to air layer them?


Small red dog lying on blankets.

Resocializing a Dog After It Was Attacked?How can I get my dog not to react to other dogs and people when I walk him? When he was around 11 months he was attacked by a Chocolate Lab, which broke a few of his ribs.


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Storing Silk Flower Arrangements?I have several flower arrangements that I would like to use again. The problem is they seem to take up so much room in my craft room, how and where to store them so they want get mashed or dusty?


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Window Treatment for Arched Window?Turning to my ThriftyFun friends again! I am moving to house with a rectangular window that has an arched top. I'm wanting to cover the whole window, not just a portion where the window is arched. The window is at the front of the house so nothing ugly.


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SSDI and Child Support Arrears?I pay child support out of my SS benefits. My arrears balance kept accumulating even though I wasn't able to work. Can that arrears balance be taken off to the date my application was filed and approved by the state for SSDI?


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