March 17, 2013

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bottles of coffee syrups

Uses for Coffee SyrupsThis is a page about uses for coffee syrups. Flavored coffee syrups are not just for coffee, use them to flavor other foods as well.



Starting a Coupon SwapThis page is about starting a coupon swap. The more people that participate in a coupon exchange, make it more likely you will be able to get the products you need.


Cleaning Contact Lenses

Cleaning Contact LensesThis page is about cleaning contact lenses. Your vision and comfort is improved with clean contacts.


White Cabbage

Recipes Using White Cabbage?This page contains recipes using white cabbage. White cabbage is delicious used in a variety of dishes.


pan for oil frying

Disposing of Cooking Oil and GreaseProperly discarding used cooking oil and grease will save your plumbing. There are a variety of ways to effectively discard these cooking products after usage. This is a page about disposing of cooking oil and grease.


Russian Tea

Russian Tea RecipesThis page contains Russian tea recipes. Russian tea is a delicious blend of tea, citrus, and spices that may become addictive.


Organic Flour

Buying Organic Flour?This is a page about buying organic flour. Organic food products are becoming more and more popular.


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains shih tzu breed information and photos. These lively, small dogs make great companions.


stevia plant

Feeding Plants VitaminsThis is a page about feeding plants vitamins. Some gardeners use expired vitamins for their plants.


juicing a lemon

Freezing Lemon and Lime JuiceThis page is about freezing lemon and lime juice. When you have extra ripe citrus fruits, you may want to freeze the juice for later use.


Small Christmas Gifts

Small Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about small Christmas gift ideas. Trying to come up with ideas for small Christmas gifts for friends, neighbors, customers, etc. can be difficult.


Video Tape

Uses for Video TapesThis page contains uses for video tapes. Finding creative ways to reuse old VHS, Beta or camcorder tapes can be a challenge.


historic church steeple in Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos, and guides for traveling to Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston, South Carolina is a beautiful southern seaport city with a distinctive historic downtown area.


woman with healthy skin

Tips for Healthier SkinThis is a page about tips for healthier skin. There are many commercial and homemade products and regimens that can help make and keep your skin healthy.


Girl with Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) RemediesThis is a page about pink eye (conjunctivitis) remedies. Conjunctivitis or pink eye is a common, easily spread, contagious eye infection.


Spare Ribs

Cooking Spare RibsThis is a page about cooking spare ribs. Spare ribs can be prepared in a number of ways, the grill being only one.


babysitter with two kids

Saving Money on BabysittingThis page is about saving money on babysitting. Hiring an experienced sitter can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce the cost.


EmeryCat Board

Emery Cat Board ReviewsThis is a page about Emery cat board reviews. Making a decision to buy a pet product can be easier if you are able to read some reviews from other pet owners.


Twist Ties

Uses for Twist TiesThis is a page about uses for twist ties. Certain food products packed in plastic bags are sealed with a twist tie.


Disposable Plastic Cup

Reusing Disposable Plastic CupsThis is a page about reusing disposable plastic cups. Disposable plastic cups can be put to other uses rather than simply being tossed into the trash.


Heart Shaped Bavarian Cream

Bavarian Cream RecipesThis page contains Bavarian cream recipes. This yummy dessert is a mixture of gelatin or pudding and whipping cream.


Madison, WI capital building

South Central Wisconsin Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos and guides for traveling to south central Wisconsin. Central Wisconsin is a transition comprised of forests, farm land, and small cities. Madison, the capital is located in south central Wisconsin.


Reusing Bakery Packaging

Reusing Bakery PackagingThis is a page about reusing bakery packaging. There are many craft and other uses for the packaging from your bakery items, especially the clamshell style and other plastic boxes and trays.


Steam Iron

Removing Rust from Steam IronThis page is about removing rust from steam iron. Having rust in or on your iron can stain your clothing.


a girl dressing up

Creating a Child's Dress Up BoxThis page is about creating a child's dress up box. Pretending is fun with clothes, shoes and accessories to dress up in.



Making a CollageThis page is about making a collage. There are many different ways to create an attractive assemblage of photos, drawings and pictures.


Egg Noodles

Recipes Using Egg NoodlesWhether you make your own or buy them, this tasty pasta is delicious with many foods. This page contains recipes using egg noodles.


Flannel Shirts

Uses for Old Flannel ShirtsThis is a page about uses for old flannel shirts. Flannel is a wonder fabric for crafts, cleaning, or other uses around your home. Don't throw out those old, worn out, or ill fitting shirts.


Neglected Dog

Caring for a Neglected Dog?This is a page about caring for a neglected dog. Many of the rescue dogs up for adoption or foster have suffered from neglect with their former owners.


teen dancing

Planning a Dance Birthday Party for Teens?This is a page about planning a dance birthday party for teens. Planning a birthday dance party for your teen requires some work.



Uses for Coal Ash?This is a page about uses for coal ash. Heating with coal, can leave you with a lot of coal ash. You may be wondering if there is a recommend use(s) for this byproduct.


Cleaning a Gas Oven

Cleaning a Gas Oven?Cleaning an oven, while necessary, is probably one of the least exciting household cleaning jobs. This is a page about cleaning a gas oven.



Adding a Crochet Skirt to Pillowcases?This page is about adding a crochet skirt to pillowcases. An attractive finish to linens can be crocheted.


Nursing Home Gift Basket

Nursing Home Gift Basket Ideas?This is a page about nursing home gift basket ideas. Fill your gift basket for a friend or family member in a nursing home with useful and thoughtful gifts.


Making Sour Milk

Making Sour MilkThis page is about making sour milk. You may have a recipe that calls for soured milk, that you don't have on hand.


Gift Giving Strategies

Gift Giving AdviceThis is a page about gift giving advice. There are several things you can do to help ensure that the gifts you give are appreciated.


Graduation Gift

Frugal Graduation Gift IdeasThis page contains frugal graduation gift ideas. An inexpensive present can be both useful and meaningful.


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Using a Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet...We often have questions regarding using a new small appliance. This is a page about using a Hoover Platinum Collection carpet shampooer.


Buying a Car for $2000

Buying a Car for $2000 (or Less)?This page is about buying a car for $2000 (or less). Finding a good, inexpensive car that won't soon need repairs or parts is challenging.


Uses for Sour Milk

Uses for Sour MilkThis page contains uses for sour milk. There are many wonderful recipes and other uses for soured milk.


What Is Nutella?

What Is Nutella?This is a page about what is Nutella? Nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread for toast, sandwiches, fruit, and other foods.


Storing Clothing

Storing ClothingThis is a page about storing clothing. How you store your clothing may be important due to type, space constraints, or other concerns.


Knitting Bag

Making a Knitting BagThis is a page about how to make your own knitting bag. If you have found that knitting bags for sale are too pricey or just not what you want, try making your own.


Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington Frugal Travel GuideThis page is about Seattle, Washington frugal travel guide. Travel can be expensive, but there are thrifty ways to enjoy your destination once you arrive.


Woman Hot Waxing (Depilating) Her Legs

Homemade Hot WaxThis is a page about homemade hot wax. Waxing is a popular non-chemical form of depilatory.


child looking at a plant sprout

Tips for Planting Your First Garden?This page contains tips for planting your first garden. Knowing how to prepare the soil, as well as, properly plant and water seedlings, will help make your garden a success.



add rolos

Rainbow in a BagGive someone special a rainbow in a bag. This is a quick and inexpensive treat that makes a perfect gift!


Closeup of dog.

In Memory of Louie (Chow/Australian...My sister saved him from being put down because he barked too much. My sister gave him to me and he was such a great dog who is missed sooooo much. Thank you Louis. You may be gone, but you will always be in my heart.


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Slow Cooker For Dry BeansThis tip is so simple, yet it has saved me many dollars and much time.


pot full of treats

Pot O' TreatsI wanted to put together some treats for our kids in celebration of St. Patrick's day. What is more fitting than a pot full of green treats!


finished clover

St. Patrick's Day SuncatchersIf you are looking for a fun craft to make for St. Patrick's day, give these a try. Then decorate your windows with them.



Sample of paper.

Discontinued Norwall Wallpaper Search?I am searching for a Norwall wallpaper that has been discontinued. One more double roll is all that I need to finish the hall in our 1880's farmhouse. (Ontario, Canada). The pattern # is MP 18717L and it is in an antiqued damask pattern that is a light sage green.


Lighted reindeer.

Shopping for Outdoor Decorative Tinsel?I am fixing my Christmas outdoor lighted reindeer. I have painted the metal frame, rewired all the lights and would like to put a fabric called tinsel (which is used on all types of Christmas outdoor yard decorations) on the the body of the reindeer, but I'm not able to find this fabric anywhere.


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Real Estate Business Name Ideas?Please. kindly suggest a business name starting with 'S' or like 'S... P... ' for my real estate business.


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Homemade Lawn Fertilizer Coverage?The homemade liquid fertilizer recipe of beer, pop, etc. How big of an area does this cover?


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Health Risks from Living in a House Where Previous Owners Smoked?I live in my grandparents' old house, that has has been smoked in since the 60s and my grandmother is a heavy smoker.


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Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor on Suede Fringe Jacket?I was given the most beautiful suede fringe jacket I have ever seen. It would retail for $300, but it reeks of cigarette smoke. What can I do? I dearly love this person and they know I love fringe jackets so they gave as gift.


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How to Plant Taro Tubers?Every year I have planted taro, for the beautiful leaves, in my garden and every year I forget which end of the tuber should be planted down.


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Value of 1973 World Book Encyclopedia?I have the entire set of 1973 World Book encyclopedias. What might they be worth if I were to sell them?


Black nightstand.

Furniture Finish to Coordinate With Black...I have a black bed and two black nightstands. I didn't buy the dresser at the time. Now I'm shopping for a dresser. What different kinds of wood and styles can I mix with the furniture I have?


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Riding Lawnmower Keeps Throwing Fuses?My riding lawnmower keeps throwing fuses. What can cause this?


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Previously House Trained Pooping and Peeing in House?I have a 1.5 year old Schnauzer who was perfectly house trained; I trained him myself. When we adopted another 9 month old female Schnauzer who I still cannot train, he also began to pee everywhere. I have tried positive reinforcement with treats.


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Jacket Made from Towels?Where can I find a pattern to make a jacket from towels? I had one as a teen and I haven't seen patterns around for them. These jackets are very comfortable and I would enjoy having one again.


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