July 30, 2013

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spoonful of sugar

Can You Use Sugar Contaminated By Ants?Having ants get into your food is very frustrating. If they have gotten into the sugar, you may wonder about the safety of using it once the ants are removed. This is a page about "can you use sugar contaminated by ants?".


Umbrella Tree

Growing an Umbrella Tree (Magnolia tripetala)?This is a page about growing an umbrella tree (Magnolia tripetala). The umbrella tree is a native of the eastern United States and prefers moist soil and part shade, but can tolerate full sun in the northern extremes of its range.


Vanilla Pudding Pie

Vanilla Pudding Pie RecipesThis page contains vanilla pudding pie recipes. Pudding is a yummy filling for a cold, dessert pie.


Non Toxic Mold Cleaner

Non-Toxic Mold Cleaners?There are some natural, non-toxic products that are effective in removing mold. This is a page about non-toxic mold cleaners.


Colorful ribbon.

Reusing Ribbon From GiftsThis is a page about reusing ribbon from gifts. The cost of gift wrapping materials can add up. Also, it may seem wasteful to throw out those lovely ribbons after only one use.


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Millionaire Candy Recipes?This page contains millionaire candy recipes. Combine chocolate, caramels, and nuts to create these scrumptious candies.


Beef Lo Mein

Beef Lo Mein RecipesThis page contains beef lo mein recipes. Beef, noodles and vegetables make a delicious main dish.



Cleaning BirdfeedersThis page is about cleaning birdfeeders. Keeping your bird feeders clean will help maintain the health of your wild visitors.


Blender being used to make a smoothie.

Cleaning a BlenderThere are thorough and quick ways to clean this useful kitchen appliance. This page is about cleaning a blender.


doing laundry

Cleaning Rayon Clothes?This is a page about cleaning rayon clothes. In the past most rayon garments required dry cleaning, some still do. However, you can also wash some rayon fabrics.


Flower Pens

Making Decorated Ink PensThis is a page about making decorated ink pens. Use your favorite artificial flowers or other supplies to make these cute decorative pens for yourself or as a gift for friends.


Hand Blender

Cleaning a Hand Blender?This is a page about cleaning a hand blender. Hand blenders have become a popular kitchen tool. An added bonus is how easy they are to clean.


Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza RecipesThis page contains buffalo chicken pizza recipes. Spicy buffalo chicken pizza may become your new favorite flavor.


Wheat Crackers

Wheat Cracker RecipesThis page contains wheat cracker recipes. It is actually quite easy to make your own fresh crackers at home.


Laptop Computer

Finding Free Laptops for StudentsAlthough there are definitely active scams regarding free laptops, there are some legitimate programs through which students and others may qualify for a free laptop. This is a page about finding free laptops for students.


Serving bbq ribs to a large group.

Making BBQ for a Large Group?This is a page about making BBQ for a large group. BBQ meals are a popular choice for the backyard meal as well as for large groups at parties, weddings, and other events.


Potato Masher

Uses for Potato MasherThat potato masher in your kitchen tool drawer can be put to use in a variety of ways in addition to mashing up some spuds. This is a page about uses for potato masher.



Cooking With CrackersThis is a page about cooking with crackers. Crackers can be used in many ways in your favorite recipes.


A stack of teflon pans.

Safe Alternatives to Teflon Cookware?This page is about safe alternatives to teflon cookware. There are many kinds of stovetop pots and pans available today.


Pastry Blender

Uses for a Pastry BlenderThis page contains uses for a pastry blender. There are other food tasks that this cutting tool can be helpful with.


Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie RecipesThis page contains tomato pie recipes. Tomatoes are a very versatile vegetable and can even be used to make a delicious savory pie.


French Fries

Recipes Using French FriesFrench fries are generally thought of as a side to burgers, fish, or other sandwiches. However, these potato strips can be used as an ingredient in many recipes. This is a page about recipes using French fries.


Office Chair

Repairing an Office Chair?This is a page about repairing an office chair. Office chairs can be quite expensive, so when yours breaks it can be less costly to make repairs rather than buy a new one.



Crushing Ice With a Blender?Smashing ice with your blender isn't always easy even when you follow the instructions. This page is about crushing ice with a blender.


Brewster's Wallpaper

Finding Discontinued Brewster's Wallpaper?This is a page about finding discontinued Brewster's wallpaper. Finding discontinued wallpaper to finish your project can be a challenge.


Cross Stitch

College and University Cross Stitch Patterns?This is a page about college and university cross stitch patterns. You can show your support for a college or university by making cross stitch items for yourself or as gifts.


Banana Cake

Banana Cake RecipesThis page contains banana cake recipes. Ripe bananas are commonly used for making quick bread, but these sweet fruit are equally delicious baked into a moist cake.


Egg being tapped with a hammer.

Egg JokesThis is a page about egg jokes. When you run out of chicken jokes, if that is possible, switch gears and tell some funny egg jokes.


Chicken Lo Mein

Chicken Lo Mein Recipes?Noodles, poultry, and vegetables make a delicious main dish. This page contains chicken lo mein recipes.


A wedding gift wrapped with white paper and a blue ribbon tied in a bow.

Wrapping Wedding GiftsThis is a page about wrapping wedding gifts. Wedding are very special occasions, so you will want your gift to look good on the outside by using pretty or formal wrapping techniques.


installing software

Installing Corel Print House?This is a page about installing Corel Print House. Print House is an older printing program from Corel.


Perm Rollers

Saving Money on a PermThis page is about saving money on a perm. Doing a permanent at home can save you money or there are ways to create a temporary perm look.



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Creamy Cantaloupe PieThis recipe was given to me by my friend, Patsy. I had never heard of it, and wasn't sure I would like it. I was wrong. This pie is awesome!


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Cheesy Baked Potato CasserolePotatoes made with evaporated milk, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon and green onions.



Start Avocado in Existing Pot

Start Avocado in Existing PotI took the pit right from the avocado and planted it with my tropical plant. It is flourishing so far. I guess I need to mist it. I will stake it up if it seems to lean but so far it hasn't.


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Alternative To Freezer Bags For The Frugal MindedDon't throw away your cereal bags that contain cereal, they make great freezer bags when you run out of store bought ones or just to save money. Or you can use them with Dollar Store freezer bags for extra protection from freezer burn.


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Remedies For Restless Leg SyndromeI've read and surfed the web like you, heard of all the crazy RLS cure ideas but what I found out that works for me was when I stopped all caffeine intake and most sugar intake for just one day and that night, zero RLS.


Cleaning Cabinets with Zout

Zout for Cleaning CabinetsAfter reading through this blog, I saw a suggestion for Spray and Wash to clean the cabinets. I love Zout to get stains out and tried that. I sprayed it on, rubbed it in with my fingers, let it sit a little and wiped it clean with a microfiber towel and some water.



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Removing Hardened Wax on Wall?How do I get get hardened wax off the wall in my bedroom that's painted with flat paint?


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Baby George Foreman Drip Tray?Anyone know where I can buy a drip tray for my George Foreman oven?


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Preventing Galling of Light Bulb Threads?What can you apply to the threads of a light bulb to stop galling of the threads?


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Name for In-home Daycare?I am starting an in-home daycare and having trouble finding a name to go with. Any suggestions that are not already taken? Maybe I could incorporate my name (Kaitee) in there somehow. Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.


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Starting Hydrangea from Seed Indoors?Can I grow hydrangea seeds indoors starting now (July 30)? I have seeds and want to let them grow indoors until next spring. I live in zone 6a.


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Maytag Washer Error Code F-7?My Maytag front load washer is displaying the error code F-7. Help me please, thanks.


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Daycare Name Ideas?I would like any name suggestions with fashionista or Janet to open my daycare. I can't figure out a catchy name for a daycare. Any great ideas?


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Mower Won't Start?I took the whole deck off for scrap metal money. Now I go to start the mower and it won't crank. I tried to charge the battery and nothing. Any ideas?


Floral wallpaper border.

Norwall Wallpaper Border: KB73455DCV?I am looking for more of a Norwall border purchased a few years ago. The # is KB73455DCV, Lot #12 A. I could use even a different lot of the same border. I only need one more package.


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Value of 1927 World Book Encyclopedias?I have a complete set of 1927 World Book encyclopedias. They are in really good condition and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a rough estimate of their value?


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Pollinating an Elstar Apple Tree?We currently have an Elstar apple tree and would like to know if it is better to get another apple tree or a pear tree for pollination?


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Fixing Hair Damaged by a Perm?Towards the end of May I dyed my hair black. It wasn't a permanent dye, but only a temporary one. Around a week later I got a perm because my mom said it would be okay to perm it after coloring. I believed her because she went to beauty school.


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Killing Algae in Backyard Fishpond?My pond holds approx. 2000 lt. It has algae growing on the plants and fish in the pond. How can I safely get rid of the algae?


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Sweet 16 Party Ideas?I am turning 16 in February and I am having probably about 15-20 boys and girls going to my party. I want to rent a party bus and go somewhere fun, but I don't have any ideas. Please help.


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Gift for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday?What should I buy him? This is his first birthday for us and he loves fashion, dressing, and architecture. We have a long distance relationship and he's probably coming here this summer and I have no idea what he might want.


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15th Birthday (Quinceanera) Ideas?My birthday is in May and I don't know what to do. Usually people have a party but I don't like the whole center of attention thing. Plus, I don't have that many close friends so it would mostly be family and people I hardly talk to (awks). But I do want the dress.


Starting a Cleaning Service?I am living in Uganda and am a student in my last year at university. What ways can I go through to be able to start a cleaning service with minimal capital? Also how do I invite those that would support me financially? Thanks.


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Removing Sticker Residue on Inside of Shoe?How do I remove the sticky residue left from a sticker on inside of shoe, under my heel? It is leather, so I don't know if I can use Goo Gone. When I walk, one heel sticks and makes noise every time I take a step. Very frustrating!


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Remedy for Itchy Ears?My left ear is itchy because I have a cold and I don't know how to make my inner ear canal stop itching and hurting. Help!


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