June 22, 2017

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Green plastic bowls.

Removing Label Glue from Plastic Bowls?When removing the label glue from plastic bowls remember to make sure that the product you use is safe to use on plastic. This is a page about removing label glue from plastic bowls.


Souper Macaroni and Cheese

Souper Macaroni and CheeseAn extra cheesy mac and cheese is a task dinner you family will love to have again and again. This page contains souper macaroni and cheese recipe.


old sweaters

Make Arm and Leg Warmers from SweatersOld sweaters, especially wool ones, work quite well for making cozy arm and leg warmers. This is a page about make arm and leg warmers from sweaters.


Pantyhose with a run in them.

Extending the Life of PantyhosePantyhose can be a costly part your clothing budget. They are prone to snags and runs, but that does not mean you should discard them. This is a page about extending the life of pantyhose.


Two hands putting money into a piggy bank.

Change from a Spendthrift into a SaverLiving within your means makes life less stressful and you still are able to get what you need. This page is about change from a spendthrift into a saver.


kitchen appliances

Where Can I Buy a Galloping Gourmet Perfection Aire Extender Ring?Often it can be quite a challenge to find parts for small kitchen appliances. This is a page about, "Where can I buy a Galloping Gourmet Perfection Aire extender ring?".


Closed blinds on a hot summer day.

Insulating Windows Against Summer Heat?Windows can allow the summer sun to heat up your home. There are several products that you can try to help insulate them, from pane coverings to drapes. This is a page about insulating windows against summer heat.


Baking Sod

Using Baking Soda to Remove Hairspray from Your HairAdding baking soda to your shampoo can help remove all of the hairspray residue in your hair. This is a page about using baking soda to remove hairspray from your hair.


A smiling woman cleaning her face.

Using Vinegar as a Face CleanserVinegar is a light astringent that can be used to cleanse the face. This is a page about using vinegar as a face cleanser.



Substitutions for Evaporated Milk in Recipes?Many of us do not typically keep cans of evaporated milk on the shelf. Many recipes will successfully tolerate a substitution. This is a page about substitutions for evaporated milk in recipes.


ball of yarn

Crocheted Baby Cowboy BootiesSometimes finding a specific pattern for making crochet baby booties can be a challenge. This is a page about crocheted baby cowboy booties.


Cleaning a Cast Iron

Cleaning a Cast Iron Skillet to Re-seasonCast iron cookware may need periodic seasoning, as would an old poorly maintained piece. Prior to re-seasoning you will want to thoroughly clean the pan. This is a page about cleaning a cast iron skillet to re-season.


Baked muffins

Healthy Blueberry Muffins RecipesBlueberry muffins are great way to start the morning. This page contains recipes for healthy blueberry muffins.


Shopping Site

Shopping Sites Without Credit Check?While rebuilding your credit rating it can be difficult to find online sites that will allow you to make payments without a credit check. This is a page about shopping sites without credit check.


Picture frames hanging on brick.

Hanging Pictures on BrickDrilling a hole in brick and mortar to hang a picture can be a challenge without the right type of bit for your drill. This is a page about hanging pictures on brick.


Flourless Chicken Pizza Crust with meat, cheese and spices

Flourless Chicken Pizza Crust RecipeYou will be surprised by the ingredients in this low carb flourless pizza crust. This is a page about making a flourless chicken pizza crust.


Crochet hooks and a ball of yarn.

Crochet Pattern for Men's VestThere are a number of sources both online and in craft stores for finding a crochet pattern to make a men's vest. This is a page about crochet pattern for men's vest.


Blue Nylon Jacket

Permanent Marker Stain on a Nylon JacketYou may be able to remove permanent marker from your nylon jacket with the right products and process. This is a page about permanent marker stain on a nylon jacket.


A silver frame with a decorative pin.

Display Jewelry Pins in FramesRather than allowing your pins to languish in your jewelry box, consider displaying them in small attractive frames. This is a page about displaying jewelry pins in frames.


A stack of binders.

Use a Binder to Organize RecipesOne convenient way to organize your recipes is by placing them in one or more binders, depending on your method of organization. This is a page about use a binder to organize recipes.


Anniversary clock.

Finding Parts for a Quartz 85 Anniversary Clock?There are online sources for purchasing the replacement movement for a quartz 85 clock. This is a page about finding parts for a Quartz 85 anniversary clock.


Frozen food and roast chicken

Freeze a Month of Dinners in One AfternoonBy spending several hours on an afternoon you can prep and freeze enough meals for an entire month. This not only saves time when heating or cooking them later, but you may also save on food costs by buying enough of some ingredients to use for more than one meal while it is on sale. This is a page about freeze a month of dinners in one afternoon.


A woman shopping for cleaning products.

Where to Buy Top Job CleanerIt is frustrating to be unable to find a favorite cleaning product. You can find Top Job cleaner on the internet, if it is unavailable in a local store. This is a page about where to buy Top Job cleaner.


Credit Card for Loose Tape End

Use an Old Plastic Card for Loose Packing Tape EndCut a piece from an old credit card or hotel room key and use it to keep the end of your roll of packing tape from sticking to itself. This is a page about use an old plastic card for loose packing tape end.


Re-Dyeing Hair

Re-Dyeing Hair After Removing ColorAfter having the color removed from your hair, you may have to wait a little while before getting it dyed again. This is a page about re-dyeing hair after removing color.


Substitute Marshmallow Cream in Rice Krispy Treats

Substitute Marshmallow Cream in Rice Krispy Treats?If you are craving Rice Krispy treats but don't have any marshmallows, you can substitute marshmallow cream if you have some on the shelf. This is a page about substitute marshmallow cream in Rice Krispy treats.


A woman rinsing her hair in the shower.

Copycat Tame Creme Rinse RecipeWhen you really like how a product works for you, sometimes you can make a substitute. This page is about making a copycat tame creme rinse recipe.


Really large cardboard box.

Sources for Really Large Boxes?Large boxes can really useful to have, especially if you are moving. This is a page about sources for really large boxes.


vegetable shortening in a bowl

Using Crisco as a MoisturizerJust about any oil can be used as moisturizer when used in moderation. This is a page about using crisco as a moisturizer.


Shoelace Aglets.

Repairing a Shoelace End (Aglet)If your shoelace end has come off you can repair it some sturdy clear tape. This is a page about repairing a shoelace end (aglet).


Small black bugs smaller than the tip of a match.

Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Black BugsMany types of bugs are small and black, if they are biting bugs they can be annoying and a health hazard. This is a page about getting rid of tiny biting black bugs.



Day Lily At Dusk - beautiful pinkish daylily

Day Lily At DuskThe very heart of the flower seemed to capture and radiate back, the last few precious drops of golden sunlight.


A viburnum tree in bloom.

Viburnum Tree in BloomThis beautiful tree was sort of an accident. I was looking for a dogwood and the nursery recommended this instead. My husband had his heart set on a dogwood so we planted it in our side yard between driveways. I'm sorry now that I didn't plant it where it would show better.


Sunset (California)

Sunset (California)Who said you can't enjoy a pretty sunset from your backyard? We all should take a second out of our day and enjoy nature! I enjoyed this sunset from my back yard, look at all the gorgeous colors in the sky - blues, pinks, orange, yellow, and the palm trees in the background!


Order Low Or No Ice for Drinks at a Restaurant - glass of strawberry lemonade

Order Low Or No Ice for Drinks at a RestaurantWhen I'm eating at a restaurant, I sometimes splurge my money on a strawberry lemonade beverage. To get my money's worth, I always tell the waiter easy on the ice. If I don't mention easy on the ice, they'll fill the cup completely with ice so, by the time I take a couple sips I would already have finished my drink.


Themed vases originally designed for Mother's Day.

Shop after Seasonal Holidays for Big SavingsIf you shop after Seasonal Holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. you can save at least 50-75%, if you are lucky some stores even offer up to 90% off.


Portulaca Grandiflora Border - portulaca in rain gutter planters

Portulaca Grandiflora BorderThere are so many varieties of portulaca, I get confused. Understandable, as the taxonomists don't always agree on what's what in this Portulacaceae family. If I'm not mistaken, here, I am growing Portulaca Grandiflora, commonly known as 'Moss Rose'.


Reuse Waste Water from Water Filter - water collected in cooler

Reuse Waste Water from Water FilterWe installed our reverse osmosis water filter ourselves and instead of having the waste water drain down into the sink and be a complete waste, we route the outlet waste pipe into a bucket/cooler to collect the waste water.


Using a pair of tongs to squeeze juice from a lemon.

Use Tongs to Squeeze LemonsThe simplest way to juice a lemon is to cut it into half and find a juicer. When don't have one, find a food tong and clip one half of lemon. Hold the tong on both ends and press in full force to release the lemon juice inside.



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Introducing a New Cat to the Resident Cat?I have a 7 month old female cat. So I adopted a 2 month old male cat, but since I brought in the new one the old one has been hissing and growling at him. She even battered him once. I dunno what to do to make them get along.


Is My Pup a Full Blooded Pit Bull?

Is My Pup a Full Blooded Pit Bull?A friend of mine found the momma and 3 pups while out berry picking. Someone had dropped them and I got one. The momma is definitely a full blooded Pit from looking at her, but I wanted some opinions on what you thought?


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Displaying a Magnet Collection?My daughter is in the military and has traveled all over the world. She buys me magnets from everywhere she goes. My refrigerator is full and doesn't show them well. Any ideas on how to properly display them?


What Kind of Snake Is This? - dark gray or black snake

What Kind of Snake Is This?What kind of snake is this? I am in Madisonville, Louisiana.


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Removing Bat Poo Stains from Laundry?I've just taken my washing off the line and noticed bat poo on some. Please tell me how I can remove this sticky poo. 


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Removing Old Fabric Softener Stick On Bars from Dryer?A couple of years ago both Bounce and Gain sold fabric softener bars that you put in your dryer so you did not have to use sheets. They are stuck on there really good with double-sided tape! I want to remove them, but don't know how to without leaving a bad paint thinner smell that will get on my clothes?


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Adhering Plates of Glass to Each Other?I am doing a collage using photo pieces and several flat plates of glass (about 5, 10x12 sheets) which will eventually be placed on top of each other. How can I adhere the plates of glass together without seeing the glue and maintaining clearness of the glass?


Returning to Natural Hair Color After Dyeing It

Returning to Natural Hair Color After Dyeing It?I decided to dye my hair bright red and it has now faded to orange, but it's growing in brown. I'm a blonde. What should I do/can I do? I want it blonde again, but I don't want to kill it with bleach:(


Is My Pit Bull Puppy Pure Bred? - puppy in the grass

Is My Pit Bull Puppy Pure Bred?Is my puppy pure bred?


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