September 6, 2017

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Portobello Mushroom Personal Pizzas

Portobello Mushroom Personal PizzasPortabello mushrooms are a very versatile fungi for cooking and can even be used to make little mini pizzas. Here's how to make portobello mushroom personal pizzas.


A window blind being restrung.

How to Restring Levolor Window BlindsIf the string has come out of your levolor blinds, it's no impossible to fix. Here is how to restring levolor window blinds.


Jewelry being displayed using pushpins.

Hanging Jewelry On Push PinsUse thumb tacks to hang jewelry on your wall or cork board. Hanging jewelry on push pins is an easy way to organize and display your jewelry.


Antique Figurines

Finding Information and Value of Antique FigurinesAntique figurines are often highly collectible but are only worth what someone will pay for them. Finding information and value of antique figurines can be a challenge because there are so many varieties and manufactures of these figurines.


Nativity in a shoe box.

Recycled Shoebox Christmas Nativity Mini-TheaterYou can use a shoe box to make an adorable little nativity to use as a Christmas decoration. A recycled shoebox Christmas nativity mini-theater is fun to make and will look great displayed during the Christmas season.


plant rows

Gardening in Small SpacesTo maximize yield in your garden, using your space efficiently is the best way to accomplish this. Gardening in small spaces doesn't have to mean small yields too.


Several types of citrus fruit.

Storing Citrus FruitCitrus fruits can be stored for a while but they will eventually mold of not used or preserved. Here is an idea that can help with storing citrus fruit for longer periods of time.


A piece of paper with the name "Lisa" marked in dots with colored bingo markers.

Bingo Dot Marker Name Activity for ChildrenUse a bingo dot marker to help young children learn how to spell their name and form letters. This great bingo dot marker name activity for children is a perfect way to introduce letter shapes and simple words.


Burning bush leaves.

Burning Bush Losing Its LeavesLeaves on a Burning Bush will turn red before the drop in the Autumn, sometimes earlier than other trees and shrubs. If your burning bush losing its leaves prematurely, it may be a sign of stress on the plant and require assistance.


blue, yellow, and red handprints on paper

How to Make Handprint Gift WrapThis unique decorated gift wrap is sure to be cherished by anyone that receives it, maybe even as much as the actual gift. This page shows you how to make handprint gift wrap for the next present you need to wrap up.


Dutch oven with stew

Chicken and Butternut Squash StewButternut squash and chicken go great together and makes for a wonderful stew. Make a hearty chicken and butternut squash stew for dinner tonight, your family will love it.


wreath with Santa in center

Lighted Paper Christmas WreathA paper Christmas wreath can easily have lights added to it creating a lovely glow around the wreath. Learn how to make a lighted paper Christmas wreath that can be used as a decoration or a gift.


The finished Fall leaf card.

Homemade Fall Birthday CardFor someone with an autumn birthday, you can make a fall themed birthday card to accompany your gift. Make a homemade fall birthday card for someone special in your life.


Cold Brewed Coffee

How to Make Cold Brewed CoffeeCold brew coffee is a less acidic method of brewing coffee. Here is how to make cold brewed coffee for yourself at home.


White GoGo Boots

Finding GoGo Boots for a Dance Team?Dance teams often require multiple outfit changes to cover various routines. Here are some ideas about making or finding gogo boots for a dance team.


Painted Halloween Jars - scarecrow and pumpkin lights

How to Make Painted Halloween JarsMake your own custom Jack-O-Lantern jars. Here is information about how to make painted Halloween jars.


Halloween Scarf Wreath

Halloween Scarf WreathUse an old scarf to make this spooky Halloween wreath. Here is how to make a halloween scarf wreath to hang on your door.


Patriotic Straw Wall Art - finished wreath hanging

Patriotic Drinking Straw Wall ArtMake a cute little 4th of July wreath with some colored straws. This patriotic drinking straw wall art is sure to be an eye catching decoration for your home this 4th of July.


Artichoke halves on the outside edge of a round charcoal grill.

Grilled ArtichokesGrilled artichokes are a delicious side dish that can easily be cooked with other items on your barbecue. Make some grilled artichokes with your next meal.


Completed cone gift.

Ice Cream Cone Shaped Bath GiftYou are sure to make someone smile when they receive this adorable gift go bath items shaped like an ice cram cone. Make an ice cream cone shaped bath gift for someone special in your life.



Broccoli Cauliflower Tater Tots on plate with dipping sauce

Broccoli Cauliflower Tater TotsIt's back-to-school time! This is my recipe for a tater tot that uses lots of broccoli and cauliflower instead of potato. They actually taste WAY better than the original potato version yet they are much healthier for the kiddos and us grown-ups. They freeze just like regular tater tots, as well. I hope you try these!


Double Chocolate Donuts ready to serve

Double Chocolate DonutsHere's another long weekend after the country's nationwide proclamation of one special non-working holiday. It is a good break for a new recipe for me to make. My kiddo is craving for donuts. For the first time, I'm making double chocolate donuts my own way. That means no recipe search has happened during my execution. The donuts turned out really good and would be great for birthdays.


Homemade mouthwash in a canning jar.

Homemade MouthwashWhen my mother was having issues with periodontitis, her dentist recommended she try aloe-based mouthwash. The only downside was that the suggested mouthwash was 4 times the price of regular mouthwash. I decided it was time to make our own. It's just as effective and refreshing, and costs less than a buck to make.


Peach-Balsamic Chicken Skillet on plate

Peach-Balsamic Chicken SkilletTake advantage of summer peaches and basil for the freshest taste, although this delicious dish can be made any time of the year.


a finished cup of Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

Vegan Worcestershire SauceI see a lot of people on ThriftyFun asking about vegan substitutes for Worcestershire sauce so I thought I'd share a recipe to make actual vegan Worcestershire sauce! I hope you enjoy it.


Napa Cabbage Stir Fry on plate

Napa Cabbage Stir FryThis is a very healthy stir fry that pairs well with noodles or rice.



The attached multicolored crocheted steering wheel cover.

Crocheted Scrap Yarn Steering Wheel CoverI am slowly but surely getting my old van fixed up. One of the things I wanted to do was prep it for colder weather while it's still nice out.


A pond with palm trees and lily pads at Fullerton Arboretum.

Fullerton Arboretum (CA)Fullerton Arboretum is a lovely and relaxing botanic garden to visit if you want to have a nice nature walk, picnic or to get some fresh air.


A collection of plastic bags stored in a pop bottle.

Store Plastic Bags In Pop BottleCut the bottom off a 2 litre plastic bottle. Put your bags in through the bottom. Pull one out through the top. When you need one, just pull through the opening.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Refreshing Dried Liquid PaperI have tested and tried this in our office and it works fine. Just add a few drops of hand sanitizer to your useless dried up bottle of liquid paper and shake it up very good. Wala, it works better than it did when it was new.


A plastic soda bottle cut to be used for storing small paper cups in the bathroom.

Plastic Bottle as Paper Cup DispenserCut off the top of the bottle, only 1 inch from the top. Cut vertical lines around the top of the bottle, about 4 slits. Then cut the bottom off of the bottle at about 1 inch. Be sure to use a 600ml bottle, any other size will be too big.


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Glue Dots to Hold Camisoles on HangersUse your glue gun and put glue on each side of the hanger. The glue will keep your spaghetti straps from falling off the hanger. Elastics wrapped on both sides of the hanger works as well.


A goat wearing a hat at the fair.

Goat Wearing a HatAnd for no particular reason, here is a goat wearing a hat. This goat appeared at my local library's annual lawn sale. She appeared to be very proud of her hat, and posed for me while I took a few photos.


Cleaning Silver with Aluminum Foil - silver jewelry in pan

Cleaning Silver with Aluminum FoilIt's easy to clean silver using aluminum foil and cleaning agents you have in the house.


A variety of different timers and alarm clocks.

Extending Time on Your Kitchen TimerI was fixing a chicken recipe in my slow cooker yesterday that needed to cook on low for 6 hours. At the same time, I was not going to be home for a couple hours. Suddenly, the light bulb went on. I have a calculator that also has an alarm clock, so I set the alarm for 6 hours later.


Surviving ParvovirusMy girl Pit Bull has parvovirus and she's on day two. We're fighting this disease together because it's not only affecting our dogs, but us as well. They are our best friends! My dog is 15 months of age. It is harder for older dogs! I started my own campaign. We are survivors of parvo!


Pistachio Shell Flowers and Candle Holder -  plain candle holder and a red and plain small flower

Pistachio Shell Flowers and Candle HolderEver since I was a little kid, I've eaten a "lot" of pistachios. Even back then, I would save the shells in order to make crafts out of them because I thought they were so pretty to throw away. This is how I make flowers and candle holders out of my pistachio shells. Painting them is completely optional.


Farm grown fresh vegetables, cut up and ready to cook.

Farm Grown Fresh VegetablesI love the summertime, going to the farms to buy all fresh veggies. Yummy!


Doheny State Beach with surfers and sunbathers.

Doheny State Beach (CA)Don't worry, those are not sharks in the water - they're actually surfers! Looks like this state park is very popular for learning how to surf and there are surf lessons available here. It was pretty cool to watch the swarm of surfers! Living in California my entire life and I don't know how to surf.


A collection of cows in a grassy field.

Cows (Ontario)I thought they looked so cute the way they were looking at us. The field was full of them but the other one ran away from us. We were out for a drive and spotted them on our way back.



Removing Comet Residue from Betta Fish Tank - gold fish

Removing Comet Residue from Betta Fish Tank?I need something to remove Comet from a friend's betta fish tank. It was cleaned by one of her workers and killed her goldfish immediately after they were put back into the tank. This friend thinks I am able to make all things right. I need help.


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Removing Super Glue from Eyeglasses Frame?How do I remove super glue from the frame of my glasses? The right side of the frame that sits on your ear came off. I tried to fix it with super glue. Can I soak that piece in alcohol? There is a little hole that I need to get it out of.


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Washed Sheets Smell Bad?I have had an issue with the smell of my sheets, not other items. Right out of the wash (on sanitize cycle) the sheets don't smell fresh. I had a set of sheets that I threw away because the odor filled the cupboard and the room.


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Cleaning Business Slogan Ideas?My business name is A&V Fairy Cleaning Service. Can you guys help with ideas for my slogan?


Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull? - brown dog

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull?I'm curious if my babies look full blooded.


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Removing Dog Urine Sealed Onto Concrete Floor?Forgive this lengthy explanation/question, but it is unavoidable for it's a horrible situation I'm stuck in! While on vacation, our house sitter used Mop N Glo on our sealed concrete floors to clean up our big dog's pee and poop accident.


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Value of 1926 Encyclopedia Britannica?What is the value of a 32 volume set of a 1926 Encyclopedia Britannica?


Ideas for Chemistry Project About Makeup

Ideas for Chemistry Project About Makeup?We want to do our project about makeup. We already have some ideas. Our ideas so far are waterproof makeup, permanent makeup, skin (how does that react), makeup remover, and the composition of cosmetic makeup. But we still need more ideas.


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