November 6, 2017

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Dog's Paw

Remedy for a Dog's Itchy PawsDry skin or allergies are often the cause for itchy paws. Treating them early can help prevent licking and more irritation. This is a page about remedy for a dog's itchy paws.


Stack of CDs

Cleaning Dog Urine Off of CDs?Removing dried dog urine on your CDs is easy to do. Simply wash them with warm, soapy water and allow to air dry. This is a page about cleaning dog urine off of CDs.


Avocado Hummus in bowl

Avocado Hummus RecipeThis variation on traditional hummus may become a family favorite and is an alternative to guacamole as a party dip. This page offers a delicious, easy homemade recipe for avocado hummus.


Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum)

Growing Madonna LilyThese beautiful, fragrant, white flowering lilies are planted in the early fall. They produce leaves prior to the frost and then bloom in spring. This is a page about growing a madonna lily.


Asian Ladybug

Making an Asian Ladybug Trap?This is a page about making an Asian ladybug trap. While Asian lady beetles can be quite beneficial for pest control, many people find them to be a nuisance. They are known to bite, making them an undesirable garden visitor.


Carbonera Pasta

30 Minute Carbonara Pasta RecipeThis is a page about carbonara pasta. This creamy pasta pairs the saltiness of bacon or pancetta with garlic Parmesan cheese.


A mash made with pinto beans.

Tasty Protein Mash RecipeIf you are trying to cut back on potatoes you might want to try this tasty pinto bean alternative. This is a page about making a tasty protein mash.


Ravioli in a Skillet

Ravioli Skillet RecipesThis page contains skillet ravioli recipes. The filling of a ravioli is a great enhancement to a skillet meal. Ravioli skillet recipes are easy to make and full of flavor.


Mature woman turning head, eyes closed, close-up

Going Permanently Gray Gradually?If you have been dyeing your hair to cover the gray you may want to work with a hairdresser to decide on the best approach to showing your natural hair color. A new shorter style or temporary color or highlights may work for you. This is a page about going gray gradually.


Hotel Room Bed

Protecting Against Bedbugs While TravelingThis is a page about protect yourself against bedbugs while traveling. Encountering bedbugs when you travel can make for an awful trip. Its important to know how to check for them and how to prevent bringing them home with you.



Decorating a RefrigeratorYour refrigerator is a very large, rather plain surface that dominates the kitchen. Why not add some decorations other than the ubiquitous lists and magnets. Try some locker or window clings. This is a page about decorating a refrigerator.


Bread Machine

Toastmaster Bread Machine Error Code?Many electronic devices including kitchen appliances display error codes to help you determine the problem and hopefully remedy it. This is a page about identifying a Toastmaster bread machine error code.


A cashier refunding cash to a customer.

Understanding Price Adjustment PoliciesThis is a page about understanding price adjustment policies. Sometimes after you purchase an item, you find it for less somewhere else. Many stores have price adjustment policies, where they will match the lesser price and refund you the difference.


Garden Basil Lime Frosting

Garden Basil Lime Frosting RecipeTry this delightful minty frosting on zucchini bread for a special treat. This page contains an amazing recipe for garden basil lime frosting.


Woman Submitting her Pet to ThriftyFun

Submitting a Pet to ThriftyFun?Thriftyfun publishes pet photos that are entered into our contest. Reading the instructions on the "Share a Post" tab is the first step. This is a page about submitting a pet to Thriftyfun.


Press-on fingernails with manicure.

Fing'rs Press-On Nails ReviewsThis page contains Fing'rs Press-on Nails reviews. Press-on nails are a quick and easy solution for having pretty nails. Plus they are less expensive and easier to maintain than other types of fake nails.



Freezing Uncooked Potatoes?Some cooks rinse the potatoes in water and vinegar, then blanch prior to freezing. These steps will help keep the potatoes from turning black when frozen. This is a page about freezing uncooked potatoes.


A stain above the water line in a toilet.

Removing Stains Above Toilet Water Line?To remove stains above the water line in a toilet there are a couple of good methods to try. Using a pumice stone may work. Also, shut off the water and fill the bowl to just below the rim and add a cleaner or vinegar, soak, and then scrub. This is a page about removing stains above the toilet water line.


A plush orange blanket.

Cleaning Dried Cat Vomit Off a Micro-plush Blanket?Rehydrating and removing as much of the vomit as possible prior to washing is a good start. Checking to see if the spot is clean before drying is also important. This is a page about cleaning dried cat vomit off a micro-plush blanket.


Cage Floral Display

How to Make a Bird Cage Floral DisplayA wire bird cage can be used to make a pretty decorative floral display for your home. This is a page about how to make a bird cage floral display.


Two small glass square dishes filled with oatmeal mixture.

Use Oatmeal for Bug BitesMany bug bites can be very itchy. An oatmeal soak or cooked oatmeal applied to the bite helps relieve the itchiness. This is a page about using oatmeal for bug bites.


A piece of cake with white icing.

Sock-It-To-Me Cake RecipesSour cream and cinnamon provide the distinctive flavor of this favorite southern cake. This page contains sock-it-to-me cake recipes.


Carbonara Tuna Pasta

Carbonara Tuna PastaCarbonara sauce is an egg, cream, and cheese based sauce served over pasta. This variation includes tuna rather than pancetta. This is a page about making carbonara tuna pasta.


Recycled Decorative Candy Jars - finished jars sitting in a cookie tray on the balcony rail

Decorative 4th of July Recycled Candy JarsRecycled jars can find a new purpose with a bit of holiday decorations added. Fill with candy or other snacks and enjoy. This is a page about making decorative 4th of July recycled candy jars.


Woman With Summer Squash Harvest

Summer Squash Not Growing Large?If your squash is producing smaller fruit it can be the result of a number of things, such as watering, fertilizers used, the variety planted, and more. Trial and error may help determine the cause. This is a page about what to do when summer squash is not growing large.



Enjoying The Offerings Of Autumn - Piñata rose, orange and yellow

Enjoying The Offerings Of AutumnThis morning at first light, I was raking leaves, and then planting grass seed. As much as I bemoan this third season, I saw beauty in it. I grabbed my camera.



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14th Birthday Party Ideas?It's my 14th birthday on the 7th of January, but I like to plan ahead because it's coming up to Christmas. A girl in my year had a party bus, but I don't think I could have that. I want the best birthday ever and for it to be fun and modern at the same time.


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Painting and Frosting a Glass Block?I am painting glass blocks for Christmas gifts. I want to paint a picture and frost the block. Do I frost first and then paint? Or paint the picture and then frost over the whole block? I have seen where they frost over vinyl, but I am not sure about over a painted picture.


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Value of New Popular Educator?I have the first 5 volumes of the New Popular Educator, printed in 1895. They are hardback and in fair condition. What value are they likely to have?


What's the Name of This Houseplant? - green leaf plant similar to a snake plant but with shorter leaves

What's the Name of This Houseplant?I am at a total loss here. It has a stiff, pointy leaf with some pattern and shallow roots.


A Louis XV style bombe chest.

Value of a Baker Furniture Louis XV Style Bombe Chest?I recently inherited this chest and would like to know if there is any value. It is a Baker Furniture solid oak three drawer Louis XV style bombe chest.


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I'm a 52 year old single woman living on a low income. I have health issues, lupus is no joke. I own my own little spot; it's a mobile. I have cleaned it up and have done most of the work by myself, but I need some work done. Underneath there is old insulation rotting my floor wood. I have no central air and or heat.


Fixing Hair Dye That is Too Dark

Fixing Hair Dye That is Too Dark?I had my hair dyed yesterday at the salon and it's not the exact color I want. Right now it's a darker burgundy/red with a more violet tone in it I believe she said. I want it a lot lighter/brighter red than it is.


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Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?How much is a Seymour Mann doll #FH 294 worth? The cost of this doll was $50 in 1990.


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Truck Heater Blowing Cold Air?I replaced the heater control for my 1998 GMC Sierra 1500, 2w/d, 4.3 eng. The fan works and the directional switch works, but there is still no heat. It just blows cold air.


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Remedy for Stained Yellowed Nails?Ny nails are turning yellow and getting stained how do you fix them?


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Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy has parvo. We went to the vet and got the IV and the antibiotics. My question is what process will I be going through with her? Will she be throwing up often? What can I do to help her though this? Today is the 3rd day of her sickness.


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Home Furnishing and Gift Item Business Name Ideas?I want to open an international company in Canada selling home furnishing items including, curtains, cushion covers, towels, bedcovers, and gift items including leather belts, purses, earrings, etc., both in one name. Please advise me of some good names for my business.


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Trouble Seeing White Thread on White Cross Stitch Canvas?I use a magnified Ott light for doing cross stitch, but I still have so much trouble seeing my stitches when I stitch white on white. Is there a trick to help see my work easier?


Information on a Alt. Beck & Gottschalk Bisque Doll 1064 #0 - white bisque doll in Scottish attire

Information on a Alt. Beck & Gottschalk Bisque Doll 1064 #0?I have an antique 12 1/2" Alt. Beck & Gottschalk (ABG) German bisque china head doll, wearing a Scottish costume. 1064 #0 is etched in the porcelain on the doll head's lower back. The head and shoulders, arms, and legs are bisque porcelain. The body is made of fabric and stuffed with straw.


Zebra Finch Laid Eggs - eggs

Zebra Finch Laid Eggs?My zebra finch has had 5 eggs. I looked and there were 3 babies and two eggs. Then a couple of days later there are still 2 eggs, but I can't find the babies.


Growing Dieffenbachia - Dumb Cane - damaged plant

Growing Dieffenbachia - Dumb Cane?One of the dogs in the office chewed on the plant and caused it to completely break off and fall over.


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Keeping Outdoor Cat from Leaving Dead Mice on Porch?Where can I buy something that will discourage the outdoor cat from bringing her fresh killed mouse and dissecting it on my outdoor concrete porch and leaving it there.


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