May 9, 2018

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Vegetables in an Instapot pressure cooker.

Blanching Vegetables in an Instant Pot?Blanching vegetables in your Instant Pot is quick and easy. Here are some tips for how to do it. This is a page about blanching vegetables in an Instant Pot.


Prime Rib Roast with bone-in on wooden cutting board

Preparing a Bone-in Prime Rib RoastThere is no need to bury the amazing flavor under heavy seasonings. Here is a simple recipe for preparing a melt-in-your-mouth prime rib. This is a page about preparing a bone-in prime rib roast.


Shredded Chicken with chicken breasts on a glass plate

Shredded Chicken Sandwich RecipesThere are a number of delicious ways to season shredded chicken for sandwiches. This page contains shredded chicken sandwich recipes.


Candle in a jar with a crochet blanket.

Removing Melted Wax from a Crochet Item?The most common remedy for this occurrence is to cover the area with brown paper and/or paper towels and heat with an iron. The wax melts and is absorbed by the paper. Some may transfer to your iron soleplate creating a second cleaning job. This is a page about removing melted wax from a crochet item.


Young woman shows her gray hair roots.

Grey Hair Doesn't Hold Color?This is a page about grey hair that doesn't hold color. Grey hair is know to have a different texture and be more resistant to taking color. Here are some tips to try if you are having trouble coloring your grey hair.


Dachshund looking at you.

Dachshund PhotosThese small, long dogs are affectionately called weenie dogs and known to be great companions. This page contains Dachshund photos.


Carpenter Bee on a plant.

Difference Between Honey Bees and Carpenter Bees?This is a page about the difference between honey bees and carpenter bees. While they do look similar, there are some distinct traits that can help you tell them apart. Once significant difference is that carpenter bees nest in wood and the male bees do not have stingers, while honey bees are social and build nests together. Carpenter bees tend to be less aggressive as well.


Finch Eggs in a nest.

Hatching Finch EggsThis is a page about hatching finch eggs. Finches are known to be prolific egg layers, but that of course does not guarantee that you will have viable eggs. Here is some advice if you are finding that none of the eggs are hatching.


Sewing machine with it's foot pedal on the table.

Wiring the Foot Pedal on a Morse Sewing Machine?When replacing or adding an electric foot pedal to an older sewing machine, you will often find help by searching for a YouTube video for your model. This is a page about wiring the foot pedal on a Morse sewing machine.


Eggs Benedict at a Mother's Day Brunch.

Recipes for a Mother's Day BrunchA large meal eaten between breakfast and lunch time can be very special for a mother to celebrate Mother's Day. This is a page about recipes for a mother's day brunch.


Verbascum Yellow flowers

Growing VerbascumThis biennial perennial flowering plant is a good choice for a cottage garden, borders, or hummingbird gardens. They also have medicinal uses as a throat gargle, for digestive problems, earaches, and skin inflammations. The wild variety is considered very invasive. This is a page about growing verbascum.


Bottle of Rescue Remedy spray.

Rescue Remedy ReviewsRescue Remedy is an over the counter product which can be used to help your dog overcome stress, whether from the holidays, separation anxiety, or riding in a car. Make sure to not use the formula made for humans which contains xylitol, a sugar alcohol not good for pets. This page contains Rescue Remedy reviews.


Hand painting a Santa figurine

Shopping for Unpainted Resin Santas?Finding resin figurines to paint is usually fairly easy if you search the internet. Often eBay or Etsy will have what you are looking for. This is a page about shopping for unpainted resin Santas.



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Pack Buffet Food on Last Day of VacationThis tip is something we do when we are catching a flight home and don't have much time to eat before heading to the airport. Airport food is expensive as we all know, and even more expensive on flights.


A contact lens case filled with Vaseline for use as a lip balm.

Use Contact Lens Case For VaselineMy granddaughter had scarlet fever a few months ago and her lips were super dry, being so sick. Her doctor recommended Vaseline only on them. She was staying with us but when she went home to be with her mom, she didn't have any Vaseline. I was trying to figure out what to put some in and I remembered I had a full case of unused contact lens cases. I put some in it and it's been the perfect solution.


A selection of juices and drinks purchased at the Dollar Tree

Mixing Dollar Tree JuicesI love the non-aspartame and non-high fructose corn syrup juices. These are made with natural juices and sucralose. These are flavorful alone but together they are just yummy!


cut Gluten Free Coconut Pie

Gluten Free Coconut PieNo crust is needed to make this pie which makes it really easy to prepare. The Gluten Free Bisquick settles to the bottom and makes a delicious crust. Coconut pie is one of my favorites. I wish I could have it every day. Is there some magical way I can remove the calories without changing the recipe?


A basket full of frozen juice containers filled with water.

Juice Containers to Fill Empty Freezer SpaceWe drink cranberry juice. To fill in the empty spaces and build up the bottom of our chest freezer, I freeze water in the 64 ounce cranberry juice containers. They lay flat and fit perfectly between the dividers. This helps to keep the freezer full.


Packages of Mighty Leaf tea on sale.

Buy Variety PacksWhen trying a new product, for the best value try to see if there is a variety pack. You'll be able to get an idea of what you like/not like.


Two finches in a cage.

Chicken Eggs for Finch FoodThe best food for finches is not grains. They like hen eggs, removing the yolk and crushing the shell containing albumin. It will eat an egg per a day. Providing an egg daily can lead to some chances for laying an egg per day (maximum 7)


Paper Floral Garland - garland lying on a fluffy faux fur background

Paper Floral GarlandThis is a cute floral garland that is perfect for spring, summer, or to be used at events like a gender reveal party (baby shower), or Mother's Day. The same concept could be applied toward other parties as well. Easy to make and versatile, this garland can be stored to be used multiple times.


Strawberry scraps being used to make infused water.

Infused Water from Strawberry ScrapsHello, strawberry season! They are everywhere now, and in so many good sales. When you clean and cut your strawberries, don't discard the bits and tops you chop off. Simply place them in a glass, jar, or pitcher, then fill with water and refrigerate. Wait about an hour and you'll have a delicious strawberry infused water that is sweet, fragrant, and refreshing.


A tarnished chain that has been cleaned on the left hand side.

Toothpaste for Tarnished MetalI have an evening bag from my late mother. The chain was all tarnished. I was tucking in the chain and using it as a clutch. Someone suggested to use toothpaste and it did a great job. The photo shows the left side done so you can see the difference.


A tall purple bearded iris, called "Velna."

Bearded Iris "Velna"It's six in the evening. I saw an opportunity to get what I thought would be a good shot of this iris, and I took it. Turned out pretty well. The colors are gorgeous but I particularly like the angle of the shot.


Dipping a face cloth into whey to use as a beauty treatment.

Whey for Healthy Skin and NailsThis is something I learned from my late great-aunt Azizi. Besides using whey in your cooking, you can use whey as a face toner or on your hands to balance your pH and rejuvenate your skin. I like to dip towelettes in a cup of whey and rest it on my face, then rinse it off.


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In-Store Pickup to Save on Shipping CostsI refuse to pay shipping fees when it comes to ordering online, only because the items I am purchasing may not work out. If I end up returning the item, I'll be at a loss of the non-refundable shipping fee. I usually wait when there are promotions to order online and receive free shipping.


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Craft Stores for New T-ShirtsWhen I was working as a secretary and later a teacher, I dressed to the nines every day. I bought classic clothing that lasted a long time and didn't pay much attention to trends, so some of my secretary clothes spilled over into my teaching career.


A black and white photo of a house with snow on the roof and on the old fashioned car in front.

The KeepsakersToday as I was deciding which never worn clothing to give away, which clutter should be part of my clutter no more, which school things to finally part with after six years in retirement, which vacation pictures I should sort and keep or toss, which art should find a new home, all of these things, then I realized once again that I have that Chitwood gene, the keepsaker gene.



Dog Won't Eat Dog Food - woman holding a Bichon

Dog Won't Eat Dog Food?I adopted a little four year old Bichon Frise dog three weeks ago after his owner passed away. He has settled in perfectly and is such a happy and affectionate little soul. My one worry is he won't eat dog food, not any dog food wet or dry.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I dyed my hair copper colour global and highlights both, but now I don't like my highlights and want to re-dye it to my original hair colour. It has been 2 days now. What should I do to remove only highlights?


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Range King Riding Mower Ignition Switch Won't Work?The ignition switch won't start the engine for my 12 hp Ranch King riding mower.


Removing an Oil Stain on Crocheted White Lace Shoes

Removing an Oil Stain on Crocheted White Lace Shoes?I have a pair of white crocheted lace pumps that have a small oil spot on the back top of the heel. It is not large at all, but due to the color of the shoe I don't want to ruin the shoe. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I may lift this stain without ruining these beautiful shoes.


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Catchy Real Estate Business Name Idea?I'm looking for a catchy real state business name; a great one that stands out. Thanks.


Value of a Mersman Pedestal Table

Value of a Mersman Pedestal Table?I have a vintage Mersman 25-24, pedestal table, in excellent condition. I would like to determine a fair price and ideas on a place to sell this item.


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Shopping for a Pressure Cooker?I think I'm officially sold on the idea of a multi-pressure cooker. It seems an Instant Pot is the brand most people like. My sister has one and loves it. I just don't want to spend quite that much. Looking online I see there are some other less expensive brands. But do you get what you pay for with these?


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Dog Started Peeing in the House?I have an 11 year old male neutered Lab and a 3 year old spayed Staff. Both are very much house broken. I have recently had a friend's dog to visit overnight a few times who is an unspayed female Staff and since then my female has taken to peeing on my rug.


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