December 18, 2018

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Sardina Empanadas in bowl ready to eat

Sardina EmpanadasSardines packed in tomato sauce are mixed with sandwich spread to make the filling in this variation on these tasty mini hand pies. This is a page about making sardina empanadas.


peppers in a canning jar

Canning PeppersOne simple way to preserve the abundance of peppers from your garden is to can them. Technically, peppers are usually pickled and stored for future use. This is a page about canning peppers.


shortening in a bowl

Substituting Oil for Shortening in RecipesSubstituting oil for shortening in a recipe is a simple 1:1 ratio. The swap will change the texture of the finished product, making it more dense, less cake like. This is a page about substituting oil for shortening in recipes.


Juicing and Growing Your Own Pomegranates - pop it open

Juicing and Growing Your Own PomegranatesIf you grow your own pomegranates this is a fun way to juice them. All you need is the fruit and a hand held citrus squeezer. Plant the leftover seeds and grow more. Learn about juicing and growing your own pomegranates.


Homemade Cumin Spiced Cheese on plate

Homemade Cumin Spiced CheeseGot whole milk, vinegar, salt, and cumin? Make cheese! This is a page about the ease of preparing homemade cumin spiced cheese.


vet using a stethoscope on a dog

Shih Tzu Breathing ProblemsShih Tzu dogs are one of the brachycephalic breeds meaning that they have short noses and flat faces. This can, and often does, lead to breathing issues. If you have one of these popular pups check the information in this page about Shih Tzu breathing problems.


Double Rainbow On Beach

Double Rainbow PhotosYou can check the internet to read up on the atmospheric effects that result in rainbows and their less frequent double appearances. With the sun at your back and rain in front of you, chances are there may be a rainbow. This page contains double rainbow photos.


A shower rod in the bathtub used for hanging towels.

Using a Shower Rod to Hang TowelsA tension shower curtain rod can provide additional space for hanging towels to dry in your tub or shower enclosure. This page suggests using a shower rod to hang towels.


jar of marmalade and orange half

Orange Marmalade RecipesMarmalade is a type of preserve typically made from citrus fruit including the rind. Consider adding shredded carrots for a tangy sweet treat. Try one or all of these orange marmalade recipes.


bird sitting among white tree blossoms

Backyard BirdsFeeding or simply watching these vistors to your yard or garden can be quite enjoyable. This page contains information and photos of backyard birds.


Hearts Garland - hanging on mantle

Making a Paper Valentine's Day Hearts GarlandTurn strips of red and pink paper into cute curled heart shapes that are then strung into a garland of any length. Decorate the mantel or other places in your home or office. This page contains photos and instructions for making a paper Valentine's Day hearts garland.



Pretzel Rolo Turtles (Gluten Free)

Pretzel Rolo Turtles (Gluten Free)Several years ago, our daughter made these for me, gluten free, and brought them when she came for Christmas. They were delicious and I have been wanting to try to make them ever since but never seemed to get around to doing it until today. I try not to eat a lot of sweets but when it's Christmas, I go wild. Oh, gosh! These are so good and so quick and easy to make.


decorated cookies on rack

Angel Snowflake Sugar CookiesThis is a recipe that I got from my mother over 40 years ago. She called them drop sugar cookies, so I renamed them this year. These are crispy cookies that melt in your mouth. Almost every time I take them to a potluck party, I am asked for the recipe.



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Duct Tape for Hole in ScreenIf you have a hole in your screen and need a quick fix, try this. Cut two pieces of tape a bit larger than the hole. Put one piece outside and one inside. The sticky sides should be facing each other. Works well at keeping flies out. You can get all different types of duct tape. Get one that is closest to the color of your screen.


A used plastic bag that has been washed and is drying.

Drying Plastic BagsI bake a lot and freeze my baked goods in zippered freezer bags. I rinse them out and reuse them. To make sure they dry completely and quickly, I turn them inside out and use a magnet and hang it upside down on my refrigerator. I place the magnet on the inside of the bag to keep it open. You could use any magnetic surface.


A box over the shipping weight.

Every Ounce Counts When Shipping PackagesI mailed an item out yesterday that needed to be less than 3 pounds (cheaper cost). The box itself was already 1 lb 4.15oz.


A selection of handmade greeting cards.

Begin The New Year with Something You LoveMany people make New Years promises, as I call them, only to find them failed by the next few months. I don't do those for one reason. Many promises begin with the promise to fail. I started learning that you have to find something you love in order to make it with joy.


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Check Traffic Before Heading Out the DoorThe holidays are around the corner. Many are on vacation/traveling, students on holiday, last minute shopping or unexpected accidents can occur.


A sneaker next to a heeled dress shoe.

Preparing for a Life with Less IncomeI am planning to retire in the next three to five years. I have been thinking a lot about making sure I am in the best financial situation possible. I realized that it is really my second time planning to live on less income. 35 years ago I left the workforce to raise my family. That was temporary; this is probably going to be permanent. A lot of the things I did then to prepare for less income I am doing now.


French Macaron Cookie Ornaments - 6 different color cookies

French Macaron Cookie OrnamentsI think French macaron cookies are so incredibly cute. I love their soft curves, vivid colours, and matching filling. I have yet to make the actual cookies from scratch, but I've gone ahead and jumped the gun with these ornaments.


A bag of greeting cards for certain occasions.

Categorize Your Greeting CardsI always have greeting cards of all genres in my house. I get them for free often when CVS combines a deal with extra care bucks. I also go to estate and garage sales, and thrift shops.


Cans of fried onions from Trader Joe's.

Stock Up on Seasonal Food ItemsWhile watching a Vietnamese cooking show - this gourmet fried onion pieces from Trader Joe's was being featured as a garnishing touch for a noodle dish! Many Asian dishes do use fried onion pieces for optional garnishing so this is a time saver! But of course, fried onion is universal for other dishes like: casseroles, salads, vegetables, pastas, curry dishes, soaps, meat loaf and more.


Securing the End of Packaging Tape - Popsicle stick marking the end of a roll of packing tape.

Securing the End of Packaging TapeIt's so frustrating to lose the end of packaging tape and have to spend a lot of time picking at the roll until you find it.



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Ear Tickles and Cracks?I have a quick tickle in my ear like a bug is in it. When I burp I can hear a small static noise and my ear hair tickles randomly. I just want to know if it's a bug or not. I can't sleep because of the tickles and the tickles scare me. So I stay up.


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Catchy Slogan for a Daycare?I'm opening up a family daycare called "Scribble Scrabble Daycare and Learning Center". Can you suggest a good slogan, motto, or catchy phrase please?


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Fudge Not Setting Up?I make Creamsicle fudge every year. This year it didn't set up. Can I fix this? It has marshmallow cream and whipping cream in it.


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Puppy Backsliding on House Training?We got our 7 month miniature Australia Shepherd at about 8 weeks. Within 2 months he seemed to be potty trained. Lately, it's like he has forgotten everything he's learned. We use the bell method and our 8 year old German Shepherd does not have accidents. He will ring the bell sometimes, but does nothing when he goes out.


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Threading a Handheld Sewing Machine?How do I do the inner threading of the mini handheld sewing machine?


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown puppy with dark muzzle

What Breed Is My Puppy?I want to know if my puppy is a Belgian Malinois? I was told he was a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix, but he definitely doesn't look like it to me. Can you help me?


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Bathroom Ceiling Light Not Working?The overhead light in my bathroom stopped working. The outlet in the room still works. I changed out the switch on the wall and changed the lightbulbs with no improvement. I took the light out and it does not show any electricity coming from it. How what I fix this?


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Making Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole for 60-70?I'm cooking for my church's soup kitchen once a month and need a recipe for cheesy ham and potatoes for 60-70 people please. I don't want to have to convert a normal recipe that serves 4 people only.


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Dyeing Hair Roots?I let my friend dye my hair yesterday and overall she did a great job, but she did miss my roots. I looked and there is no root cover that matches the new color. Would it be all right to just dye the missed pieces?


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Name Ideas for a Body Butter Business?I'm starting my own body butter business. I'm using the products shea, mango, and coca butter. I'm also using all natural oils. I need some help with a catchy name.


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Electric Burners Only Work on High Setting?Why would all 4 burners on my Frigidaire electric stove only get hot enough to cook when they are on high, and then they are putting out heat for being on high?


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Discontinued Super Fresco Wallpaper?Where can I buy super fresco wallpaper? The pattern number is 740? It has been discontinued.


Value of Britannica Junior - cover page

Value of Britannica Junior?What is this edition worth?


Identifying a Houseplant - peace plant

Identifying a Houseplant (Peace Plant)?I'm caring for this plant for a friend; but am not sure what it is. It looked worse when I got it yesterday; it's perked up a bit after fertilizer and water. Is it a low-light plant?


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Catchy Slogan or Motto for a Daycare?I'm opening up a family daycare called "SugarPlum Daycare and Learning Center". Can you suggest a good slogan, motto, or catchy phrase please?


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Troubleshooting an Electrical Circuit Problem?When you turn off the hallway light switch, the bedroom light and hallway light turn off and on.


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McCormick Original Chicken Seasoning Copy Cat Recipe?Does anyone have a copycat recipe for McCormick's Perfect Pinch "Original Chicken Seasoning"?


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Identifying the Source of a Loud Boom Breaking Sound Inside?I was using the restroom when all of a sudden the biggest boom, crashing, breaking sound I've heard in my home happened. Not only did it scare me, but my dogs I thought the toilet had broken or exploded with me using it or that the washer blew up. It was directly from either the toilet or washer, but can't find anything wrong.


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