September 7, 2021

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A container with lids in the bottom for drainage.

Drip Drain for WatermelonThese two stackable containers come in handy for many things. I pulled out four plastic lids and they fit perfectly. They are deep enough to keep the watermelon out of the juice which keeps it crisp and fresh. If needed, I can punch holes in them for more drainage.


A plate of stuffed meatloaf covered in mushroom gravy.

Rolled Stuffed MeatloafI read a similar recipe on Facebook, of course, I tweaked it a lot with all the fixings I love to use. I made this easy for myself, by using quick easy shortcuts.


Decorating the card with greenery and flowers.

Decorated Greeting CardsUsing dried leaves and flowers, I made this greeting card from a package of cards (with imprinted information) someone was giving away.


The completed travel bag.

Travel BagToday, I'm sharing my new craft made from scraps. Materials are easy to find at home just like old newspapers and card boards. The best thing is - it's wearable and useful.


The ratatouille served on a plate.

Ratatouille KabobsI recently saw a recipe using a combination of squashes, zucchini, summer squash and eggplant and gave it my own twist! It is vegetarian and came out yummy and it was so easy!


Three differently decorated bookmarks.

Origami Corner BookmarkThis is a simple way of making a corner bookmark by means of paper folding.


The frame with a photo inside.

Portable Crochet Photo FrameThis crochet frame not only looks original but is lightweight so you can carry it with you. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a table. It can also be a great DIY birthday present. Instead of a photo, you can insert a picture and use it as a double sided card.


The completed Our Nest is Best Pizza Pan Craft

Our Nest is Best Pizza Pan CraftI just love these pizza pan crafts. This will be my second one. Everything is from the dollar tree except for my yard twigs. Hope you like it!


A bowl of zucchini soup with croutons.

Simple Zucchini SoupI recently purchased this Instant Ace Plus Multi-Use Cooking & Beverage Blender. This blender is truly a timesaver/lifesaver. All you need to do is chop and measure the ingredients and in less than 15 minutes you have hot soup to immediately serve!


A Flower Bracelet from Plastic Cosmetic Containers

Flower Bracelet from Plastic Cosmetic ContainersDo not throw empty plastic cosmetic containers out. I suggest you turn them into this beautiful flower bracelet. You will have a new piece of jewelry that will cost you almost nothing, and you will also save the earth by upcycling your plastic containers.


Three decorative feather pendants.

Boho Feather PendantsAmazingly easy and impressive crafty make for older children and teenagers. You can make these as plain and simple or as fancy and colourful as you like


The domes with the lights turned on.

Fairy Light Dome SouvenirSouvenirs are always present in occasions especially on weddings. We all want to impress our guests with the most unique giveaways. If you are in a tight budget, you can never find the good looking ones for a low cost. You can always choose a DIY option to get your desired quality. Just make sure you do it the earliest possible to save your time for the big day.


The completed coaster.

Crocheted Coaster Using Old JeansDon't throw away your old jeans. Use them to crochet this original coaster. You need to know how to crochet a magic ring, single crochet (sc), chain (ch) and finish of crochet. This is a very fast and easy crochet project.


The completed pizza wall hanging.

Pizza Wall Hanging Using a Bike Spoke Wire FormThis was a labor of love. I joined a wreath addicts group and when these spoke forms became the new "it" craft, I casually mentions they looked like a pizza! Someone casually mentions I should make one. Challenge Accepted!


Watermelons protected with chicken wire.

Chicken Wire To Protect Garden From AnimalsWe have a few watermelons in our garden this year. Three weeks ago, it was a disappointment to find that an animal, probably a deer, had bitten a huge gash out of one. To remedy this problem, we covered them with chicken wire and have not had any more problems.


The painted pieces of "sea glass".

DIY Sea GlassBecause I couldn't find any inexpensive sea glass to use for decorating a terrarium I was going to make, I decided to figure out a way to make my own.


A drawing with homemade wiggly eyes.

DIY Wiggly EyesWiggly eyes are hard to find in my place nowadays. I have gone to so many craft stores and I just couldn't find them. And maybe due to this pandemic, the supply of this craft material in my area has become scarce as it is not part of the essentials. Then I found out a simple hack on this at home.


The baked squash rounds on a cookie sheet.

Parmesan Yellow SquashWe have enjoyed the yellow squash from our garden this year. Although, there are many ways to prepare squash, this is one of my favorite. It's quick and easy and so good.


The finished concrete ring.

Making a Concrete RingIf you like unusual jewelry, then a concrete ring is definitely for you. I figured out how to make this ring without spending almost anything. All you need is quite a bit of a mixture of concrete, wire from an old transformer and... half a potato. The head of this ring is made of concrete and the shank is made of wire.


The completed velvet feather earrings.

Feather Earrings Made of Fabric and WireThese earrings are distinguished by their feather shape and laconic design. I used a piece of velvet fabric and copper wire from an old transformer, so it cost almost nothing.


The finished Space Rocket Window Art

Space Rocket Window ArtLearn new exciting crafts made from scraps at home. I have a cut out bottom of a plastic bottle. At first I thought of turning it into a paint palette but I had a better idea.


Adding a faucet and handle and decorations to the birdhouse.

Upcycled Water Faucet DecorI saw this birdhouse made with an old water faucet. Since I had some old plumbing supplies that belonged to my grandpa, I came up with this craft decor using a water faucet and a handle. The "birdhouse" was something I found at a thrift store.


A drawing showing an avocado pear assembled on a plate.

Avocado PearHere is a receipt with only (for 2 persons) an avocado, a pear, a little bit of peppercorns and vinegar. Pepper and vinegar have to be a bit sophisticated, like pink or green or black pepper, raspberry vinegar or balsamic vinegar for example.


The finished Japanese knot bag.

Reversible Japanese Knot BagUse old jeans of different colors to sew this original Japanese bag. This bag is made of two different fabrics and is reversible. You will get two different looks in one bag.


A completed bead necklace.

Beads from Old JeansIf you have small pieces of old jeans left, you can make beads out of them. Denim beads go well with wood beads and leather cord. Using jeans of different colors, you will get multi-colored denim beads.


A piece of chicken pot pie on a plate next to cooked green beans.

Gluten Free Chicken Pot PieChicken pot pie is one of our favorites and even though it is gluten free, the family devours it with me and they enjoy it as well as I do. It is also good left over and heated for another meal.


The completed bark bangle.

Bark BangleIf you like unusual jewelry, then you will definitely like this bangle. As you might have guessed from the title, this bangle is made from bark. I used walnut bark and added some beads. This bangle will cost you almost nothing.


A completed reversible hot pad

Reversible Hot PadThese are hot pads I made to coordinate with my dishes for a more decorative table setting. Definition of a hot pad - a pad for use under a hot dish to protect a table. (They are not potholders! Potholders are used for protection from the heat when removing something hot from the stove or oven.)


Using the scales as sequins.

Sequins from Fish ScalesIf you need sequins to decorate something not big, but do not want to spend money, then make sequins yourself from fish scales. You can also dye these sequins any color.


The finished concrete butterfly.

Concrete ButterflyThis butterfly is made from simple cement. The cost of cement is not that high, so making this butterfly is not expensive and not difficult. You can glue it with instant glue to any hard surface.


The completed crocheted booties.

Crocheted Baby BootiesSince I had some leftover yarn and didn't want to discard it, I decided to make an old-fashioned pair of baby booties. With leftover yarn, you can make "free" baby gifts!


The completed coffee lampshade.

Coffee LampshadeCoffee is one of the world's favorite drinks. The amount of coffee waste is very high. I want to show you how to make the environmentally friendly, very light and strong enough lampshade from recycled coffee grounds. This method is very easy and can be used to make many other things.


A decorated water mister.

Decorated Water MisterJust adding a little something to an unusable item can turn it into decor to match your home. We had an old glass water mister that didn't work but I wanted to display it in my home so this five-minute craft added a little interest to an otherwise not so interesting piece of decor.


The finished paw print key case.

Paw Print Key Case Made of Plastic BottlesUsing plastic bottles in crafty DIY projects is a great way to save money and minimize environmental impact. I used a plastic water bottle and shampoo bottle to make this key case.


A slice of avocado toast.

Wonderful Avocado ToastIf you are like me and get overwhelmed with cooking, then this breakfast is perfect for you! It's simple, it's quick, it tastes great, and the best thing is that it's healthy for you too! The avocado has good nutritional benefits for the heart, and much more.


Adding stickers to the case.

Vintage SuitcaseI love vintage items and decided to decorate this wooden suitcase I picked up at a thrift store to look vintage.


The completed butterfly hairpin.

Fabric Butterfly HairpinThis stunning looking butterfly hair clip is made of painted chiffon fabric. This is an easy, fast, inexpensive and perfect for adding a touch of personality project. Great for gifts too!


The finished painted buffet.

Dry Paint Distressed BuffetBought this vintage buffet for $60. I wanted to try out a different type of "distressed" paint look and found this interesting method called "Dry Paint Distressing".


The finished letter with a sticker closure.

Origami Folded LetterWrite a message on a piece of plain paper and fold it into what looks like an envelope. This is a really cute and thoughtful way to send out love or invitations. In this digital age, it would probably be very much appreciated over the usual text messages.


The completed clock.

Manual Clock Made From ScrapsMy eldest is having a hard time reading time in an analogue clock. I found a paper plate under my desk and came up with the idea of making a manual clock where I could teach him how to read time.


The finished banana cookies.

Flourless Banana Cookies (GF)I keep bananas on hand and sometimes they get too ripe for us to enjoy. I don't throw them out. I either freeze them to use later or make these delicious cookies that are gluten free. They make a great snack especially when you are craving sweets or chocolate.


The finished decorated lantern.

Lantern Flower ArrangementFlowers can be used in so many ways. This is a "lantern leftover" from my son's spring wedding. I decorated it with florals, greenery, and a candle. This will be used as a centerpiece on a buffet we are refinishing.


The completed Parachute Craft

Parachute CraftI am fond of keeping things thinking I might be able to make something useful out of it. I found this plastic cup dome lid which gave me an idea of making a parachute craft to display in my kids room.


The completed spider toy.

Spider EggI have been busy with projects to add up to my toddler's learning wall. With all the mom duties, I have to do other chores so I needed to come and go from the room. When it's just about time to finish my latest craft, I am surprised to see my eldest doing his own craft and taking pictures of it so I could post it here. This is simple but worth sharing.


The completed denim dove.

Origami Dove Brooch from Old JeansOrigami is the art of paper folding. I made this brooch by folding denim from old jeans instead of paper. I used the origami scheme for folding a dove.


The completed dinosaur counting puzzle.

Dinosaur Counting PuzzleTeach toddlers to count 1 to 10 with a simple interactive puzzle. Make them participate in this craft and let them enjoy the game. It will develop analytic skills on putting the parts in exact place and learn basic counting as well.


The woven paper basket with a houseplant inside.

Woven Paper Basket PlanterI wanted to weave a nice basket to hide a plastic flower pot inside. Sheets of paper were perfect for this. It is not difficult at all and very cheap.


The shank button in place.

Shank Button from Old Aluminum CanI want to share with you my idea for making Shank Buttons. This project will help not only to make original buttons, but also to reuse old aluminum cans.


Skeleton keys hanging from a plaque.

Skeleton KeysI needed some keys to hang on this cute wall hanging. It was hard to find the size I needed without spending a lot of money. I decided to make some from wood and paint with metallic paint to make them look like a real key.


The completed button board.

Button/Jewelry ArtBought this letter board and came up with this idea to decorate it using buttons and some odds and ends of old jewelry.


The completed five gallon terrarium.

Terrarium in a Five-Gallon JugSo this has been sitting around in our garage for a few months! My husband thought it was cool so he bought it at a garage sale for $1. He loved the idea I came up with of using it for a terrarium. We aren't too good at taking care of houseplants, so a terrarium that needs little attention is our way to go.


The finished whale.

Stuffed Whale Wall DecorI'm starting to decorate the walls of my room and my first project is this stuffed wall figure. Flat drawings are too common. In this project, it's like you're making a stuffed toy but out of scratch papers.


The completed pendant.

Wire and Denim Tree of Life PendantThe Tree of Life is a popular and universal symbol that has been used all over the world for centuries. To make this Tree of Life Pendant, I used denim from old jeans, copper wire from an old transformer and goldstone chips with holes. I really like the combination of blue denim with copper wire and brown goldstone. It is not difficult and not expensive to make this pendant.


The completed lampshade when lit.

Lampshade out of Transparent Duct TapeHot glue and expired eyeshadow will help you transform a simple transparent sticky tape into this original lampshade. Making this lampshade is not difficult and not expensive. It is washable and durable, but can only be used with a LED bulb.


The completed Diamond Beaded Bag

Diamond Beaded BagI ordered an inexpensive "diamond bead" kit from China and although I didn't much care for the cat design, I figured I could come up with a way to learn how to do the craft and make something other than a picture. I ended up decorating a cute cell phone purse for my grandaughter.


A fruit and cream trifle in a clear bowl.

Fruit and Cream TrifleI love making trifles for any occasions. You can make them anyway you really want to. This one I made is all fruit and cream and vanilla wafers. It is delightful for the summertime!


The completed decorative vase with flowers.

Patriotic Vase Made of StrawsWith some Dollar Tree straws, glue, and a plastic cylindrical container, you can make this just in time for the 4th! This is a cool idea for kids, but a hot glue gun is used. Supervision is always recommended.


Stirring the soup mixture.

Gluten Free Cream of Chicken SoupMany recipes call for cream of chicken soup, however, if you are allergic to gluten, you have to watch what you use. All I have seen contain wheat. I make my own. I prepare it first when making recipes that call for cream soup. It takes just a few minutes to prepare and cook.



The back of a wooden chair with yellow velvet.

Information About Yellow Velvet Chair?We found this chair and we are restoring it. We are wondering around what year it was made. We are also wondering once restored about what the value would be.


A wooden bookshelf.

How Old Is This Bookcase?We purchased this bookcase that was owned by a 90 year old man. The person who sold it to us thought it was an antique. He said it was probably 50 or 60 years old. It is solid wood. Anyone have any ideas how old this might be? An interior designer thought late '60s or early '70s and didn't think it fit in with the 50s era decor at all. I'm thinking maybe possibly from the '40s.


A decorative china plate with a blue rim.

Value of Royal Worcester Plate?Looking for the value of this plate. I have 8 of them.


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