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Rubber Gloves

Using Rubber GlovesThis is a page about using rubber gloves. There are many ways to use latex gloves to keep your hands clean and protected.


Woman Traveling with Jewelry

Traveling with JewelryThis is a page about traveling with jewelry. It is nice to be able to wear the bling you want. Keeping your valuables safe when traveling, can be a challenge.


Man Trying to Steal Woman's Purse

Purse Safety TipsThis page is about purse safety tips. Keeping your purse secure when shopping or running errands can be a challenge.


A Non-Poisonous Garter Snake.

Identifying Non-Poisonous Snakes?This page is about identifying non-poisonous snakes. Knowing the identity of snakes that you encounter can help put your mind at rest and keep you safe.


House Fire

Homemade Flame RetardantThis is a page about homemade flame retardant. Occasionally you may need to make certain items flame retardant, not fire proof.


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Avoiding Fraudulent Phone Calls?I have had hackers in my phone for around 4 or 5 years. I am constantly battling them. They just keep coming back. I have changed my phone, my number and companies about 3 times now. My question is this: How can a hacker or person have my number registered to them, name and address and registered to me at same time?


Sticking labels together to dispose of them.

How to Dispose of Mailing LabelsThis is a tip for those that don't put their name and address in the trash. We get lots of free mailing labels in the mail. When I have an excess, I pull them off, a bunch at the time, and roll them up sticky side out. The name and address are hidden, and they are ready to go in the trash. I think it would be almost impossible to get them untangled.


A woman looking at a computer with distress.

Surviving a ScamI just read the article about viruses in your computer. I would like to address it formally. Yes, there are viruses but in the last 10 to 15 years, there are also little green men also known as scammers who troll the internet looking for a victim. I have been receiving what I thought were a lot of calls from unknown callers out of USA, up to 4 per day. I have since found out people are getting more than 10 calls per day from this type of person. This type person is a scammer.


A security camera attached to a shower curtain rod.

Hanging a Security Camera Without DamageThis is a tip I came up with when my kids gave me a security camera to put outside. I live in a townhome governed by HOA rules. One of the rules is "no piercing of any exterior siding". While the camera worked OK in a window, the glass prevented my getting any notifications that there was someone outside.


Fingers pressing buttons on an alarm system.

Saving Money on Alarm SystemsHome alarm systems can vary in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars, including installation, monitoring, monthly fees, and other services. Shopping around may help find the provider that fits your budget or you can research homeowner installed systems, which cost less and can be monitored by you.


Hiding Jewelry Behind Artwork

Hiding Jewelry Behind ArtworkOne way to hide your jewelry is on the backside of a framed painting or photo on the wall.


Home Security Camera shown on iPhone

Using Security CamerasModern security cameras are inexpensive and easy to use. Many send videos directly to a smartphone. This is a page about using security cameras.



Hand pushing cruise control in a car.

Avoid Using Cruise Control in the RainWhen the roads are wet or icy it is not safe to use cruise control. You should avoid using cruise control in the rain.


A note with writing scribbled out by writing over the top.

Obscuring Hand Written MessagesSometimes, you need to entirely hide a note or number that has been written on a piece of paper. This is a page about obliterating hand written messages.


Older Cell Phone Dialing 911

Using a Cell Phone for EmergenciesMany people are able to find inexpensive or used cell phones. These can usually still be used to dial 911, even without a monthly plan. This page has advice about using a cell phone for emergencies.


A car with with key fob that has a red panic button.

Use Your Car's Panic Button for Home SafetyKeep your car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear a noise outside your home or someone trying to get in your house, just press the panic button. This is a page about using the security alarm on your key chain.


Garage Door

Garage Door Safety TipsYour garage door is the the largest entrance to your home. Keeping it secure and safe can be a challenge. This is a page about garage door safety tips.


Cooking Oil Can

Safely Storing Aerosol Cooking Oil CansAerosol cans of cooking oil should be stored away from high heat sources, such as the grill or stovetop. This is a page about safely storing aerosol cooking oil cans.


Two candles, one lit and one just put out with smoke above.

Burning Healthier CandlesThis is a page about burning healthier candles. Many candles contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health.


Man looking intently at reflective wall

How to Detect a Two Way MirrorThis is a page about how to detect a two way mirror. A little test can help you see what kind of mirror you are looking into.


Home Security Without an Alarm System

Home Security Without an Alarm SystemNot everyone wants to deal with a complicated or expensive alarm system. There are numerous things you can do to secure your home without an alarm system. This is a page about home security without an alarm system.


Stockpiling Food in Cellar

Stockpiling Food for EmergenciesThis is a page about stockpiling food for emergencies. You never know when an urgent situation may arise and getting food at the store could be impossible. It is wise to have some staple foods on hand.


colorful Mexican bowls

Using Mexican Pottery?This is a page about using Mexican pottery. It is important to be sure that the pottery you use for serving has lead-free glazes and has been fired hot enough to be safe for food.


money belt

Keeping Valuables Safe When TravelingThis is a page about keeping valuables safe when traveling. It is important to keep your important and treasured items as close as possible when you are on vacation.


Night Safety Pedestrian Crossing

Night Safety TipsThis is a page about night safety tips. After the sun sets, it is important to make sure you can safely find your way around your home and yard, and be easily seen if you venture out.


All Band Radio

Using a Weather Alert RadioThis page is about using a weather alert radio. Having a special radio that will alert you to possible tornados or hurricanes can help you rest assured that you will be notified of extreme weather.


Nearby Wildfire

Checking for Damage from a Nearby Wildfire?This page is about checking for damage from a nearby wildfire. When there has been a wildfire near your home you want to be sure there is no damage to your home or out buildings.



A sign that says hurricane season.

Food Safety After a HurricaneThis page is about food safety after a hurricane. During a bad storm, power outages and flood waters can contaminate foods in ways that aren't always obvious.


door lock

Security Tips for Single Women Living AloneThis page contains security tips for single women living alone. When you live by yourself, you want to make sure your home is very safe and secure.


plastic bowls and cups

Safely Using Plastics for FoodThis page is about safely using plastics for food. Knowing what kind of plastic you are using can help you determine whether it is safe.


man driving

Safe Driving TipsThis page contains safe driving tips. There are many things to keep in mind to help you drive defensively and arrive safely at your destination.


Woman Getting Money from Cash Machine

Cash Machine Tips and TricksThis page contains cash machine tips and tricks. Personal security is of the utmost importance when visiting a automated bank teller.


woman being stalked

Safety Tips for WomenBeing aware and prepared where ever you are is important to keeping yourself safe. This page contains safety tips for woman.


A mom and two kids crossing the street.

Safety Tips for PedestriansThis is a page about safety tips for pedestrians. Pedestrians need to exercise caution, especially at intersections, when crossing the road, standing near a road, and walking at night. There are lots of ways to increase the safety of you and your children when out walking.


lead paint

Avoiding Lead In Your HomeThis page is about avoiding lead in your home. It is important to know how to reduce your family's exposure to lead.


Burning Candle

Remembering to Put Out CandlesThis is a page about remembering to put out candles. Unattended candles are a serious hazard and are responsible for many house fires.


Calling 911 With Cell Phone

Using Your Cellphone in An EmergencyThis page is about using your cellphone in an emergency. Besides making an important call, a cellphone can be helpful in an emergency.


Locked Bike With Front Tire Removed

Protecting Against Bike TheftThis page is about protecting against bike theft. There are a number of ways you can safeguard your bicycle from thieves.


Boy in Life-vest in Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Safety TipsThis page contains swimming pool safety tips. Swimming in a pool is great family fun, as long as the welfare of everyone is kept in mind.


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Candle SafetyTo avoid forgetting to blow out candles, I tape a note on my purse or keys. If I decide to leave the house, the candles are blown out and I avoid that panicked feeling that comes after you leave your house and then remember.


Money hidden in a china sugar pot.

Hiding ValuablesMany people worry about where to safely store their cash, jewelry, important paperwork or identification or anything else that you want to keep protected in your home. This is a page about hiding valuables.


Tape aligned, door locked.

Is the Door Locked?Every time we went away, someone would have to check the back door to see if it were locked. I put four small pieces of reflective tape on the toggle. If the four are in a straight line, it's locked, if the middle two are sideways, the door needs to be locked.



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Avoid "Death by GPS!"Don't (pardon the pun) blindly follow your GPS, especially if you're traveling in remote areas. A Canadian couple, Albert and Rita Chretien, learned that lesson the hard way.


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Using Craigslist and Freecycle SafelyMany people are doing a lot of business on sites such as Craigslist and Freecycle, myself included. This is a great way to get or give items and meet new people, but it has also been used by the wrong people as a means to rob or attack others.


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How Fire Alarms Work?What smells can cause a fire alarm to go off? Smoke, obviously, but what about electrical or ozone smells. Will that also cause a smoke alarm to go off?


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Use Caution After a Natural DisasterWho would have known that the tornado going over a house might cause the water to be pushed out of the toilet and onto the floor of the bathroom (our safe room) where we went to hide from the dangerous winds and pressure.


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Frugal and Safe Cell Phone ChargingWe have several cell phones in the house. We have a frugal and safe routine down. Two of the cell phones we charge in vehicles while we are on the road. That saves us electricity.


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Safety Tip: Keep Glass Paper Weights Out of the SunDo not put paper weights or snow globes where the sun can reflect off of them. When sun reflects off the paperweight, they become very hot (like a magnifying glass), and they can become hot enough to start a fire.


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Safety Concerns With Car GPSThey did a segment on TV the other day about how thieves are stealing cars with GPS's. Not only do they have your car but they can program your GPS to take them to right to your home.


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Install a Carbon Monoxide DetectorA tip which saved my life and maybe yours. Our house was just a couple of years old when my husband accepted a job which required him to be out of town most weekdays. Our budget could allow either new mulch in the natural areas or a security system installed.


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Guard Your PIN From Other EyesSafety first! How many times do you go to the grocery store, or ATM, or any other store, pull out your debit card, and openly enter your four digit code.


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Being Neighborly Doesn't Mean Being CarelessWe had a neighbor who was always having pals over working on cars, go carts, motorcycles, anything automotive. When he'd leave the house, he'd leave his garage door part of the way open for his friend to use his tools.


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Keep Your Purse Out Of SightKeep Your Purse Out Of Sight. Ladies, when travelling in the car, don't put your purse on the seat beside you. Lay it on the floor out of sight. . .


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Real Missing KidsSee what "official" missing or endangered runaway posters actually look like! Believe it or not, FAKE reports are sent as forwards through email REGULARLY..


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Thank You British Intelligence!THANK YOU! Since there are some UK subscribers to this newsletter, I thought I'd use this space to send kudos, praise, and a big thank you to the British intelligence workers and police who caught and stopped the terrorists who were planning the airline attacks. . .


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A Safe Place for NewbornsSafe Place for Newborns is a program which provides an alternative to child abondonment for mothers who can't keep their child.


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Safety - Your Money and Your LifeI was mugged several months ago. I have gained some insight that could save your money and your life.


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Night BlindnessAvoid bumping into the furniture when you step into a dark room. Wait a minute or so to let your eyes adjust to the dark.


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Avoid Cuts from Can LidsGet in the habit of always dropping a can lid into the empty can right away to avoid cuts. By Linda


Travel pack with documents.

Money Travel TipsNotify your bank when you will be traveling (where and dates) if you intend to use a credit card to avoid a fraud alert being placed on your card and having your legitimate charges denied.


Avoiding Lead In Your HomeIf lead is found in your home, an experienced professional needs to be hired to remove it. Likewise, if you suspect lead a professional test is also important. However, there are more economical ways to avoid lead in homes that carry lower risks of lead contaminant.


A woman unlocking her car.

Tips For Women's SafetyYour personal safety is your responsibility. We all would love to believe there is a cop around every corner, but that is not the reality of most situations. Because of recent abductions in daylight hours, refresh yourself of these things to do in an emergency situation.


Burning Healthier Candles

Burning Healthier CandlesCandles are wonderfully therapeutic and burning them can provide you with a increased sense of health and well-being. Not only do they provide us with an ambient source of light, but if scented they can also provide us with all of the benefits of aromatherapy while in the comfort of our own home.



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Hiding Valuables?Any ideas on where I can hide jewelry so it would be difficult for a thief to find, but still convenient for me to get to on a daily basis? I used to keep things in my bathroom medicine cabinet in empty makeup and face cream containers, but when we had a break-in, those items were taken.


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Purse Safety Straps?Where can I find purse safety straps?


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Securing Your Home from Burglars Without an Alarm System?I am looking for low cost ways to secure my home from burglars. I know there is some type of stick that you can get that goes under the door knob and to the floor. Do you know where I can buy one from or do you have any other suggestions for securing windows or doors?


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Getting Personal Information from an Email Address?An old friend is asking me for my email address. I don't want her to know where I live, in what country, state or city. If I give her my email address is there a way she could know or find out?


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Avoiding Fraudulent Phone Calls?I have had hackers in my phone for around 4 or 5 years. I am constantly battling them. They just keep coming back. I have changed my phone, my number and companies about 3 times now. My question is this: How can a hacker or person have my number registered to them, name and address and registered to me at same time?


A line of dog poop bags left in a yard.

The Dog Poop Lineup?This is a line of 11 bags of neighbors dog feces beginning 2/28 to date 3/10/19. She is apparently performing this gross act in retaliation because I insisted she put her dog on leash, keep off our lawn and clean up the 8 large piles he left beside our home. No city agency will hold her responsible for her actions and take action to stop it. Can anyone help us?


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