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This page contains thrifty, do it yourself, planter craft projects and tips.

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Self Watering Basil Planter

Making a Self Watering Basil PlanterBasil likes to be watered regularly. Make this a little easier by planting in a self watering container. Making a self watering basil planter is easy and will keep your basil heathy and ready for any recipe.


Geraniums in old wheelbarrow planter.

Making a Wheelbarrow PlanterThis is a page about making a wheelbarrow planter. Using an wheelbarrow as a planter can be a fun project and perhaps become a centerpiece of your garden


DIY Staghorn Fern Mount

Mounting and Hanging a Staghorn FernStaghorn ferns are epiphytes. They are native to the tropical forests of southeast Asia and Australia. They are essentially an air plant and can be mounted to a plaque and hung on the wall of your home. This is a page about mounting and hanging a staghorn fern.


A basil plant growing in a canning jar.

Indoor Canning Jar Herb GardenI used these cute Mason jar glasses to plant an indoor herb garden.


The completed five gallon terrarium.

Terrarium in a Five-Gallon JugSo this has been sitting around in our garage for a few months! My husband thought it was cool so he bought it at a garage sale for $1. He loved the idea I came up with of using it for a terrarium. We aren't too good at taking care of houseplants, so a terrarium that needs little attention is our way to go.


Flower Pot from Cement and Old Jeans

Flower Pot from Cement and Old JeansNever throw away old jeans. Since denim is a fairly durable fabric and also absorbs concrete mix well, I used old jeans to make the petals of this flower-shaped flowerpot. This flowerpot looks beautiful not only on a lawn, but also on any hard surface in the yard or inside the house. It will delight you with its "bloom", even in winter.


The completed terrarium.

Portable Mini Plant TerrariumIf you have a desire to carry your favorite plant with you, then this portable terrarium is for you. I have come up with a very convenient and easy-to-make terrarium. All you need are two jars with lids and wire. I used copper wire from an old transformer.


Succulent Driftwood Centerpiece - finished centerpiece planter lying on flagstone

Succulent Driftwood CenterpieceMake this beautiful succulent driftwood centerpiece for little to free (if you have the supplies on hand).


Upcycled Water Bottle Indoor Planter - two completed planters

Upcycled Water Bottle Indoor PlanterMake these cute indoor holiday themed planters with items you have around your home. They make a cute decor touch and are great for your plants to propagate in (instead of a plain plastic cup).


Planter Lamp - finished planter on patio

Planter LampThis craft uses an old lamp, a unique drainage system, and a plant "shade" on top!


Re-Cycle Planter - finished planter

Re-Cycle PlanterThrift stores such as Goodwill are an excellent source for finding metal objects that can be re-used to make a creative planter. Here is a project that explains how this imaginative tricycle planter was pieced together.



An air plant growing in a shell.

Air Plant CraftsAir plants are fun to incorporate into wreaths, decor projects, creative planters, and more. Here are some ideas to inspire you.


Bamboo & Coconut Shell Planters - planters hanging outside of a house

Making Bamboo and Coconut Shell PlantersThese bamboo and coconut shell planters are not only functional, but will bring an island feel to your garden. Use them for succulents or other plants of your choice. The tutorial published below will get you started.


Straw Handbag Planter

Making a Straw Handbag PlanterTransform an old or new inexpensive straw handbag into a planter. It is perfect for displaying faux flowers or with the addition of a liner for planting live ones. Learn how here.


Kid Friendly Succulent Terrarium - glass terrarium with beads added

Kid Friendly Succulent TerrariumThis kid friendly succulent terrarium incorporates your child's rock and shell collection into the planting. Add some colorful plastic beads too. Check out the full project below.


Gardener's Floral Gift Box - decorated pot with seed packets ready to gift

Making a Gardener's Floral Gift BoxThis gardener's floral gift box begins with and unpainted clay pot. Follow the instructions in this project to make this gift box/planter. Add a few packages of seeds and it is ready to gift.


Heart Succulent Wreath - a variety of colors and shapes fill the heart planter

How to Make a Heart Succulent WreathSucculents lend themselves to decorative planting ideas. Pick up a heart shaped piece of wall decor at your local craft store. Planting instructions for this lovely living wreath follow.


finished planter with succulents

Making a Concrete PlanterThis pretty planter is made using inexpensive concrete, a bowl, and a recycled jar. It's easy to make in an afternoon and will last for years.


Air Plant with Layered Sand and Glitter - air plant added

DIY Air Plant with Layered Sand and GlitterThis colorful layered sand and glitter planter for an air plant will make a nice bit of living decor for your home or a child's room.


Recycled Plastic Bottle Herb Planters

Recycled Plastic Bottle Herb PlantersThese recycled plastic bottle herb planters are also self watering making them lower maintenance. Make several and grow herbs year round.


Recycled Glass Light Fixture Terrariums - looking down on two planters sitting on a deck or similar structure

Making Recycled Glass Light Fixture TerrariumsThe glass covers on light fixtures can be repurposed and used as terrarium planters. Whether you have some from old fixtures or have purchased new or used ones, the project information on this page will assist you in making recycled glass light fixture terrariums.


Upcycled Plastic Egg Mini Planter

Upcycled Plastic Egg Mini PlanterMany of us have plastic Easter eggs kicking around the house. Repurpose them into fun mini planters. This page shows you how to make an upcycled plastic egg mini planter.


Making Mini Egg Carton Planters

Making Mini Egg Carton PlantersPaper egg crates can be transformed into these cute mini egg carton planters. Use them for starts or tiny plantings. This page contains a step up step project for making these outdoor planters.


Using Bird Cages As Outdoor Planters - closeup of impatiens potted plant

Using Bird Cages As Outdoor PlantersOld birdcages or new decorative ones can be repurposed into attractive outdoor planters. They make a lovely addition to your gardenscape and are easy to personalize with some spray paint and your choice of plants.


Terra Cotta Turtle Planter - planter sitting on a deck

Making a Terra Cotta Turtle PlanterTake regular terra cotta pots and transform them with paint into this whimsical turtle. This is a page about making a terra cotta turtle planter.


Easy DIY Plant Holder - cactus and succulents in pots sitting in plant holder

Easy DIY 2x4 Wooden Plant HolderA scrap of 2x4 and a hole saw is all that you need to make this useful potted plant holder. This is a page about how to make an easy DIY 2x4 wooden plant holder.



Terrarium hanging, with a closeup.

Making a Light Bulb TerrariumA hollowed out incandescent light bulb can be used to make a neat miniature terrarium. This is a page about making a light bulb terrarium.


Pumpkin Planter 2

How to Make a Simple Pumpkin PlanterA hollowed out pumpkin can easily be turned in to a decorative autumn planter. Learn to make these cute pumpkin planters for your deck or front porch.


Toy Wheelbarrow as Flower Planter - barrow at base of tree

Toy Wheelbarrow as Flower PlanterA fun planter can easily be made from a child's wheelbarrow. This is a page about toy wheelbarrow as flower planter.


kitty animal planter

Making a Plastic Bottle Animal PlanterThis is a page about making a plastic bottle animal planter. Save your bottles to make this adorable planter for spring seedlings.


Pansies in Hypertufa Pots

Making Hypertufa PlantersHypertufa is made by mixing Portland cement, perlite or vermiculite, with sphagnum peat moss, and water. It can be used to make durable planters in endless shapes and sizes. This is a page about making hypertufa planters.


A hanging bottle planter

Making a Plastic Soda Bottle Hanging PlanterThis is a page about making a plastic soda bottle hanging planter. Help give your plants an inexpensive new home and keep plastic bottles out of our landfills by making this easy hanging planter.


Making a Gnome Garden in a Planter

Making a Gnome Garden in a PlanterThis is a page about making a gnome garden in a planter. Add some of your own charm and personality to your garden by putting together your own decorations and planters.


Tire planter with flowers in it.

Making Tire PlantersOld tires have been used for years to make inexpensive and creative planters. This is a page about making tire planters.


Homemade Chia Pet Ideas

Homemade Chia Pet IdeasThis is a page about homemade chia pet ideas. We have all seen the Chia pet commercials, but the kits can be quite pricey.


Recycled Jeans Flower Pot

Recycled Jeans PlantersThis is a page about recycled jeans planters. Recycling jeans sets the stage for many craft projects.


Recycled wooden chair planter.

Making a Chair PlanterThis is a page about making a chair planter. Recycling and old chair into a creative planter provides you with a unique, creative garden planter. Not only is this project a good way to recycle, but also a crafty outlet for your combined gardening and craft skills.


Garden Bed from Recyled Bed Frame  - planter in the yard

Garden Bed from Recyled Bed FrameWe had a broken bed and had planned on making a grow box this fall for our winter garden, so we used bed parts to make it.


Re-Cycle Planter - finished planter

Re-Cycle PlanterBecause I have an old wagon in my yard with potted plants in it, and I saw a bicycle planter at Big Lots, I decided it would be fun to make my own bicycle or tricycle planter. My project ended up being a "recycle" planter because I recycled metal odds and ends I had purchased at three different local Goodwill stores and put the parts together to create a decorative planter for my back yard.


Recycled Glass Light Fixture Terrariums - looking down on two planters sitting on a deck or similar structure

Recycled Glass Light Fixture TerrariumsI live on a small island in the South Pacific, where we try our best to not throw items away that we can use again. A friend of mine gave me a set of glass light fixtures that they were throwing away. At first, I had the idea to turn them upside down and put candles in the bottom of them.


Galvanized Roofing Raised Bed - finished raised bed assembly on patio

Galvanized Roofing Raised BedWith this pandemic, we would like to plant more vegetables and fruits in our backyard. We looked into pots and already made raised beds, but they were really expensive and not our dimensions.


Upcycled Plastic Egg Mini Planter - planter on mantle with other houseplants

Upcycled Plastic Egg Mini PlanterGathering toys to donate and I came across a bunch of Easter eggs that the kids aren't using or playing with. I decided to upcycle the plastic egg into this cute mini planter. This planter fits nicely on my mantle with my other plants!


Foam Pumpkin Succulent Planter - planter on woven mat

Foam Pumpkin Succulent PlanterA beautiful succulent pumpkin arrangement for indoor and/or outdoor use. This succulent pumpkin is an arrangement for my kitchen. This arrangement can be used as a wedding center piece too if you're having a fall wedding or makes a great fall gift!


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Making Jeans Plant Pots?I saw this project the other day, you just cut part of the leg off on old jeans, turn them inside out and stitch. I got that part, but forget how the square bottom was made. Can I see that project again?


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Buying a Planter Made from a Tire?I'm trying to find someone who can make one of these planters that are made from a tire. This is a parrot shaped planter and is painted in very cheerful colors. If you do these, or know anyone who does please let me know what you charge.


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Making Denim Outdoor Planters?How do I make outdoor planters out of old denim? I imagine the fabric needs to be stiffened and waterproofed, but I don't know how.



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Making a Toddler Blue Jean Planter?I have toddler blue jeans and blue jean skirts and sneakers. I have seen at craft shows a planter made with these. A pot approximately 7 1/2 inches wide is put inside the waistband, and legs are made out of wood and padded with foam to look realistic.


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Building a Wooden Window Box?How do you make wood window boxes?


blue, red, and yellow stacked tires

Making Tire Planters?What do you put in the tires on the top to hold in the dirt, but still allow water to go through?


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