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This page contains tips and advice about growing annuals.

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Surfinia flowers

Overwintering AnnualsThis is a page about overwintering annuals. Certain varieties of annuals such as geraniums can be overwintered for the following spring.


moonflower closeup

Growing MoonflowersThis is a page about growing moonflowers. Add some night interest to your yard with one of the many varieties of night blooming flowers that are called moonflower or moonflower vine. Botanical names include ipomoea, datura and cereus, among others.


Pink and peach colored sweet pea blossoms.

Growing Sweet PeaThe sweet pea or Lathyrus odoratus is a native of the Mediterranean region. This sun loving annual with its bushy or climbing growth habit is known for its wonderful scent and pretty flowers. This is a page about growing sweet pea.


Purple Canterbury Bells (Bellflowers).

Growing Canterbury Bells (Bellflowers)While classified as an annual, these pretty flowers are best grown as a biennial. Sow seeds in summer, cut foliage back and mulch, in cold areas, for the winter and they will bloom the second season. This is a page about growing Canterbury bells (bellflowers).


Blue star shaped flowers.

What is This Plant? Tweedia caeruleaThis native of Uruguay and Brazil is a small shrub or vining plant with clusters of sky blue flowers. It is a member of the milkweed family. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" (Tweedia caerulea).


Clarkia Flower

Growing ClarkiaClarkia can easily be grown from seed. It is considered an annual or tender perennial suitable for full sun or filtered shade garden spots. Well drained sandy soil is perfect, but this flowering plant is adaptable. This is a page about growing clarkia.


Purple Lobelia Flower

Growing LobeliaThese beautiful cascading flowers available in purple, pink, white, and blue varieties can be easily grown from seed. They will work well in your annual garden, planters, and hanging baskets. This is a page about growing lobelia.


Nasturtium Salad

Use Nasturtiums for Salads and SandwichesNasturtiums not only add color to your summer garden, but the flowers and young leaves taste delicious in a salad or on a sandwich. This is a page about use nasturtiums for salads and sandwiches.


Star Flower

Growing: Browallia (Amethyst Flower/Star Flower/Bush Violet)This pretty white, dark blue, or purple annual is used in beds, borders, as cut flowers, in pots, hanging baskets, or as short-lived house plants. This is a page about growing: browallia (amethyst flower/star flower/bush violet).


Closeup of Larkspur flower

Growing LarkspurThese pretty annals are known for their variety of colors including spikes of red, pink, violet, and white flowers. They add interest in beds and borders. This is a page about growing larkspur.


Bells of Ireland

Growing Bells of IrelandThis is a page about growing bells of Ireland. These pretty plants with their distinctive green bell shaped leaves surrounding the tiny fragrant white flower are native to Syria, not Ireland.


An asiatic dayflower bloom.

Growing Asiatic Dayflower (Commelina communis)This is a page about growing Asiatic dayflower (Commelina communis). The Asiatic daylily is a member of the spiderwort family and is characterized by its distinctive blue flower. It is sometimes referred to as a Wander Jew plant. This annual can become invasive.



orange impatiens

Growing ImpatiensThis is a page about growing impatiens. These New Guinea natives are typically grown as annuals in temperate zones.


Rufus hummingbird and lantana

Growing LantanaThis is a page about growing lantana. These shrubs or trailing plants can be grown as either annuals or perennials. They are a good choice for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.


red flower

Growing NicotianaThis is a page about growing nicotiana. Also known as flowering tobacco, nicotiana may be just the flower you need to add to your fragrance garden.


closeup of bright yellow flowers

Growing Clock Vine (Thunbergia)Commonly referred to as clock vine or black-eyed susan, the brightly colored flowers that adorn this annual vine make a beautiful addition to your garden. This page has photos and information about growing clock vine (thunbergia).


various colored petunias

Choosing A Petunia VarietyThis is a page about choosing a petunia variety. There are hundreds of petunia varieties. Choosing the best one for your gardening needs can be fun, plus with so many choices you can have these colorful flowers in any sunny location in your garden.


closeup of Tidy Tips flower

Growing Tidy Tips (Layia Platyglossa)This is a page about growing tidy tips (layia platyglossa). These cheerful yellow and white annual wildflowers would make a happy addition to your garden.



Growing PansiesThis is a page about growing pansies. These brightly colored, cheerful cool weather flowers are generally grown as annual bedding plants.



Growing Love-In-A-MistThis is a page about growing love-in-a-mist. Nigella, also known as love-in-a-mist due to the light green, fine threadlike bracts that form the mist around the beautiful blue flowers, is a lovely old fashioned annual. They easily grow from seed and often self seed.



Growing AlyssumThis is a page about growing alyssum. Sweet alyssum is easy to grow from seed. It makes a beautiful, lightly scented edging or even a mulch or groundcover around other plants.



Growing SnapdragonThis is a page about growing snapdragon. Quite easy to grow these annual flowers come in a beautiful variety of colors for your garden.


Baby Blue Eyes (California Blue Bells)

Growing Baby Blue Eyes (California Blue Bells)These delicate blue annuals are native to the Mojave and Colorado deserts, and well-adapted to the western United States. This page is about growing baby blue eyes (California blue bells).


Growing Bachelor's Button (cornflowers)

Growing Bachelor's Button (Cornflower)This page is about growing bachelor's button (cornflower). These annuals grow wild in the fields of southern Europe, and can be grown by seed in your garden.


Mexican Sunflower

Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia)...This page is about Mexican sunflower (Tithonia) information and photos. These brilliant annual flowers keep their blooms for 10 days or more making them good for cut flower arrangements.


Dusty Miller

Growing Dusty Miller (Senecio cineraria)This page is about growing Dusty Miller (Senecio cineraria). Native to southern Europe, Dusty Miller is grown primarily for its deer resistant silvery foliage that can be lovely in the moonlight.


Petunias growing outside.

Growing Annuals in Pots Buried in the Ground?This is a page about growing annuals in pots buried in the ground. There are a number of reasons you may wish to grow plants in buried pots.



Large patch of pansies.

Troubleshooting AnnualsThis is a page about troubleshooting annuals. After planting your annual seeds or starts, the result may not meet your expectations for color and coverage. Review of the shortcomings of your flowers will help you take action and make some improvements.


Photo of growing begonias.

Growing AnnualsThis is a page about growing annuals. Annuals are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and light requirements. This makes them a good choice for filling your garden with bright spots of color to complement your perennials, trees, and shrubs.


Sunflowers in the cold.

Protecting Annuals from FrostThis is a page about protecting annuals from frost. A late spring or early fall frost can potentially wreak havoc on your beautiful flowering annuals. However, there may be a way to protect them until the weather warms back up.


petunia annuals

Fertilizing AnnualsThis is a page about fertilizing annuals. Annuals are the spots of color in a garden, they can provide intense patches of blooms, if well fed. Because they do not come back in subsequent years, you will want to encourage their best show after planting.


Blue Delphinium

Blue Annuals?This is a page about blue annuals. There are some wonderful choices available for designing a blue flower garden.



Growing Celosia (Cockscomb)This is a page about growing celosia (cockscomb). These heat and humidity loving annual flowers will add color to your garden. An added plus is their interesting flower shapes.


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Growing a Cardinal VineThis is a page about growing a cardinal vine. Cardinal vines are easy to grow annuals that produce brilliant red flowers.


Shirley Poppies

Growing Shirley PoppyThis is a page about growing Shirley poppy. The Shirley poppy is easily grown from seed and available in a variety of colors.


Blue Flax

Growing Blue FlaxThis page is about growing blue flax. An annual that is native to North America and likes a rich well drained soil.


Growing Coriander

Growing Coriander (Cilantro)This page is about growing coriander (cilantro). These annuals are grown throughout the world for culinary uses.


Floss Flower

Growing Floss FlowerThis is a page about growing floss flower. These fluffy annuals are a nice addition to your summer garden.


Growing Torenia

Growing Torenia (Bluewings, Wishbone Flower)This is a page about growing torenia (bluewings, wishbone flower). These pretty, low growing, self seeding annuals are easy to grow.


Growing Zinnia

Growing ZinniasThis page is about growing zinnias. These annual flowers originally grew as wildflowers.


Growing Verbena

Growing VerbenaThis is a page about growing verbena. Verbena, generally grown as an annual, adds beauty to your garden and attracts butterflies, as an added bonus.


Red amaranth flowers.

Growing AmaranthThis is a page about growing amaranth. With its sage green leaves and stems and bright flowers, amaranth is pretty in either cut fresh or dried arrangements.



Alternanthera bloom.

Growing AlternantheraThis is a page about growing alternanthera. These compact plants make a great filler for container plantings.


Beautiful photo of Coleus up close.

Growing ColeusColeus has remained a popular plant ever since it rose to favor during the Victorian age. The leaves of this inexpensive and versatile plant come in a bewildering array of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes.


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Fertilizing Sunflowers Grown in Pots?Which works better on my inside grown sunflower seeds, Epsom salt or coffee?


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Annuals for Cool and Warm Seasons?Is there a list of warm season and cool season annuals?


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Annuals to Plant with Profusion Zinnias?I would like some suggestions for annuals I can put with Profusion zinnias. They are heat tolerant and don't take much water. I have a tendency to plant the wrong kind of flowers together. Some need more water then others, so I would like to know what to plant with the Profusion series. These will go in my flower boxes on the south side. They get full sun. Thanks!


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Struggling Asters?I purchased some beautiful annual asters at a local garden center and planted them a few weeks ago. They are not doing very well - they just look droopy and sad and it looks like something has been eating the leaves (bug, I think - I don't have many rabbits around here and it doesn't look like rabbit damage.)


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Growing in a Bag of Top Soil?Please give me some hints or tips on if I did this right. I heard an idea long ago that I could plant some annuals in a bag of top soil. I put these bags where I don't have any flower beds. I bought impatiens and made an "X" for each flower, added some Osmocote and watered.


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Color Washing Off a Vinca When I Water It?The color washes off the bright pink annual vinca I planted when I water it. I've never had that happen with a plant before. Does this happen with all the brightly colored vincas? The light pink ones I have look great.


Purple Annuals

Troubleshooting AnnualsTroubleshooting Annuals. Many of us depend heavily on the long lasting blooms of our annuals to carry the weight of the garden's color while our perennials come and go. Although usually much less troublesome than their perennial counterparts, annuals can suffer from a garden variety of maladies.


closeup of lantana flowers

Growing LantanaVerbenaceae, commonly known as lantana is a fast growing tropical American native. It is grown as an annual in all zones below 8, and may even freeze in zones 8 - 10. It is typically grown as a ground cover, shrub, or in containers, including hanging baskets, depending on the type you select.


Bed of annuals

Fueling Your Annuals with FertilizerAnnuals are the flowering powerhouses of the plant world, and fertilizer is the fuel that keeps their engines firing. Knowing how to fertilize them is important. Once your annuals start blooming, a proper feeding schedule will keep them blooming vigorously for the rest of the growing season.



NasturtiumsTo make your garden green and flowery with colours of deep red or maroon or cream. Buy seeds of all varieties of nasturtium and plant them in combination in a 30" basket.



Annuals and Biennials ExplainedSome gardeners plant only annual flowers in their gardens, while others argue that planting only perennial plants is best. Throw some biennials into the mix and things start to get really confusing; especially if you're new to gardening.


My Faithful Begonias - wax begonia

My Faithful BegoniasI grow a lot of begonias. To save money, each fall I bring some in to root cuttings. I'm behind this year. You can see in the picture what an unseasonable 3 degrees did to my plants. Guess I'll have to fork over much dollars for new plants come spring.



Bottom Leaves on Sunflower Sprout Wilting

Bottom Leaves on Sunflower Sprout Wilting?My friend's sunflower sprout is in my care for the next two weeks. I got it three days ago and was told to water it every two days, with about a cup of water. I just watered it for the first time and woke up to its bottom leaves curling up. What did I do and how do I save it?


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Wintering Annuals?I have spent a bunch of money on annuals for my new window boxes this year. I used red vining geraniums, white petunias and asparagus fern.


tall, leggy plant

Easter Egg Plant Losing Leaves?My mom and I have one of these little plants and they are both losing their leaves. I am in South Carolina she is in North Carolina. Are they supposed to do this? They are in pots inside the home.


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How to Grow Annuals?Does anyone have some general tips for growing annuals? I want to plant from seed. Should I start the seeds and grow seedlings first or just plop the seeds in the ground?


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Coleus Branches Rooting While Attached to Main Stem?I have a coleus that is huge. It is so big that the branches are breaking off from the weight of the branches and foliage. The funny thing is, these large branches, while still attached to the main stem, are growing roots and wrapping those roots around the main stem.


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Planting Hollyhock Seeds?When should I plant Hollyhock seed?


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