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This page contains tips and ideas for making and decorating creative planters from unusual or recycled items.

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greenish brown taller planter, tapered at base

Hypertufa Craft ProjectsThis is a page about hypertufa craft projects. This simple mixture of Portland cement with substances like perlite and peat moss makes porous artificial stone pots, planters, or garden art in any shape or size you can imagine.


Cinder Block Step Planter - finished planter

Making a Cinder Block Step PlanterThis is a page about making a cinder block step planter. Cinder blocks are great containers for alkaline loving plants, and work well to create a layered planter.


age clay pot

Giving Clay Pots an Aged LookThis is a page about giving clay pots an aged look. Add a sense of age and permanence to your garden by giving your terra cotta pots an aged look.


A succulent garden planted in an old boot.

Making Shoe and Boot PlantersThis is a page about making shoe planters. Old shoes make interesting planters for your yard and garden.


Several kiddie pools being used to grow plants

Using a Child's Swimming Pool as a GardenThis is a page about using a child's swimming pool as a garden. Whether you use an old damaged one or purchase a new one, a child's pool can be used as a container garden or a place to start seedlings.


Making a Toilet Planter

Making a Toilet PlanterThis is a page about making a toilet planter. You can easily recycle an old toilet into an artsy garden planter.


A succulent planted a teacup.

Making a Teacup PlanterBeautiful teacups can be upcycled into planters for small houseplants. These make a great gift for someone's office or kitchen windowsill.


Strawberry pot with a glass table top.

Strawberry Pot Side TablePlant with trailing plants and add a top to a strawberry pot and you have an attractive side table for your deck or patio. This is a page about strawberry pot side table.


brightly colored tire planters

Reusing Tires in the GardenThis is a page about reusing tires in the garden. Worn out used tires can be recycled and find new decorative and functional uses in your garden.


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Drip Trays for Creative Container Planters?When using creative containers, or simply containers with no existing tray, what do you use as a drip tray? I had been trying lids from takeout soup, but too many have proven to have tiny holes and thus leaked. What do you use?


Vertical garden pots made from polypropylene.

Plant Pots for Vertical GardenEvery year I plant many different vegetables in our garden, but I always lack land. Growing vegetables in pots and even vertically on the wall, is an excellent solution to the problem of lack of land for a vegetable garden. In order not to waste money on buying pots, I decided to make them from a polypropylene woven bag. These pots are suitable for horizontal and vertical garden.


Decorative Planter Pots - tree design on red pot

Making Decorative Planter PotsTake any plastic planter pot and paint it to spice up your garden decor. This is a great project for kids and teens and could also be used to decorate a gift plant.



A strawberry pot with plants in bloom.

Using a Strawberry PotTerra cotta planters are designed with pockets on the sides to grow strawberries. Many other herbs and garden plants can also be planted in them, to decorate any deck or patio.


Recycled Wheelbarrow Herb Garden - herbs growing in an old wheelbarrow

Recycled Wheelbarrow Herb GardenAn old wheelbarrow can be repurposed as an herb garden. Many herbs are perennials so you can harvest for years to come. If the barrow is intact you can move it about your yard to maximize sun exposure. Fresh herbs are very flavorful, so this creative recycled planter is something to consider.


Spilling Wheelbarrow Garden Planter - rock lined narrow planter with a tipped yellow wheelbarrow cascading soil and coleus into the coleus planted bed

Spilling Wheelbarrow Garden PlanterSpilling wheelbarrow yard decor and planters are quite popular. The attached photo shows one example of this landscape project using coleus.


A white laundry basket full of clothing.

Laundry Basket PlantersPlastic laundry baskets make fun holders for outdoor potted plants. Set the pots down inside and create a cluster planting effect.


Succulent Wreath - filling in the spaces

Making a Succulent WreathA vine style wreath form can be "planted" with succulent cuttings to create a pretty living wreath for your front door or garden. Read on for the instructions, supplies, and some helpful photos so that you can successfully complete this project.


Using Old Sinks As Planters - old sinks planted with succulents sitting up on a garden wall

Using Old Sinks As PlantersGardeners can be so creative when it comes to recycled planters. Old sinks are a good choice, especially for low water use plants such as succulents. Set the sink in soil with the short piece of drain pipe buried and enjoy your salvaged planter.


Using Bird Feeders for Houseplants

Using Bird Feeders for HouseplantsThe wooden bird feeders that are readily available at bird shops and department stores can be repurposed into planters for your houseplants. They are perfect for small hanging plants.


An old wooden painted chair being used as a decorative planter.

DIY Planters From Recycled MaterialsMany ordinary items can easily be turned into fun planters. The possibilities are endless!


DIY Hanging Envelope Planter - planter hanging on the fence in the yard

DIY Hanging Envelope PlanterThis DIY planter is an envelop style made from chicken wire and lined with moss. It looks quite nice hanging on your fence or elsewhere in your garden. Learn how to make your own by following the steps and their accompanying photos on this page.


Organic Fence for Vertical Gardening

How to Build a Vertical GardenIf you don't have a lot of space for gardening at your home, consider planting vertically. This wooden vertical garden doubles as an open fence and would be good to add privacy or camouflauge a less pretty part of your yard.


Tire on the ground outside near trees.

Growing Potatoes in TiresThis is a page about growing potatoes in tires. Tires make great potato planters. As the plants grow, you can easily keep adding tires to build a potato tower.


Using Old Cooking Containers As Planters - strainer painted white and planted with geraniums

Using Old Cooking Containers as PlantersRecycle a warped pot or rusted colander to be a whimsical planter for your garden bed or patio. This is a page about using old cooking containers as planters.


Plant Your Tomato in a Recycled Washing Machine Tub

Recycled Washing Machine Drum PlantersAn old washing machine tub makes a great container to plant in. Making recycled washing machine drum planters is easy.


Old Log Planter

Log Planter IdeasUsing an old log as a planter is a great use of the log and will look fantastic. This is a page about log planter ideas.


Shoe planter attached to a fence.

Planter Ideas From Every Room in Your HouseGo on a treasure hunt in your home with an eye to items that can be converted into unique planters. This is a page about planter ideas from every room in your house.



Thick book laid open, center of pages cut out filled with dirt and some succulent plants.

Succulent Planter CraftsMake planters for succulent houseplants from recycled items. Popular varieties include jade, aloe vera and hen and chicks. These low moisture plants require very little care so they make a great gift. This is a page about succulent planter crafts.


Making a Mini Fairy Garden

Making a Mini Fairy GardenMini fairy gardens are a popular way to plant a container garden, decorating it with figurines and items to complete your fairy's garden. This is a page about making a mini fairy garden.


Abandoned empty outdoor swimming pool filled with leaves

Turning a Swimming Pool Into a GardenThis is a page about turning a swimming pool into a garden. Old or unused in-ground pools can be filled and used as garden space.


Seed starts in Egg Carton

Starting Seeds in Egg CartonsThis is a page about starting seeds in egg cartons. This common household food container that often ends up in the garbage, can be reused to get your garden started.


recycled bike planter

Frugal Planter IdeasFind creative, inexpensive ways to plant your garden flowers and vegetables. This page contains frugal planter ideas.


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Making a Planter from a Pot Bellied Stove?I have a pot-bellied with a hole in the top and the bottom. The problem with the top is, I haven't been able to find a pot to fit in the top because of little things sticking out on two sides of the top.


An upside down tomato planter.

Homemade Topsy Turvy PlantersThis is a page about homemade topsy turvy planters. Topsy Turvy or upside down planters are easy to make at home from items you may already have.


Growing Strawberries

Growing Strawberries in a GreenhouseThis page is about growing strawberries in a greenhouse. You may want to grow strawberries in pots or hanging baskets, if you have limited space.


Making Pumpkin Planters

Pumpkin Planter IdeasCreate a unique seasonal planter using a fresh pumpkin. This page features pumpkin planter ideas.


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Making a Hanging Planter Stand from a Ladder?Does anyone have instructions on how to take a ladder and make it a hanging planter stand for outside? I would love to see how to do this. Thanks.


Five terra cotta pots with flowers arranged vertically on rebar.

Tipsy Flower PotsCreate interesting vertical planting space by making your own tipsy flower pots. This is a page about tipsy flower pots.


Reuse Chair Back As Trellis in the garden.

Creative Garden Trellis IdeasThis is a page about creative garden trellis ideas. A unique trellis can become a focal point in your garden. It is a great way to reuse items you already have around the house or a good search mission for your next trip to a garage sale or antique store.


Flowers Planted in Bicycle Basket

Creative Garden PlantersThis is a page about creative garden planters. Planters come in all shapes and sizes. Every gardener knows that finding creative things to put plants in will add interest to their yard.


Red Fish Planter in Garden

Garden: Fish PlanterThis interesting fish planter adds nice appeal to our open carport. I love to fill it with emerging colorful plants and running greenery! It's fun using annuals so that the look changes a couple times a year!


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How Can I Use a Child's Rubber Boots as a Planter?I have a pair of pink rubber boots that my little granddaughter has outgrown. I would like to preserve them for a planter or something. What can I use?



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Making a Flower Pot from an Old Tobacco Setter?I would like to turn an old tobacco setter into a flower pot. I need help.


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Growing Plants in a Horse Trough?I have a horse trough and have tried different plants in it and they seem to never work. Just wondering what would work.Thanks.Peggy


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Bamboo Wigwam for Climbing PlantsA handy gadget I've created is based on something I once saw in a catalog that joined bamboo poles together at the top to create a wigwam for vine plants. The company wanted almost $7.00 for a pair so I made my own by using margarine tub tops.


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Making Rock Planters?Lately I have seen planters that look like rocks with a hole in it for the plant. They are rather costly but I think I've figured out how to make them EXCEPT for one thing that I'm hoping some can help me with.


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Flower Ideas for a Child's Wagon?My aunt lives in West Texas. I am wondering what flower she can plant in an old child's wagon,it is in full sun. Any suggestions?


Recycled Lanterns As Planters - planted pots on garden table

Recycled Lanterns As PlantersI found 2 lanterns in great shape at a thrift store for pennies! I wanted to transform these beauties into something other than lighting - planters! Although you find a lot of them are in black, I will transform them into a softer look.


Using Old Sinks As Planters - old sinks planted with succulents sitting up on a garden wall

Using Old Sinks As PlantersOne way to recycle old sinks from your bathroom or kitchen is to use them in your garden to plant succulents in. These sinks make a great border around your garden and add to the look of the garden. Succulent plants don't need much water. It is easy to use the sink and they have a drainage system. Just dig a hole in the ground and place the sink and the drainage pipe in the hold.


Succulent Wreath - wreath hanging on a tree

Succulent WreathThis is a beautiful outdoor succulent wreath that can be hung on your front door or in your backyard. Just a few supplies and you can have yourself a lovely succulent wreath!


Thrifty Vertical Planter Wall - asymmetrical arrangement

Thrifty Vertical Planter WallI was inspired by the beautiful succulent decor walls at my local malls and stores. I wanted my own mini version in my backyard. However, upon research I found that vertical planters are so expensive!


Recycled Wheelbarrow Herb Garden - herbs growing in an old wheelbarrow

Recycled Wheelbarrow Herb GardenWe've seen that people are making gardens, especially now. My tip is to recycle an old wheelbarrow into a lovely and useful herb garden. There is no weeding and many herbs are perennials. My husband was about to trash his old wheelbarrow and I turned it into a herb garden. Now I just go out the door and snip whatever I need for cooking or to dry.


Using A Coffee Container As An Indoor or Outdoor Planter - decorated container on patio table

Using A Coffee Container As An Indoor or Outdoor PlanterBecause we drink a lot of coffee, we often have so many left over containers. I have given these sturdy and decorative containers a new life while helping with the land fill. I use them as planters for myself, friends, and family.


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Making a Flower Garden Using Old Tires?I am looking for some 235/75/R15 tires. Does anyone know where I can get some?


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Mounting and Planting Clay Pot Hanging Planters?I have 3 different size pots to use here. I'm wanting to fill these with potting soil and flowers and mount on a telephone pole by our curb. Does anyone have any ides how to do this and what flowers I should use? Thanks.


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Unique Planter Ideas?I have a business with a sunny front and a low window. I want to plant flowers outside below the window. It is about 8 feet in length and 2 feet high. I need some unusual ideas for planters. Preferably some things that are long.


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Making Tire Flower Planters?How do I keep dirt in uneven stack flower planters?


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Using Yogurt to Grow Moss on Terra Cotta Pots?I loved all of your suggestions on how to age my terra cotta pots for my new herb garden! I did the one using lime and had great results, then tried the yogurt/moss technique and followed the instructions exactly. It's been four days now, and instead of moss, all that seems to be growing is black fuzzy mold.


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Cinder Block Planter?How do you make a planter out of cinder blocks?


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