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This page contains thrifty tips and advice to help you with repairs in your kitchen.



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Cleaning shiny counter top with a cloth

Restoring the Shine on a Formica CountertopOver time with normal usage and constant cleaning, your Formica countertops can look dull and worn. This is a page about restoring the shine on a Formica countertop.


kitchen range and cabinets

Removing White Steam Marks on Wood...This is a page about removing white steam marks on wood cabinets. Heat can sometimes damage the finish on your kitchen cabinets leaving unsightly white marks.


Damage caused by Murphy's Oil Soap on a wooden cabinet.

Wood Cabinets Damaged By Murphy's Oil Soap?If the finish on a cabinet is compromised it is possible for cleaners such as oil soaps diluted with water to seep under it. If this has happed to you there are some ideas for solutions in this page.


Ice Maker Manual

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker Not WorkingIt may be time for a repairman when your refridgerator's ice maker stops working. This page is about Kenmore ice maker not working.


hot coffee pot placed on counter by waitress

Removing Heat Stains and Burn Marks on Formica?This is a page about removing heat stains and burn marks on Formica. Formica is a popular and relatively durable countertop material. However, you can sometimes leave a stain or burn mark on Formica if a hot pot is placed on it.


kitchen counter

Repairing a Burn Mark on a Corian CounterDepending on the extent of the damage, light sanding can be used to repair a Corian countertop. There are authorized repair technicians who can do the work, if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. This is a page about repairing a burn mark on a Corian counter.


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Fixing a Corningware 9 cup Stovetop Percolator?I have a Corningware 9 cup Stovetop Percolator AND I love it. The problem is that the seal around the metal rim is corroded, so when I pour a cup of coffee, some goes in and leaks out down the outside of the pot.


Kitchen Countertop

Removing a Burn Mark on a CountertopSo you burned your countertop, now what? This page has tips on how to remove or coverup burn marks on countertops.


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Water Damage Under The Sink?I have water damage to the bottom of the cabinet under my kitchen sink from a leak. Is there any easy way to replace/repair this without having to tear out the old bottom and replace it with a new one?



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Can I Put New Formica Over Old Formica?Can I replace old Formica countertops with new Formica right on top of the old?


white ring

Removing Stain on Laminate Countertop?We believe that we left the CLR bottle on the countertop and it left a white cloudy ring mark on the laminate countertops. The big ring has distinct marks on it that match the bottom of the bottle exactly. When we put water on it, it disappears completely, but then comes back when dry.


Butcher Block Wood Table with pasta on it.

Cleaning an Old Butcher Block Wood TableYou may end up needing to sand the wood surface to remove all the stains, but generally you can renew it, and protect the surface with an edible oil. This is a page about cleaning an old butcher block wood table.


Repairing Scratched Corian Countertops

Repairing Scratched Corian CountertopsThis is a page about repairing scratched corian countertops. An abrasive cleaner or Scotch Brite pad will remove most scratches from these countertops.


A bowl stuck in a stainless steel saucepan.

Stainless Steel Bowl Stuck In Saucepan?How do I get a stainless bowl out of a saucepan? I have tried the oil method but have had no luck.


Repairing a Broken Dish Drainer - repaired silverware holder

Repairing a Broken Dish DrainerHere is how to repair a broken dish drainer. The plastic silverware holder clips on the wire rack and tape can help keep it secure.


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Kitchen Cabinet Stain Seeped into Joints?It appears that stain from my new cabinets has oozed or seeped up in the joints looking like dried glue. The contractor said it was because we didn't have air conditioning. We live in Minnesota and we are in our first week of real heat and it appeared before.


Green plastic bowl in a dishwasher.

Fixing a Bowl That Was Warped by a Dishwasher?The heat in a dishwasher can change the shape of plastic bowls. You can try boiling water or a blow dryer to try to reshape it. This is a page about fixing a bowl that was warped by a dishwasher.


Laminate kitchen counter.

How to Fix a White Heat Mark on Faux Marble?Faux marble is not as rugged as the real thing and heat damage is a common complaint. This page contains advice on how to fix a white heat mark on faux marble.


Yellow ceramic plate.

How to Repair Chips on Ceramic ItemsSmall chips on the edge of a dish are unattractive, but usually, the dishes have plenty of life left in them. This page contains tips for disguising and repairing chips on ceramic items.


Closeup of porcelain sink with running water.

Scratches on a Porcelain SinkUsing an abrasive scrubbing sponge can leave scratches on a sink. Check with your local hardware store to see if there is a product or procedure for repairing the damage. This is a page about scratches on a porcelain sink.


A chip in white formica, being repaired with white-out.

Fixing Chips in White FormicaWhite-out does a great job of fixing chips in white formica. You may need 2-3 coats. Put one coat at a time. Wait 10 minutes between coats


melted finish

Repairing Heat Damage on a Wood Countertop?This is a page about repairing heat damage on a wood countertop. Setting a hot pot or baking pan on an unprotected wood countertop and cause damage.


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Refacing Laminate Counters?Does any one know how my husband and I could reface our counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms? Its a double wide mobile with custom countertops made for mobile homes. Our income is limited and we would like to do this on the cheap.


Porcelain Countertop

Repairing Marks on Porcelain Countertop?This is a page about repairing marks on porcelain countertop. A porcelain finish can get marked and scratched. Removing or covering these blemishes can help it look better.



Filling Holes in Cabinet Doors

Filling Holes in Cabinet Doors?This is a page about filling holes in cabinet doors. Whether due to damage or the replacement of knobs, you may need to repair holes in your cabinet doors.


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Formica Counter Tops Faded?My counter tops are hunter green and the color is fading. How can I color them or bring them back to life? They are in good condition just faded.


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Fixing Flaws on Countertop Painted with Rust-Oleum Transformations Kit?We recently used Rust-Oleum Transformations countertop kit. We have some uneven areas where the base coat is darker than other areas and some areas are lacking the top coat, but the protective coat has only cured for 2 days is there anyway of fixing this without starting over?


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Repairing Kitchen Cabinets?How can I patch laminate cabinets?


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Repairing Scratches on Laminate Countertops?How do you repair a scratch on a laminate counter top?


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Resurfacing an Acrylic Kitchen Sink?I have a Thermocast Rochester High Gloss White Cast Acrylic single bowl kitchen sink. Its worthless! It can't stand up to anything. The outer edge is fine, the troubles are in the bowl part, the bottom and sides. I need to resurface it somehow. Any ideas?


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Sink Drain Gurgles?My kitchen drain gurgles after the water has gone down even though it is not slow or backed up. Any thoughts as to why? I run baking soda and vinegar down it usually once a week.


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Can I Remove Abrasions on a Granite Countertop?Our granite counter top has some large abrasions. How can we remove them? We haven't been able to hire a pro to do this, as they say it can't be done.


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Cigarette Burns on Formica?How do you remove/repair cigarette burn marks on Formica counter top?


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Paint Chipping Off Metal Sink?My sink was bought new years ago and is metal with paint over it. The paint is chipping off. Anyone know of what kind of paint I could buy to repaint it? I have already tried patching it to no avail.


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Water Damage on a Countertop?I would like to know how to repair a countertop with water damage. It has bubbled up. It also has stains from kid mouthwash.


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Replacing Sink Strainer Baskets With StoppersIf your kitchen sink's drain strainer baskets breaks, instead of replacing it with a new one designed the same way, just use a rubber sink stopper or plug.


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Kitchen Cabinet Magnetic Latch?My kitchen cabinets and the magnetic latches are a bit "aged". So aged that the magnets really hold well together. Is there any tip that you can offer that will make these magnets easier to open once again?



Removing a Burn Mark on a Formica Countertop - brown circular burn mark on a light countertop

Removing a Burn Mark on a Formica Countertop?What can I use to get rid of this burn mark and put the shine back in my counter top?


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Bleach Stains on Laminate Counter Tops?I just bought a 2005 mobile home. I have an old white formica kitchen counter top, and a medium laminate base cabinet that has bleach bubbles on both. How can I repair it?


Repairing a Hole in the Laminate Countertop - hole cut too large for the sink

Repairing a Hole in the Laminate Countertop?I've had this sink for a while like this. The hole was cut too large for the sink. I've been covering the hole with a plastic mat, which might be the only solution, but I was wondering if there was anything I could do to fill in this? I hate the possibility of water getting in there.


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Troubleshooting a George Foreman GrillHello all! Hope you are healthy and safe! I have a George Foreman grill, GRP4842. When I plug it in, it lights up. But pressing power does nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Have tried pressing the other buttons as well. Any suggestions?


Drain Cleaner Damaged zFinish on Kitchen Sink - stains or bleached areas on sink

Drain Cleaner Damaged Finish on Kitchen Sink?I used Kleen-Out drain opener on my black matte kitchen sink and it etched it. Is there any way to fix this?


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Removing Stain and Oily Residue From Unfinished Walnut?Hello. I have a bare walnut butcher block desk top that I am getting ready to finish with Daly's Benmatte tung oil. It was my first time using a tack cloth and it left a sticky/oily residue on the surface of the wood after I sanded it. I then used 90% rubbing alcohol to remove the wax spots from the tack cloth. It removed most of the spots but at some point I must have splattered the surface with the alcohol leaving a white alcohol stain.


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