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Question: Information on Shepherd Boxer Mix

Light brown and white puppy.I am looking for any info on Shepherd Boxer mixed dogs.

mny81 from Rockford, IL

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By Helen Elizabeth Jordan 1 09/21/2010

AW it's so cute. I have a boxer/ shepherd myself, whose name is Samson. His face looks like a shepherd and his body is most like a boxer, First off let me tell you they are extremely intelligent. Don't underestimate them just because they're "Mixed". Second they need a lot of exercise. Mine is only about 4 months old and he can already run faster than me. Also since they like to be active they eat more than usual.Third if the puppy has long ears you might need to clean them. Use a damp cotton ball. Fourth puppies really like to chew, since their cutting teeth, rawhide bones are really good for their dental health, and they have extremely sharp teeth, so watch out for your hands they could nip you and not even mean or realize it. Fifth they have sharp nails; they'll need to be clipped. Sixth they need regular trips to the vet, as all dogs do. They are protective and territorial so the visits to the vet should be good for them.
And obviously, love.

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Question: What Breed Is My Dog? (Boxer Mix?)

Brown dog with black muzzle.Does my dog look like a Pit Bull?

Shaheem from Syracuse, NY

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By Victoria P. 1 02/23/2015

This is Cinnamon she is two and a half and a boxer mix we believe that she is mixed with Rhodesian ridgeback.

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Question: What Breed Is My Dog? (Boxer Mix)

Yellow and white dog.I would love to know what breed my dog might be. The shelter said she was just a Lab, but I think she's mixed. Just curious really.

Heather from Bradenton, FL

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By Robyn (Guest Post) 02/25/2009

Looks like Boxer/Coon hound, looks exactly like my dog.

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Question: What Breed Is My Dog? (Boxer/Lab Mix)

Brown dog with pink cast on front right leg.What breed does my dog look like she has in her? Looks like Boxer mix, but not too sure.

Meghan from LA

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By Ellie Miler . 1 02/22/2015

My puppy looks just like your dog. We thought that he could be a Golden Shepherd (Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix). However, what I am seeing on the web is that he would then have a head of a Shepherd and the body would be more like a retriever and I can not find a pic of a Golden Shepherd that has the black in the tail, along the spine and in the face.

Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I am hoping you have found an answer (or when you do) that you could be so kind as to share it with me. (julie AT isscare.com)

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Tyson (American Bulldog/Boxer Mix)

Tyson is a three year old rescue dog. His original owners tried to train him to fight, but he refused. They let their other, much bigger dogs attack Tyson, and they left him for dead. He was rescued by Animal Control, who then fostered him out to be nursed back to health. We adopted him from his foster family.

We had him for about 3 months, when our landlord decided to change the pet policy for the house we were living in. We went from being able to have any pet we wanted, to having to pay a $250 deposit for a dog we already had as well as $75 extra on our rent each month. We just couldn't afford it. We ended up giving Tyson to a family we knew would take care of him.

Fast forward an entire year. We had moved to a different house, pets were allowed with no fees. I was looking on Craigslist one day and happened to come across MY Tyson! The family we gave him to was moving and couldn't take him with. Instead of contacting me first, they put him on Craigslist. I called immediately and got my baby boy back!

We've had him back for about 9 months now, we are all so happy :) Tyson loves to chase birds, play fetch, and tug-of-war. He's a big dog, with that "guard-dog" look, but he's such a softie. He will lick you to death. Anyone that comes to the door, he is right there to greet them with a smile and a friendly lick. Tyson thinks he's a lap dog, too. His favorite place to sleep is curled up on the couch with his head in my lap. Tyson on gloor by couch.

By Kelsey

Tyson on black background.

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Jaxs (Shepard and Boxer Mix)

Jaxs is a 1 1/2 year old Shepherd and boxer mix. Jaxs was homeless. A friend found him when he was a baby, all alone on the road. Jaxs loves to run and play in the yard with his newly acquired brother.

Jaxs also loves to float in the pool on a noodle. He gets his front paw on his noodle all by himself, but needs help with the back noodle. He also needs help with the sunglasses. Jaxs will stay in the pool and float for a long time. He is such a adorable loving boy.

By Sandra

Jaxs in pool.

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Ginger (Boxer/Border Terrier)

After getting my compact camera I was sort of fascinated with all the different picture modes and had decided to experiment with some evening shots.

Ginger was standing on the picnic table and I walked up to her and told her to grab my nose which is a game that only she and I play. I didn't expect her to move so fast and started to laugh as I actually took this picture of us.

By CaroleeRose

Grapping mom's nose.

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Rusty Girl (Boxer/German Shepherd)

Rusty Girl is a 5 year old Boxer/German Shepherd mix. I rescued her from the pound. She had been abandoned, and had health problems resulting in surgery. By that time, she was in my heart and cost meant nothing.

Rusty Girl likes to play with her 'woobies' (stuffed animals). Usually when my dogs come in from outside, they line up at the doggie treat jar, and wait for a dog cookie. Now that we have a new fridge with the ice dispenser in the door, when they come inside they line up at the fridge for an ice cube. I could have saved $1000's of dollars on dog biscuits, if I had only known! I caught her nosing the ice dispenser one day, but the noise it makes scares her a little, so far she has not pushed it herself!

By Kathy

Rusty at fridge water dispenser.

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Pete (Boxer/Walker Mix)

Pete is a 2 year old Boxer/Walker. Some people were giving away puppies out of the back of a pickup truck at a local store and that's where I found Pete.

He likes swimming in the pond, tracking anything with legs, killing flies, and taking walks through the woods. He is a loyal and protective dog.

By Sunflowerlover

Pete in the garden with rubeckia and dasies in foreground.

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Barkley (Pointer, Lab) and Petey (Boxer Mix)

Barkley is 10 years old and a Pointer/Lab mix and Petey is 10 weeks old and a Boxer mix. Barkley was adopted from the San Diego County Animal Shelter. Petey was a gift from my best friend in PA. Petey (Boxer Mix) Petey (Boxer Mix)

They like to swim at the beach! This was Petey's first visit to our local Dog Beach in Ocean Beach/ San Diego. Barkley is an avid swimmer and decided that little Petey needed some help getting back to shore, so he swam over to him, grabbed his leash and literally towed him in to shore. He kept on pulling until Petey was all the way up on the dry sand! It was stunning and hilarious to watch.

He wasn't taught to do it, he just loves to tug and pull on anything with a rope, (including my son on his boogie board when he was 10 years old.) Now Petey has a friend for life when he goes swimming!

By DNapolitan from San Diego, CA

Barkley and Petey

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Davey (German Shepherd - Boxer)

Davey is 13 weeks old. He is a German Shepherd/Boxer mix. We got him at a pet store, March 1, 2011. He likes to chase my 4 year old.

By Chris

White puppy.

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Mason (Boxer/Lab Mix)

Mason is a 3 year old Boxadore (Boxer/Lab mix). We adopted Mason from a rescue last October. His previous owner suddenly had to move into a nursing home.

Mason loves to run, play tug-of-war and fetch with his favorite toy, and be as close to us as physically possible. He really, really wants to smell the cat (it's his lifelong dream), but the cat is not interested.

Mason was very traumatized at losing his original "Dad", and came to us from Foster Care with severe separation anxiety. The first few months were a lot of work, but it's all paid off and he's a fabulous and beloved boy now.

We've done all the obedience training classes; he's learned a ton of tricks and passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test. He just loves the kids and follows me everywhere I go. He even waits at the door when he knows it's time for me to come home from work. He's named after Perry Mason. Side view of Mason on rocks near stream. Looking up at camera.

By Stephanie from Hillsboro, OR

Mason at the beach with sunset behind him.

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Ginger In Harmony (Boxer/Border Terrier)

While changing the batteries in my camera I noticed my husband trying to get our Ginger to howl. Ginger howls when she's happy and it seemed like they were having a very private conversation.

They eventually were howling in perfect harmony and I was able to capture the moment. It didn't last long, my husband howled at her for two or three minutes before Ginger couldn't stand it anymore and howled back at him.

We adopted Ginger off of Petfinder several years ago and she will be celebrating her 8th birthday this coming December. She's one of three dogs and she's a Boxer / Border Terrier mix. She is sweet and gentle girl who lets me know exactly what she wants when she wants it.

She's one of those dogs that drools upon the sight of a cookie and will basically eat anything I eat. My husband loves lima beans and for the life of me I can't even swallow one.

One night after supper he saved her some Lima Beans off of his plate and she spit them back out. I guess she takes after me more than I thought.

By CaroleeRose from Madison, AL

Man and Dog Singing Together

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Browning (Boxer/Hound)

Browning is a 4 year old Boxer/Hound. We got him as a 6 week old puppy from a rescue shelter, 4 years ago. Browning loves to track scents of anyone or anything, people or animals. He loves to play Frisbee and can catch it in the air, he will fetch and return a ball, a stick, or anything I can throw for him. Browning also likes to take hikes in the desert, in the mountains and on trails.

Browning is the kindest, most loving dog any one could ever want or have. He is very obedient and rings a bell at the door when he needs to get out to do his business. He just loves everyone, especially kids. All he wants to do is play, all day long.

We drove 2,800 miles over 5 days when we moved from Massachusetts to Tucson, AZ because I would not put him on a plane. I feared I would never see him again. He was the greatest traveler and I would do it again in a minute.

By Alan from Tucson, AZ

Browning sitting on sandstone ledge in front of pictographs.

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Petey And Marla (Boxer Mix)

This is Petey and Marla. Petey is 9 months old and Marla is 10 weeks old. They are Boxer, English Bull dog, and Shepherd mix. Petey was a gift to me from my friend in PA back in August. My niece fell in love with him, and when Petey's mom had another litter a few months ago, I arranged to give her one as a gift.

They are the best of pals. You can see that they look very much alike. Pete can be a bit of a brute, but Marla doesn't let him get away with too much either. We are so curious to see what she looks like when she is Petey's age. Whenever my niece has them out and about, they sure stop traffic. What a blessing they are in our lives.

This is a photo of my son with them in our back yard last week. These two wrestle non-stop, but I'd have to say eating is their favorite pastime. There's nothing more endearing than seeing these two snuggle up together on their dog bed and take a nap. They fight just like any brother and sister, but at the end of the day, they are perfect pals.

By D. Napolitan from San Diego, CA

Teen with dog and puppy.

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Rocco (Labrador/Boxer)

Rocco is 10 years old. He is a Labrador/Boxer mix. My ex-husband had adopted him from the pound when he was 3 months old. I met Rocco when he was 8 months old. It was love at first sight.

Rocco loves to chase the ball, play with the boys, and sit on your lap. We lost our female Shepherd 2 years ago. They were best of friends. Rocco immediately latched onto my 6 year old son.

By Denise

Closeup of Rocco.

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Jax (Shepherd - Boxer Mix)

This is Jax's first birthday photo. A friend gave him to me. He likes to chew up everything that is not his. He particularly loves to play fetch and swim in the pool. He loves to chase lizards or anything else.

By Sandra

Jax wearing a birthday hat.

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Duke (Boxer Hound Mix)

Duke is a 10 month old Boxer/Hound mix. We got him from a guy my husband worked with. He loves to play with his buddy Eddie our other dog.

He is a very good and gentle dog. He lets our little dog eat first when they are fed. He potty trained in three days. He is a very smart dog he sits, shakes hands, will get in his cage when told to. He thinks he is a lap dog, there is nothing like an 80lb. dog climbing in your lap.

By Missy from NC

Tan dog with Lab like ears.

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Kodah (Boxer/Pit and Husky/Lab Mix)

taupe and white puppy

Your Pet's Age
4 weeks

Your Pet's Breed
Boxer/Pit and Husky/Lab Mix

How and when did you get your pet?
I signed up to foster the puppy after the mom and dad were found wandering on the highway.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Eat and be super adorable.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
He's like a little teddy bear that's why I named him Kodah from little bear movie.

By hunter neal [4]

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Sam (Boxer Pug Mix)

Sam (Boxer Pug Mix)

Your Pet's Age

Your Pet's Breed
Boxer Pug mix

How and when did you get your pet?
I rescued Sam in 2014.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Sam loves to ride in the golf cart when I'm hosting at the state park. He clears the sites of squirrels so I can clean. He loves to kayak and hike and will run next to me when I mountain bike. I couldn't ask for a better dog.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
Sam is bilingual. He understands Spanish and English. He will shake your hand, fetch his leash, and he complains in his doggy screech when he's in the cart and it won't start. It almost sounds like he's using words to complain for me to get moving so we can chase squirrels. Also, he hates squirrels.

Sam (Boxer Pug Mix)

By Judy E. [1]

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Max (Bull Boxer)

light brown Pit with white on neck and chestMax (Bull Boxer)

Your Pet's Age
10 months old

Your Pet's Breed
Bull Boxer

How and when did you get your pet?
My family and some friends got these pups when they were about 6 weeks old (in Oct 2014) from a family hit hard by poverty. The momma passed shortly after giving birth to a full litter. We promised ourselves and Max that from that day on he would always have a loving and nurturing family.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
He loves to play outside with our kids and the neighborhood kids. He enjoys chasing birds, rabbits, squirrels, and anything else he can not catch. He loves to play fetch and has plenty of energy to do so.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
Max is a very intelligent dog. He listens tremendously well for a pup and learns quickly. I was very scared of dogs for a while and always stated "I would never have any type of Pit Bull, mixed or pure bred, and I'd never raise my kids around one." That definitely changed the second I met Max. I instantly fell in love with him. He's young, he's hyper, he's strong, he's loyal, he's affectionate, he's smart, he's gorgeous and he's so friendly and most importantly he's forever a part of our family.

By Mommyof2 [2]

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Willow Rose (Boxer Mix)

Willow with her binky.

Your Pet's Age
2.5 yrs old

Your Pet's Breed
Boxer mix

How and when did you get your pet?
Willow was a Christmas gift to my children. We wrapped her up in an old Pepsi box and the kids thought it was soda!

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Willow likes to watch TV, play with her chewies, and snuggle with the kids. She has a rope toy that my 6 year old daughter holds onto and she likes to drag her around the house with it.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
Willow is such a love bug! She has never met a stranger, loves car rides, and her favorite treat is bacon. She likes to make people laugh by turning around on her hind legs, jumping on the trampoline, and springing high into the air for her snacks!

Willow with purple glasses.

By Ree G. [4]

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Mandi (Basenji/Boxer Mix)

Mandi is 11 years old this year (2010). She is a Basenji and Boxer mix. I adopted her from a rescue in 2003. She love to go for walks, long ones at the beach! Mandi is a very loving girl, she is so kind and quiet!

By Virginia from RSM, CA

Mandi with feet up on an ottoman with an open book.

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Joey (Boxer/Beagle)

Joey is 7 years old. We were told when we adopted him that he was a Boxer/Beagle mix, but he kind of looks like an oversized Puggle! We adopted him from anti-cruelty in 2002.

He likes to chew bones, play with Bambi, Milo, and Leroy, chase squirrels, dig holes in the back yard, and beg for food being cooked on the barbeque! Joey is a comedian and is very sweet and gentle! He is the best pet!

By missymls from Chicago, IL

Closeup of tan dog.

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Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepherd)

Bosswell is 2 months old. He is a boxer and Australian Shepherd. I got him from a friend. He likes to play with his toys. He is the coolest dog alive and my friend.

By Teri from Ketchikan, AK

Black and white puppy.

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Roxanne Talulah (Boxer/Bulldog)

Closeup of face.

Your Pet's Age
3.5 years

Your Pet's Breed

How and when did you get your pet?
I got Rox a little over a year ago from the shelter I was working at. She reached her paw out to me one day and I was in love! She hasn't left my side since.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Roxanne enjoys playing tug-of-war with a tree in her backyard. She loves chasing after sticks, but she's not too sure what to do with them once they're caught.

Face and upper body.Dog lying in shadows next to her tennis ball.Dog sleeping, closeup of face.

By akp_0317 [1]

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Ginger (Boxer/Border Terrier Mix)

Ginger is a 6 year old Boxer, Border Terrier mix. Ginger was a foster dog that we adopted when she was 2 years old. She likes to sit by the front window, chase squirrels and I also made up a game called Pinchy Bug that I play with her. Ginger is as sweet as can be and she makes wonderful expressions with her face.

By CaroleeRose from Madison, AL

Ginger with her head on a blanket.

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Max at 20 Months (Boxer Mix)

Max is a 20 month old boxer. I got him on September 30, 2008.

He likes to play ball, run, be outside. Loves to play with Ginger, Ebony, and go for a walk.

Max (Boxer)

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Harley - Great Dane/Boxer

Harley is 4 years old and is a Great Dane/Boxer mix. He is my sister and brother-in-laws baby.

He likes to chase ducks and birds. Harley is so big and spoiled he thinks he's human.

By Peggy from Cortland, OH

Harley on couch.

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