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Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

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guilty dog

House training your dog takes patience and consistency. Even dogs that have been house trained may revert back to pooping and peeing in the house. Determining the cause may be difficult. This is a guide about dog peeing and pooping inside.



Here are questions related to Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping in the House

closeup of long haired DachshundI have a five year old Dachsie female (Abbie) who has regressed to puppy hood. She has had back trouble and has been sick. She pees on the carpet, so I have been keeping her in her crate. She does not drink much when she is in the crate and will not pee outside. After a few days, she will pee and poop on the floor because she cannot hold it.

I do not know the best way to train her again. I am used to her being with me all the time and feel mean to keep her in the crate. I don't know if this makes sense, but I need help. I guess my question is, how to you retrain a five year old? And how long do I let her out to spend time with her? And when I do, she may pee on the carpet. It is too hot to take her outside and spend time with her. How do I make it so that she does not feel abandoned and hate her crate?

By Elizabeth N.


Most Recent Answer

By Barb Kominek [2]06/07/2011

You mentioned that your dog has back problems and has been sick. Have you spoken to your vet about the potty problems Abby has been having? If the dog was sick and treated with meds, is it possible that she may have some kidney problems, or a reaction to the meds? Do you have a doggy door in your house so Abby can get in and out as she needs to? The doggy door has been a real life saver for my two dogs. and no more accidents! Also, maybe Abby's back hurts so she won't go outside to go potty? Just some thoughts about the situation, maybe I have mentioned something that might help. Good luck! Give her lots of hugs and kisses!

Question: Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside When Left Alone

My dog is peeing and pooping all over my clothes. He only does this when I leave him alone. He urinates and defecates all over my clothes and my couch, even to the point where he hides it under some clothes that are laid out on the couch!

When I'm home he has to be up under my feet constantly. If I move he moves. He's a great dog, potty trained and over all a very upbeat pooch. He is just as you want in a (man's best friend). Please help.

By Kyle R


Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]01/19/2012

The crate is a very good idea. Your dog is telling you he is angry with you for leaving him, and crating him when you are out will give him a safe place to be.

It's not cruel at all as long as you get the right size crate, and the dog will be relieved that he doesn't have to hide his 'accidents' and worry that you'll be upset when you come home to his mess.

Question: 14 Year Old Dog Started Peeing and Pooping Inside

My dog has been an inside dog his entire life, he has been in a unit for 3 years and has a doggy toilet he has used for about a year without issue.

Four months ago he started peeping and pooping in my loungeroom on my rug and surrounding carpet.

I've scrubbed the carpet and even put up a doggy gate to restrict him from the area, he has broken the gate several times and is determined to use this as his spot to relieve himself.

If he can't manage to get through the gate, he'll use his doggy toilet (one of those grass patch covered things that drains into a tray beneath).

He won't pee or poop anywhere else, he just kills himself to get into the loungeroom whilst I'm out. Even when I'm home if I doze on the couch I sometimes wake up and catch him doing it.


By Alexia

Most Recent Answer

By christine hathaway11/26/2014

My Dog is a staffie and he is 10 yrs old. He as started to poo and wee everywhere. He goes out in the garden comes back in and just does it in front of anyone. It was only occasionally but now its more often.

Question: Dog Started Pooping and Peeing in House

I left my 1 year old Cockapoo for the first time about a week ago with a wonderful woman in her home. There are a few other dogs also there. When I picked up "Oliver" (my Cockapoo) everything seemed fine. A day later I am finding presents (poop and pee) in the house. He never has done this before. I walk him at the normal times. Not sure what to do here. Any suggestions?

By Mary Ellen

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]10/06/2014

He isn't mad at you. Dogs don't "revenge" poop or pee. They do often poop and pee to mark their territory. It could be one of the other dogs somehow sparked the territorial behavior. You may try leaving your dog next time with someone who has no dogs, or only one submissive dog. Make sure that dog is spayed or neutered. And if your dog isn't neutered, he needs to be.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping in the House

I need some suggestions of what I can do to help my Shih Tzu, Maggie. I have had her for 13 years and she has always been a good girl. She would never mess on the floor or chew on anything and she was never aggressive. All she ever seemed to want was an occasional game or more than likely a cuddle.

July of last year I got married and my daughter and I moved with my husband to Kansas. A few months later we found out I was pregnant. I know this probably has something to do with her behavior now. If I am in the room and able to watch her 24/7 then she won't mess on the floor, but will sleep all day and not even ask to go out if I don't have her go out. However, we have had to keep her in the basement at nights because we are renting a house and cannot have her upstairs. I don't like this, but I can't allow her upstairs if she is going to be messing on the floor at night while we sleep and even keeping her in the basement she will mess on the floor. Every morning we have to clean up pee and poo off the floor. I have let her out between 11pm and 12am at night and go down to let her out at 7am in the morning and she has messed.

It is very frustrating because I know it isn't medical and I do not like having her down there even though I do let her upstairs for awhile during the day when I can sit there and watch her, but I can't leave her upstairs because as soon as we go to bed she messes on the floor.

Also, my 4 yr old daughter loves her and enjoys trying to cover her up with a blanket or holding her. She hasn't done anything to hurt Maggie, but Maggie refuses to have anything to do with her. She is always trying to hide and get away from my daughter and at one point snapped at her (she did not leave any marks though). And last of all Maggie has now stopped listening to any commands like come or quiet anymore. I have tried to go back over those commands like if she was just being trained, but she seems highly uninterested. It was thought maybe she is going deaf and having physical problems, but recently she spent the night with some neighbours and did just fine with them. She didn't even mess on their floor. When we tell her to come you can see her ears pointed back to us, but she just continues on with what she is doing. I have always liked to teach my dogs at least basic obedience and enjoy training dogs, but have never experienced this. I know what I shouldn't be doing, but am running short on ideas to stop this behavior. I want my dog back. Any ideas?

By Dessy M.

Most Recent Answer

By Caseye [28]05/09/2012

"Frugalsunnie's" sentiments seem right on the mark. You and your family may be dealing with all recent changes just fine, but your faithful companion might not be able to process them as easily, especially since she "knows" she's disappointing you and feels your frustration.

Please give her some slack as well as a whole lotta loving to get things back on track - she needs to know she's still an important part of your life, and that she means the world to you. Good luck!

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping in the House

I have a 6 year old Staffie. He started weeing and pooing in the house when my Akita died at 7 months. He still has my other dog who he has been with for all 6 years of his life. Could he be doing this because he has lost his playmate 4 months ago? I need help to keep him from doing this in the home.

By Angela from Durham, UK

Most Recent Answer

By Cindy [3]02/26/2011

I'm so sorry Angela. If it's not a health issue (schedule a routine health examine to eliminate that worry), I highly suspect your pup is sad, sad, sad. I've been a pet parent for decades, and it never ceases to amaze me how difficult it is for some of these furs to lose a housemate of any breed or species.

They miss their friends and don't understand why they are gone and they can become worried, insecure and act out of character (peeing and pooping in odd places to start the long list).

Every pet is different, but every pet needs at least three of the same things: Kindness, compassion and patience from his/her humans! Work with the fur guy and keep reminding him he need not fear his friend was "abandoned". (I know you didn't abandon this dog's "friend", and I am relatively sure your surviving dog probably knows so as well, but again, he is sad and he apparently needs more validation from you.) Carry on with your love!

Again, I believe kindness, compassion and patience will cure all of his ills but it may take some time and special attention to let his fright pass. Hope all goes well and take care!

Question: Dog Pooping Inside

My husband has a one year old Shepherd that was never fully house trained. She poops up and down our hallway all the time. Never when we are home or awake. I walk her and let her run several times a day and she won't poop unless she is in our small yard. Then she will still find some way of pooping in the hallway, if we leave or sleep. I make sure she goes for a walk and whatnot before either of those events. I don't know what to do. Please help.

By Suzy Q

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/08/2015

It sounds like she may have separation anxiety issues because this behavior happens when you are away. There is lots of information on the internet about this, and a good amount on this site. It can usually be improved. Good luck.

Question: Dog Peeing in the House

dogs outsideWe have 2 Cocker Spaniels 4yr and 8, a Boston Terrier 6yrs, and a Border Collie 11/2yrs. We have had issues with the Boston Terrier marking the bed and some furniture, but all has been good for a long time. We went away on vacation and when we came back we are finding one or more of them are peeing around the house. We don't think it's the Boston as he is ususlly with us. We think it's one of the Cocker Spaniels or the Border Collie. It happens when we are not looking and we usually find it by steping in it. Any suggestions?

By Don

Most Recent Answer

By bogie12/21/2014

What about belly bands, if the dog(s) is male?

Question: 2 Year Old Male Staffy Peeing and Pooping Inside

Our 2 year old Staffy has two walks per day and has access to the garden in between times. Most days he cries early in the morning between 4- 6 am and I let him out for a pee, he is rewarded with praise and a piece of biscuit.
It is not every night, but he pees and poops in the kitchen.
I have taken to sitting up till 11 pm to let him out for the last pee before bedtime.
He has access to most of the home as we live in a bungalow. And at times he pees up furniture, we do not see him doing this. At times he goes to the backdoor in the evening and cries and I let him out straight away, he is always praised.
I have used the sprays to deodorise where he has been to no avail, it is not always in the same place. He has not had his testicles removed.
He has never been smacked, but told off sternly.
When he has done this he cowers and won't enter the room, we are then made aware that he has urinated.

By Janny

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]11/29/2014

Your dog has a problem and you do not know how to resolve the problem. Please take your dog to a vet for an exam to learn why your do is urinating, etc., inside. He may have a medical problem and need medication or the vet can help you with some guidance to help with your problem.

Question: My House Trained Dog is Regressing

Staffy outsideMy two year old desexed female Staffy has recently started peeing and pooing in the house again. She is (was!) fully house trained and has access to the garden 24/7. Nothing about her feeding times, exercise, living arrangements, etc. has changed, and she recently got a clean bill of health from the vet. She keeps going in the same place in the house, and I have cleaned the space with that solution that is supposed to put them off peeing there.

I never catch her in the act because she goes in a corridor that can't be seen from the main living areas of the house, so I don't know how to dissuade her from going there. This is making my family hate my dog. Help!

By Jess T

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]11/25/2014

Walk her a couple of times a day. Make sure you cover a few blocks each time, and take a different route the first walk than you do the second.
In other words, let her scent-mark the entire neighborhood. I'll bet another dog, an intact one, moved into your neighborhood. Unfortunately, dogs can smell another dog from a few miles away, and this may be making her scent-mark.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

I have 2 Jack Russells, a bitch and a male dog. He's the younger of the 2. They are both house trained, but I noticed he's started cocking his leg around the home, even straight after being out. He's done in on my daughter's doll pram, safety gates, anything really. He's 10 months old and I am stuck on what to try as he has access to the garden most of the day.

By Teresa

Most Recent Answer

By mensamom04/28/2014

I had a similar problem with my 2 Chihuahuas. Once the male had been neutered all the leg lifting in the house stopped. If you don't plan to breed the dog it is much healthier for the dog to be neutered. Since your dog is 2 years old it may take additional training to stop his "marking". Get a toy water pistol and squirt him when you see him in the act. You must catch him while he is doing the marking, not afterwards. They have a memory of 2-4 seconds on things like this. Good luck!

Question: House Trained Dog Peeping and Pooping Inside

My 3 1/2 year old female Boxer has started peeing and pooping in the house again. She's been trained for a couple of years now. Should I be concerned?

By Rochelle L.

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]03/21/2014

Yes, you should have her in to see the vet as soon as possible. I say this as an AKC Boxer breeder for over 40 years in the US prior to my permanent move to the UK in 2010.

At her age she's now reached full maturity - has she had one or more litters, or is she spayed? If yes to either or both questions, she's got a urinary tract problem common to mature female Boxers who've either been spayed, thrown one or more litters, or both. The easiest way to explain it is as a prolapse.

It's not necessarily a veterinary emergency and she's likely not in much if any pain at this point but the problem will become worse over time and she needs to be seen sooner rather than later. Over a week or two the pain will increase and so will the incontinence.

Please update - without seeing your dog and because I'm not a vet, there is every chance I'm mistaken (doubt it given her very typical symptoms, but it could happen:) so getting her seen ASAP would be the best thing.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

I have a 6 year old dog and now an 8 year old rescue. Both are potty trained, but I keep finding pee and poo in one room (and other rooms when it rains). I don't know which dog it is (sensing my first) so I scold both. Then I feel guilty. I have a dog door to a dog run and wonder if my first dog doesn't like the new dog's smell? Or is it anger? It's not medical. I thought it was the area rug being marked, but I got rid of it and now it's happening on the hardwood floors. I'm losing my mind as I care for a special needs daughter and a toddler and have a highly stressful life. Please help me; I'm in tears. The rescue seems to like outdoors and his kennel - should I put him in one or the other when I'm not home? Then at least I'll know who's doing it? Help :(

By Jamie F from San Diego, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Mafiaa A.01/24/2015

Had the same problem, expensive solution: buy motion sensor cameras and install them all over the house, cheap solution: feed beets with his regular food to one dog at a time until you see redish poop in your house, then stop and feed the other dog, if you don't see red poop you got your guilty dog if you do then is both of them so you don't need to feel guilty... Not the perfect solution but it is effective.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

white dog with black spots and ear tipsMy 2yr old Bedlington Terrier, Alfie, was house trained, but he has recently started going out and then coming in and doing his business in the house. He does not have a particular spot, just all around the house. It's awful. I don't know what to do with him. He doesn't even make any attempt to go to the back door to let you know he wants to go out. He was castrated in June last year.

By Nina R

Question: Old Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

Whippet and Pug on chairI have an 18 year old Whippet, and granted your first answer to the question I'm about to ask is; she's old - it's normal. But I am asking because I think this behaviour could be rectified.
My dog used to sleep in the kitchen and if walked right before bed - late and woken 6-8 hours later she would have done nothing. She lives with another old dog, a 14 year old Pug, who is very good with bladder control, holds it in as a rule so it's not like she's being encouraged to do what she now does.

For the last 2 years or so, unless she's in their room outside (from late spring until autumn) they have an open door so she can go freely outside. Because given the choice she will go outside to pee and poo.

But now that it's winter, and they are inside the kitchen with no dog door, she goes three times a night, peeing especially, relatively large quantities and usually one poo.

I've tried a few things:

  • I am feeding her only in the morning, so that she digests everything before bed (on the assumption dogs digestive systems are faster than humans) I give it 6-8 hours.
  • Feeding later, feeding gradually through the day, etc. (I've changed the rhythm around to see what works - no improvements with any).
  • Removing the water and dry food bowl in the kitchen through the night.
  • Making her wear nappies - now on two nappies at once as the pee load isn't absorbed fully by one nappy.

Now the reason I do not put it simply to the fact that she is old, is because if I am in the room she will hold it until she notifies me, she does that very well, comes up to me, nudges, walks to the door and back a few times until I get it. But especially if she sleeps in my bed she will hold if for 10 hours or more. Now the obvious reason is because she feels she will be scolded if she pees, but now she pees so often that I don't do anything, I know there is no point screaming or hitting as I find out usually a minute later and she won't understand.
And even if I catch her peeing in another room, and scold her, she doesn't seem to cotton on. So intermittent with the large amounts of peeing through the night, I let her sleep with me, and she won't go for the entire night if not more. So that's odd.

I am writing this now because it has gotten to the point that if I leave for 4 hours during the day she will pee at least once. I don't want to put her in nappies through the night and if I leave. And I think she doesn't hold them in because the nappies have trained her to be able to pee without consequences.
So what to do?

She has one medical issue, she has renal problems, but from what the vets have said it only affects her weight (as she ingests all the fibre and protein and good things but only a tiny bit of the fat - that's why she's so thin 7 kgs.) I am trying to fatten her up. It's taking a while (puppy food and renal specific dry food).
Now other than this, she is incredibly fit, I am considering entering her is some kind of record book, she still runs as whippets do, is excitable like a puppy and so on.

Any help or advice on any front would be gratefully accepted.


By Elektra L.

Question: Pug Peeing and Pooping Inside

I have a one year old Pug. It was easy to train her, she is such a smart little girl. When she was about 6 months old she started to pee on the sofa and her bed, the rug, and the front door. She even pooped on the sofa :( so I took her to the vet. They fixed her lol, but it's been 4 months and she is still doing this from time to time. Any thoughts?

By Josephine

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

I have a 19 months old Lachon (cross Las/Bichon). We have had him since 12weeks old and we have house trained him. However within the last 2 weeks I have woken up to him having urinated and pooed in the house through the night on a few separate occasions. Nothing has changed in the house and he gets regular walks and meal times. Can anyone help as to what this could be? Its really frustrating and the vets are no use.


By Megan B

Question: Dog Pooping and Peeing in House at Night

I have a Bichon Poodle mix. She will be 6 years old in September. For the last 3 nights she has been pooping and peeing in our bedroom and the living room. I take her out before I go to bed. She used to hit the bed and whine when she had to go out. Now she just does the deed. She doesn't do it in the day time when we're gone for an hour or so. My husband and I are here all day long.

By Barbara H.

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