Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

House training your dog takes patience and consistency. Even dogs that have been house trained may revert back to pooping and peeing in the house. Determining the cause may be difficult. This is a guide about dog peeing and pooping inside.

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My Pit Bull is 3 years old. He has the back door open all night, but lately he's been going in the kitchen more than once a night. What do I do?

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i know exactly who's doing it

i have 2 other dogs, they all get along very well

my 12 yr old dog, who has always been trained, is now peeing and pooping all over the house

its driving me crazy

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I have two Maltese dogs that poop and pee in the living room of the house every night. The male is 3 years old and the female is 2 years old. I want to keep them, but I am at the point to where if I don't get this taken care of soon I will take them to an animal shelter and just let them find them a new home. You wake up in the morning to this and have to pick it up every morning.

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My two year old Maltese has just started doing this any ideas

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I have a 10 yr. old, neutered, male Malti-poo who has recently been urinating and pooping in the house, but only while we are home! We recently purchased new living room furniture and put up a gate to prevent him from sitting on the furniture like he used to. Is he being spiteful? How do I correct his behavior?

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I have a two and a half year old miniature yorkie that was given to me 3 weeks ago. His last owner allowed him to wee and poop wherever he liked I'm struggling to get him trained not to do it in the house. I take him out 4 times a day and he still comes in and decides to use the kitchen or any other part of the house.. HELP

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I have a 10 month old Yorkie/Maltese. His natural routine was to go into the bathroom and pee/poo on paper that is always available. But for the last 2 days his suddenly behaving strangely. Yesterday he peed on my bed whilst playing on it and then this morning he stepped out of my room and just peed on the tile right outside my room door. This is so not him, what's gone wrong all of a sudden? I'm not sure if his scared after the fireworks, or because I yelled at him, or he is just behaving badly because he doesn't get to go outside. I am confused please help :-(

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I have a Maltese x Westie, who is 2 years old. He has a doggie door to use to go outside when he wants. He has, within the last 2 weeks, started to go to the laundry near our toilet to do his business during the night. I get up sometimes during the night to find this right next to the toilet door and as I have had a knee replacement sometimes have slipped in his wee as I haven't seen it before it's too late. Now he normally goes out before we retire to bed and up until recently always used to go out to do his business. How do I stop him from doing this please! What is the reason he is now doing this?

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Thank you for your suggestions. We are doing that now with him to retrain him to see if that helps. I shall let you know :-)

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My dog is a Shepherd mix. She has been pooping and peeing on new or clean carpet. It's always in the same hallway and it's everytime we rug clean the carpet. I just bought a runner for that hallway and now she makes sure she pees and poops on it as soon as she can. She is fully housetrained and has 24/7 acess to the backyard to go. Her food hasn't changed and she is very active and healthy! We do have 2 other dogs and they know she is the dominant and we have never had any issues with the other dogs doing this.

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Thank you for the links i will check them out!

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My small 8 year old Chorkie, who went blind 8 months ago, is going pee a lot in the house. She had been house trained before, but recently she's been peeing multiple times in the house. I know I cannot get mad at her since her bladder is so small, but this morning I woke up to two pee spots and a big poop. I've been making sure to take her out right before bed, but it still seems to happen. Our bedroom carpet is ruined and I haven't found something that works for that either. Please help. What should I do?

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Your 8 year old dog may have a medical problem that needs attention now. Please take her to your vet for proper evaluation and treatment.

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I have two small dogs, a Pomeranian/Poodle 5 years old and a Chihuahua/Yorkie 4 years old. Both are very well potty trained, but when it's raining outside they will not do their business outside. So I bought them both rain jackets and they won't do their business outside. Please somebody help me, what should I do?

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My dog doesn't like getting her feet wet. Get your little ones doggie boots to keep their feet dry. It's a bit of a nuisance to put on/off, but get them used to wearing them in the house, so they'll get used to it long enough to go potty outdoors. Before investing in doggie boots, try those plastic lunch baggies and secure with a ribbon. If they lose any you're not out a great expense.

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Our 3 year old Yorkie/Bichon mix was completely housetrained since we got him a 8 months old. He's never gone in the house. We moved 3 months ago to a new house, and he remained house trained. 6 weeks ago, our son got a guinea pig.

We do not allow the dog near the guinea pig because he has acted aggressively toward it when introduced. We keep them seperate now for the guinea pig's safety. Our 9 year old Shepherd mix isn't having this issue whatsoever. What can I do to stop the potty behavior in the house? We take him outside a lot and he does nothing and minutes after coming back into the house is pooping and peeing. Very frustrating.

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Keep him on a leash and get him outside as soon as he looks like he's going to go. He goes everywhere with you and stays on the leash for a week at least.

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My Shih Tzu is 3 years old and house trained. I use to take her out for a walk once in the morning and once in the afternoon until I had a fall, now a friend takes her. But now she has wet and pooped in the kitchen at night, every night. This is where she sleeps. I let her out before I go to bed, but she won't do anything then. Please help.

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Why does your dog sleep in the kitchen?

Shih Tzus are dogs that were bred not to do anything at all except to be a companion to humans. They aren't ratters, hunters, water dogs, sled-pulling dogs or whatever. They were bred to sit in your lap.

Your dog needs to be in your room. If you're worried that she will "go" on the floor, put her in her crate right next to your bed so she can see you out of the front. It would be better if she could sleep with you, though.

Basically, your dog got scared when you had your fall and now she's stressed because she can't keep an eye on you.

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I recently adopted a Chinese Crested mix. I brought her home with my other CC. She slept and was in a crate until I felt she could be trusted. She did not like being in the crate and after a few weeks I allowed her to begin sleeping in her bed. She only had two mishaps at the beginning and showed that she was fine over night.

I had her for about 4 weeks when we all went to visit my husband in Arizona. That's when the problems began. She did not like him, and she does show signs of not liking new people, especially men. She pooped and peed in the house. We have visited 3 more times and have tried all different techniques, but she still either poops or pees as soon as we get there. I have slept with her tethered to me and that seemed to help, but as soon as I give her freedom we find that she will pee again in the same bedroom.

When I go back to where I live and it's just she and I, there are no problems. No peeing or pooping, unless outside. I feed her once a day with treats in-between, but not excessively. She still doesn't like my husband and I just don't understand why she does it there but not in the home that I live in. She has once peed at a friend's house but never since.

Also when I am outside with her in the outside living area, she knows the difference and will only do her business when brought to an appropriate area. She knows the difference, but not when we visit my husband and our other dog. The two dogs get along fine, even though they don't play that much. She is not as affectionate as Benny is but she is very obedient with me.

She will not go near my husband even when he tries to give her a treat. I am at my wit's end. It may come down to her or a divorce. I know she is house broken, but he claims she is not because she goes in our house. Why doesn't she have the same problems in my house? Please help. What can I do to train her not to go in the house that we own together when we visit.

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When it comes to relatonships the only time I got into trouble was when I didn't listen to my dog.

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