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Dog Won't Eat

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Dog Won't Eat

When your pet stops eating, determining the cause is the first step in resolving the issue. This is a guide about dog won't eat.



Here are questions related to Dog Won't Eat.

Question: Dachshund Has Stopped Eating

My dog hasn't eaten for 10 days today. She is a Dachshund and is 4 years old. We have taken her to two vets and they have done all the tests possible, xrays, you name it. Right now she is dying so if someone can please give us some advice. We have tried all dog and human foods even junk food such as Mcdonald's and KFC. Please help.

By Donovan from Middelburg, South Africa


Best Answers

By Krysti [1]04/20/2009

You need to see a different vet. Go to a specialty hospital in your area. Force feeding could lead to him getting sicker! Good luck

Best Answers

By Donna J. Cole [2]04/08/2009

Try putting a lot of fish flavored cat food on your fingers and sticking it to the roof of her mouth. Do this every few hours. My son had a dog with Parvo and it got well after I did this.

Best Answers

By jan king [1]04/08/2009

When my dog Maggie was very, very ill ( the vet had almost given up hope after giving her IVs) and wouldn't eat, I gave her Nutrical. it's a paste that comes in a tube like toothpaste and is very high in calories. It's given to hunting dogs. Maggie started eating a bit at a time off my fingertips and eventually got better. She went on to live another 5 yrs.
Kato and I will be thinking of you and your dear dog.
Grandma Jan & Kato

Best Answers

By rosemary [1]04/07/2009

You will have to force feed the dog - easiest is to get a syringe take off the needle part suck up the liquid milk formula and from the side of the mouth gently keep releasing the milk by pushing the syringe. Also I give my dachshund lemon grass -the very tender shoots from the center of the plant - they don't eat the leaves on the outside - also yogurt -force fed is very good. Good luck with your little doggy - I do feel for you!

Question: My Dog Won't Eat Dog Food

What can I feed my small dog he only weights 12 pounds? I have tried everything on the market and he will only eat a few bites. All he wants is people food and that's not good for him. I have even made homemade gravy to pour over his food. Should I try canned cat food or dry? That I haven't done yet. I'm going crazy over this dog I call Beanie. Please can you help?


By Gloria from Cedar City


Best Answers

By raksha1208/24/2011

Sometimes, warming up the food helps. What food are you feeding? I am no expert. I do not know if puppy is eating kibble or not, but if she is, you can add warm water to kibble. It should bring up aroma and she may want to eat it more.

Or is it possible that you are putting the food out all day long? If so, you can feed it only when it is meal time.

Best Answers

By renee03/08/2011

Cat food has too much protein for dogs, try Blue Buffalo, its natural and none of the garbage the other companies add in for fillers. If your dog still won't eat, put a little water in his bowl with the food and warm it for a few seconds and mix it up. The heat will bring out the aromas of the food.

Best Answers

By wandalyn [1]03/08/2011

This happened to me. I have a 2 yr old Chihuahua.I use to share my meals with her."Don't do it". You have to be "mean".Stop feeding your dog human food. Stop! Offer your dog dry dog food and water. You have to be strong! Keep talking to the dog. Say "Eat your food, cant have my food anymore". My dog went 5 days without eating. I just knew she was going to die of starvation. But on the 6th day she started eating her food. She still begs for my food, but I say "NO" you have your own food. She gets her treats also. Once in a while, i will give her a raw carrot, the baby ones. She is happy now. Its hard, but you have to be tough for you dogs sake.

Best Answers

By Cricket [205]03/06/2011

The first thing you need to do is have Beanie checked by his vet. Make sure there's not a medical or dental reason for his not eating dog food. Assuming he gets a clean bill of health, then you need to get stubborn yourself.

You need to be persistent and more stubborn than Beanie is. He won't starve himself to death. Many dogs are extremely stubborn, but their will to live is stronger.

Start out by adding a handfull of dry food to the people food you feed him now. Don't give him anymore till he's cleaned his dish. This is where your persistencce comes in. Even if it takes him 2-3 days to finish it, YOU BE MORE STUBBORN THAN HE IS. Make sure he always has plenty of water tho.

After about a week, lessen the people food and put 2 handfuls of dog food in.

In another week, lessen the people food again and put 3 handfuls of dog food in. Continue to do this till he's eating all dog food. Don't worry if he goes on a stubborn streak and refuses to eat again. Just remember that his will to live is stronger than his stubborn streak. He will eventually learn that you can't be conned into spoiling him with the people food.

Lorelei was right in that some people foods are good for dogs. But they are not intended to be the dog's entire diet. Like cat food, it's called people food for a reason. Dog foods have the specific nutrients that dogs need in their diets. Feeding a dog nothing but people food will cause his system to not work properly over time. Also with a dog as stubborn about his diet as Beanie is, you're better off not giving him any people food at all because it will negate everything your've done to get him swtiched over to dog food. If you want to feel like you are giving him special people food treats, there are many online sites which have recipes for homemade doggy treats that you can make for him. Just google "homemade doggy treats" and you'll get lots of sites listed.

So gradually switch Beanie over to dog food, and you be more stuborn than he is. In the end his system will thank you, even if Beanie doesn't!

Question: My Chihuahua Stopped Eating

My chihuahua who I have had for almost 3 years recently stopped eating. I have her on the B.A.R.F. diet (for those of you who don't know it's Bones And Real Food, basically home cooking for your dog) - She has been on this diet her entire life and the only change has been a new addition to our family; a little chihuahua boy. She started wanting to eat his food (kibble) and I worried since it wasn't something she was used to. Out of desperation to get her to eat, I let her have some. Now I'm stuck with her not wanting kibble or her normal diet. I worry because with her being such a small dog, her blood sugar can get very low very quickly. - I know she doesn't have some sort of blockage, cause she definitely can eat her treats (which I have also stopped giving in hopes of her wanting to eat her food) - I've owned dogs all my life and am still confused on what is wrong with her. Can anyone help?

Lish from Scottsdale, AZ

Best Answers

By Rachelle [16]01/04/2010

Ask your vet for help.

Best Answers

By Sandra (Guest Post)06/22/2007

A jar of baby food, preferable chicken or beef usually gets them going enough to start eating again. The trick is to smash some on the roof of their mouth and then put just a spoonful on a plate in front of them. If they gobble it all up, wait a few minutes until they are really begging for more. Then when you get them started eating it regularly, start mixing it with their reg food. until you don't have to use it anymore. In the meantime you can purchase Energel from the vet to put in their mouth to help with blood sugar and to stimulate their eating. Often what happens is they don't eat, blood sugar starts to drop, then they really don't want to eat cuz they don't feel good, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Best Answers

By Jill (Guest Post)01/05/2007

This happened recently with one of our rescue dogs. He is very tiny and we were so worried that if he continued to refuse to eat, his blood sugar would drop like you said, and he can't afford to have that happen or to lose any more weight, either.

Since we feed dry food, I decided to try a bit of low sodium, low fat canned chicken broth drizzled over his food. Eureka! He loved it and has been happily eating his food ever since with no more refusal.

He only gets 1/4 C of food at each of his two feedings, and all it takes is about 2 tablespoons of broth. Whenever I need to open a new can, I pour the broth into a squeeze bottle and keep it in the fridge, then squeeze out just a bit over the dry food in each feeding dish at mealtime. So simple!

We discovered this little trick also keeps our other rescue dog from choking on her food from eating too fast. Now we have two very happy little dogs, and it's not an expensive fix at all.

I hope your little one perks up soon!

Question: Dog Not Eating after Other Dog Died

Our little Yorkie mix stopped eating after his companion of six years died. The only way we could get him to eat was by hand (canned dog food). How can I get him back to eating dry dog food by himself? I am not going to starve him to get him to eat, any other suggestions?

By Sandra from Wilson, AR

Best Answers

By Candy Killion [9]03/09/2010

Agree with so many other posters here in that you have to realize that though they're not humans--believe that they grieve. When you've suffered a loss, your appetite suffers, too.

I'd cease the hand-feeding, though, because the repetition of it is going to reinforce a bad habit that you really don't want to continue long-term. Cuddle him and love him, but put down his regular portions and leave them there only fifteen minutes and take them away. If you feed twice a day, set the food down at the next feeding for the same time period.

If he wants nothing to do with it the first day, he won't languish and die and chances are that by day two he'll be looking forward to mealtime. This isn't cruel--it's also a method used when trying to regulate the house-training of young puppies to introduce some sort of schedule and sense of normalcy. Your pup's world has been abruptly changed, and often they revert to puppy-like behavior.

Give him (and yourself) time to grieve; his missing a couple of meals is really quite normal and the situation will usually get better on its own if you try to preserve the routine that was in place while the other dog was alive.

This may sound a little morbid, but: if the other dog passed away in the house, that could be presenting you with another issue. Just as there are service dogs who pick up on chemical changes in their owners' bodies and can detect seizures coming on--death (and impending death) presents a scent that dogs often pick up on, trained to or not.

If the bedding, feeder/water and toys of the dog that passed away are still present, the bedding should be discarded and the rest thoroughly washed and either stowed away for memory's sake or be otherwise removed and apart from your surviving dog while he adjusts to life without his pal.

Would also run it by your vet to rule out any health problems in your surviving dog--just in case.

Best Answers

By Cricket [201]03/09/2010

One thing that will help you understand is to ask yourself, when you are hurting emotionally due to a loss or whatever, are you hungry? If you're like most of us, the answer is a profound NO. The same goes for your dog. He's hurting from the loss. Plus he doesn't understand why his best friend isn't there anymore. You can't explain to a dog that the other dog has gone to heaven. So he's confused too.

Be patient and give him time. In his own time he'll come around. Plus right now is NOT the time to get another dog or companion for him. If you lost your child, would you be in a hurry to get pregnant again to replace him/her? Of course not. Don't expect your dog to want a replacement either. Once he's been through his grieving, then and only then would be a time to consider another dog. Just because he's got 4 legs instead of two and barks instead of talking, doesn't mean he feels any less intensely than we do. For that matter most dogs feel even more intensely than most people do.

Best Answers

By Cricket [201]03/09/2010

I had a dog that did that too. She grieved intensely for her lost son (she was 12 and the son was 6 and died from a respiratory problem). Here's what I did (I had started feeding her by hand just like you are doing):

1. I stopped feeding her by hand all together. Instead I put a small dish in the spot where she spent most of her time. In her case it was the bed she had shared with her son. Only put a little bit of food in at a time--she was a Welsh Corgi so I only put about 1/4 cup in at a time. Any animal's survival instinct will kick in before they starve, so don't worry about that. I checked it every couple of hours though and as soon as it got eaten, I'd give her another 1/4 cup.

2. Another thing I did was I took a small amount of beef and boiled it up good. I didn't use processed or canned broth as it has too much salt in it. But by boiling it myself I knew it was good. I kept this water in the fridge and added 1 Tbs to her water every day. This also helped to get her hunger activated.

3. Once she started eating better, I slowly moved it back to her normal feeding place. I only moved it a few feet at a time though, because whenever I tried to move it more she'd refuse to come and get it.

4. All through this time, I gave her all the loving I could possibly give. You have to realize the dog is grieving just as you would if you lost a close family member. They need your love and support. And patience. It may take a while but he will come around. And the two of you will be closer for the experience.

5. Oh, also through this time I also gave her a doggy multi-vitamin daily too just to make sure she was getting the vitamins she needed while she wasn't eating enough.

Question: My Dogs Won't Eat Dog Food Only Human Food

I have a 1 year old miniature Jack Russel. She has already had her 1st season. (all fine). For a little while now my dog has gone off her food. She is still very active, still drinking, no loose poos, she might have a little every now and then, but not much.

As soon as she see the kids eating, she wants what they have or what we are eating. It is probably my own fault, for giving her some treats of our food. But it has gotten to the point where she refuses to eat her food because she wants our food! Can someone please help on what to do.

By Michelle from UK

Best Answers

By Dena Roberts [31]08/03/2010

I feed my dog "human food". Dogs were wild animals and ate meat, like we do. I make her a stew from meat (beef or chicken), potatoes and peas. I simmer it for a few hours until it is nice and tender, because she is 16 years old and likes soft foods. It smells delicious and has none of the preservatives store bought food has. The vet gave me some vitamins to give her, as she needs calcium, etc. and she is very healthy and very old! If you give your dog "human food", just make sure it isn't junk food like processed meats (wieners, sandwich meats, sausages, etc.) which we shouldn't be eating anyway!

Best Answers

By KATHRYN08/01/2010

Do not give your dog human food, only their dog food that is how I get Jack to eat his dog food and I also have Border Collie.

Question: Dog Not Eating

My 1 year old Japanese Spitz puppy is not eating anything. He likes to eat human food like chapathi (flat bread) and Pedigree, but for the last month he is not eating anything. He just eats 2 dog biscuits per meal. He became very thin. We are vegetarian, so please help me. What should I feed him?

By Sophie

Best Answers

By Cisco's Mom [5]02/25/2014

You need to take him to the doctor right away. If he is skinny, he is malnourished. There are so many types of canned and dry dog food out there, give him some. You might try pouring a little beef or chicken broth over his food. I buy a container, put about 2 tablespoons over the dog food and then refrigerate the rest of the container. It lasts a couple of weeks. You may be vegetarian but your dog is not and he will die if he doesn't eat.

Best Answers

By Lizzyanny [9]02/24/2014

Your dog cannot be a vegetarian. He must have meat. He will eat meat primarily. Can you find a good canned dog food for him? That would be best. Follow the directions on the can. The canned dogfood is prepared so dogs like to eat it. Follow the directions on the can on the amount you need to feed him.

Question: 17 Year Old Dog Won't Eat Dog Food

My 17 yr old dog has totally quit eating her food. I tried to ignore it as usually a dog will go back to eating once hungry enough. She lost 10 plus pounds and I have given her cat food and baby food and she gobbles up both. She will not eat chicken broth either I tried that. At 17 and being so skinny is cat food really that bad for her? I have been mixing rice in with the food to keep her from getting the runs.

By Courtney

Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]12/10/2012

Bless you for trying to keep your old dog happy and healthy. I dont see any problem with feeding her cat food or baby food. One thing to consider is whether she has a dental problem. This can cause dogs to stop eating food that may hurt a bad tooth. It might be a good idea to have that checked out. Best of luck to you both.

Question: Dog Not Eating Well

We have a one year old German Shepherd and she will either eat a lot of dry dog food then throw up or goes days eating very little. My vet said to feed her small portions and there has been no change. She throws up at least 1 a week. I have tried making food for her such as chicken, steak, etc.

Missy's ribs are also showing, but the research I have done says that this is normal for German Shepherd until they get older. I will take any suggestions and may need to try to find another vet.


By tsnowman from Lynchburg, VA

Best Answer

By Pam01/14/2014

Has your dog been checked for heartworms lately? Also, if it was me and my vet didn't help me I would get a new vet. I had to do that when one of my dogs had skin allergies so bad he was losing weight and hair. Now, I have a wonderful vet .She even does house calls.

Question: Dog is Hiding and Won't Eat

My 7 year old Schnauzer has started going under the bed and will not come out, even for food. Does anyone have any ideas? I dragged him out, gave him a kiss and a hug, and he went right back under the bed. Could it be the heat or hormones or what?

By Jrtjingles from Pensacola, FL

Best Answer

By doshe [2]05/06/2009

I'm gonna say pain, bring the dog to the vet as soon as you can. When my mini Schnauzer had a very painful surgery a few years ago, she did this not long after I had gotten her home. I called my vet and he said that that is the way they behave when they are in pain (he had given her pain meds before she left the office but it must have worn off). I ushered her back to the vet and he gave her another shot of meds. After this, I kept her on a strict pain med schedule for the first few days so the pain would not return and she never hid again.

If this is not normal for your dog, don't assume it's hearing loss, or needing alone time or anything else. Go to a vet.

Question: Dog Not Eating

I have a 12 yr. old German Shepherd mix male dog. I went to the vet and everything, he checked out fine. We took him in because he drinks a lot of water and all of a sudden he stopped eating his dog food.

We mix it with wet for 12 yr. and add water. We even switched food. He doesn't get much table scraps to live on and he gets one Greenie a day. He just won't eat. I've hand fed him.

I'm at a loss as to what to do next? Any help besides he'll eat when he's hungry? I'm use to him eating once a day. He use to eat twice. I know his metabolism is low. But what else can I do for him?

By _Snug212_ from Hag., MD

Best Answer

By ilovesophie [20]11/05/2010

I would get a second opinion. I wish I had done that with my dog that passed on. One vet said he was fine and she died the next morning.

Question: My Dog Won't Eat

My dog won't eat. What can I do?

Jack from Brooklyn, New York

Best Answer

By Maryeileen [76]10/30/2008

Get him or her to the vet.

Question: Pekingese Won't Eat Dog Food

Does anyone know how to get a Pekingese to go to her food plate and eat dog food? We have an adorable one, but she does not like to eat. No, letting her go hungry does not do it. I am quite positive she would starve if allowed to.

She will eat summer sausage and Steak'Um sandwiches. She also loves cream cheese muffins, etc. She is now 4 years old. How does one get a spoiled dog like this to eat her dog food? I would like to keep her healthy.

By Janet C

Best Answer

By Cheryl [3]08/29/2011

Tough love is what is called for here. Completely stop all people food. Choose a brand of dog food, and feed only that. Put the bowl down for 15 minutes twice a day. If the dog does not eat within 15 minutes, the bowl goes up, and nothing to eat until the next meal.

The next meal time, bowl goes down for 15 minutes. If the dog doesn't eat, then nothing till morning. Trust me, a healthy dog will not starve himself to death. He'll eventually eat the dog food, and learn to like it. Treat your spoiled dog like you would a stubborn child. Good luck!

Question: Dog Not Eating Well

Dog lying on bed.We rescued this girl 6 months ago. She wouldn't eat the dog food the shelter had so I tried 6 others. She eats a bowl when she first gets it, but after that she'll go a week without eating. She's been checked by a vet. When she came home she had ring worm and hook worm, which is fixed. I don't know if there's something wrong. I tried mixing it with egg, gravy, so much stuff. She just won' eat. Please help! I love this dog sooooo much.

By Anna from MA

Most Recent Answer

By CaroleeRose [54]01/06/2013

How old is the dog and have you had her teeth checked to make sure she doesn't have any broken or cracked teeth that make it hard to eat.

When ever I get a new rescue dog, for the first week, I actually hand feed it canned food and gradully add dry food. Some dog foods are better and though I prefer Lamb and Rice for my dogs, even mine snub it but know it's all they're going to get.

I had one rescue that I probably spent $150 before I found something she liked. She finally liked Kibbles and Bits but if you don't close the bag super tight, the food quickly dries out.

There were a couple of dogs who refused to eat any sort of dog food because they were use to eating out of trash cans and had to be taught to eat out of a bowl. With super fussy dogs I keep brown rice mixed with chicken in small containers in my freezer and even the fussiest of the rescues would eat it.

She looks like she may have some boxer in her and if her bite is off it may hurt her to eat and also check her teeth and make sure she doesn't have any dry kibble stuck between her them.

Question: Dog Won't Eat Dog Food

I have a crossed-bred Pomeranian and Japanese Spitz. It's already three months old. Before it used to eat dog food, but when my boyfriend fed my dog Tinola, a Filipino dish (chicken soup) it started not to eat dog food. It only likes to eat rice with soup and some meat. What can I do?

By Angel G.

Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Z [7]08/22/2012

Dogs have a keen sense of smell and I think he knows what bad things are in it. Check out "4 D meat" in your search engine you'll want to throw up. You can't tell me that corporate America isn't putting it in the dog food. I'm a strong advocate for feeding dogs real food like cooked chicken,meat loaf, etc.

My family has done this and our dogs lived a longer time longer than the average age for their breed. Switch the dog over to people food gradually so his system adapts to it. If he gets watery stools make sure you aren't feeding him watery food.

It comes out the same consistency as it goes in. If he continues to have watery stools then just given him cooked rice and cooked hamburger but make sure the hamburger isn't greasy. Don't listen to those people who say it's wrong to do. There could be a reason they say it, and that is they probably have a dog club and get nice donations from the dog food industry.

Question: Miniature American Eskimo Not Eating

White dog on bed.Why won't my dog eat dog food? She is a miniature America Eskimo, good dog but she is not eating any of her wet or dry dog food. I did change both and nothing! She went all of yesterday and this morning without eating. We have stopped giving her treats and if we feed her any of our food it goes into her bowl and it is mixed in. But sure enough she finds just what we put in and neglects her own food. PLEASE HELP!

Lauren from New York

Most Recent Answer

By jan (Guest Post)02/06/2009

Please help. My mini American Eskimo has stopped eating. She will eat her treat at times. She's drinking water, and going out, we had her to the vet all test are normal. The vet did find she has left side heart failure, she is on medicine for this. She has to be hungry, she turns her nose up to anything I fix her to eat. She is my baby and she's 13. Please help I just lost a 15 year old black lab, so worried.

Question: Dog Won't Eat or Drink


Today I rescued a small Yorkie; he was in the middle of a very busy road. He acts very skittish as if he's either been beaten or on his own for a long time. I've tried to feed him and give him water with no success! He's very bony and little and it worries me that there might be something else wrong. I always take a gamble bringing rescued animals into my house with other animals. I have two cats and another dog inside and I am terrified that this little Yorkie has something! When I picked him up he was panting very hard. He did drink a tiny bit of water out of my hand, but other than that he hasn't eaten or drunk anything since 1 o'clock this afternoon. Please help me figure this out.

    By stephanie thomas [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [9]06/17/2015

    This dog needs to go to a licensed animal rescue or no-kill shelter.

    You are putting all your animals in danger by bringing a possibly sick, possibly unvaccinated dog into your home.
    It is true that stressed dogs rarely eat or drink. However, sick dogs often don't either, and without lab tests there's no way of knowing.

    Also, it's pretty much guaranteed that someone is looking for their apparently purebred Yorkie. I'd be surprised if this was truly an unwanted pet.

    Question: Dog Won't Eat

    My dog hasn't eaten for two days. She's really skinny with ribs showing. I tried feeding her dog food and human food, but she does not want to eat. She only drank a little water and I can't afford a vet. What should I do? She's a Chihuahua and already had kids, but is still less than a year old in human years.

    By Beatrice

    Most Recent Answer

    By heather inwood [11]01/03/2015

    If you genuinely love this dog, then you must help it by seeking medical help - love & care go hand in hand.

    Question: Dog Wouldn't Eat Dog Food and Vomiting

    I have a 2 year old female Shih Tzu. She didn't have a problem with her eating habits until recently. She doesn't eat dog food, only human food (like chicken). 3 days ago, we tried to put dog food (Pedigree) together with her chicken lunch. She obviously didn't like it as she immediately threw it up. Earlier this day at 7am, she started to eat already, but after an hour or so she vomitted what she ate, undigested. We gave her dinner again this evening at 7pm and she ate it again, but after an hour or so, she vomitted it again, undigested.

    Was it because she didn't like the meal we gave her? We're so worried.

    By Rianne

    Most Recent Answer

    By ilovesophie [20]12/21/2014

    Please, please take you dog to the vet ASAP. The poor thing is trying to eat and obviously something is very wrong or it wouldn't keep throwing up. She could even have an intestinal blockage which would produce this symptom and it can be VERY serious. Please let us know the outcome.

    Question: My Dog Won't Eat

    long haired small dogI've had Kendi, my mini poodle/yorke for almost two years now. She usually has plenty of energy and barks at everyone. She used to love to play and she would greet everyone. I just got home from staying at my brother's house for three days and she was staying at home with my parents and my other brother.

    In the period I've been away she has been hiding in the yard, and stays hidden for hours even when she is called. She won't eat any food. She won't eat her dog food or her treats. She doesn't even like the rotisserie chicken, that you can get from the grocery store. When I came back home she still didn't want to eat. She barely has any energy. Please help! :(

    By Kimmy A.

    Most Recent Answer

    By heather inwood [11]04/10/2014

    I would suggest a visit to the vet - the little dog may have an obstruction in her gut or suchlike - please get this little beauty checked out for her well being.

    Question: Dog's Not Eating Normally

    We rescued a Chiweenie four years ago. She is now about 10 years old. When we got her we had a hard time finding the right food for her, but she has done very well the last two years. She had begun to get a little overweight so we cut back her meal size just a bit. She's now at a healthy weight.

    The last few weeks after I put her food out, she has been either eating a few bites and laying down right next to the bowl or moving it and just laying next to it. A few times she actually laid her head on the bowl. She will eat most of what is in the bowl after a bit, but only if I sit at the table near her. I'm thinking she is stressed as we are expecting our first child in less than 2 months. But I wasn't sure if there maybe something else going on. I'm glad she is eating, just not sure if this is a problem or not.

      By GSR12 [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By lavonneann [6]08/04/2015

      She may have a sore mouth or a bad tooth.

      Question: Dog Won't Eat

      My Shih Tzu/Poodle mix, male hasn't eaten in 2 days and won't eat anything put in front off him. He's fine though and there are no physical or behavioral changes. Is this normal?

        By Ayla A. [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By heather inwood [11]07/01/2015

        Try warming his food a little in the microwave - sometimes the smells from the warmed food help - [ check that it's not too hot before giving it to the dog ] - I have found a product called NUTRIGEL which is a concentrated vitamin mix, a little bit like a vege spread. On off days I rub some of this on his mouth & gums - it's highly palatable & sometimes stimulates the appetite. Vets sell this product.

        Question: Dog Not Eating or Drinking

        My Pit Bull is badly sick. Se will not eat or drink anything. I have tried everything I can think of, I even tried the vet. Nothing is helping. I do know she ate a bingo dabber, but she was fine the next day after I got her to drink tons of water. Now she went missing over night and is sick again. Any suggestions? Please help, she's like family and she's just a puppy.

          By James An Val F. [1]

          Most Recent Answer

          By Lizzyanny [9]05/28/2015

          If your dog ate a bingo dauber, most likely her intestines are blocked. No amount of water can move a bingo dauber through her system. She seemed OK at first because the dauber had not blocked her system yet. If her intestines rupture she will die from peritonitis. She needs Vet care immediately. Find an emergency Vet if you can. You have a short period of time to save you puppy. She is in a substantial amount of pain right now.

          Question: Why Is My Dog Not Eating?

          I have a two year old Boston Terrier. He has not eaten anything in two days except 1 small piece of tripe, he is drinking well. I have offered a variety of foods and he is not intrested. No vomiting or loose stool.
          Can dogs get colds (as such) our heating has not been working (due to be fixed tomorrow). I am wondering if he is cold even though I gave him extra blankets.
          Please help.

          By Martina U.

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]01/09/2015

          By the way, this may not be a cold at all, but a tooth that is hurting him. Be sure to have that checked.

          Question: Dog Won't Eat Regularly

          I have a 5 year old Rhodie and for the last 3 years or so, he doesn't want to eat. We used to have to portion him as a pup because he wanted to eat everything all the time, but somewhere around 2, he decided that he didn't want to eat anymore.

          The vet suggested doing a chicken and rice diet to "re-set" him and he ate that fine, but within a few weeks, he didn't even want the chicken and rice. So we went back to the high quality kibble he was on before and he ate fine. Then a few weeks later he wouldn't want it. So we tried a new food and he ate again. He has been in this cycle for 3 years. We give a food (or treat topper, like cottage cheese or wet food) that he is excited about and he eats twice a day like normal, then one day he just won't eat it. Then after a few missed meals, he vomits bile and we desperately try to get him to eat (new food or topper). That is our cycle: new food, eats, stops eating, vomits, new food, eats, stops eating, vomits. It is so frustrating because he liked the food well enough yesterday.

          He has had regular checkups and the vet hasn't noticed anything. My husband hasn't wanted to bring it up anymore to the vet because the dog will eat if we give him something new, but I worry about all the throwing up and changing diet. Any ideas?

          By Stephanie H

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]01/09/2015

          I agree that you should get a new vet for a second opinion. This has been going on for a long time now and vomiting bile is not normal. Apparently your dog is having flare-ups of something- but what? Kidney problems? Liver problems? Gall bladder? Someone should be able to tell you.

          Question: Dog Won't Eat

          closeup of Boxer lying on zebra stripe fabricAfter several trips to the vet and trying medications (with food that she is not eating-therefore not taking) along with several types of food, she is still not eating. I have tried canned food, dry food with broth, and boiled chicken with cooked rice; nothing is working. Every bone is showing and I am so stressed! I have had this dog for 10 years and need to fix this. Please help. This is my other "baby". I even got her as a Mother's Day gift. I have to save my dog.

          By Love MyBoxer

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]11/21/2014

          By the way, I'm very sorry this is happening to your dog.

          Question: Adopted Dog Will Not Eat

          We have just rescued a dog from the dogs home. He is 4 years old and we have had him just over the week. He eats very little in relation to what it says on the packet he should be eating and never finishes the bowl. Now on day 8 he is being sick which is only bile.

          By Debbie

          Most Recent Answer

          By Kathleen R.11/01/2014

          I once adopted a dog whose owner had passed away. He would not eat a thing. I offered boiled chicken, etc. He refused. After several days I happened to be cooking a T bone steak and saw his nose twitching like crazy. He was no doubt quite hungry by then. I offered some bites and he accepted them. This seemed to cause him to see me as his new owner and settle in. And no, I did not have to feed him steak after that. It's likely your new dog has an adjustment problem. Try something he can't refuse. Hopefully he will relax and be able to eat once he's not so stressed and feels at home.

          Question: My Dog Will Not Eat Dog Food

          Small black dog.I have tried so many different brands, I have added water and warmed it up, added food that we are eating to it and she will pick through the food and spit out the dog food. I am going crazy with her; she will only eat people's food. She will go days with out eating if we don't give her people's food. Please any ideas?

          By Andra

          Most Recent Answer

          By Sherri [6]08/15/2013

          I feed my 2 Bichon/Poodle crosses with people food. I also have my Veterinarians approval to do this. Ever since they were 8 weeks old, we have fed them; diced cooked chicken and we mix in cooked carrots (the carrots are mashed and I use about a teaspoon at each meal).

          I also give them about 2 tablespoons of Wellness or any other brand of canned food with each meal. Please buy a premium canned dog food, you will see a difference in your dog. Dogs cannot eat just chicken and carrots, they need the nutrients in the canned food. As a treat I make their treats from a recipe we have at our hospital.

          I am a retired Veterinary Practice Manager. Please do not feed your fur baby from the table or give her any bones. My whole family feeds their dogs this way. Our Welsh Corgi lived to be 16 years old on this diet. You can go online and find recipes for homemade dinners & treats. My dogs will eat a cooked carrot or zucchini for a snack and we also put cooked sweet potato in with their chicken. They love it. Good luck

          Question: My Dog Won't Eat

          I have a 6 month old Rott/Huskey mix. All she gets is dry food, never human or canned food. Occasionally she gets a raw diet. I have tried foods from Blue Buffalo down to Eukanuba and she eats it for three weeks, then she will just sniff at it then walk away. I do not want to give her foods with many by products or brands such as Iams, Puppy Chow, Old Roy, etc. It was hard for me to even get Eukanuba.

          She's done this since we got her 3 months ago. When she's around other dogs she eats just fine. I don't know what to do and I want to stop wasting so much food. Please help!

          By Sarah A

          Most Recent Answer

          By glassdr2 [2]01/28/2012

          I have had dogs for over 40 years; Great Danes and Aussies. Some times they will go off their food depending on the weather, and some times they are just not hungry. When it is hot they eat a lot less. Some dogs will stop eating because they have learn that you will change the food and get some thing different. Don't do it! You will end up with a picky eater. As long as the dog isn't losing weight and isn't sick it will go back to eating, just give it time and make sure you get a good dog food.

          Also if you are giving a lot of treats stop. Why eat dog food when you can get treats. Most dog wont go to long with out eating. When I work as a dog groomer that was the biggest complain people had was their dogs wouldn't eat. I have never had a problem with any of my dogs not eating. I hope this helps.

          Question: Could My Dog Have a Cold?

          For about 4 days now she will not eat dry dog food. She will eat table scraps, not soup, but turkey and meat and such. She has a runny nose. Her eyes were runny, but that has all but cleared up now. She was sleeping more, but that seems to be getting better too. She drinks a lot of water. There is no visible discomfort. No whining or crying. Could she have a cold?

          By Cara R.

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]01/24/2015

          Yes, your dog can have a cold. Bring your dog to the vet if condition worsens, the dog loses weight, is lethargic, vomiting, or has diarrhea, or if discharge moves to eyes as well as nose.

          Question: Dog Doesn't Always Eat

          I have a 2 year old Chihuahua and every couple of months or so he has a day where he just won't eat anything for the whole day and feels very sorry for himself. Usually the next day he will return to eating. Is this normal? I did mention it to my vet when I last took him in for his booster and she quickly dismissed me saying, "My dog does this too". Any suggestions would be appreciated.

          By Maisie D

          Most Recent Answer

          By ilovesophie [20]01/22/2015

          I think another dog is a great idea. My dog does the same thing, but I can't get another dog because I have a cat also, and we are only allowed two pets where I live.

          Question: Pitbull Won't Eat After Move

          white with black pittyWe moved a week ago and my 6 year old pittie has only eaten a couple bites of a cheeseburger since. She won't take treats, human food, or anything. She is still drinking water though. We lived in same house for about 5 years with my boyfriend who had another dog for first 2 years. Then she became the only animal in house.

          In our new house we have 2 roommates and an outside dog, a cat, and a small inside dog. She is doing fine with the other animals, but won't eat. I have tried moving her dishes into our room, the shared part of house and everything I can think of. She seems to be sad and now I'm seeing her moving slower. It seems harder for her to get up stairs and in car. I plan on calling vet tomorrow, but just looking for suggestions. Thank you.

          By Jewels from Wisconsin Dells, WI

          Most Recent Answer

          By Stephanie M.01/29/2015

          I hope that you are having success with your dog and eating. I do hope that you went to the vet about it. It is possible that it is all just the stress of moving and general upheaval. It is also possible that your pooch has a health problem. My poodle/shi tzu recently stopped eathing, has been acting depressed, lethargic and also presented with a fever. We took her to the vet, had blood work done and she has a tick born blood problem called Ehrlichiosis. It basically attacks the blood cells, destroying them, causing there to be less of all kinds of bloodcells. She is on an antibiotic, had IV medication, etc. She is still only eating what we physically put in her mouth, but hopefully she will come around. If it doesn't work, she will need a blood transfusion...

          Question: My Dog Is Not Eating Anything

          I got a 4 month old Japanese Spitz. After 2 days we took her to get a bath. Then after I got home from work she started not eating. Does noise affect their eating? I don't know what to do? Help?

          By dion

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]12/28/2014

          The first thing you should do when you get a pet is take it to the vet for a check-up. The vet can tell you about any underlying health problems that the previous owner didn't notice or just didn't want to tell you.

          Another good reason to do this is that your dog needs a vet to go to in case there's an emergency. Imagine you're a vet with several emergency patients on a weekend. All the animals are patients you've seen before and have files on except one. Which one will be the last one you see? Your dog needs a "regular" vet just like you need a family doctor.

          You do NOT want to just show up at a new vet's office in an emergency and just hope they have time to see your dog. So choose a vet and make an appointment as soon as possible.

          Whether you adopted or bought the dog, you need to find out if it has had any shots. Your dog MUST get parvo and distemper vaccinations before you take it anywhere, including the groomers. Make sure your dog has had all its shots.

          Question: My Boxer Won't Eat

          I have a 3 year old boxer. She has always been happy and very healthy. I went to work full-time in June at a nursing home. She has slowly been losing weight ever since.

          The last couple of weeks has been a downward spiral. The vet has checked everything, and all her organs are functioning perfectly. Her coat and teeth are healthy. Ultrasound shows no cancer. She has no worms or parasites.

          At first I thought it was separation anxiety. She has lost 12 pounds, and looks like a skeleton. She refuses all food. She is lethargic. She has no personality. She has lost all life in her. She no longer sits with me and she does not sleep with me any more.

          For a split second I thought maybe she is sensing a sickness in me. But then I realized she could be smelling the sick residents on my clothes and thinking that I'm sick. I have cried and cried. The doctor assures me that she is fine. Should I put her on Prozac? She is completely wasting away. My heart is broken.

          By Michele W.

          Most Recent Answer

          By Lizzyanny [9]11/11/2014

          Good advice from Sunnie. I would have the dog checked again by a Vet, probably an internist at a Veterinary Referral center. Your Vet can refer you or you can just call yourself. These Vets are specialists. They may cost a bit more, but most offer Care Credit which is credit without any interest rates. You can pay over time. Whatever is troubling your dog may have progressed over the time since you have had her evaluated. That is pretty common. Whatever you do have the dog examined by a 2nd vet and have blood work done at the very least. Be strong. I think you will find your answer.

          Question: My Dog Stopped Eating

          RottieMy 8 month old Rottweiler stopped eating his dry dog food about 3 days ago. He used to love his food and eat breakfast, dinner, and supper. He doesn't get any human food! He is still playful, still eats his treats, and is still drinking water. I mixed canned dog food in with it to get him to eat and he picked through it all to eat the canned food. After awhile he ate his food, but then he wouldn't eat again. I have done the same thing except this time he only ate the canned food and not his dry food! I don't know what to do. He keeps going to his bowl and smelling his food. His belly is growling so much, but he just won't eat! Any suggestions please?

          By heather

          Most Recent Answer

          By Myrna [14]10/13/2014

          Check his gums to see if there's any reddening or possibly a sign of a bad tooth causing pain when eating dry food. Take pet to a vet to have it checked out for the abnormal behavior sign pointing at a existing problem.

          Question: Getting a Dog to Eat His Food

          I have a Pit Bull that stays outside. He does not like to eat his dog food as much as my other female dog, so I mix grease that I use with his dog food so that he can eat it all. Is this OK or is it bad for him? So far he has a shinier coat and is getting more weight which is what I want, but is it healthy?

          By Megan

          Most Recent Answer

          By Myrna [14]10/13/2014

          No, I would not give any dog grease. I would however, and do, cook meat boiled in water; chicken or turkey without the skin/bones and cut it and add to their dry dog food or give as a final meal a few times weekly. If your dog stopped eating the dry food, then maybe it needs a change. Be a little versatile with the food chain dogs are allowed to consume. Meat is good for their skin and fur. Grease is just not healthy. You can find a lot of websites out there that endorse the healthy people foods dogs can eat and yes, onions and garlic are a definite no, no.

          Question: Dog Won't Eat

          My dog is 14 years old. She is a mixed breed. Till the age of 14 she has never fallen ill. But for the last couple of days she has not been eating her regular food which we give her, and it has started worrying me. She will not eat her food but if I give her anything that I eat, she will happily eat it. She had an UTI infection about 3 weeks ago, but now its all fine. Please help!

          By Puneet

          Most Recent Answer

          By Lizzyanny [9]10/07/2014

          You will need the Vet to figure this one out. Anything else is just guessing. Your dog deserves better than that. And whatever may be causing the problem could get worse while you wait. Do the right thing for your buddy.

          Question: Dog Won't Eat Dog Food

          My dog won't eat dog food. What should I do?

          By Gloria

          Most Recent Answer

          By mc4lifes [24]06/12/2012

          I agree have you talked him to the vet? Is it the same food you have feed him in the pass? Is there any reason that you can think of to course him don't to eat? Is he just old because if he is then maybe you need to soak the biscuits with warm powered milk so he can eat it.
          Good luck and hope everything is ok with your dog.

          Question: Dog Is Not Eating

          Why wouldn't a dog eat their food?

          By Martin from Houston,TX

          Most Recent Answer

          By Lizzyanny [9]09/22/2011

          Good advice from nonniebeth. You will need to give your Vet some information so he/she knows where to start. Has the dog found food elsewhere? (he isnt hungry) Have you recently changed food? (he doesnt like it) Has something changed in his day that may be causing anxiety? (he is too nervous to eat) Have you seen changes in behavior that might be a clue? (crying, sleeping a lot, limping, vomiting, fever, hiding, unwilling to move around) If it is none of these things it is likely an internal problem that only your Vet will be able to diagnose. Be sure and see your Vet within 24 hours if he continues to ignore his food. Good luck.

          Question: Dog Won't Eat His Food Only the Cat's Food

          Can my Shih Tuz eat homemade food? I have a problem with my puppy not eating his food. He will wait until we are not looking and then go and eat the cat food all the time. Can you please help me with what kind of food to feed him?

          By Mary from Pittsburgh, PA

          Most Recent Answer

          By paul03/27/2011

          Start mixing in some cat food into the dog's dish with his dog food, see if that changes things. Maybe the dog is telling you something else, and that is that he prefers the cat meal to his own.

          Question: Dog Not Eating

          My dog hasn't touched her food all day, but I gave her a dog treat and she's eating that now. Is there something wrong?

          By Taela

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]02/11/2015

          Maybe, maybe not.
          Take her to the vet if you see this: Vomiting, diarrhea, strange lethargy, wobbliness, not drinking water, weight loss, not eating for several days, signs of worms, blood in stool.

          Question: Dog Not Eating After Death of Cat

          We just lost our cat a few days ago and now our miniature Schnauzer won't eat dry dog food.

          By Patricia I.

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]01/05/2015

          Your dog is in mourning. You'll have to give him some time. Take him to the vet if he shows pronounced weight loss. If this continues, consider getting a new cat.

          Question: Dog Won't Eat After New Year's Eve

          My toy Poodle won't eat for about 24 hours after New Year's Eve. What should I do?

          By Val

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]01/03/2015

          Did you have guests during the holidays? Is it possible he got ahold of human treats he shouldn't have had?
          When to bring him to the vet: If he is vomiting, has diarrhea, blood in stool, or loses weight.

          Question: Dog Not Eating Since Getting a New Puppy

          My 1yr old Chiweenie won't eat much since we got a puppy 2wks ago.

          By Diana G from Palm Beach Gardens. FL

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]01/01/2015

          You just got a "new baby" and your "older child is understandably feeling a bit put out. Make sure you feed them separately at first. Your dog is not used to having competition for food.

          You are giving the puppy a lot of attention right now, so it would be nice for you to take the older dog out at times when you don't take the puppy out, like trips to the store.

          Question: Dogs Not Eating After Being Sick

          I have a 5 year old Labrador and a rescue dog believed to be 9 (who we have had for a year now). Two days ago the Labrador was sick three times during the day and night, the day after he wasn't sick and he ate some food in the morning, but in the evening he refused to eat which was very unusual for him. The rescue ate much less then he usually does.
          Today neither he nor the rescue are eating. This is very unusual for them, but they still seem happy enough and were eager for their morning walk. They are fed dry food by the way, in the morning and in the evening.

          By Rick S.

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]12/29/2014

          They may have caught a stomach bug. Chances are it will get better on its own. If it doesn't and dogs are showing these symptoms: Blood in stool or blood in vomit, worms in stool or vomit, weight loss from not eating, or vomiting and diarrhea at the same time, bring them to the vet.
          After your dogs are well, wash their bedding and shampoo the carpet so the dogs can't get re-infected.

          Question: Dog Not Eating

          My 13 year old dog has is not eating his food. Had him checked out at the vet. The blood test showed he has some liver problem, so he was put on a 10 day course of antibiotics. He also put him on vet diet food, which he will not touch unless I feed it to him by hand. What can I do to help him along?

          By Ken

          Most Recent Answer

          By Lizzyanny [9]11/26/2014

          You need to call your Vet back and tell him your dog will not eat the prescription diet. It happens a lot. Unless the prescription is for a specific condition you may want to go back to the diet he likes to eat. If it were me I would have bloodwork done after the dog finishes the antibiotics to see if they corrected the problem.

          Question: Dog Not Eating Well

          dog lying downMy German Shepherd/Boxer mix doesn't eat as much as a normal dog should. We've tried several different dry dog foods. She usually eats about 1-2 bowls a day but it varies what time of day she will eat. For example, she won't eat anything all day until 10 o'clock at night so it worries me. A lot of times she will go up to the food and nose it and then walk away before we make her eat some. She loves dog treat bones and people food so I know nothing is wrong with her teeth. closeup

          I have several predictions, but I'm not sure if this is normal or serious enough to see a vet. 1) She doesn't like to eat without someone near by (because she's so nosy about what we're doing), but she has eaten when we're away too. 2) Our schedules aren't exactly regular with school and work. 3) My parents love to spoil their grandpuppy with human food but not enough to keep her from eating a full meal. Or 4) She's just really not hungry.

          Please help me know if this is normal or if something may be wrong.

          By Autumn H

          Most Recent Answer

          By Abigail A. [8]10/07/2014

          My guess is that it's the treats and people food. If she expects to get them, she can eat enough of them to keep her going, and not eat her dog food until she absolutely has to.

          She's getting more calories than you think, and you admit that your schedule is erratic, so you probably don't know what everyone in the family gives her. Unfortunately these special treats aren't very good for her.

          The only way to know for sure is to cut out all treats and human food for a while. You'll have to get everyone on board with this- no cheating. Then see what happens.
          Good luck.

          Question: Puppy Not Eating

          My 4 month old Boxer puppy Sofia hasn't eaten in almost 3 days and she isn't hyper or playful like normal either. I'm scared, what do I do?

          By Samantha K. from Sheridan, IN

          Most Recent Answer

          By Lizzyanny [9]04/16/2014

          Get you dog to the Vet immediately. Pups that age can get Parvo virus which is very serious. They need Vet care and supportive care at home to survive.

          Question: Dog Won't Eat

          My 2 years old German Shepherd female is not eating anything last 3 months.
          I'm feeding her forcefully last 3 months. I've given her medicines for deworming, gastric vomit, appetite stimulant, and digestive enzymes, but none of them worked. Please give me a effective remedy.

          By Bibhudatta

          Most Recent Answer

          By Lizzyanny [9]04/15/2014

          You need to take your dog to the Vet. This may be a serious problem that cant be fixed with home remedies. Dont wait any longer to get her the help she needs.

          Question: Dog Stopped Eating

          My 1 year old dog has stopped eating food. Please tell me what to do?

          By Neetika

          Most Recent Answer

          By NEWFIEGIRL [8]04/13/2014

          I suggest you contact your dog's best friend a veterinarian.

          Question: My Dog Stopped Eating

          My dog stop eating yesterday. I don't know why.

          By George

          Most Recent Answer

          By jacie3911/09/2013

          Hi George, Sometimes Pets like people don't feel right and lose their appetite. If he or she is drinking water that is a good thing:) If not and after 2 days she should really be seen by a vet, good luck, Jacie

          Question: Lab Not Eating Regular Dog Food

          My 3 yr old Lab was pulling away from her regular dog food the last few weeks and now will not eat it at all. I took her to the vet, who did comprehensive lab work and everything is okay. I had her teeth checked too. She will readily eat human food, even dog biscuits and today I gave her some cheap dry dog food and she ate it. I want to get her back on her good food, any suggestions?

          By Kathie

          Most Recent Answer

          By amarch45 [3]11/11/2013

          I had this problem a few months ago with my four-year old female Pitbull Terrier. She was still eating, but only about a quarter of what she should have been! We tried a few things that worked:

          Mixing plain, organic yogurt with the kibbles - you can gradually decrease the amount (applesauce works too!)

          You can buy dehydrated liver pieces at pet stores (they come in a shake bottle). A few shakes of these and they'll be in love with their food!

          A drizzle of olive oil over the food may help, too.

          Worst case, try boiling up some plain chicken breasts and white rice. This will serve as a suitable mix-in to the food until the pup gets back on track.

          Good luck!

          (in the end, we ended up switching our girl to raw. She LOVES to eat now... although it's a bit more expensive and time consuming, I feel the end result was worth it).

          Question: Dog Won't Eat Dog Food

          Whenever I feed my dog, a Chocolate Lab, he is trying to bury his bowl. He pushes it with his head around the floor. I had a small rug under his bowl and he tried to pull it up and bury his bowl with it. Most of the time he won't eat either. I have tried all kinds of dog food. I have to coax him to eat. I usually end up mixing it with some of our food to get him to eat, but I don't like doing that. Anyone else had this problem and any suggestions? I have tried everything, I even changed his feeding bowl.

          By Deb F.

          Most Recent Answer

          By Gloria Z [7]06/21/2012

          It's the quality of the dog food that is repulsive to him. Search the web for 4D meat you will be horrified with what you find. It's meat that comes from: Diseased (cancer), Drugged, Down & Dead animals carcass's.

          With corporate greed running rampart you can't really trust what they list on the dry & moist dog food containers. As an example: 20 yrs ago a "Top High Quality (expensive) dog food was caught putting old rubber tires in the dog food! The dogs coats started to dull and flake so one owner had the food analyzed and that's what they found. That was then - what do you think the industry is doing now?

          I've had my dogs go into convulsions from a brand. Another brand made them sick with some type of bad bacteria.. Another brand made it impossible to switch from their product without making my dogs sick (It was also a "Highly" recommended brand.

          Also read the ingredients and if it has corn in it you don't want it! Very bad for dogs the only reason they eat it is the sugar that they put in it. Don't-buy it if it has colorful pictures of fish, meat veggies & corn on the bag the dog would be better off eating the bag not the contents.

          After spending a lot of money at the Vets I decided to cook for my dog and skip the bagged crap. Chicken is cheap, rice and veggies are always on sale. My dogs never got sick again and they always ate everything in their bowl. My suggestion is search the web for making dog food yourself the dog will probably live several years longer - mine did.

          Question: Feeding a Dog After Dental Surgery

          My dog had dental surgery. What can I give her that is soft and mushy, that she will eat? So far she won't eat her mashed dog food.

          By Alison

          Question: Cavapoo Pup Not Eating or Drinking Much

          I have had a Cavapoo pup of eight weeks and three days. For just the last three days he does not eat much or drink unless I heat his food up and put hot water in it. Then he still only has a tiny bit. Do you think I have anything to worry about?

          By Sharon h

          Question: Dog Not Eating

          Asking for a friend: Her dog hasn't been eating for almost a week. Yesterday a clear gel-like substance was hanging from her chin. After wiping it off, more formed immediately. I'm not sure if it was coming from inside her mouth or forming around it.

          Please help! The dog has already lost a lot of weight. Besides taking the dog to the vet (which will happen asap) what can we do?

          By Mike

          Question: Dog Won't Eat

          What kind of food will my dog love to eat? She is a Japanese Spitz crossed with Chihuahua.

          By Aj M.

          Question: Dog Won't Eat, Not Sick

          Closeup of black and white dog.My rescue dog will not eat, but there are no other signs of illness. I have had him for 7 years and my vet thought he was about 5 years old when I first got him; so around 12 now. He is a very small Papillion (so small I think he may be mixed with long-haired Chihuahua) and has never weighed over 4 pounds. Now he only weighs 2 lbs. 12 oz.

          I took him to the vet when I first noticed he wasn't eating and starting to loose weight. His blood panel results were fine for organ function, urine analysis and fecal samples were fine also. His teeth were very bad when I first got him, but I've had them cleaned regularly since then. The vet checked for broken teeth, red gums, etc. and all is fine. There has been no vomiting or diarrhea.

          First I was feeding him with a dropper, but because I had to mix food with broth, I don't think the volume I could get in him in one day was enough nutrition. He was back to the vet (six weeks later) and the same tests were repeated with an additional test for Addison's disease which was negative. Now he is on an appetite stimulant (Mirtazapine) once a day and will eat only once (exactly 20 min.) after medication. He is still not taking in enough food to gain weight. I have offered him everything under the sun so changing foods doesn't help. Even when he was healthy, he wouldn't take treats or human food. I have always fed him Fromm (grain free and expensive!) and he will not accept canned food of any variety or cost. He doesn't seem to be in pain other that a little stiffness due to age. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

          By Mary D.

          Question: Beagle Won't Eat

          I have a 10 month old Beagle who usually loves his food and eats in in seconds like a Hoover! I have the same routine for him for his meals and usually when he wakes up in the mornings he goes straight to his food bowl eats that and then says hello to us. However these past week or so he wakes up says hello to us and won't touch his food when it's in his bowl. He's also the same in the evenings. He doesn't get human food off of us so its not like he's too full to eat. If I take a couple of biscuits in my hand he'll eat from that, but acts scared around his bowl (even though it's the same one he always has and nothing has changed). Please help! Beagles are well known for their love of food and his sudden phobia worries me.

          By Rhiannon from Hampshire

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