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Jell-o (Gelatin) Salad Recipes

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Jell-o salad with red jell-o, strawberries and oranges.

There are so many variations of jello salad, that it is easy to find a new one for your next dessert. This page contains Jello salad recipes.


Solutions: Jell-o (Gelatin) Salad Recipes

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Recipe: Cheese Salad

A few people have asked me to share more of my Aunt's 1935 cookbook. She used raspberry and black cherry Jello together and added canned drained fruit cocktail for family get togethers, mainly for the children.


  • 2 cups crushed pineapple
  • 1 pkg. lemon flavored Jello gelatin (Jello only came in the small size boxes back then. )
  • 1 Tbsp. unflavored gelatin
  • 2 Tbsp. cold water
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/4 cup chopped pimiento
  • 1/2 cup chopped nuts
  • 1 stalk celery, chopped
  • 6 marshmallow, quartered
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 2 3-oz. packages cream cheese
  • 1/8 tsp. salt


Drain juice from pineapple. Add water to make 2 cups. Heat to boiling.

Pour over lemon flovored gelatin and unfavored gelatin which has been softened in cold water. Stir until dissolved.

Add lemon juice and salt. Mix thoroughly. Cool until partially set.

Add pineapple which has been mixed with cream cheese , pimiento, nuts, and celery.

Add marshmallows. Fold in whipped cream.

Pour into mold that has been rinsed in cold water. Let stand in cold place for 12 hours.

Source: 1935 Household Searchlight Cookbook. Recipe by E. Fleetwood,Lincoln, Nebraska. Also it says it is "A Prize Winning Recipe".

By Great Granny Vi from Moorpark, CA

Recipe: Green Jello Salad


  • 1 (3 oz.) pkg. lime gelatin
  • 1/4 cup pineapple juice
  • 1 small can crushed pineapple
  • 1 cup whipped cream or 1 (8 oz.) pkg. Cool Whip
  • 1 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/2 cup mini marshmallows
  • 1/2 cup water


Boil gelatin, juice, and water together for 1 minute. Cool, but do not congeal. Add cottage cheese, marshmallows, and Cool Whip or whipped cream. Mix well. Chill.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Recipe: Sour Cream Jello Salad

This is a very good jello salad I like to use different types of jello depending on the time of year. Fantastic flavor


  • 2 large boxes Lemon Jello (I especially like to use different flavors depending on the time of year. You can use 2 different flavors of jello just be sure and mix them separately using 1/2 cup HOT water per box of jello.)
  • 1 Cup HOT Water
  • 1 pint sour cream
  • 2 oz. walnuts, chopped
  • 1 (20 oz.) can chunk pineapple, well drained
  • 10 oz. maraschino cherries, chopped, well drained


Mix both boxes jello with 1 cup HOT water. Place in the refrigerator until almost completely set up. Whip the Jello up really good with a wire whisk. You want it to be airy and fluffy when you add the other ingredients. Add all other ingredients and stir up well. Cover with saran wrap over top. Set back in the refrigerator OVER NIGHT before serving.

Servings: 12
Time:20 Minutes Preparation Time

Source: This comes from my husband's family from the 1950's

By Roxanne from Terre Haute, IN

Recipe: Cool Whip Jello Salad


  • 1 small carton cottage cheese, drained
  • 1 small can mandarin oranges, drained
  • 1 small can crushed pineapple, drained
  • 1 small carton Cool Whip, thawed
  • 1 small pkg. strawberry Jello (or your favorite flavor)


Mix dry Jello with Cool Whip. Add rest of ingredients. Refrigerate

By Robin

Recipe: Simple Jello Salad

I love the combination of fruit, veggies & nuts in this salad!

Approximate Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 6 servings


  • 1 3oz. pkg. lime or lemon gelatin ($.69)
  • 1 medium apple, unpeeled and chopped ($pennies)
  • 3/4 cup finely chopped cabbage ($pennies)
  • shredded mild cheddar cheese ($1.50)
  • 1/2 cup English walnuts ($.65)


  1. Partially set gelatin, then stir in all ingredients and stir a few times during setting process so all ingredients don't settle to the bottom.
  2. Serve in squares on lettuce or whatever you choose.
  3. Cheddar cheese may be sprinkled on at serving time.

By Robin [1375]

Recipe: Broken Glass Salad

Very good salad. Can use different flavors and colors of gelatin for different holidays to make this more festive. Very, very good!


  • 1 pkg. lime gelatin (3oz.)
  • 1 pkg. orange gelatin (3oz.)
  • 1 pkg. cherry gelatin (3oz.)
  • 1 pkg. lemon gelatin (3oz.)
  • 1 1/4 cup boiling water
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 3 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1 oz. cream cheese
  • 8 oz. whipped topping


Dissolve each of the first 3 flavors of gelatin in 3/4 cup boiling water. Add 3/4 cup cold water. Spray 3 small layer pans with cooking spray. Pour each flavor in layer pan to set until firm. Dissolve lemon gelatin and sugar in boiling water. Add lemon juice; congeal. Soften cream cheese with a bit of congealed gelatin. Gradually add and blend in remaining congealed gelatin. Fold in whipped topping. Cut set gelatins in 1/2 in. cubes. Combine alternately with this mixture. Pour into serving dish or larger layer pan. This can be poured over a graham cracker crust and topped with graham cracker crumbs as well.

Servings: 9-12
Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Cooking Time: 0 Minutes

By Robin from Washington, IA

Tip: Favorite Jello Salad


  • 2 cup hot water
  • 1 (3 oz.) pkg. lime gelatin
  • 1 (3 oz.) pkg. lemon gelatin
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 (regular size) carton cottage cheese, small curd
  • 1 (regular size) can crushed pineapple
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • chopped nuts (optional)


Dissolve both boxes gelatin in hot water; let cool and beat slightly. Do not let gelatin set. Add remaining ingredients. Mix well with gelatin and put in mold. Let set in refrigerator.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Recipe: Two-Layer Jello Salad


  • 1 (3 oz.) pkg. lemon gelatin (3oz.)
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1 cup pineapple, drained
  • 2 large bananas
  • 8 marshmallows
  • juice from pineapple and water to make 1 cup
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 2 Tbsp. flour
  • 1 egg
  • 2 Tbsp. butter


Dissolve gelatin in water until syrupy and add next 3 ingredients. Put in flat, large Pyrex-style pan. Set until firm. For second layer, cook last ingredients and let cool. Fold in cream, whipped, and put on top of first layer. Can use Cool Whip. Grate cheese over this and stand overnight. Cut into squares.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Recipe: Cranberry Jello Salad

Very colorful and tasty! I get many compliments on this recipe. I usually double the recipe as we enjoy it very much.


  • 1 small pkg. Raspberry Jello (I use sugar free)
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup crushed pineapple, drained (I use 1/2 of a small can with no sugar added)
  • 1 can whole cranberry sauce


Dissolve jello with water and add orange juice. Let it set a bit. Add pineapple and cranberry sauce. Mix well and chill. Stir before serving. Enjoy!

Source: My friend, Debbie.

By Annette from Bangor, ME

Recipe: Jello Salad


  • 1 package Jello (any flavor)
  • 1 carton Cool Whip (8 oz.)
  • 1 carton cottage cheese (8 oz.)
  • 1 can fruit cocktail, drained
  • 1 can pineapple, crushed and drained


Combine the dry Jello and Cool Whip together. Blend by hand until the Jello looks dissolved and well mixed. Add the cottage cheese, fruit cocktail and pineapple. Cover and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Recipe: Stained Glass Salad


  • 1 box cherry gelatin (3 oz.)
  • 1 box orange gelatin (3 oz.)
  • 1 box black raspberry gelatin (3 oz.)
  • 5 boxes lemon gelatin (3 oz.)
  • 1/2 gal. vanilla ice cream


  1. Dissolve cherry, orange, and black raspberry gelatin separately, using 1 1/2 cups hot water to each package.
  2. Mold each in a shallow square pan. Let set until solid.
  3. Dissolve the 5 boxes of lemon gelatin in 5 cups of boiling water.
  4. While still hot, dissolve the ice cream in the jello mixture.
  5. Cut first 3 pans of gelatin into cubes.
  6. After lemon gelatin starts to thicken, stir in cubes of gelatin. Pour into mold and let set. This makes a large salad, serving at least 20.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Recipe: Cheese Salad


  • 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin
  • 1/4 cup cold water
  • 2 cups crushed pineapple, undrained
  • 3 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups coarsely shredded American cheese
  • 1 cup cream, whipped


Soak gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes. Place pineapple, lemon juice and sugar in a pan and heat to boiling. Remove and add dissolved gelatin and flavoring. Allow to cool until it begins to thicken and then fold in the cheese and whipped cream. Chill until it is firm and serve on lettuce with just a little dab of mayonnaise.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Recipe: Green Salad (Jello)


  • 1 package (3 oz.) lime gelatin
  • 1 package (3 oz.) lemon gelatin
  • 1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk
  • 1 pint cottage cheese
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 can crushed pineapple
  • 1/2 cup chopped nuts, opt.


Dissolve Jello with 2 cups hot water. Let cool. Add remaining ingredients. Chill.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Tip: Doubling a Congealed (Jello) Salad

When preparing a congealed salad recipe (using jello or gelatin), all ingredients can be doubled except: salt, vinegar, and lemon juice. For these use only 1 1/2 times the given amount, but no more, or your salad won't congeal.

By Terri

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Here are questions related to Jell-o (Gelatin) Salad Recipes.

Question: Lime Jello Salad Recipe

For as far back as I can remember my gram made a Jello salad for one of our Christmas dinner desserts. She passed away around a year and a half ago and needless to say last Christmas just wasn't the same. I want to take over for her and start making her Jello salad for our family every Christmas, but the problem is I don't have her recipe.

I know the the ingredients she used, but I don't know how to put it all together. I know she used: a large box of lime Jello, a large can of fruit cocktail, 2 8 oz packs of Philadelphia cream cheese, and 2 pints of whipping cream (or heavy whipping cream, I'm not sure).

Does anyone know of a Jello salad recipe that calls for those ingredients? Or does anyone know how I should put those items items together to actually make the Jello salad? Any tips or ideas will be gratefully appreciated!

Thank You, Merry Christmas!

By Melanie


Most Recent Answer

By hopefulau [1]11/23/2013

Calamity Salad

1 sm. pkg. lime Jello
1 (3 oz.) pkg. Philadelphia cream cheese, cut in 1/2" pieces
1 med. size can fruit salad
2 c. boiling water
48 mini marshmallows (opt)
1 c. whipping cream
1/4 c. chopped pecans (opt)

Dissolve Jello in 2 cups boiling water. Stir in cream cheese, mix well. Cool mixture in refrigerator until it starts to congeal.
Drain fruit.
Whip cream and gently fold into lime cream cheese mixture.
Add fruit, marshmallows and nuts to mixture and refrigerate until it sets.
Serves 8 to 10.

NOTE: Many variations of this salad may be prepared. For example, marshmallows may be omitted, maraschino cherries may be substituted for fruit salad, nuts may be omitted or a different type used, but the basic Jello cheese whipping cream mixture must be adhered to for best result

Question: Jello Recipe

I need a salad recipe containing lime jello, evaporated milk, crushed pineapple, and cottage cheese.

By Lynda8 from Prosperity, SC

Most Recent Answer

By Barbara08/31/2009

Salad Pineapple and Cottage Cheese

1 6-ounce package lime gelatin dessert
1 envelope unflavored gelatine, (optional)
2 cups boiling water
1 20-ounce can crushed pineapple, undrained
1 12-ounce can evaporated milk
1 cup salad dressing
2 cups cottage cheese
1 cup walnuts, chopped (optional)
Mix together gelatin/s; dissolve in boiling water; add remaining ingredients in order. Pour into container/s; chill until set. Servings: 9-15

Question: Recipe for Orange Jello Carrot Salad

Way back in the 50s my mother made a salad with orange jello and grated carrots and maybe some kind of fruit, possibly crushed pineapple. Does anyone remember this concoction? Have a recipe? There may have been other things in it. Thanks.

By Judy from IA

Most Recent Answer

By Suzanne S.10/19/2014

My mother also made this one however she topped this salad after it was set up with mayo and then topped that with shredded cheddar cheese the combination of the different flavors is really great!

Question: Recipe for Jello "Perfection Salad"

I am looking for a Jello salad recipe that we used to call Perfection Salad. It probably goes back to at least the 50's. This is made with lime Jell-O, carrots, celery and cabbage. There is some type of mayonnaise-based dressing that is served with it. All of the similar recipes I have found have either pineapple, cream cheese or green olives. My recipe did not have any of those.

Deb from Hilliard, OH

Most Recent Answer

By Cheryl (Guest Post)01/30/2009

This calls for ingredients other than those listed, but usually they can be substituted for ingredients you like. There wouldn't be much difference in using lime gelatin instead of the lemon or leaving the radishes out. As far as the dressing, that may have been an added touch. My mother used a dollop of plain mayonnaise as a dressing on gelatin.


2 pkgs. lemon gelatin
2 c. boiling water
2 c. chilled ginger ale
2 tbsp. lemon juice
2 c. shredded cabbage
1 c. shredded carrots
1/2 c. thinly sliced radishes

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Cool. Stir in ginger ale and lemon juice and chill until partially set. Fold in vegetables. Chill until firm.

Question: Jello "Green Salad" Recipe

When making green Jello salad, is the whipped cream whipped before adding? Also do I drain the pineapple? Thanks!

By Faye from White, GA

Most Recent Answer

By LISA11/24/2010

Squeeze all of the pineapple juice out before adding the pineapple, otherwise your salad won't set up, and will be runny. I don't whip the cool whip up either, as that breaks down the firmness of the cool whip. Hope this helps.

Question: Making a Topping for Sunshine Jello Salad

My mother made a sunshine (carrot jello salad). I have found that recipe, but she served it with a topping. Some of the ingredients were whipping cream, lemon juice, and zest. She cooked a flour mixture and then folded in the whipped cream and lemons. Dose anyone know of this recipe?

By Dolly D.


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Lemon Jell-O Salad

A refreshing not too sweet salad with crunch, one of my favorites!


  • I small box lemon Jell-O
  • 1 small pkg. cream cheese softened
  • 2 small cans mandarin oranges
  • ½ cup chopped pecans or walnuts
  • ½ cup chopped celery


Bring the juice from the mandarin oranges and enough water to make one cup to a boil. Mix with Jell-O. Add softened cream cheese and mix until dissolved; let set until slightly jelled. Add the rest of the ingredients. Of course you may substitute other flavors and fruits, but this is a favorite of mine.

By Ann from Loup City, NE