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It may be time for a repairman when your refridgerator's ice maker stops working. This guide is about Kenmore ice maker not working.



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Question: Water Not Getting to Kenmore Ice Maker

My Kenmore refrigerator, model #3639552780, does not get water to the ice maker. The water dispenser works on the door. The water line to the ice maker is clear and open to the valve. Can the valve be bad or what else could it be?

By RW Long from Lebanon, OH


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By Lewissan [39]08/08/2012

My understanding is that if the tube is free and clear and not frozen, the culprit is probably a faulty valve.

Question: Kenmore Side-by-Side Not Making Ice

We recently moved into a new home and the ice maker is not making ice. Water is flowing through the door water dispenser just fine. We have checked the water line and it is fine. The refrigerator has sat with no power for months and months; could this have anything to do with it?


Question: Troubleshooting Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker

My 5-year-old Kenmore refrigerator is dispensing water, but no longer making ice. I have read that I could use my blow dryer to defrost the water fill spout, but I am not sure where it is. Is it on the icemaker itself or on the opening under it that connects it to the freezer or somewhere else in the freezer? Some guidance would be much appreciated.

By Vivian from Falls Church, VA


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By JOBI09/17/2011

Use your blow dryer on your fill cup. Sometimes, the fill cup will get frozen up with water. Once you melt the ice in the fill cup; should work fine. Give freezer time to get cold before new ice starts.High Humidity was my cause for build up.

RE: Troubleshooting Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker

Question: Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice

I have a Kenmore Elite Model 795.7107 refrigerator. My one month old ice maker will not dispense the ice into the ice container. We can tell the ice is frozen. The tray starts to turn, but will not empty. It returns to the position it was in. What could be stopping it from emptying?

By Jane from WI

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By Jan R.07/25/2013

How can I get the ice tray out of my Kenmore Elite 106.5770? I removed the door in front of the maker. The left side has a locking pin that I can press to release the left side but the right side seems to have a lock of its own, that I cannot find. Any hints?

Question: Water Dispenser Works Icemaker Does Not

I have a side by side ice and water dispenser on the outside of my freezer door. The water dispenser works, but there is no water going to my ice maker.

By Delois

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By Diane Foth05/22/2012

Mine has done this too. I turned temp gauges to both fridge and freezer to off or zero. I then removed everything from the freezer and defrosted it completely .Something is frozen and blocking your water flow. You can leave the stuff in the fridge just keep it closed. Hopefully this will work for you too.


Question: Water Not Getting into Fridge for Icemaker and Dispenser

I have an Electrolux stainless steel fridge. The water and the ice maker have stopped working. I don't hear the water going into the fridge. The water from the main line does work. This is the second time, before I had a technician come in and he repaired it. I am not quite sure what he changed. Can some one help with what the possible culprit is?

By Wayne

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By fastfootedd03/23/2013

I just had this problem. Turned out the larger black rubber tube which feeds the tray had frozen solid. I took out the ice maker and used a hair dryer to melt the ice and squeezed the black tube to help breakup the ice. Put the ice maker back in and turned up the Freezer temperature one notch and it began to work as normal.

Question: Water Not Getting to Icemaker

My ice maker is no longer making ice. The water doesn't feed into the icemaker, but I get water from the dispenser. We have cleaned out the ice bin and used the hair dryer to defrost everything. Any suggestions? The refrigerator is about 5 years old.

By Wanda

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Any luck with that issue? I assume it needs a new Solenoid valve - just wondering what you did to solve it since I have same problem - plus the ice maker isn't rotating- not sure what controls water level in the tray to keep it from continually filling.

Question: Kenmore Water Dispenser Works Ice Dispenser Does Not

I have a 1997 Kenmore side by side refrigerator. I have water, but the ice maker is not working. I can hear it trying to work, but there is no ice.

By Gerri E

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By Marlyn 05/17/2011

We have this problem sometimes, too. We unplug the refrigerator for awhile, as something in the ice maker seems to get frozen. Hope this works for you!

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Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker Isn't Making Ice

My Kenmore ice maker has stopped working although the water is still dispensing from the front. Please help with any and all troubleshooting ideas?

By Rose from Tampa, FL

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By luv [5]02/23/2011

I had a problem, too. Turned out that the heater that allows the ice to be released was bad and I had to replace the unit.

Question: Water Not Getting to Fridge Ice Maker

My Kenmore refrigerator icemaker will not make ice. Water will not dispense to the ice maker. All other water supplies are functional.

By D.R.Pearson from NC

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By Aunt L.07/16/2013

Replace the water valve. It's an easy job. Worked for us.

Question: Ice Maker Not Working

Our Kenmore side by side with factory installed ice maker is not making ice at all. Prior to this for some reason every once in a while we would have water spilled forming icicles, otherwise we would have ice. Now nothing happens, no ice or spilled water to form the icicles. Suggestions?

By J. Peterson

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By DCA [4]02/20/2015

You can contact the manufacturer for possible help or request a service company recommendation.

Question: Repairing an Ice Maker

Where you push against the bar to activate the ice maker, it started being hard to push and almost clicks when I push against it. It's a Kenmore Elite side by side. The happens whether you get ice or water.

By Tina A

Most Recent Answer

By AdamH12/19/2014

Likely the switch mount is broken. Watch this video to fix it. http://youtu.be/p9GjSqi6eY4

Question: Ice Maker Bin Fills Then Freezes Solid

My Kenmore side by side makes ice fine, but it always freezes solid in the holding bin. I defrost and clean it out once it gets full, but the cycle starts over. This has been going on for at least a year or longer. Also, we can get water from the door dispenser, but not ice. Any suggestions on what may be the problem and how we can fix it?

By ml

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By AdamH12/19/2014

Sounds like the dispenser door flap is not closing all the way and the airflow that goes up into your bin changes the ice to a block.

Question: Ice Sticking to Bottom of Ice Maker Bin

Ice freezes in the bin of my Kenmore two door refrigerator and when I push the dispenser it turns round and round, but because ice freezes in bottom of bin, no ice comes out.

I take it out and clean the frozen ice out, and it works for a few times, but it soon refreezes again.

By Carol S. from Aurora, CO

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By AdamH12/19/2014

Sounds like the dispenser door flap is not closing all the way and the airflow that goes up into your bin changes the ice to a block.

Question: Reinstalling the Ice Bin in Kenmore Refrigerator

I removed the ice bin assembly from my Kenmore Elite 106 side by side to clean out the ice dispenser and cannot reinsert the assembly into the door. It will not go down far enough to lock into place. I have tried wiggling shaking, hitting gently - no luck.

By Ron K.

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By Lynne F.03/22/2014

This happened to us, too. Can't get it back in. Any answers/help? Thanks.

Question: Ice Maker Stopped Working

Ice bin was full so I emptied it and now the ice maker isn't making any ice. Suggestions?

By Chris

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By Roberta Mason [1]10/30/2013

When you put it back in, did you lower the wire bar that lets ice maker know bin is full?
Also, did you check to make sure the bin clicked into the correct position?

Question: Kenmore Ice Bin Freezes Up

I have a 2008 Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator, model #106.58912801. The ice bin freezes up about every two days. The door chute assembly was replaced by a Sears tech approx. 2years ago. I have cleaned it out numerous times and inspected flapper assembly with a flashlight. (no light shows through) Also I have noticed that the middle pillar section between where the doors close around ice bin area appears very warm to the touch to me all the time. Any ideas? Thanks.

By Bob

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By AdamH12/19/2014

The middle pillar is where the auto-defrost wires are located inside.

Question: New Ice Maker Doesn't Work

I installed a new ice maker and a new water valve and either one will work.

By Lavonne

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By don7214211/20/2014

My whirlpool fridge will not eject the ice from the tray. I have replaced with a new board, and it freezes ice but will not cut and eject.

Question: Ice Maker Not Getting Water

The ice maker in a Kitchenaid refrigerator is not calling for water to the ice maker.

By Dave

Most Recent Answer

By Vicki H.12/20/2012

Can only say that I had the same problem and the diagnosis was the very small spigot connecting to supply was at fault. It is under the sink. Spigot is not the right word. Best described as a small faucet or valve? I was told it was a common problem.

Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working

I have a Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator that will not make ice or will not fill up. I tried the hairdryer, but didn't work.

By Keith

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Is the release lever in the 'on' position? I ask only because I had the same problem once and it turned out I hadn't realized it was accidently pushed to the off position when cleaning - LOL.

Question: Kenmore Eilte Ice Bin Stuck

My Kenmore Elite side by side ice bin is stuck. Not only that, it will not dispense ice anymore. It makes a grinding sound on the cube or crush setting. However, what I want to do is remove the bin entirely from the door and it is stuck. I have removed the ice, used the blow dryer, etc. and it is stuck even when pressing the side release. How do I get it out without breaking it?

By Tracy E

Most Recent Answer

By mccormacn06/20/2013

We have a side by side and the ice bin gets stuck due to ice melting and then freezing on the underside of the bin. Don't know why it happens, but we first empty the bin of all ice from the top of the bin. Then we place large beach towels around the floor under the freezer door and pour water through the top of the ice bin(you can try to catch the water through the dispenser on the outside of the door or at the base of the freezer door with a bowl or cups).

It takes a while of doing this to melt the ice that's blocking the ice dispenser. We can usually see big chunks of ice blocking the dispenser by taking a flashlight and looking up into the dispenser from the outside of the freezer door. Then after pouring the water through a couple times, we take a long sturdy plastic handle and try to break up the ice stuck in the dispenser(either through the ice bin downward or on the outside upwards through the dispenser while holding the flap back).
It's a real pain!

Question: Icemaker and Water Dispenser Not Working

The icemaker and water dispenser on my Kenmore side by side refrigerator does not work with the new filter in place. They work fine when the filter is out.

By David B

Most Recent Answer

By DavidM [1]07/14/2012

How old is the fridge?

Question: Finding a Replacement Kenmore Icemake

My icemaker stopped working and the model # sticker was not on the icemaker. The refrigerator is model #363.9735756, serial #l30244063, what model do I need to replace this unit?

By Adolphus from Gray Court, SC

Most Recent Answer

By Pat03/09/2012

Check with your Sears appliance department or a Sears repair shop if you have one near. Also check the Sears repair site on the internet. Enter your model number and a parts list should come up.


Question: Ice Maker Leaks Water Inside Freezer

I have a Kenmore refrigerator with a ice maker that was working fine. Then it started leaking water into the inside of the freezer unit from the ice maker. It drips water from the back of the ice maker all the time. This is making a mess in my freezer, how can I fix it?

By Rick B.

Most Recent Answer

By dummy08/08/2013

There is a rubber tube on the back of the fridge that feeds the ice maker. Pull it out of the fridge....you'll likely find its frozen solid. Thaw in a cup of hot water or use a hair dryer. This is usually caused by blocked or old water filter. The water is supposed to "shoot" down the tube to fill the ice tray, but its down to a dribble and is freezing before reaching the tray. You can replace the filter of simply remove it and screw in the by-pass cover.

Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Won't Release Ice Cubes

Our Kenmore ice maker tray has ice in it, but it won't release it and make more. The water spout is empty, should it have water in it waiting? Can I replace the ice maker myself? Kenmore Elite Model No. 106.52602100


Most Recent Answer

By Deborah Kaye R.05/29/2011

Usually ice sticks because of mineral buildup in the tray. Take the tray off and soak it overnight in vinegar. Repeat if needed until the inside of the tray feels smooth. Some people even spray Pam inside the trays and dump the first cubes.

Question: Cleaning a Sears Ice Maker

How do I clean my ice maker in my Sears freezer so that it works?

By darlingbeth from Long Island, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Laura Brown [2]04/10/2010

Do you see a lot of lime buildup? If so soak some cotton balls with vinegar wait about an hour or so it'll come right off.Mine quits sometimes and I have to unplug my fridge and put a blow dryer on hot on it for a bit (where the water comes out and goes into trays) and it'll start back making ice again. Not sure if this will help but good luck.

Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice

My ice maker just stopped doing anything. I pulled it out and opened it up. There is no damage or burnt/broken components. Nothing appears damaged at all. The water tube seems clear. I filled the little bowl with water and it froze, but did not dispense. The light on the inside wall of the freezer gives no error messages. It is as if a fuse is blown, but I did not think these things had fuses. Is there a circuit board that might need to be replaced?

    By AmericanEOD [1]

    Question: Ice Maker Not Working

    My Kenmore model#5967523 all of a sudden doesn't work. There are no ice cubes being made.

    By Ron S.

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working

    I have a Kenmore refrigerator model number 106.76232402. Will it work without the ice maker?

    By Arthur

    Question: In-Door Ice Maker Not Working

    I just purchased a new Kenmore Elite side by side 30 cu ft refrigerator freezer. I have water in the door, but the ice maker will not work. The water dispenser works. Sears hooked up the unit, but I had to wait 24 hours for ice to work, it is now 72 hours and still doesn't work. My old Kenmore made ice on the same connection. Help.

    By Jack D.

    Question: Kenmore Icemaker Not Working Properly

    I have a Kenmore top freezer fridge with ice maker. It still makes ice but not enough to cover bottom of the bin. Any suggestions?

    By Jessica W

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Problem

    The ice gets stuck on top of the ice maker then water pours out and won't stop running.

    By Patti

    Question: Turning on a Kenmore Ice Maker

    How do I turn the ice maker back on? There is a nice off button to push and I believe it is off. How do I turn it on? It is a Kenmore side by side bottom drawer. It is 2 years old. icemaker controls

    By Jp

    Question: Too Much Water Getting to Ice Maker

    My Kenmore refrigerator is a side by side, model # 106.55649500. I replaced the broken ice maker. The new one makes ice fine, but when it refills with water it refills 2 times immediately. The first time the water tray is filled up OK. Then it turns on again and when it does the tray overflows. I've adjusted the screw on the side, but it doesn't help as the water simply turns on two times. Any ideas?

    By Jackson

    Question: Ice Cubes Have Bits of Plastic in Them

    I have a Kenmore side by side. When using crushed ice we find small pieces of plastic in it.

    By Mike

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Flap Stays Open

    Why does the ice maker dispenser flap in the door stay open?

    By Larry from Union City, TN

    Question: Icemaker Makes Ice and Then Freezes Up

    My Kenmore side by side model #106 (?) 9555312 makes cubes, but then ices up in the back on the left (yeah, where the water tube shoots in) about 1/2 way thru a totally full bin. Then the dispenser is unable to produce cubes thru the door because the (inner spring?) in unable to move because of it being frozen to the blockage. The water tube is clear, obviously. Why would it make cubes, then create a frozen block and tube is open?

    By Annie

    Question: Repairing a Kenmore Ice and Water Dispenser

    My water/crushed ice/cube ice dispenser suddenly stop working! I have Kenmore side-by side refrigerator, model 3639557720.
    How can I repair it?
    Thank you.

    By George

    Question: Ice Maker Not Making Ice

    My ice maker keeps freezing up and stops making ice. It's a fridge with the drawer freezer on the bottom, Kenmore model #106.72002010.

    By Kirk

    Question: Ice Maker Clogging With Ice

    It keeps freezing up and then stops making ice. It's a fridge with the drawer freezer on the bottom, Kenmore model #106.72002010.

    By Kirk

    Question: Ice Maker Works Intermittently

    My ice maker works for a couple days then quits working entirely. It will make a few trays of ice before quitting.

    By Greg M

    Question: Sears Ice Maker Only Dispenses Crushed Ice

    I have a through the door ice maker with a switch for crushed ice or whole cubes. No matter which setting is selected the ice comes out crushed. What do I need to look for or do to fix?

    By John

    Question: Side by Side Kenmore Ice Machine Quit Working

    My side by side Kenmore ice machine quit today. After reading some of these answers, I found there was no blinking light on the right wall while holding down the flapper on the left wall. What does that tell me?

    By Patricia

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice

    The ice maker is making ice, but it won't dispense down to the dispenser. How can I fix that?

    By Baovy

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working

    My Kenmore bottom freezer ice maker stopped making ice. This happened a year ago and was caused by the thermostat that regulates humidity. The coils were all iced up. That is not the problem this time. How do I get the gears to move, to sort of re-set the mechanism?

    By shaneDn

    Question: Kenmore Model 106 Icemaker Arm Not Working

    It will make one batch of ice and dump and refill, but the arm will not go back down.

    By HD

    Question: Kenmore Side by Side Not Making Ice

    My Kenmore side by side is about 10 years old. It worked fine until I moved to another location. When I started it back up the water works fine and it dumped one tray of ice. I tried a new filter top right, but it pops back out. Any suggestions? I had a service tech look at it. He thought it was a bad filter so he sold me another filter, but same thing happened.

    By vicki

    Question: Refrigerator Won't Dump Ice into Bin

    My Kenmore refrigerator is 10 yrs old. It has a red beam eye (sensor) control. The right side on/off switch has a second red light that is flashing. The red beam lights, one on each side, are not on. This beam is in front of the ice maker.

    By Jesse

    Question: Ice Maker Not Making Crushed Ice

    My ice maker is making ice, but the crushed ice will not work.

    By Ronnie J

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice

    I have a Kenmore, side by side, model 106.53662300. It is making ice, but will not dump it. It seems that if I use a blow dryer that it loosens up something, not sure what, and then it will dump. The fingers are usually in the correct position, but not always. We had this issue a few months ago and babied it through it. Then it started working just like it always did. Now it is acting up again. Before that there was a lot of frost on the fingers, ice maker, etc. This time there isn't any frost. My husband removed the ice maker last night and we didn't see anything obviously wrong. He put it back in and I think it worked twice, and that was it. I have gotten it to dump once today by using the blow dryer.

    By Mindi C

    Question: Ice Maker Not Making Ice

    My refrigerator won't make ice. The water side works.

    By cy

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Won't Dump the Ice

    I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator, model 106.56679500. The ice maker has frozen water, the filter was replaced maybe a month earlier, the water dispenser works, but ice quit dumping 3 weeks later. I wonder if the light that senses if ice is in the dispenser is out, thus thinking dispenser is full or if the ice maker is broker. Suggestions?

    By Jon McK

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Not Making Ice

    I have a Kenmore refrigerator with bottom freezer. I bought it in 2009. I turned off the ice maker for the winter and when I turned it back on it is not making ice. I did check to make sure there is water to the unit and that checked out. It also makes a noise like it is doing something, but no ice.
    Any ideas?

    By Karen

    Question: Kenmore Elite Ice Maker Not Working

    There is ice frozen in the ice maker, but it doesn't dump them into the ice bucket.

    By Myra J.

    Question: Sears Kenmore Elite Not Dumping Ice

    I have a Kenmore Elite Model 106.58972700 and it does not make ice, but has frozen ice in the top waiting to be dumped. Now the meat part seems to be freezing in the drawer of the refrigerator. I am not sure if the two are from the same trouble. The ice bin has been clean.

    By Martha B from Arkadelphia, AR

    Question: Ice Forming on the Side and Bottom of Ice Maker Bucket

    I have a KitchenAid side by side refrigerator. Ice is forming on the side and bottom of the ice bucket, preventing the freezer door from closing properly. Also, the cube dispenser has begun dispensing a mixture of frost and cubes. (A plastic piece broke off a while ago and the machine no longer creates crushed ice. Could that be part of the problem?)

    By KHS

    Question: Kenmore Side by Side Ice Maker Quit Working

    I just moved into a condo and the ice maker worked fine for the first few days then stopped. Does anyone know how to fix it? Please and thanks for any help you may be able to give to me.

    By Elizabeth from London, Ontario

    Question: Kenmore Trio Ice Maker Not Working

    My Kenmore Trio with ice maker in the freezer drawer is not making ice. I changed the filter, but it is still not making ice?

    By Charlie F.

    Question: Kenmore Coldspot 106-53334300 Not Making Ice

    My freezer works great, the refrigerator works great, the icemaker does not make ice! I am confused as to where exactly you use the blow dryer. Is it in the back panel or around the icemaker? Please help.

    By Francisco

    Question: Troubleshooting an Icemaker

    The ice maker on a Kenmore side by side will only harvest ice about twice in a 24 hr. period. I have replaced the ice maker and water filter. The water line is OK and the ice maker will freeze water.

    By Paul from Raleigh, NC

    Question: Replacing a Kenmore Through the Door Ice Maker

    My Kenmore refrigerator, model 106.58904801 through the door ice maker is blocked. I used a hair dryer to melt the ice, but too much heat deformed the rubber flap door, dislodged the door mechanism and caused other damage. The electric motor for water and ice is no longer audible. The water stopped also, but the light works. How do I get and replace unit?

    By Greg from NYC, NY

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Making Squealing Noise

    Our Kenmore side by side ice maker makes a very loud squeal when on max. We drink a lot of ice water and the regular setting does not keep up. What's with the high pitched noise?

    By Greg from Monroe, WA

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice

    I have a Kenmore refrigerator/freezer. The icemaker works fine, but the ice "sticks" in the chute. It won't dispense.

    Solution ... ?

    By Rich from Manassas, VA

    Question: Kenmore Ice Maker Leaks Water into Ice Bucket

    I have a Kenmore refrigerator model # 106.52572202. The ice maker is making ice and then appears to leak water into the ice bucket and freeze over. Is the heater not operating correctly and leaving cubes and then causing water to leak into bucket? How do I fix it?

    By Ken from Summerville, SC

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