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Treating a Rash on Feet

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Rash on Feet

Knowing what is causing the irritation can help you treat the problem. This guide is about treating a rash on feet.



Here are questions related to Treating a Rash on Feet.

Question: Rash On Tops of Feet

I have persistent and very itchy rash on the top of both feet. This may be called a friction sore if it oozes and is aggravated by wearing shoes.

This started as a tiny insect-like bite on the top of my right foot a year ago. It itched like crazy and when I scratched it the sore increased to the size of 50c. I got some relief with triamcinolone acetonide cream .01% prescribed by a podiatrist, but didn't completely heal the sore.

After a few months the sore "magically" appeared on the top of my left foot, where it has been for over a year now. A dermatologist prescribed flucoinonide cream .05% and it seemed to clear up after a few days, but never healed completely.

Ethyl alcohol in hand sanitizer products will control the itching temporarily. I try not to scratch as this usually results in oozing and makes wearing shoes difficult.

I am still searching for the magical product that will completely heal these sores.

By Chagrined from Chagrin Falls, OH


Best Answers

By Barbara Pope [10]04/30/2011

Have you considered whether it could the fabric in the shoes, or maybe dye, or something else about the shoes you are wearing? Maybe even the socks you are wearing? Even if it has never happened before, it is possible.

Best Answers

By Joyce Pikey [2]04/26/2011

If any of these suggestions don't work for you I have one more thing you might want to try. My sister swears by it. That is Preparation H cream rub it on at night and put on a pair of white socks. Try it for a few days and see if it helps. I hope you find a cure soon. I had a rash years ago on the heel of my hand and tried everything I could get my hands on. It felt like the bone was even itching. It finally went away when I moved from the house I lived in. It had to be something there. Good luck.

Best Answers

By tootic [2]04/20/2011

I had a mysterious itchy rash on my lower legs (not my feet). Used chilled Bragg organic apple cider vinegar 3 or 4 x a day for about 4 days & it helped. Told a friend who had the same problem & it worked for her also. I think any brand apple cider vinegar would do the same. Hope it works for you.

Best Answers


I used to have that kind of a rash. It's a foot fungus. It happened because I wasn't changing socks every day and changing which shoes I wore each day. Use Tinactin, the important ingredient is tolnaftate.

Question: Rash on Top of Feet

I have a red rash on top of my foot that is made up of 4 lines approximately 1 cm in width that turn circular to my toes.
My dermatologist has never seen anything like it. Does anyone know what it could be?

By Pat from RI


Best Answers

By Nancy12/10/2010

I had a red itchy rash only on the tops of both feet for 6 months. Nothing I tried worked to stop the itch. I finally went to a dermatologist and he diagnosed it as an allergic reaction to the leather straps of my very expensive sandals. I own another pair that I wore all last year with no problems, but the newer pair apparently has something different in the leather. I stopped wearing the shoes, took an antihistamine for the itch and applied a prescription cream. After one week the rash is totally gone. I will try wearing socks the the guilty shoes to see if that will work. They are just too expensive to give away.

Best Answers

By Kris05/12/2009

I have this problem also. Last summer I had a rash on one of my feet for most of the summer. Then this spring as soon as I started wearing flip-flops and flats it flared up. The rash is red, very itchy at times and almost blistered. I used a high strength hydrocortisone, but it didn't seem to do much.

My doctor and I finally figured out (I hope!) that it's actually photosensitivity (a reaction to the sun). She thought I might have had a sunburn on that foot at one time. I also take high blood pressure medication (a diuretic) that can cause photosensitivity. I've been wearing socks or sunscreen for a few days now and it's improving a lot.

Best Answers

By Rudy (Guest Post)08/01/2008

Hi folks, Enough said above. Here is what you need to do.
1. Go to a dermatologist.
2. Before you make an appointment, find out if the dermatologist treats feet with rash, fungus or what ever problem you are having with your feet. Not all dermatologists are specialized in the same field.
3. When you get there, pay attention. Before any treatment is prescribed, the dermatologist should take a sample of your skin and send it to a lab for testing to diagnose the correct infection. If that is not being done, tell the dermatologist politely to have a sample of the infected area sent to a lab for testing. The reason why this is important. They are several types of feet infections that look the same and all the cures are different.

Question: Itchy Rash on Top of My Foot

I have this itchy rash on the top of my foot. It looks like tiny bumps and it itches a lot. It came up overnight, can anyone tell me what this could be?

By Daisy A.

Best Answers

By susan [5]06/27/2011

Have you been wearing sandals with metal against the foot (from holding on a flower, beads, or any other design feature). It may be a metal allergy. I am allergic to metals and cannot wear many sandals because of this problem.

Best Answers

By Sharon06/27/2011

Be sure to wear all cotton socks and use Bag Balm on it. My husband had this problem and the all cotton socks and Bag Balm worked.

Question: Red Rash on Foot

I have a red rash on my foot. At first I thought it was athlete's foot. After three weeks of treatment with Lotrimin there is no improvement. In fact it seems to be spreading. It burns, but does not itch. The skin varies in color from red dots to red flaking skin to red dots on smooth skin. What might this be and how do I get rid of it? Thanks


Most Recent Answer

By Janet [7]07/20/2013

I had a red rash on one foot for quite a while. Nothing helped. Finally I decided it was the socks I was wearing. I started to soak my foot in salt water everyday, & within a few days the rash disappeared.

Question: What to Do for a Rash on My Feet and Shins?

I have a red rash on the tops of my feet and shins. It began on one foot then it migrated to the other. It does not itch nor is it scaly. It does not hurt either. It is also on the back on my heel. Any ideas? Thanks.

Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]05/02/2010

I would go to see a podiatrist.

Question: Treating a Foot Rash

I have a severe rash all over my feet; it itches so badly I take the skin right off my feet. It's both on the top and bottom. I thought athletes foot was just on the bottoms of feet and between toes, so I'm wondering what it might be.

By Renzo

Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]06/07/2012

Athletes foot is fungal, so it is systemic and could easily spread. Have you tried soaking your feet in epsom salts or a vinegar-water solution, neither would hurt and they might alleviate the itch. I'd use tea tree oil on them also--as it will take care of fungal issues and can help heal just about anything. Are you by any chance allergic to something your feet have come into contact with, walked through poison ivy, gone to a locker room without flip-flops, worn socks/shoes with a different product make-up, changed detergents, etc? I one time threw an entire mango into my morning smoothie (I have a high speed blender), not realizing that mangos are in the poison ivy family and you shouldn't eat the skin. I broke out in a horrible rash and itched so bad--nothing would releive it. It lasted for weeks. After an internet search I realized what I did, but for over 2 years, I could not eat a bite of mango without breaking out in the rash again. This can be so frustrating.

Question: Identifying a Rash

Could anyone help me identify this rash, please? It started on my shin and migrated to my foot. It doesn't hurt or burn, but itches sometimes. I have put anti-fungal med on it but it doesn't appear to respond.

By B. from NY, NY

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]04/29/2014

You should probably consult a doctor, being the anti-fungal cream doesn't help.

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