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Cheap Storage Solutions

Rocks inside two mason jars.

If you get creative, there are so many cheap storage solutions right in front of you. Consider re-purposing items when you have a storage need. This page contains cheap storage solutions.


Video: Upcycled Bottle Top Bag Sealer

Make your own airtight enclosures for goodies using empty plastic drink bottles. This method works with any bag as long as you don't bunch it up so the bottle-cap-screwing-action can still happen. Learn how, in this short video.

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Solutions: Cheap Storage Solutions

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Tip: Upcycled Bottle Top Bag Sealer

Upcycled Bottle Top Bag Sealer

I don't always have spare containers or chip-clips handy (or have them at all) so I make my own airtight enclosures for my goodies using empty plastic drink bottles. My demo photos are coffee beans in a regular plastic bag, the other is a thicker plastic bag from chocolate chips. This method works with any bag as long as you don't bunch it up so the bottle-cap-screwing-action can still happen. Enjoy!

Approximate Time: 3 minutes


  • 1 empty plastic bottle
  • 1 serrated knife
  • 1 bag of goodies
Upcycled Bottle Top Bag Sealer


  1. Carefully cut the top off of your empty plastic bottle.
  2. Unscrew the cap and push the top of the bag holding your goodies up through the spout of the bottle.
  3. Upcycled Bottle Top Bag Sealer
  4. Pull the bag through as far as it will go to push out all the air. The goodies will rise to the lip of the bottle top. Roll down plastic bag over the lip of the bottle. Screw on the bottle cap.
  5. Voila! Airtight!
Upcycled Bottle Top Bag Sealer

By attosa [136]

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Tip: Reuse Food Containers for Storage

Like most homemakers, I was always buying Tupperware or some store type of food storage containers. And like most people, I was always losing the lids. So there I was with containers and no way to seal them. One day, the sun shone on my brain and I realized I had lots of containers that I had bought at the store and then thrown away.

Jars, lots and lots of jars and plastic containers with lids are available when the filling is used up. I will not buy another container because I find it easier to use a clear jar with a lid to put leftovers in the refrigerator. They store dried beans, rice, macaroni, and all kinds of things. If one breaks, no big deal as it is easily replaced with another jar and another jar and on and on. If my husband needs a container, he can go to the pantry and pick one from the shelf. He doesn't have to worry about ever putting it back either. I love jars and jugs!

By Elaine from OK

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Tip: Clear Strawberry Containers as Storage

Clear Strawberry Containers as StorageClear Strawberry Containers as Storage

Being a Grandma gives me the excuse to have a lot of crayons and markers around. To keep everything in storage, I use clear leftover strawberry containers. They even lock on the ends. You can also very easily stack them.

    By lnygaard [100]

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    Tip: Decorated Storage Jar

    Decorated Storage Jar

    I keep all of the large size plastic jars that cheese balls come in. I like to keep little things in them. Here is a picture of one I put an old calendar picture in. You can also place little metal baskets in the top, making it a double decker storage jar.

      By Robyn [369]

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      Article: Free Kitchen Storage Containers

      I live in the "backwoods" of Montana. In June of 2011, we had very heavy rainfall that resulted in my kitchen ceiling leaking. I was trying to figure out how to keep my pantry dry and thought about the old fashioned 1 gallon glass jars. I took a trip in to my local grocery store to see if I could get some at the deli.

      I ended up with 1 Gallon plastic salad dressing containers. They work awesome for storing sugar, flour, cornmeal, baking mix, macaroni, cereal, rolled oats, dried milk, crackers, trail mix; you name it. They have a base of about 8 inches square, they have a pretty blue screw on lid and a very convenient handle on the side. I tore off the label and made my own for the outside. If there is a recipe that is on the outside of the bag (cornbread or biscuits, etc.), I simply cut it off of the bag, stick it in a baggie, and tuck it in with the baking mix or cornmeal.

      Another added benefit of these containers is that I can see at a glance what I am almost out of when I make out my grocery list. I then bring home my groceries, open the packages, and dump them into the proper container.

      The only mistake I made was telling everyone in the Deli what I use them for and now the ladies are taking them home themselves. These awesome containers are being thrown away on a daily basis by any restaurant or deli that uses salad dressing. I didn't spend a dime :)

      By Linny from Roundup, MT

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      Tip: Mugs for Storage

      We have too many mugs! So, I use some of them on tops of bookcases, file cabinets, dressers, etc. to store small items. One contains a pair of scissors, buttons, and single earrings for sewing and crafts. Another contains pens, pencils, paper clips, small erasers, and tiny office supplies.

      By Vivian P.

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      Tip: Reuse Plastic Bedding Packages For Storage

      I save the packages from blankets and sheet sets (the nice ones with zippers) and use them to store all kinds of things that need to be kept clean and dry. I also take the boxes that the copier paper comes in at work and use them to store items. I've also found that these boxes stack better than luggage in the back of our van when we go on long road trips.

      Source: my mom did these things

      By cdoss from Cincinnati, OH

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      Tip: More Storage Ideas - Reusing Containers

      You can cover many smooth containers (such as bread crumbs or nut cans) with decorative Con-Tact or wrapping paper and fill them with homemade cookies or candy for gifts. You can also use them to store food (Pringle cans hold 1 lb. spaghetti), make-up (small Pounce-type cat treat cans hold Q-tips and applicators), jewelry (Sucretes and Altoids hold small pins and earrings), grooming (bobby pins, hair clips), medicines (small tubes of ointment) cleaning items (partially-used steel wool pads) and craft supplies (beads, eyes, ribbons, small flowers), almost anything!

        By karenlynn [3]

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        Tip: Storing Books and Hobbies

        My son had his own apartment, but now has moved back home. He had purchased a pantry for the apartment. It is the kind that comes in a box to be assembled at home. Last weekend, he put a lot of his collection of books inside the cabinet. Now I wish he had two! I love it because it has doors to keep the dust off the books.

        He has a very large Lego collection and I was thinking that type of unit would be wonderful for any hobby materials. It would be good for scrapbooking, knitting, crafts, etc. It might even be used for a home office! Keep your eyes open for used units at second hand stores, or shop your own home and repurpose units you already own!

        Good luck!

        By Carol from Wyoming, PA

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        Tip: Backpacks for Storage

        I found that all the old school backpacks can be put to use as storage for under the bed and in corners of bookcases and such. They look nice and they can hold a number of things in them.

        I plan to organize my 9 year old's clothes and keep the sweaters in there for the really cold weather. I am always looking for storage ideas since our house has no closets in it! :)

        By Robyn Fed from Hampton, TN

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        Tip: Don't Use Cardboard For Long Term Storage

        If you are storing long-term, do not use cardboard boxes. Anything can happen to them, be it roof leakage or bugs or mice.

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        Tip: Extra Storage With Tote Bags

        I use colorful cloth or plastic tote bags as storage for many things: reusable plastic bags, bits of fabrics and trims, travel items, scarves and shawls, gloves and mittens. I hang the bags from cute racks or pegs so they look nice. Most of the bags are purchased from thrift stores or from department stores.

        By Ann

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        Tip: Wooden Crates From Clementines For Storage

        In our area Clementines come in nice little wooden crates. I have a bunch, which I have turned upside down on the computer monitor and the TV. Because they are small, they fit that ridge, so I can use it for storage.


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        Here are questions related to Cheap Storage Solutions.

        Question: Frugal Storage Ideas?

        I am moving to a small 1 bedroom flat and need some funky ideas for storage for my craft stuff, also everything else. I hope ThriftyFun members can help me. Many thanks.

        By Helen from U.K

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        Most Recent Answer

        By soizic bluestone 9 30 10/08/2009

        For more storage space I also hiked up two bunk beds with PVC pipe to store things under them. I am of a short stature person and so are my kids, to create more space I used this to my advantage.

        The put together bookcases sold at most hardware stores (have 5 shelves) are about 6 feet tall. Taller than me.
        I placed 2 against a wall and 2 in the middle of the room facing each other -- i then laid closet maid (about 6 feet long, about 6 of them) wire shelving across these bookcases making a loft type of storage

        Since there are only 4 in the family each of us use one bookcases to store our clothes/shoes (I drape sheets over the shelves to hide away the messy clothes folding my kids use) and that enables me to use the closet for more storage

        I also have a counter dividing the kitchen and dining/living room. Since when I moved in the counter was only in a T shape, I placed shelving under the T on either side creating more storage.

        i also store plastic storage boxes under my outside bench and in the living room as seating areas

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        Question: Shopping for XL and XXL Storage Bags

        What are the best XL and XXL bags available? Space Bags have received terrible reviews. Why haven't any of the other companies stepped up to fill the void?

        What is the largest vacuumed sealed bag available through Reynolds? If they don't make the large and XL and XXL, why not?


        By Diane

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Trish Mastriano 1 117 07/11/2011

        I forgot to mention that I have tried many brands of the vacuum seal type bags you are talking about. They tear easily & the zippers are just impossible & I have yet to go it the attic to find one still un-inflated.
        God Bless.
        Trish in CT

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        Below are photos related to this guide.

        Frugal Cereal Box Storage

        To make frugal storage, take a jumbo cereal box and glue a smaller cereal box inside that one. Decorate with nice fabric. and you have storage for papers and things.

        By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

        Cereal box storage covered with green and white fabric

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        Recycle Cake Pan For Storage

        I scarfed these cake containers from my grandson's recent party.

        For this one, I now keep all my articles and magazines to read during quiet time, commercials, or any time I have some time to read. Your coffee table may not be like mine, but you can also use these for:

        • Storing owner's manuals in the garage.
        • Keeping yarn separated on a shelf.

        • An "emergency kit" in the trunk.

        • Keeping spuds and onions in the cupboard.

        • Keeping salad things together in the fridge.

        • Storing copy paper beside the printer.

        • Keep by the door for junk mail or recycled magazines.

        • This is tricky, but can be done: set it empty in the flatest surface you can inside the freezer, then fill with water. Don't try and fill it then lift it, it's too flimsy. When frozen, set a sheet ice cream cake on it for a party. Then use the melted water for plants or pets.

        There are tons of uses for these wonderful clear cake tops. Any one of your "ITF" (Ingenius Thrifty Funers") care to add to the list?

        By Poor But Proud from Salem, OR

        Recycle Cake Pan for Storage

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        Patio Storage Table

        I store lots of things on the patio and throughout the house. We have a hundred year old house with no closets, so we have to get creative.

        I had an extra plastic kitchen size waste receptacle, and I had an extra lid that had belonged to a plastic storage tub. It just about fit the top of the trash can, it could not be too big or objects would fall off and it would be uneven. I use this to store things in and also as a desk to write on and to set things on.

        It has been a blessing to me to have these ideas on how to store. I got this original idea from this site years ago, when I asked for help with organizing things. The original tip said to get a huge garbage pail, the black kind and put a wooded table topper on it and then a table cloth.

        I had this white plastic table cloth, from when I used it over a window in a back room that was really drafty, after a friend broke the window.

        I have really enjoyed using things I already have around the house for things I am in need of. I wanted to share how beautiful these little storage tables can be.

        By Robyn F. from TN

        A plastic storage container covered with a white cloth and used as an outdoor table.

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        Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

        Archive: Frugal Storage Ideas?

        We have moved from a big house to a smaller one and have less storage space and less space in general. We have a car port instead of a garage and live in a rainy climate so it's not easy to store much outside. Does anyone have some tips for storing items when you have a limited amount of space or some effective ways to store items outside in a rainy and cold climate? Or, are storage units worth the money? Thanks.



        RE: Brainstorm: Frugal Storage Ideas?

        I used Rubbermaid-type storage containers for storing Christmas decorations. I had them stacked outside, and during the rain and snow of MI winter, the contents remained dry.Storage units are expensive and inconvenient when you unexpectedly need something.So I would suggest taking the time to organize similar items in appropriately-size plastic storage containers, label them, and put them under your carport, if possible. It would be a good time to simplify and declutter your life by deciding if you really need to keep all that you have from your big house. - Errick (04/03/2001)

        RE: Frugal Storage Ideas?

        I got bed lifts. I can't remember what they are called exactly but they are very sturdy hard plastic things that go under the posts of a bed and add 6 inches to the storage space under my bed, they were with the back to school dorm room stuff at Walmart. I love them. I got mine last year and I love the space and the height of my "new" bed feels luxurious. I got large storage containers that are the length of the width of my twin bed and I keep holiday decor, gift wrapping supplies and extra linens in them. (07/02/2006)

        By meenah

        RE: Frugal Storage Ideas?

        What about the attic space in your house? I climbed up a ladder into the crawl space in my bedroom closet and was AMAZED at how much space I was wasting up there! I just cut some plyboard to fit through the crawl space hole,and then put them together after I got up into the attic for flooring over the rafters,wow a whole new floor of storage space. Hope this gives you some ideas too. (11/20/2006)

        By grammaoftwo

        RE: Frugal Storage Ideas?

        I too have moved from the big house. There is no usable attic space due to vaulted ceiling. I went to Sam's Club and bought the free standing wire shelving that is 4' wide and 6'high and 6 shelves. This gives floor to ceiling storage for less that $80.00 I got one for almost every room.

        Great for storing out of season clothes/blankets/extra pillows/holiday stuff. (03/01/2007)

        By Zuni

        RE: Frugal Storage Ideas?

        Another way to raise your bed is to put the frame on concrete blocks. That is provided you have a carpeted floor. This give you a lot more space under the bed. Better yet, declutter your stuff! (03/01/2007)

        By Jonnie

        Archive: Frugal Storage Ideas?

        We moved into a small house. We have too much stuff that I want to keep, and not enough room to store it in.